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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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The Verb Substantive is conjugated as follows :-
Present.                    Past,
Sing, and plur.                 Sing.                           Plur.
1.    agi, I am, we are,                    #*',! was,              fan, we were.
2.    agot, or **, thou art, you are, % thou wast,          eld, you were.
3.    age, or net he is, they are,      el,he was;               elak> they were,
The conjugation of the Finite Verb closely resembles that of Chittagoug. The
principal exception is that the first person ends in m or 00* Other detail will be found
in the list of standard words appended, The Conjunctive Participle ends in mi, as in
jeiwi) having gone.
A brief Ciaknia Vocabulary, under the name of Doing-nuk, is given by Phayre on
p 712 of VoL X, Pt. 1,1841, of the Journal of the' Asiatic Society of Bengal.