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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 3.]
1NDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)
STANDABD DIALECT.                                                               (DISTBICT LAKHIMPUK.)
Ei    makarddama   misa.    Mai   tar     gharat    kono   bftstu    sur    kariba-l&i
This        case        false.     I     his   house-in    any    thing    theft    domg^for
zowa    nasil6.           Katha      h£ise      ei.       Maa    mor    gal-g^ru-zAnl       bisari
gone    was-not.     The-story      is       this.        I      my            cow            searching
nepaisilS. gei g&ru-zani mai e-basarar ageye Dh&ni-ramar para
did-not-find. That cow I one»year*s tqfore Dhani*rdm-of from
kinisilS* Gara-z^n! z£di-o mai Ijawdban-kfii rakhisilS, tai &ti batate
bought. The-cow although I cafe-doing kept, she very often
agar girihatar ghara-l&i g&i-tbakisil, aru mai talk keiba bar-o
former owner's house-to used*to-got and I her several
g&i            aniba-iagiya-Misil.      Dh&m-rame      zi           dinar        katha
hamng-gone   had-to-fyring (>away).     Dhanwam     what    of-the'day     story     tells,
Jiei   dina   g&ru-z&ni   tar   ghara-l&i    g&isil                bull               mai     saba-l&I
that   day      the-cow    his    house-to     went    saying (i.e., thinJcing)    I      seeing-for
g&sil8.     5ei            katha                 beli-mar-zowar           pasat.      G&ru-z&m    ta
went.      That   affair (lit. story)         wn-setting-of           after.        The-cow     his
barit              anai-baDai            phurise                    buli                   saba-lM    mai
cmpound»in   haying-wandered    has-roamed    saying-(i.e.> thinking)   eeeing-for    I
an     kbanar    dare   tar           barir               maze-i        gftisilB.   Ene        gh&til
other   times-of   like   his    compound-of   through-even    went.    So     it-happened
ze     hei    liamayate    tftr    18    basar    bay&l^lya    Malftti     bol£       gabh&ru
that    that      time~at     his    18    years       aged       Malatl    called    grown-up
bbtoiyek-z&ni     hatat     panlr    feaz   eta           Ifti                  baii-l&i            ahe.
his-sister-person   hand-in   water**   pot   one  having-talcen   the*compowd to   comes.
Tetiya    pray    endbar   h&isil   Mai   taM&i     man       kara-nasilS,      kintu    tai
Then    nearly    dark    it-was.    I    her-to    mind     made-had-not,     but      she
as&mbite      mok    tair    phala-l^i    ^owa         dekhi         bhut      zen       bbabi
unexpectedly    me      her     towards     gone    Saving-seen    ghost     as-if   thinking
bhay    khale,     aru     ayar-mari-dile.    MsS.      sowali-z&nlk       dekba      k&riba-l&i
fear      ate>      O9td     screamed*out.       I     the-girl-person    visiting      doing-for
g^iisilB      bull,      Dh£nMam-ke         l&i         tar      gbarar     ^akal*o     manuhe
had-gone   saying^        Dhdw-rdm      including     his     house-of    all-even       men
8hi         mok   dhftdlehi.   Db&ni-rame       pulisar        agat     kowa    bptanta-o
me      seized.    Dharii-ram   tht-police*qf btfore  *poken   siory-atso