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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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30                                                                ASSAMESE.
duyo-goi   mung-na-mung-ni      oiya,      rajar   putok   6-goi    ang      korlo,      <ti
two         face-to-face       becoming   king's   son      the   question   made,    'thou
kung-go?   ku-rang   jaorigata   ematik     rati    ekhanat?'  eMi raj-lokkhi.   Konung
who? whither goest so-much night this-in?' cl king's-luck. Palace
ekhan ngak koranri, debi-g5/ bule jela 6-goi khum koilo. 'Raja
this   tending      Ldo>     goddess,'    saying   woman    the    reply    made.    *King
ego       aji      rati    mortal.      Etar       kaje       ekhanat    mor     kam       noi;
this   to-day  night   will-die.   This-of account-on      here      my   business   is-not;
mi   jaoriga.'    Eajar     khula     putok   ogoi   juap     kittao    dena     na     jane
I  am~going.' Kwg's  youngest    son     the   answer    any    to-ma&e not knowing
thaflo.       KTATri        thae     rajar putok 5goi    dau-jela    ogo-rang   matlo, Ct6r
remained.   Some-time  staying Icing's   son   the   god-woman    the-to     said,   (thy
mone ekhanat, harpa, aji rati raja ego na morle raj-barit jana
mind-in tUs4n ? , to-day night Jcing this not jf-dies Jcing's-howe-in to-go
tor-ta kuno apotti ase-ta?J Dau-jela ogoi matlo, 'mor kuno apotti
thee~of any objection is-there?' God-woman the said, 'my any objection
nei/      Eajar  putoke    kakuti     kore     matlo,    *6ta     oilete         raj-barit
is-not.9   King's     son     prayer    making   said,    'that   being-on    /cing's-howe-in
bar jaga. Tar morbo okhanat-to jingta korani jehan hoba ohan
again go. His dying that-in-from living to-make whatever good such
korotau.5       Dau-jela      augo     bar     rajar      gore     homeili-ga    Bajar putok
I-will-do*     Ood-woman    that    again   king's   house-in    entered.    King's    son
ogo     rajar        gore       giya,    ku-rang     jeitoi-ga,    uhan     thik     na   peilo.
that    king's     house-in   going,    wMther    she-will-go,   such    rightly not      got.
OkMnat   rajar   putok   ogo   ojum      oiya      jekhanat   bapok   gumjar,  okhanat
Thereon   king's   son    that     f     becoming    where    father   sleeps,      there
gel-ga.   Giya    dekhlo-ga   bapok   ogo.  nungei-kore gumjeiya ase.   Teimopi malok
went.   Going     he-saw    father that   peaceably    sleeping   is.     Middle   wife
ogoi-   khula     onaugo   malok. ogoi    arako    heji   khanat   gumjeiya  ase.   Kotha
the   youngest     son     wife     the   another  bed     a-on     sleeping     is.   Room
augot   sati  ngal-kore   jale      ase.   Onthokpa   asanok-khan   tangloi   ago rajar
that-in  lamp   shining  burning     is.    Suddenly   unexpectedly   snake      a   king's
hunar         pham       aukhanat      bereiya      jaite-ga, rajar    piitok   ogo dekhlo,
gold*of place (Le. bed)    the-on    going-round   is-going, king's     son    the     saw.
Bajar  putok tar   tarual-khan-ol   horop    augore    dwikorot-kore      bello.   Bapok
King's    son   his    sword-with   serpent    that   two-pieces-making    cut    Father
ogo     moroneto   jingta     oil*
thai   dying-from   alive  became.
Once upon a time there reigned a king who had three sons.   His subjects one day
came to him and said, '0 Incarnation of Justice, the kingdom is infested with thieves