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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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CHAKMA OF CIIITTAC»GSfl HIU TKAC7?*                                             341

she         kambanat-tun         jet      srahat      jhitm     di            parlba,            te

that      precipice-on-froni      who the-?icer4it jump to-ghe    Kill*be~ullt9      she

10            tare                 nek             laba*

him            as*hu$band     will-take.

She-dallya-kari               manshshyare                 kai-dibar-jade             la

That-sort-domg                   people                       for-of-telling             her

baba-re           kala.         Ta      babe,          'she-dallya          galle,            raaaus

father-to         said.        Her   father^         ' thai-sort      if~it*is-done,      the-men>

maribak,'            kenai                ta-re        beida          bujela.          Tar    jhuvai

will'die*         having-said            her-io       much     remonstrated.      Sis   daughter

na            sbuuua.        Baja     tar    jhya-re     daya    gare            kenai

not             heard.     The*king  his daughter-to  love    made saying (i.e. because)*

15     na              parte.                Tar       jbyar            pana      katha         manshya-re

not washable (to-help~it).     His   daughters         vow       story            the-people*to


Piche                 nanan         deshat-tun               gabur         gabur      pwa

Afterwards         different   countrie$*in-from            young         young     boys

rajar-jhyare                    pebar               jade             edak                lagilak,

king's-daughter               of~getting     for-tfie-eake      to-come               began,

phaleshat              kamhat-tun    jluim           di                   abanun            malak.

but             the-precipiee-from jump   having-given               all

20    Kya       tare             na             pelak*
Anyone     her              not         obtained.