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Full text of "Lowrey Organ Line Brochure, circa 1976-1977"

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When you sit down at a Lowrey 
Genie, magic happens. You 
don't just play the organ. You 
conduct a concert. And instead 
of a baton, it just takes one fin- 
ger to put you in command of 
drums, banjos, bass, piano, 
strings, brass, flutes, Hawaiian 
guitar, electric guitar and a lot 
more. At the flip of your finger 
your orchestra can jump from 
swing to rock to waltz to au- 
thentic Latin rhythms you'd 
swear come from south of the 
border Sound like magic? It is. 
Lowrey Genie Magic, 


Ariolhet QuQiily ProducI irom Norlin 
7373 No. CiC8(0 Avenu9, Lincolnwood, Illinois 60646 

The Lowrey Contempo 80 is an exciting new design in spinet 
organ styling. Rich, hand-aibbed walnut, brushed aluminum 
accent and smoke Rexiglas music racl< comtjine to bring 
you the contemporary look of elegance. In addition, every 
exclusive Lowrey feature is contained with this contemporary 
organ. Automatic Organ Computer (AOC)™ transtorms one 
finger melodies into full chords. And the amazing Magic 
Genie offers automatic bass and accompaniment. Add to 
this Golden Harp™for beautiful orpeggios. Symphonic Strings 
for a string ensemble. And the Orchestral Symphonizer sec- 
tion tor bass, reed and percussion voices. The Contempo 80 
is Lowre/s latest contribution to beautiful sound in a unique 
cabinet design. 

Ayaiiobl9 m Walnui 'mish 

The ultramodem styling of the 
Contemporary 80 organ is also 
reflected in the matching bench. 


£)i97e NoniN 




You're the conductor when you play Lowre/s Symphonic 
Holiday TTie Symphonic Sound delivers tine most lusii, lifelike 
string section ever. I^r eveiy string voice, you get the sounds 
of three separate violinists, each with his ovm unique touch. 
And the four chonnel acoustic mixing, based upon sophisti- 
cated recording studio techniques, spreads the sound of 
each instrument in different directions across your living 
room for exciting concert hall acoustics, While one finger 
plays oufomatic three-note chords, another finger can play 
fully chorded compositions. Combine the fifteen automatic 
rhythms. Add whatever amount of reverb you want, and get a 
haunting cathedral sound. Piano and harpsichord arpeggios. 
Guitar and ukulele strums, A rototing Leslie speaker. Boogie- 
woogie bass. And an orchestro full of instrument voices. A 
day of the stereophonic Symphonic Holiday really is a holiday 


You're a moestro in a matter of minutes, in command of an 
entire orchestra-The Orchestral Holiday First, select your 
musicians merely by touching the tabs. Choose from harpsi- 
chord, Hawaiian guifar,piano,vibes,oboe,violins,bonjo ond a 
lot more. Next, select one of 1 5 different automatic rhythms, 
or make up combinations. Now, press just one Magic Genie 
key. That's oil it takes. All your instruments start playing 
outomafically with fascinating rhythm. Flip the AOC™ tab 
and start ploying chords with just one finger. Turn on the 
special effects. Auto-Wow™ Reverb for ccthedrol acoustics. 
Repeat to set your mandolin player's pick in motion. \^brato 
to vibrote the sound. Glide to slide the sound. Automatic 
piano and harpsichord arpeggios. The Leslie rotating speoker 
spins that sound all around. And you're right in the middle of 
your stereophonic orchestro, having an Orchestral Holiday 

AmiloEiBir, Meiiiterimson DisUfssra Pfoon E^riy Srrfirrcon Di?treCTed Ctn'V/. Vai IicfdI Milnul. ona 
DialresseO Eorly Vnerton Pim 

AMiilabpeirNtef?i(arron&an Distressed »^can. Early Angncan Du^lie^ed'Jher'v TrGa,|iQrH]l VnOlnulanfl 
Denessfa EadyAmarcon Rne 

■-c^-^jq... ' 



.''( ^. 9\b ' 

'■\ ^. "!■' 


The difference between Lowrey's Magic Genie 98 and tiie 
stereophonic orchestral sound of a fine high fidelity sysfem 
is that with Lowrey, you play the music-even it you've never 
played a note in your lite. One finger for the drums, cymbals, 
flutes, vibes, oboe, boss, banjo, piano, Hawaiian guitar and 
more, playing your favorite rtiythms and a full three-note 
ctiord. One more finger for o fully chorded melody. Lowrey 
rhyttims ore considered fhe best you can get outside of a hit 
recording studio. In fact, a lot of tiif recording artists use 
Lowrey designed rtiythm units to orchestrate their rhythm 
sections, Lowrey engineering excellence shows in the instru- 
ment voices, too. You may hove already heard Lowrey organ 
voicesand special effects. If you enjoy listening to good music 
on your stereo, imagine playing greet music on the Magic 
Genie 98. 


