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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 7L]

1NDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                     (EASTERN GROUP.)


SOUTH-EASTERN DIALECT.                               (CHHlaiiNiiYA, NOAKHAU DISTRICT.)
[ In the phonetic transcription ' represents the elision of an aspirate, which gros a pronunciation like that of A in the.
French word Ute. 8 is prononnced hard as in this, sin, and not like the sh in shell, which if represented by sk Zi*
somewhat softer than the c of zeal, hnt not BO soft as the Ğin pleasure.                    v
Pronounce a as the a in hat; e as the e in met; o as the o in hot/ and oi as in oil. The letter o (withoot any
diacritical mark) represents the short sound of the a in home. It is the first o in prowte, and is the o in the French
word votn as compared with vfore. It should he carefully distinguished from the o of hoi.
Other eonsonants and vowels are prononnced as in the authorized GoTarmnent system.]
Uk     janer     dui     hola     achhil.      Ohhodagay     hetSr    baphe*re   ka'ilo,
JSk      toner     dui      hola       dsil.          Sudogdy       hetdr     bqfe~r*    ko'ilo,
One       person's        two         sons            were,              Tie-younger              his           father-to           said,
'baya-ji,  5r   bhage   je   gain   haichchhe,   hegain   5re    dea.5   Heimate   hetar   ya
'bddzi,    Sr   b'dge    ze   gain      hoissej      hegain   are   dad.9   Heimote   hetdr   za
•father,      my    in-share  what    all        becomes,            that-all     me-to    give.'     Accordingly      his     what
achhil   byayag   hetar holar-ga-re   bhag   kari   dil.    Kadin    hare   chhoda   holay
aril      bedg     hear holdr^re   Vag    kori   dil     Eodin    Ure     wd8      hdlde
was             all             his            sons-to         division  making he-gave*  Some-days     after   the-yeunger      son
nij-bhager   byayag   gain   lai   durai   ek   mulluke    gel-gai,   yai   baullami    kari
aiz*bhdger     bedg     gain   loi   duroi   ek   mulluke    gel-goi,   zdi   baullami    kori
of-his-own-share      entire         all   taking     far        a      country-ir     went-away,  going   debauchery       doing
byayag  urail.      Ya'an   byayag-gaia urail,   ta'an    hei-mulluke   bara   rad     'ail.
Udg    vrdtt.     Zo'on      lUg-gain    wail,    to'on    hei-mulluke   boro   rad      'oil.
entire     he-wasted.     When                 aQ               Bo-lost^      then      in-that-country   a-great  famine  became-
Bad   }ai   bephikire pha'illa.     Tar-har§   hete   hei    de&r    igga    mainser    kge
Md   *dr    tefikire   foillo.      Tdr-hore   hete   hei   desher   igga   mdinsher    loge
Famine becoming in-distress       he-fell.         Thereafter      he      that of-country      a             of-man            near
aattar     'ail:      ta-re    hete    hetar    huyare-re    cbaraiballai       hit*re    ha4ail.
dotior     foil:      td-re    hete    hetdr     kwr$-re      tordibdlldi       hat-re    hafcil.
together     became:        him         lie             his              swine                  for-fceding            the-fieid-to         sent,
Huyare    ye    kiqa    khaita    hete-o   Mile    khnsi    'ai   begun   khaita.    Magar
Emre     ze    kfy*    khdito    hete-6    hdile   khfohj   'Ğ   hegun   khditdi    ffigor
The-swiĞe     whst    husks     used-toeat      he-also     getting      happy    being     them    tiĞed-to-eat.       But
ta-6    ta-re   kSa    dita-na.    Ta'an   hetar   buddhi    phede    hayil,   ta'an   hete
tM    td-re    keo    dito-nd.     Zffon    hetdr   buddhi    fide     horil,   fffdn    hete
that-even   him-to  any-one ased-to-giwnot   When         his         wisdom     in-his-bellj       fell,       then         he
mane-msne   ka'il,    *ir   bayar   cha'ar     ba*arera   kata   bhala-bhala   ohij-agal
mone-mdne    ko'il,    'Sr    bddr      sdor       bdorerd    koto    bhdld-bhdla    sit-ogti
in-his-mind        said,        *my    fcther'*     sertaat*         etcetera      howmueb      good-good             things
helai-chhelai    khaichhe,      ar       an   S    iy§nS    bhoge   toariSr,    ifi   Ir baphe
telai-teldi       khdise,        ar       on   Si    i&ne    bhoge    morier,    at   ar   bdfer
throwing^way            ^                kol         now     I       kew      eMnmgir      die,       ' I    ny    fatherV