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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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Indcs et de la Chine a V Academic o>/ale <le Sciwe# a Pun*, pr In Pert* J
Avec Ics reflexions de 3fn. de rAwdemie, tf let y&t** <1v P. 6'0f;/**, d* fa Con
dc Jesus. A Paris, de rimprimerie Rovale. M. DC". XCII : t:, pp. US, 2 iaaj>N and 1
plate containing the characters of the people of fiezurain and ILramas 'Burma". To
tliis Father Hosten adds the following note :-- Cf. Sominervogel, Sihl deta C. </* Ttow,
III. CoL 1641, Xo. 2. I take the remark about tlie alphabets from a description in a
bookseller's catalogue. The authors 01 the i;o >i: vrei-e m*'Jik**ix of a >e<eritifiv* mission
sent by Louis XIV to Siain. Cf. 3ItwioH# ifoyvs, Xur. I'jlJI, pp. 103-100.'

Page 23, line 6 f MM below of text.  Keiir's Avt'wtk $:eh is in the British Museuiu
Library (Press-mark, 602. IK 19). I am indebted to Dr. Barnett for the following
information concerning it :  Its title is as follows :--


PJBESICUM argenteum quinquelibrale rarissimuai in soleuaeia renovationem *4 coutiruia-
tionem clientelarum urbis ac sedis imperatoriae DELHI, nunc dictae DSCHIHAXABAD,
signatum . . . latine recensilum, explicatuin, examinatutn, et contra dnbia
quorundam, imprimis contra Mosteuianum ilium celeberrimum, illustrem atque
doctissimum, SCHEICH MOHEAMKBD BPENDI, Reipubl. Africo-Tri[iolitaiuie Cancellarium,
et ad Aulam Caesaream Viennensem nuper Lcgatum, perspicue, solide ac modeste
vindicatum, et yariis notis , . illustratum a M. 6eor>io Jaeobo Kehr, Sihitfia-Frauco
Oriental!. In Appendice, Indo-Maurorum charaeteres Arithmetic!, alphabetiun Bengali-
. cum, & syllabarii Mongalo-Kahnucku*i pars exbibetur. Li[>siae, irapressit Heiurich
1 Ohristoph Takke, 1725.'* The appendix to which this refers is a plate containing the
arithmetical symbols used by the Moslems (not the usual numbers, but the alphabetical
symbols), part of a Mongol alphabet and syllabary, anu a Bengali alphabet with a
" specimen leetionis Bengaliae " consisting of the words " Sergeant Wolffgang Meyer "
written in Bengali script. The alphabet is very fairly written. It transliterates the
sounds thus: Koo Gkoo Goo Gho Ona; Sjo [Scho] Sjoo [Schoo] JooSjoo [Schoo] Eio;
Too Tho Doo Dho Anno; To Tho Do Dho Noe (Nu) ; Po Pho Boo Bho ]Moe (3Iu);
Joo Roo Loo Bo Soo Soo Soo Loo [sic.] Khieo. He also gives a woodcut of Bengali
numerals on p. 43, and some specimens of Javanese on pp. 46 and 47, The tKX>k
contains 6 and 51 pages quarto, with 2 plates/

Page 24. _ AUTHORITIES. No attempt is here made to bring this List of Authorities
up to date. A few of the more important works which have appeared since 1903 are
however given below. Under Head B. ' General ', add the following:

FATHER H.f S. J. - Tfta *fow first Type-print** jfengtift itoolb.   in Bengal Pu*<
Vol. IX, Purt I, pp. 40tf.   [No date ou my copy.]
BiMOHA* DAS. BZngaU Bh&tk&r AbUdh&n.   JL Bengali Dictiorary in the Bengali language.
Calcutta, N. D. (Preface dated 1916).
laMSR OHAWBWI, D. Liv.Be*gnU Phonetics in Tke JfoA?rn Reww for January 1917, pp#
70ff.   Calcutta,
w      Jra6f S Ph&rs? N&mir B&fy&l& Lipyantar, from the Journal of
the Bangiya Sahitja Parisbad, Vol. IV, 1324. B. 8. (=*1918 A. P.),
Bengali PAcw \H'cj. from the Bulletin of ihe School of Oriental
Studies, Vol. II, Part I, pp. Iff. London, 1921.
fltftory of to* Bengali Languag*.   CWcntta,