Ploy the dual role of musician and conductor with Lowrey's 
Stereophonic Magic Genie 88, Your musicians areomong the 
finest you con get: A trombone player who i(nows how to use 
mute over the bell; a honnonico player who even breathes 
that familiar "wow" into the notes; a bass player who doubles 
on string boss and electric guitar bass-alternating rhythms 
or boogie-woogie; the drummer doesn't miss a beat; even a 
Hawaiian guitarist who makes the sound sway like o tropical 
breeze. Tfie/ll ploy rock, Latin, country, swing or the/ll impro- 
vise and combine rhythms. And you're conducting this or- 
chestro with just one finger. There's a lot more, like the 
rotating Leslie speoker and the guitar and ukulele you can 
actually heor the pick strumming. But best of oil, there's you, 
right in fhe center of this stereophonic sound. Conducting a 
mosterpiece of fhe Magic Genie 88. 

AbflDilofjip.r Walnul. Dietgsbh PEcan Enly .'hnen^an , DislrassBd Cherry ar 

J Pine, 




Avdiaae m v*irui. PECor. Fciiy 'meficon Frji'™/.il 



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Some of the best music being ployed today con come right 
Tom your living room - right at your tingertips. It's the Lowrey 
Drgon with the world tamous mogic of Genie. You ond your 
_owrey orgon can be the life of the porty. When your guests 
:re ready for some music, show them a side of you they never 
saw before-the moestro in you. All it takes is one finger on 
'he Magic Genie 44 and you're playing a three note chord 
.vith all your favorite instruments and moving rhythms. Start 
"he evening Viflth a light waltz. Then liven up the doncing with 
;ome Latin rhythms. And when everyone's loose, turn on the 
"ock, If you feel like dancing yourself, hove one of your guests 
,'/ho's neverplayed a note before 
3it down and play a concert. 
.Ml it tokes Is a little magic 
■rom Lowrey, 

JViOiWOieinMBdllermnean Pecan, ConfemfiofOiv 
Wjifiui ond EortvM^eiican Fruflvp^oa 


Anybody con conduct an entire orchestra with Lowrey's Magic 
Teenie Genie, The same materials, craftsmanship and engi- 
neering excellence that have earned Lowrey Its outstanding 
reputation are built hght into this organ. You get the same 
automatic rhythm programming that some recording artists 
actually use right on their records, TTie same lifelike instrument 
voices thot you can hear in clubs, concerts and records are 
right in the Magic Genie, And you get Lowrey's fomous L,S,I,C, 
technology But, aside from all of these features thor moke 
Loweyso superb, is the pure pleasure you'll hove conducting 
musical mosferpiece with just one finger, A small price and 
lot of magic. TTie Lowrey Mogic Genie, 

-7 c^^ 

MODEL TGB44 ■ A small investment 
ft)r big bond and endless fun. 

Atollfilile <n VWnul Imlsii 

ft do> 

MODEL TGB, Compact in size, 
small in price, A really big performer. 

taatttve m Wa^nul lin^sh 

AvQflabte In Wolnu" ftni5^, 

- fJB^t >g 

MODEL H25-3 

Experience this magnificent instru- 
ment. Lowrey's exclusive String Sym- 
phonizer gives you the richest, most 
lush violin section. The Brass Sym- 
phonizer offers the top brass- the 
best trumpet, saxophone and trom- 
bones this side of the real ttiing. Then 
there's Lowre/s famous Golden Harp™ 
for sparkling orpeggios that dance up 
and down the scale automaficaliy. 
And your one finger melodies auto- 
maticolly become fully chorded com- 
positions. Of course, there are ali the 
otherfamousLowrey features-Glide,™ 
automatic rhythms, LS.I.C. circuitry, 
even a built-in stereo cassette recorder 
to record your favorite performances 
for posterity. The Lowrey Symphonic 
Theatre Console, it's more thon an 
organ, Ifs a symphony 


