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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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MAYANS                                                        425

The Infinitive ends in na, as in dew, to give, The Infinitive of Purpose is formed
by kd to the genitive of the simple infinitive* Thus, isandrokd, to rejoice; denarokd,
for giving.                   x

Another form of tfop Infinitive ends in <w, as korani, to make, in jingtd korani
hobd> good to make alive. It hat aa Infinitive of Purpose in oka also made from it, as in
nkhdwrckd> for keeping.

Negative.—An adjective is negatived by suffixing n&ya, as in hobd> good, hob&*
naya, bad; naordpani-myd, not ill, in good health.

Some verbs are compounded with the negative participle. Thus, naiiu, I am not;
natts is not; noi, net* is not; ndtld, they gave not; nakdilo> he did not, he refused; #0*0,
I am not, in hikldk-ndstt, I did not disobey.