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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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308                                                                  BENGALI.

Manityer    bar,    re,   Bhelbar   dekhibarae   phay,
3/anikyer    Mr,    re>  jBhelbar    deWbare    fay.

Of-gems       a-necklaoe, 0,       of-Bhelbft              io-see        he-gete.

(7) Sei    har     laiya,   re,    Sadhu    hate    tuli    chaya,
Sei    hdr     Ioia9     re>   Shadhu    Mte    tuli    ts&y,

That   necklace     taking,      0,       Sadhu       ra-tand     lifting     looks,

Hatete    laiya,    re,    bar    Sadhu    .bukete    lagaya.
E&tete    loia>>    w>    hdr    Shadhu    bukete    Ugay<

In-hand       taking,      0,   the-necklace,    Sadbn     to-Lis^breasfc    applies.


1.  At that time Sadhu Amir went to the southern bank, and going there Sadhu Amir
began to look towards right and left.

2.  There he found Bhelba Debi's flower-garden, and going into it Sadhu Amir
began to look on all sides.

3.  Going into the flower-garden Sadhu had a walk, and there the Sadhu Amir found
a house.

4 Seeing the house Sadhu \vas exceedingly pleased and Amir Sadhu entered into
the house.

5.  Entering into the house what Amir did was that he got up and sat on the golden

6.  He moved the pillows on the bed and searched, and found Bhelba's necklace of

7.  He took it up on his hand/and looked at it and laid it to his heart

The next specimen, which is a translation of .the Parable of the Prodigal Son, comes
from Chhagalnaiya thana in % extreme east of the Koakhali District, close to the
borders of Chittagong. The dialect closely resembles that of Eatia. The following
special forms noted.
The plural is everywhere made bjr adding ga> Thus, Mar*ga-re> to children. The
word for«he * is hete. Amongst special verbal forms we may note drMat, thou art;
mariyer, I am dying; JcariySr, I do; torn* I will say; Mditdm, to eat;
didst begin.