(^ -,, ic-iTV?;/ 




You may be in your own living room, 
but you'll feel the full impoct of sitting 
at the console of a mighty, majestic 
theatre organ with Lowrey's Citation 
Theatre. You're literally surrounded 
with stereophonic sound. And the 
multi-channel chorus mokes it even 
more spectacular. The brass section 
never come on so bold as with Lowrey's 
Bross Symphonizer A Leslie rotating 
speaker sets the sounds in motion. 
And you'll wont to dance to all the 
Qufomofic rhythms. Reverberating 
rhythm triggers o beat every time you 
play a note. And theSymphonic Golden 
Harp™ gives you a choice of several 
dancing, automatic arpeggios. Glide. 
Auto-Wow.™ Patented AOC™ Vibrato. 
A stereo cossette recorder You'll never 
run out of exciting musical worlds 
to explore with the Citation Stereo 
Theatre Console. 


802612 a 



The Lowrey Symphonic Citation 
Theotre is the ultimate in q spine! 
organ. Every Lowrey feature has been 
incorporoted ond blended into this 
handsomely styled cabinet. Theamaz- 
ing Magic Genie feature offers auto- 
matic bass and accompaniment 
rtiythms, while the Automatic Orgon 
Computer (AOC)™ ollows you fo play 
full, rich chords with just one finger. 
Add Golden Harp™ for sparkling ar- 
peggios fhot go up, down or dance 
all around one, two or three octoves. 
Or try fhe Orchestral Symphonizer sec- 
tion for the very best brass. Create in- 
credibly realistic brass, reed and 
percussion voices. There's also a Sym- 
phonizer String Section for o string 
ensemble. Majestic Rutes and o Leslie 
Speaker for that full, theatre sound. 
The Lowrey Symphonic Citotion 
Theatre organ-the band reoliy is 
all here. 

AvailaDIa in Walnut finish 


Here's a beautifully sculptured fumi- 
ture piece set to even more beautiful 
music. The Citation Stereo Theatre 
Spinet. One finger gives you aufomotic 
rhythms of your choice. Plus reverber- 
ating rhythms, a host of lifelike voices, 
special effects like Auto-Wow,™ Vi- 
brato, Lowrey Glide,™ Reverb, Golden 
Harp™arpeggios,the"big band" brass 
sounds of fhe Brass Symphonizer and 
a lot more, AOC turns your one finger 
melodies Into fully chorded passages. 
The Leslie speaker spins the music 
all around while the multi-channel 
chorus makes it sound larger than life, 
Record your own greatest hits on fhe 
builf-in stereo cassette recorder Or, 
play along with your favorite artists. 
The Citation Stereo Theatre Spinet. 

Available In Walnut flJiisM. 



All of the controls and teatures thai 
make the Magic Genie 98 Spinet so 
popular ore on this theatre model. On 
top ot that you hove the popular 
"horseshoe" design and the softly 
illuminoted control panel that gives 
the room a moody glow, The famous 
Lowrey Glide™ gives you sliding Ha- 
waiian guitar and slide trombone 
effects. And Auto-Wow™ automatically 
delivers the sound today's electric 
guitarists are playing as well as the 
muted horns of "champagne music" 
Four high fidelity qualltv speakers, in- 
cluding a rotating Leslie speaker 
spread the superb sound across your 
living room in full stereo. And when the 
rest of the family goes to bed, there's 
a stereo headphone jock so you con 
stay up and deliver a spectacular per- 
formance In complete privacy. 

^■.'□iiGDlB in Wolnul linish 


If you like the sound and features of 
the Magic Genie 88, but you're look- 
ing for the "horseshoe" design with 
the soft panel lights, here's the organ 
you've been looking for. The automatic 
rhythms set the drums, bass, bongos 
and the lifelike instrument voices in 
motion, and you can combine those 
rhythms for new sounds like a Latin- 
waltz or swinging-country-rock. Low- 
rev's voices are considered secorid 
only to the instruments they sound 
so much like. And thanks to Lowre/s 
Large Scale Integrated Circuitiv, you 
can rest assured you've got one of the 
most reliable instruments made. Auto- 
Wow™ Vibrato, Glide, a Leslie rotating 
speaker, sustain- everything's here 
that you need to conduct your own 
masterpieces time and time again.