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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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420                                                                ASSAMESE.
minuteness, but the following results of a cursory examination (which has no pretence
at completeness) of the first specimen received from Sylhet may be of interest :—•
A, Vocabulary,—
isayd> singing = Meithei isai, a song.
khom koriyd, collecting, cf. Meithei khom-sil-bd, to collect.
khim, answer = Meithei khwm-fid.
kol, embrace = Meithei kol-bd.
lempa-dmpd, cf. Meithei Um-na pa-no,, enough and to spare.
lichot, conduct, cf. Meithei ma-chot, conduct.
lopulc, field = Meithei laubuk, Chira loi-puk.
mai-thong-khan olothok, taming before faoa, cf. Meithei mai onthok-pd, face
away turn, to turn from.
mang-oil-otto, on being lost, cf. Meithei mang-ld, to lose.
md-tik = Meithei ma-tik, fit,
tnerak-e, among = Meifchei ma-rak-td, among.
miydm, many = Meithei ma-yam, flock*
mung-e = Meithei mang-dd, in front of.
ning, thought == Meithei mug-la,, the mind, to wish.
nungeiya, being happy, cf. Meithei nungdi-ld, to be happy.
nitng-M, pity = Meithei nmg-$i-bd, to pity.
pdng> friend = Meithei p&ng.
ph&m, place, = Meithei ma-phdm, place.
rang, to = 'Anal, Lamgang, Chlru, Aimol, Hallam, etc,, rang, for.
r«p5 friend = Meithei marrup, companion.
stiruk, share = Meithei sa-ruk.
sau, son, young = Meithei cha*
saw-oiyd, being angry, cf. Meithei sau-M, to be angry.
ring = Meithei sing-Id, to become wise.
tdng-oil, became dear, cf. Meithei tdng-bd, to become dear.
tetmya, always = cf. Meithei a-tat-pd, always.
them, persuasion = Meithei them-la, to persuade.
thung-oil, he arrived, cf, Meithei thwg-bd, to arrive.
til-oild, they (he) joined, cf. Meithei til-bd, to join.
ydtkong, a command = Meithei yd-thmg, a command.
B, Q-rammar.—Note that the word for c bad5 is 'good-not' hobd-naya, as in all
Kulri-Chin languages. The use of the Demonstrative pronoun after the noun which it
qualifies is also typical of KukL The suffix of the Dative rang is also a KuM idiom.
One of the forms of the future, that in ng, is taken from Thado KuM.
PRONUNCIATION*—This closely represents that of the Bengali of eastern Sylhefc
and Oachar. There is the dental s represented by eh in the Bengali character* The
letter / is pronounced as /, not as & The distinction between cerebral and dental letters
has vanished, and there is the same difficulty in pronouncing the letter h. Thus a house
is gor, not ghor; wealth is don, npt dhon ; a share is bdg, not bhag ; a hand is at, not
hdt; and he became is oilo, not hoilo. On the other hand, 8 is pronounced as h, thus
hune, having heard, for siwe.