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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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STANDAB3 DIALECT OP LAXHIHPUB.                                        413

eye  asQ.     Kfata    bhaniyekar       fa      dhakiba-lai    etiya    fci      idalatat

»     mai   ft        am      JW      kftrW    ^    _vo

fA«^    /     hut     mangoes    theft    had-do»e,    and     Malati

pone-i    mok     gasar      oparat    dekhi§il.

first-even   me   the-tree-of   upon        «fflw.

This case is false. I did not go to steal anything at his house. The facts are ihese.
I missed my cow which I had bought from Dhani-ram a year ago. The cow though
carefully kept by me used to lisit her former owner's house very often, and I had to go
and fetch' her several times. On the day referred to by Dhani-ram I went to his house
to see if my cow had gone there. That was after sunset. I walked through his com-
pound as usual to see whether my cow was straying there. It so happened that at that
time his sister Malati, a grown-up girl of 18 years, came to the compound with a water-
pot in her hand. It was then nearly dark. She saw me unexpectedly going towards
her though I myself had not noticed her. She got frightened and screamed as if she
thought I was a ghost. The people of the house, including Dhani-ram, came and seized
me saying that I had come there to visit the girl. That was the story Dhani-ram told
to the Police, but in the Court, in order to hide the shame of his sister, he gives out
that I was stealing his mangoes and that Malati saw me first on the tree.