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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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[No. 5,]
iNDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                      (EASTERN GROUP.)
(A. PorteovtS) Esq., I.C.S., 1900.)                                            (DISTEICT SYLKET.)
Manu   agor    muni    jiput    dugo    asila.        Duyo         bebunir       merake
Mm   a-of    male    child     two     were.      The-two    brothers-of    among
baiyok     khula    augoi   bapok-orang  matlo,    *baba,      mor    sarakor      don
brother   younger    that     father-to      said*    'father,    me-of  share-of   wealth
bage-de.'      Aukbonat     diyogor    bapoke    don        bage      dillo.    Koto-din
dividing-give.'    Thereon    the*two*of fatter   wealth    dividing   gave.   Some-days
thaya    klnila    augoi    don            khom-koriya        durai   des   akbonat   gel-ga.
after   younger   that   wealth   together-having-made   far    land     a-to      went.
Pham   aukhonat    liciot     boba-naya      don     babi     mat      koilo,         Don
Place     that-in   conduct  good-not-ty    wealth    all    destroy   twde.       Wealth
auta   tumailaro     des     aukMnat       tang-oil.            Taag-oil-ga        autat      ta
that    spending    land      that "in      dearth-arose.      Dearth-arose     that-in     he
Mn peila Ein peilo aukkonat des aukhonar manu agor ttillo
poverty got. Poverty got that-on land that-of man a*of with
til-oila. Tar bnor miyam rakbaniroka tar lopuke diya petbeilo.
he+joined-became. His swine many Jceeping-for his field-in giving he-sent.
l?ham aukbonat buor-ore dilo cbus auta-lo ta, fpet bujing,' buliya
Place that-at swine-to given husks that-by he, * belly will-fill? saying
ning   koilo.      Aukbonat     tare      ktmg-go       ago-i           natla.         Aukbonat
wish   made.       Thereon    him-to       any       body-ever*    not-gave.       Thereon
tar      pete       ning-sing     oiya      matlo,      'mor     bapokor    laikh      betiye
his    belly-in    wind*wise    being    he*said>      'my     father's    slave    servants
lempa-ampa    kore     bbat   paitra,    autat    mi    bok        peiya     morotu.    M
superfluous   making   rice     get,     that-in    1   hunger     getting    mil-die.    I
uthiya  mor  bapok-orang   mat-tau-ga,    "baba,    sworgo mai-thong^kban   olotbok
rising    my    father-to       will-say*      "father,   heaven     face-before     turning
oiya   pap   koilu;      tor         munge-5      pap    koilu;     tor     putak     bulte
leing    sin  I-did;    thee-of   front-in-also    sin    I-did;     tJty      son       to-say
mor    matik   naU.        Tor      laikb-go       para-kore     tboa^e.s>>    Aukliopat
*M*of    fit     is-not.      Thy    8ervaitt\one    like-making     place"*       Thereon
uthiya  bapok-ore  ta-lak-ore   jar-ga.    ^ Durait      thaite   dekhiya      nung-si
rising   father-to    hw-to     he-goes.       Far     remitting   seeing wind-agitation