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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 70.]
INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)
SOUTH-EASTERN DIALECT.                                            (KATIA, KOAKHALI DISTBICT.)
C In tbe phonetic transcription' represents the elision of an aspirate, which gives a pronunciation like that o£ k in the
French word Mt*. S is pronounced hard as in tfAw, rin, and not like the «A in 9kett> which is represented bj *k. Z i«
aomewhat softer than the 2 of zeal, hat not so soft as the * in pleasure.
Pronounce a as the a in hat $ e as the e in met; $ o as the o in tot; and oi as in oil. The letter o (without an?
diacritical mark) represents the short sound of the 5 in home. It is the first o in promote and is the o in the French word
i*ofre,as- compared with vfore. It should he carefully distinguished from the o of tot.
Other consonants and rowels are pronounced as in the authorized Government system.]
(1)  Sena-kale   Sadhu   Amir    re,   Sadhu   dakshin   phare   yaya,
£eno-kdle Shddhu  Amir   re, Shddhu dokkhin    fare    zdy9
At-that-tirae      Sadhu       Amir,        0,      S&dhn     the-southern     bunk        goes*
Dakshin     phare   yaiare    Amir     Sadhu    daine    bame     chaya*
Dokkhin    fare    zaiare   Amir    Shddhu    daine    bame      teay.
The-southern       hank        going,        Amir           Sadhu           right           kit            looks.
(2)  Sena-kh&nS    Bhelha    Dehir    phtder-hagan   re   phaya,
Seno-Khane     Jihelba    DeUr    fuler-bag&n    re    f&y,
There                  Bhelb4        D$?1'0           flower-garden,         0    he-finds,
Pttder baTgane    yaiya    Sadhu     Amir     chari   dike-re    chaya.
Fuler-bdgane      zdia     SHddhu    Amir     tear*   dike-re      tsdy.
The*flower-g»deii        going         Saxllm           Imir      the-four  directions-to      looks-
(S) Phulbagane    yaiyare     Sadhu   bharmanya    karila,
Ful*bagane       zaiare     Shddhu    bhormonyo     kdrilot
The-flower-gardea         going             Ssdhu         vmlkmg-aboat            did,
Sei-khane    ek   ghar,   re,   Sadhu    Imir    dekhibare   paik
HfakJwne    ek   ghar>   re,  Sadhu   Amr    dekhibare   paiti.
Thete              ft      house,      Of      Sftdhn        Imir            to-see             got
(4)  Set   ghar    dekhi,    re,    Sadhu    ati    khusi    haila,
Hei    ghor    dekhi>   re,   Shddhu    oti    khushi   9oilo>
That     hoase         seen,         0,        fiftdhu       inueh     plased     heeMnti
SM    ghar    madhye, re,    5mfr    Badhu    takhan    samaila.
Eei    ghor    modhye*  re,   Amir   Shddhu    iokhon    shdm&ilo.
That     house             in,            0,       Imir         Sadhti            then             entered.
(5)  Gharete    samai,    re,    Amir    kon   kam    karila,
Ghorete   shdmdi,   re,    Amir    kon    kdm    korUo,
In-the-houae     entering,       0,        Imir      what      act           da,
Sonar   phalange,    re,    Amir    udia    baala.
Shon&r    haldnge,   re,    Amir    tdid    boshito.
W-j^li        on-a*hed,       0,        Imir        rising         sat.    •
(6)  Bichhanar      balis    dhari,    re.   Amir     lap-chapi   chaya*
Eisandr       bdlish    dhori,    re,   Amr    ldri~t$ari    t*Sy.
e-hedding     ti^pffloiw    trirfngi       ft      i»         •wwhing