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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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398                                                               ASSAMESE.
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„      „        Abstract of the contents of one of the Ihom Puthis, ib., Vol. kiiii Pt. 1,1894, pp. 108 and &
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Eli GuNlBBiRlM BA^UI,--Asamburanfi.
These aie quoted in the first of Mr. Gait's articles mentioned above.
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The followiug account of the Assamese alphabet, and of the pronunciation of the
Alphabet            various letters, is based on that given in Mr. Moore's edition
of Brown's Grammar. As regards the system of translitera-
tion adopted, I have in the main followed that work. No rigid system of translit-
erating the vowels can show their pronunciation, for the pronunciation of the vowels
varieain Assamese even more than it does in Bengali* I have hence used, with a few
variations, which will be subsequently explained, the system employed in dealing with
other language? for representing the vowels of the Deva-nagarl Alphabet and its con-
geners. As regards consonants, their pronunciation, though widely different from that