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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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o akkhurum tare dekhiya gargot kol koriyd, chuma dito
he-got, and Urn seeing neck-on embracing datig, Ms Sar.e
Chun* dilo aokhonat putoke te-ring mails, 's™™ mai-thun-khan
Zm      he-gave     that-on     the-son    him-to      said,      'heaven       face-before
olothok    oiya    pap    koilu;      tor         munge-6      ^   koilll.   mi' te         k
*MTW^   Jm$r    «ut    I-did;   thee-of   front-in-ako    ein   I-did;    I   tJ,y    son
bulte    matik    nailu.'      Aukhonat     bapoke       laikh      beti    aut-orang  matlo,
to-say      fit      am-not:      Thereon    the-father   servant   slaves     tie-to      said,
•habi-rangto   jbge    puti        aniya      de     pidok;     akkhnrum    tar    at-khondf
•all-than     more   clothes   fringing   give put-on;         and         his     hand-on
angthi    auta-go    pida^ai,    jang-khonat    khugrang-khan    bara-dai;    ami    etai
ring        that        put-on,        feet-on              sandals              put;         m      all
isaya        nungeiya    bhandara     kheik;       kitaya-bidle    mor     sau        ego
singing      rejoicing       feast        let-eat;           for             my      son     this-one
moronotto,   jingta    ailoga;      akkhurum    mang-oilotio,      aukhonat   peilang-ga'
dying-on,    living   is-come;         and           lost-bemg-on,        that-on        1-got?
Aukhonat   tano   isaya     nungeiosi.
Thereon   they    smg   they-rejoice.
Kal    aukhonat   tar   patok    jeta     ng5    lopuke   asiL        Aiya       gore
Time    that-at    his    son '   elder   the-one jield-in  teas.      Coming   house-at
thtmg-ofl.             Aukhonat     eEdi-lo     nargo       nasar        nargo       hune,
he-a/prwed-leoame.      'Thereon     music-by    sound    dancing-of    sound    hearing,
laikh    ago   dakiya     matlo,      'kitaroka           gujnrtara-ta?'            Ta     ta-rang
slave    one   calling    he-said,        (why       are-you-making-noisef'    He     him-to
matio,   'tor   baiyok      eil,      akkhurum    tor    bapoke     tare     naorapani-naya
said,    'thy   brother    came,         and        thy    father    him-to           Ul-not
eilaro        bhandara     dila.'      Aukhnat     ta        sau-oiya,           'gore       na
on-coming       feast       gave*      Thereon     he    angry-being,      'house-in    not
homaiitau,'    build.   Aukhnat     bapoke      nikoliya      tare        them        koilo.
I-mll-enter?    said.    Thereon   the-father  coming-out  him-to   persuasion     did.
Okhonat    ta    bapok-orang   khum   koilo,   'cha,        feu        boaor  tor    laikh
Thereon    he   the-father-to   answer   made,    *see,   these-many  years   thy   slave
asi,    etai   tor   yathong       khedok      na-korisi;    Auta       oilau      mor  morup
I-am,   all    thy   orders    disobedience not-I-did;   That    leing^so)   my friend*
mopang isanaroka, more sagolor sau ago na-desot; akkhurum tor
companions rejoice-to me-to goat-of child one thovrnot-givest; and thy
putok-ote notir tullo log oiya tor don belloga augO
son-out     harlots-of    with    associated    being    thy    wealth    wawasted     he
hekko        eiltai       tar-oka    buliya    bhandarfi           khowasot.'             Aukhonat
at-once   on-coming    him-for    saying      feast      thou-causest-to-eat:       Thereon
bapoke    ta-rang   matlo,   'putok,         ti-te           mor    tullo    tetnap    osot;
the-father    Um-h    said,     'son,      ttou-indeed    me-of   with '    ever       art;
Bengali.                                                                                                                      3l2