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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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and robbers. Oar property is not safe. We pray Tour Majesty to catch these thieves and
punish them. The king said to his sons, <My sons, I am old, but you are all in the prime
of manhood. How is it that my kingdom is full of thieves ? I look to you to catch these
thieves.' The three princes then made up their minds to patrol the city ever? night
With this view, they set up a fort in the outskirts of the 0% where they kept their
horses. In the early part of the night the eldest prince mounted his horse and went
through the whole city, but did not see a single thief. He came back to his station.
About midnight, the second prince mounted his horse and rode through every paxt of the
city, but he did not see a single thief, and so came back to the station. Some hours after
midnight the youngest prince went the rounds, and when he came near ihe gate of his
father's palace, he saw a beautiful woman coming out of it. The prince accosted her,
and asked her who she was and where she was going at that time of night. She replied,
ĢI am the king's Good Luck, the guardian deity of the palace. This night the king will
be killed, and hence I am no longer needed here, and am going away/ The prince did
not know what reply to make to this message, but after a moment's reflection he said to
the Goddess, * suppose the king is not killed to-night, have you any objection to returning
to the palace and staying there?5 'I have no objection,' replied the Goddess. The
prince then begged the Goddess to go in again, and promised to do his best to prevent the
king from being killed. She did so, and as she entered disappeared from his view.
The prince went straight into the bedroom of his royal father, and found hrm lying
there, plunged in deep sleep. His second and youngest wife, the step-mother of our
prince, was sleeping on another bed in the room, and a lamp was burning dimly. What
was the prince's astonishment when he suddenly saw a huge cobra gliding round and round
the royal bed of gold on which his father was sleeping. He drew his sword, and with
one stroke cut the serpent in two, He thus saved his father from the threatened death.