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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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Ei              rakam        kari                  beida            manus            male.

Thix              kind    having*done             many             men              died.

Baja           bar              manat            Łuk            pela.         Ki             kalle

The-king      much           mind-in        sorrow           got.       What       by-doivy

ar            na      mare             ar         kannyar         pan     thai

more        not   may-die,         and        damsel'*         t?w may*stand

bhabida           lagil.


25              E^            din        sbajannya        Eaja             mu-cliuda«gari              gal

One           day        at-evening      the-kiny face-melancholy*jnaking     alone

sMnggashanat      be!            bhaber.           She      shalat            ek           jan

throne-on        sitting   was-comdyivg.   That     time-at        one       person

pwa             Bajar             mujiine             einai           te      kyajadS

young       boy        the~king's      presence*in     having-come     fe    wherefore

ja-re               kala.         Raja       tare            beida      dal

he^came         the-king*to            said.      The-king     him             very    lovely

dSnai             amhak              hal.           Ta-re            beida            bujela

having-*een       astonished         became.       Him-to          much        he-explained

30   gharat                pliiri       jebar            kaJa.         TS                 tar      katha

house-in                back        to-go            said.        Se                 his      words

na         shfinna.              Eaja      piche       mane    man6     bbabida   lagil.

not           heard.         The-king afterwards in-mind incited to-consider began.

Ta?         manat       hal,       jadi       gabur      pwabwa-re      tar       jamS
Sis       mind-in it-became,    if     the-young         boy            Us    son-in-lav