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Full text of "A full and exact collation of about twenty Greek manuscripts of the Holy Gospels (hitherto unexamined) [microform] : deposited in the British Museum, the Archepiscopal Library at Lambeth, &c, with a critical introduction"

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I am anxious to return my respectful thanks to 
the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press, 
for the liberal aid they have afforded me in de- 
fraying out of the Funds at their command, the 
expense of printing the present work. 

FALMOUTH, January 31, 1853. 




CHAPTEB I. On the existing state of the Greek Text of the 

New Testament ix 

CHAPTER II. On the materials employed in the present 

volume xxiv 

CHAPTER III. General observations upon the results of this 

collation. Ixvii 

Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum, Sancta Evangelia com- 

plectentium 3 cum editione Elzevir. 1624 a me collatorum . Ixxvi 

S. Mattnsei Evangelium ......... 1 

S. Marci - - - - 51 

S. Lucse 82 

S. Johannis ----. . 136 




HHHE following pages comprise an humble yet ear- 
J- nest attempt to revive among the countrymen of 
Bentley and Mill some interest in a branch of Biblical 
learning which, for upwards of a century, we have tacitly 
abandoned to continental scholars. The criticism of the 
text of Holy Scripture, though confessedly inferior in 
point of dignity and importance to its right interpretation, 
yet takes precedence of it in order of time: for how 
can we consistently proceed to investigate the sense of the 
Sacred Volume, till we have done our utmost to ascertain 
its precise words'? 

Now to whatever cause we may attribute this strange 
and scarcely creditable neglect on the part of English 
Divines, it certainly cannot arise from a paucity of un- 
wrought materials, or exhaustion of the subject. On this 
point, however, in the room of any statement of my own, I 
will lay before the reader the ingenuous confession of one 
of the highest living authorities on Biblical Criticism, in 
one of the most recent of his publications. " Ut enim 
dicam quod res est, ex omnibus qui collati sunt codi- 
ces, soli illi Alexandrinus [A], Ephraem. Syri [C], Can- 
tabrigiensis [D], Dublinensis [Z], Sangallensis [A] et Dres- 
densis [G. Paul] ita sunt excussi, ut quid scriptum shi- 


gulis locis teneant quid non, scias" (Scholz, Commemora- 
tion Address at Bonn, 1845, p. 2).* A melancholy summary 
indeed of the labours of two centuries in a field of study, 
where all that is not scrupulously exact is useless at the 
best: yet no one who has ever compared two or three 
manuscripts with the representations of them contained in 
Mill's or Wetstein's or Griesbach's or Scholz's own edition 
will hesitate to admit its literal truth. To collate an 

ancient copy of the New Testament is a task requiring 
more time, care, and patience than men are very willing to 
bestow on such an object; to describe its external con- 
dition, to glance over a few chapters and so form a random 
guess at its recension or internal character, is far easier, 
and will swell a catalogue just as well. I have cited above 
the calm and mature judgment of Professor Scholz (un- 
questionably one of the most industrious, if not the most 
brilliant, of the great editors of the Greek Testament) as 
to the results of what has been already accomplished for 
the sacred text : there was a time when he held far differ- 
ent language ; when he could speak of his own achieve- 
ments in such terms as these, " omnibus" fere, qui adhuc 
supersunt, testibus exploratis, eorumque lectionibus dili- 

gentw conquisitis," (Prsef. N.T. Vol. I. p. 2, 1829): yet 
even then his own Prolegomena would have sufficed to 
shew how large allowance we must make for the ardent 
temperament of the writer. It will be convenient, in the 
present volume, to confine our attention to the Four Gos- 
pels. To the 286 Evangelia and 57 Evangelisteria known 
before the publication of his edition, his indefatigable dili- 
gence and extensive travels have added 210 Evangelia and 

121 Evangelisteria : in fact, he has nearly doubled the list. 

* Tischendorf's zeal has very recently enabled us to add a few items to this 
meagre list. 


