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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"


cbyan,   eta   bacfccbhar   5i   amner   lanati    ka'ilyam, ek  din*a   ekkan katha
sydn,     eto     bossor       Si   amner    lanoti    ko'illdm,   (k   din-6  ekkdn  kothd

lock,     so-many      yearg               I Your-Honoor's   temce        made,         one   day-even   a*single     word

Lalai   na, kintu   amne   koaa-din-a  eugga   chhagaler  bachcha-a     ei     bull
Mdi   no, kintu    amne   kdnd-din-d  eugga     sdgoler      Mm-o       ei     bulii

l-threv-away not,    but    Your-Hononr   any-day-even     a-single         goat's       young-one-even     this      saying

a- re   den   aaye,   ai   5r  amna-amni lai  ekkana a5d-ta5d  kari;   ar  yei   hute
a-re   den   note,   li   ar  amnd-dmnl   loi   5/ckdnd dtid-tdfid kori;   dr  zei   hute

me*to     gave     not,      that   my   mutual-friends   taking      a      rejoicing-may    make;    and   what    SOB

amnar   tyi  baisa byak luchohami kari   urail, hei   hola    aitaaite        amne
dmndr   tya hvisha bydk luohchdmi kori   urdil, hei  hold     dite-dite        time

Your-Honour's all   money     entiiely debauchery    doing     waated,   that     son immediately-on-coming Your-Honow

heinne   heitar   Jai   ek  kbabani   di-ba3ileu/    Baphe   heita-re   kail,   'ere, tni
hemne    heitdr   lai   ek  khdbdni    di-bo'ilen.'     Sdje    heitd*re   ko'il,   'ere, tu%

then         his for-tbe-sake  a             fe^t              prepared*1        The-father     him-to        said,      '0^     thoa

bamaiie  5r  kachhe-i  ra*icbhat,  Ir ye  achhe-na-aohhe  byak  tor.     Tor   mara
hvmdne  ar    ka$e-i      ro'isot,    ar ze      dse*nd*d$e       bydk   tor.     Tor  mra

always     my     Dear-even       remainest,     my   what        is-or^is-not             aJl-(ia)    thine,        Thy     dead

bhai bScbi  aichhe;   ajainya,  tan   liaiclihi; a^an   5-ga   ay5d-ta5d   kari     khusi
bhii    basi      aw; dzdmyd,   tan     hdisi;   tfon   a*gd   dtid-tdtid    kori   khMi

brother inrvivrng hath-come;    beingJort,      him  I-have-found ; now      we        rejoicing      making       happy



kmg (ii-a-tomct-) saying/