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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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CHAKMA OT CHITTACOXG HtLL 1RACTS.                                      347

45 de'inai            Baja        tar       mantri«re       daki              jham     dibar      jagat

seeing         the-king     his      minister-to taring-called     jump of»giving the-place-in

jebar-jade                jugal              garta             hukum         dila.          Jugai

of-going-for        arrangements     to-make             order          gave.   Arrangements

hale        Raja      tar        jhi          ista           kutum      lai          jagat       gel-

being-made the-Mvg    his     daughter friends      relations  taking   the-place-in went.

Eajar       jhi          gabiir    pwabware      dal           deinai      tar    mane    mane

The-Hng's daughter the-young.      boy      beautiful having-seen her   in-mind in-mind

kala,        *Mui      tare          rek              pele           bar         gam      hai.

she-said,      ' I         him       husband        if-I-get         very      good ifrwould-be.

50 Kyajade        pan        gallun?*        katha       lagO.         Piche       jhain     dibar
Why           vow     did-I-*nake ?'    words      began.    Afterwards  jump  of-giving

akta                hainai         Eaja       hukum      dila,        gabiir      riwabwar

the-appointed-time having-become the-kwg    order      gave^     the-young      boy

keyat              cherwa               balas        ekkwa         shati         bani        dya,

body-on             four               pillows          one        umbrella having-bound gave.

' Ta       jade        puja         gara.1       Tar       bade          gabiir      pwawai jham

1 Him     for       worship      wake.9    That-qf   after       the»young        boy    jump

dila.       Jham            dinai                  panit           bhaji        bhaji        ral.

gave.     Jump      having-given       the water-in    floating   floating he-remained.

55        Abanune             beida           uchch-wa        halak.           Piche         Baja
Every-one             much            pleated       became.      Afterwards  the»king
2 T