But while Dr Scholz is entitled to our gratitude for having 
opened to us so many veins of precious ore, it must not be 
dissembled that he has in a great measure left the toil 
of working them to his successors. Of the 331 documents 
he has discovered in the libraries of the East and West, he 
has collated entire only eleven, in greater part sixteen, in 
a few places or cursorily two hundred and twenty-two, 
while eighty-one are merely inserted in his catalogue with- 
out remark. Such a course surely could do little towards 
advancing a strict, accurate, and critical acquaintance with 
the sacred original. 

But our knowledge even of those manuscripts which 
have been described the oftenest and inspected the most 
repeatedly is more loose and unsatisfactory than would 
be imagined prior to investigation. Three of the copies I 
have collated for the present volume are found in Gries- 
bach's list (gjm) : how little he really knew of their con- 
tents I shall have occasion to state in the next chapter. I 
am sure that I may allege the testimony of Mr Tregelles 
to the same effect, since he has been compelled to examine 
afresh even such principal authorities as the uncial MSS. 
EGUX, for his forthcoming edition of the New Testament. 
On the whole, then, I conceive the case to be simply this : 
while every reading actually cited from this mass of docu- 
ments by Griesbach or Scholz may be relied on as genuine 
with tolerable assurance, very seldom will the readings 
quoted amount to one in three, often not to one in ten, of 
those which each copy contains ; the omissions consisting 
chiefly of such rare or singular or minute variations as 
best enable us to determine the genius and value of the 
manuscript which exhibits them, and are consequently 
even more important to the critic than those that are 
given. If any exception needs be made to this general 



statement, it should be in favor of Matthsei's collations, 
which (though never verified, so far as I am aware) present 
every internal mark of a precision and accuracy not unwor- 
thy of the accomplished scholar to whom we are indebted 
for them. 

If exact collation be the true basis of all sound criticism 
(and few will absolutely deny this proposition) whence 
arises it that the criticism of the New Testament should 
have made so little real progress during a whole century ; 
for a century has now passed since the publication of 
Wetstein's great work ? I believe that the main cause of 
this state of things is neither remote nor obscure ; it is the 
fruit of that premature devotion to theories of recensions 
which has seduced so many of our editors and critics from 
their proper task. I say advisedly a premature devotion, 
for I do not doubt that much good service may hereafter 
be rendered even in this department ; but it does seem 
unreasonable to attempt to classify and arrange, and esti- 
mate the relative worth of documents, with whose contents 
we are in a great measure unacquainted, The natural 
order of proceeding surely is, first to accumulate facts, and 
then to draw inferences from them: should we reverse that 
order, it will be wonderful indeed if our conclusions be safe 
or valid. Rash and partial induction is in no wise better 
than pure conjecture. 

These general remarks apply with peculiar force to such 
a system of recensions of Griesbach's, built as it is on a 
deliberate preference of the evidence of a few well-known 
records over the supposed testimony of the vast majority x 
of copies, to which he has, paid no adequate attention. 
Perhaps, however, it may be convenient to preface the few 
observations I shall submit to the reader on the various 
principles, which learned men have laid down for our guid- 

CHAPTER I. xiii 

ance in the revision of the sacred text, by reminding him 
of the phenomenon on which their theories are founded, 
and for which they are designed to account. 

Every one who has consulted the materials collected 
by Wetstein and his successors must have observed, that 
certain manuscripts and versions bear some affinity to each 
other ; so that one of them is seldom cited in support of 
a various reading (not being a manifest and gross error 
of the copyist), unaccompanied by one or more of its 
kindred. Now it appears a very fair presumption that 
documents which are thus connected, have sprung from a 
common source, distinct from the great mass of autho- 
rities, from which they thus unequivocally withdraw them- 
selves. And if these families could be shewn to have ex- 
isted at a very early period (that is to say, within one 
or two hundred years after the death of the Apostles); 
and were it to appear moreover that certain peculiarities 
characterised the manuscripts of certain countries; it is 
plain that we should have then made important advances 
in our knowledge of the history, and consequently of the 
relative values of the various recensions. We should thus 
have some better guide in our choice between contending 
readings, than the very rough and unsatisfactory process 
of counting the number of witnesses produced in behalf 
of each. Such is the leading idea on which our several 
theories of recensions are grounded : I believe that Gries- 
bach and Scholz, Lachmann and Tischendorf has each 
failed in his attempt to classify the manuscripts of the 
Greek Testament, yet I am not blind to the advantages 
of such a classification, nor doubt that it will be ac- 
complished by some scholar in the next generation, who 
shall freely avail himself of the patient labours of other 
and obscurer names. But we will not endeavour to reap, 


