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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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CHAKMl OP CHITTAGQNG HILL TRACTS.                                     3S5

gari             parta           te       bar        shuk             pelun.           Raja     tare
to-make  he*KQuld-be-able  he    much     happiness       would-get.     The*kin$   him

tar           par     din        eda          kainai      mu       chuda   gari        ghara

of-that   following day     to-come  having-said  face melanclwly-making   house

35      bhidare          gel,         dwar        bani        pari                 ral.               Bhabte

in-inside       went,        door haying-closed having*laifrdoton remained,   Considering

bhabte               ghum            gel.                Ghumat           shabanat           dela.

considering            asleep         he-went.            Sleeping          a-dream-in       he-saw*

Tar             shida          nedi          ek        jan          bura     mili          beiaai      ta-re

His       crown-of-head near         one      person       old     woman      having-sat  him

kar         'ei         gabur    pwa      tar            jamei        haba.        Tar       chera

is-telling,    'this       young     boy       thy         son-in-law   will-be.       Mis       four

dhagedi  cherwa  balais  ekkwa (sbadi for shati)        bani            dile,      panit

sides-on    four   pillows    one      umbrella      having-tied if-thot^givest^ the~water-in

40 jfeam      dile      ya   na     mariba.     Ghumat-tun         jaginai       chela,     kyare
jump if-he-give even not he-will-die. Sleep»in-from having-wakened he-looked, anyone

ua     deist.
not   he-saw.

Bennya      par    haJnai            Eaja        gbarat-tun        nigili        bare

Next-morning light having-become the-klng the~house-in*from emerging in-outside

el.           Gabur    pwawai         ta-re             barehel       age       dela.       Tare

Game.      The*young     boy          him-for           waiting         is      he*s$w.     Sim

ar-a             bujela.            abur    ptrawai      ek           bare    ya    na   shuuna
^gain-also he+remonstrated* The-yomg   boy       one        time*at even not   heard
Bengali.                                                                                                                                            2 *