till the fields are seen to be white and ripe for the 

The researches of Griesbach, prosecuted (we cheer- 
fully admit) with unwearied diligence during the course of 
many years, led him to the conclusion that the several 
families into which our critical authorities are divided, may 
be reduced to three great classes, the Alexandrine, the 
Western, and the Byzantine, recensions. The standard of 
the Alexandrine text he imagined he had discovered in 
Origen, who, though he wrote in Palestine, might be pre- 
sumed to have brought with him into exile copies of the 
Scriptures, similar to those in ordinary use in his native 
city. The text of the Western Church would naturally be 
drawn from the Italic version and the Latin Fathers ; while 
the large majority of manuscripts, versions, and eccle- 
siastical writers followed the readings which prevailed in 
the Patriarchate of Constantinople. He then proceeded 
to attribute to each of these families an equal influence in 
correcting and settling the text ; or rather, he considered 
the testimony of the Byzantine class inferior in weight to 
that of either of the others. Consistently with these prin- 
ciples, the evidence of the very few ancient manuscripts of 
the Alexandrine class still extant (e.g. Wetstein's ABCLM); 
or of the Latin versions, and of one or two old Latinising 
manuscripts (e.g. D or Codex Bezse), if supported by the 
Fathers of the two families, and sufficiently probable in 
itself; may balance or even outweigh the unanimous voice 
of hundreds of witnesses of every kind, should they happen 
to belong to the unfortunate Byzantine recension. A 
single example will serve to shew the violent revolution 
this refined theory must have wrought on the text of the 
New Testament, had Griesbach carried it out in practice 
with the same vigour and unhesitating boldness as he con- 


ceived and propounded it. In Matth. xix, 17, in the place 

of the Common reading fie \eyeis ayadov, ovSeis aya6o$, fi 

pq els o Qeos' he and Lachmann have adopted this impor- 
tant variation, rt fie f paras irept TOV ayadov ; els (tmv 6 ayados. 

And what is their authority for a change, involving doc- 
trinal considerations of no small moment ? Against several 
hundreds of MSS, both the Syriac versions, and a legion of 
ecclesiastical writers, he sets up six MSS (DDL 1. 22. Mat- 
thsei's x, in part), the Latin and Coptic versions, and 
Origen. The process by which he arrives at so improbable 
a conclusion is clear enough, nor can it be resisted save 
by denying his premises. He conceives that the combined 
evidence of Codices BL. 1. 22, Origen, and the Coptic ver- 
sions is decisive of the testimony of his Egyptian family ; 
while the Codex D, the Italic and Vulgate almost make 
up between them the Western recension. Hence there- 
fore he infers that their joint influence will more than 
counterbalance the venerable Peshito Syriac and the whole 
mass of Byzantine documents of every kind : although they 
numerically exceed, in the proportion of about ninety to 
one, the vouchers for both his other classes united. Such 
is Griesbach's scheme of recensions. 

It will be readily perceived that this ingenious and 
elaborate system involves and pre-supposes the truth of at 
least three several propositions; first, that the Egyptian 
family may be discriminated from the rest by comparing 
each manuscript separately with the Scriptural quotations 
found in Origen's work ; that Father being thus made the 
standard of the Egyptian recension : secondly, that there 
is a real, well-defined line of demarkation between the 
Alexandrine text and that prevailing in the West, so that 
they must be regarded and estimated as distinct inde- 
pendent authorities : and thirdly, that the Byzantine docu- 



ments present us with a text in all important features 
essentially one ; that, namely, which was used in the public 
services of the Church throughout the whole Patriarchate 
of Constantinople. On this last head (which is assumed 
in Scholz's theory quite as much as in Griesbach's) I 
hope to speak presently ; the first, relating to Origen and 
the recension he employed, has been fully and most pati- 
ently discussed by the late Archbishop Laurence (" Re- 
marks on Griesbach's Systematic Classification," 1814) who 
has proved, in my judgment, most conclusively, that this 
idea of the agreement of that eminent Father with what 
are called the Alexandrine MSS. is the very reverse of the 
actual fact*. One other proposition yet remains to be 
noticed, the alleged distinction between the Egyptian and 
Western families ; but here I believe Griesbach stands 
alone : however deep the impression (I can scarcely call 
it conviction) which other portions of his theory have made 
on the minds of Biblical students, no one has yet been 
able to detect that broad and characteristic difference 
between the readings of the two classes, which is indis- 
pensable to the very existence of his whole scheme. In- 
deed the task is so hopeless on the very face of it, that 
I hardly know whether it has been so much as seriously 

It is precisely at this point that Scholz undertook 
to reconstruct the imposing theory which was obviously 
crumbling already into dust. Abandoning in well-grounded 
despair the plan of a triple recension of the sacred text, 
and uniting under the general name of the Alexandrine 

* Taking Codex A as a fair specimen of the class to which Griesbach 
assigns it, the Archbishop shews that while it agrees with Origen against the 
received text in 154 places, and disagrees with the two united in 140, it agrees 
with the received text against Origen in no less than 444 passages. See the 
Appendix to his "Remarks." 

CHAPTER I. xvii 

family, the documents which his predecessor had divided 
into the Egyptian and Occidental classes, he marshalled 
anew their confederate bands against the host of Byzan- 
tine copies, by which even now they were vastly out- 
numbered. A still more important innovation is the pre- 
ference accorded by Scholz to that very recension which 
it had been Griesbach's great aim to disparage and neg- 
lect. He contends that the Constantinopolitan or common 
text (which he supposes to be not far removed from the 
printed textus receptus) approaches much nearer to the 
sacred autographs than does the text of Alexandria ; both 
on account of the internal excellency of its readings, and 
because it has been the public and authorised edition of 
the Greek Church, from the earliest ages to the present 
hour. " Codices qui hoc nomen habent," he writes, "parum 
inter se dissentiunt ; conferas quseso longe plerosque quos 
huic classi adhserere dixi, atque lectiones diversas viginti 
trigintave in totidem capitibus vix reperies, unde conjicias 
eos esse accuratissime transcriptos, eorumque antigrapha 
parum inter se discrepasse " (Proleg. N. T. 55). It might 
have occurred to the learned editor that this marvellous 
concord between the different MSS. of his Byzantine class 
(which indeed is striking enough as we turn over the pages 
of his Greek Testament) is just as likely to have originated 
in the haste or carelessness of collators, as in the scrupu- 
lous accuracy of transcribers, or the purity of the records 
from which they copied. I can only say, that I have met 
with very few documents which, when diligently examined, 
have exhibited but twenty or thirty variations in the course 
of as many chapters : in fact I know of none such, except 
where the close affinity of two or three MSS. to each other 
is too visible to be mistaken at the very first glance. No 
one for instance would dream of estimating Imn or qr (to 



be described in the next chapter) as separate and indepen- 
dent witnesses in favour of any reading ; yet even they differ 
more widely from each other than Scholz supposes to be 
the case with the whole class of documents to which he 
would refer them. To his argument, then, from the ima- 
ginary identity of the Byzantine copies I confidently re- 
join, collate your materials more exactly and this identity 
will in a great measure disappear. I am not concerned 
to deny that after all, certain authorities group together 
into classes or families ; I may even hope that this ten- 
dency will become more and more observable the further 
we push our investigations : but for the present we must 
waive speculation and accumulate facts: the science of 
Biblical Criticism, so far as the Greek Testament is con- 
cerned, is awaiting the unwearied industry of its Keplers : 
it is scarcely ready for the genius of its Newton. 

The notion that a pure and primitive text might be 
found in the lectionaries and service-books of the Eastern 
Church is in itself both plausible and perfectly rational. 
It had crossed the mind of one in whom the love of these 
studies amounted to a passion ; the master passion of an 
unhappy life. At the opening of his long career as a col- 
lator of Scripture manuscripts, Wetstein eagerly seized his 
first Evangelisterium in the Colbert Library, "sperans," 
says he, " me inventurum constantem et publice receptam 
in Ecclesia Graeca lectionem." Yet what was the result? 
"At eventus expectationi mese non respondit, nam et ipsos 
inter se } et a nostris editionibus non raro dissentire, de- 
prehendi." (Wetst. Proleg. N. T. p. 81, ed. Lotze). How 
natural the presumption, yet how complete the failure! 
Indeed we shall often find that the widest divergencies 
from the' ordinary text abound in Evangelisteria, which 
are useless except for public worship (e. g. Codex y, to be 


described in Chap. II), or in copies which are furnished the 
most completely with liturgical apparatus, or even with 
marks in the text or margin to distinguish the beginnings and 
conclusions of the lessons (e. g. Scholz's KM. and several 
of the MSS. described in this volume). On the whole then 
we are bound to hesitate at the least before we adopt a 
theory, which seems less and less probable the more we 
grow acquainted with the facts for which it professes to 

The views propounded by Tischendorf (Pro'ieg. N. T. 
1841. 2nd edition 1849) and carried out by Lachmann 
(Evangelia, 1842) seem recently to have met with some 
acceptance in the eyes of scholars. Their leading prin- 
ciple is a decided preference of the older manuscripts as 
sucfi over ah 1 the testimonies of later ages; and to such 
a length is this doctrine insisted on by Lachmann, that in 
revising the text of the Gospels he has absolutely rejected 
every copy, version, and ecclesiastical writer, of a lower 
date than the fourth century. For what reason this par- 
ticular epoch should be assigned, beyond which all autho- 
rities are to be treated as worthless, Lachmann has not 
thought it necessary to explain ; but so rigorously does he 
act upon this arbitrary rule, that the evidence of Chry- 
sostom, the prince of the Greek Fathers, is excluded from 
his work "ne ad quintum sseculum descenderemus" (Prsefat. 
N. T. p. xxi) ; I suppose because, though he flourished in 
the fourth century, Chrysostom chanced to die in the 
eighth year of the fifth. 

The consequences of this strange restriction may soon 
be told. Out of about 750 manuscripts of the Gospels, 
or portions of them, enumerated by preceding critics, 
Lachmann makes use of but seven : the Alexandrine MS. 
(A), the Vatican (B), the Codex Ephraemi (C), the Dublin 


uncial palimpsest of St Matthew (Z), the Wolfenbuttel frag- 
ments published by Knittel (PQ), and the Borgian frag- 
ment of St John (T). To these we ought perhaps to add 
the Codex Bezse (D), whose testimony he admits for cer- 
tain purposes, although it is posterior to the fourth cen- 
tury, as indeed we may reasonably suspect are most of the 
other seven. Of the versions he employs the Italic and 
Latin Vulgate alone, for though the elder Syriac* and the 
Sahidic are certainly within his self-imposed limits, he has 
not taken the pains to master the languages wherein they 
are written. Such a scheme, one would imagine, could 
satisfy no one except its author. 

But though Lachmann's work may have little appreci- 
able influence on the public mind, the idea (the fallacy, 
as I must consider it) on which it is grounded seems widely 
prevalent among Biblical students. There is a tone and 
manner often observable when manuscripts of the Greek 
Testament are spoken of, as if it were taken for granted 
that their value is in direct proportion to their date j : as 
though the testimony of a document of the twelth or four- 
teenth century were, of necessity and as a matter of course, 
far inferior in weight and probability to that of an uncial 
copy some five hundred years older. Now I wish not to deny 
the existence of a certain amount of presumption in favour 
of the more ancient authority : the nearer we approach the 
Apostolic times, the fewer stages that have intervened be- 
tween the inspired autographs and the manuscript before 

* To palliate his neglect of the Peshito Syriac version Lachmann pleads that 
its most antient and trustworthy copies are as yet uncollated (Proefat. N. T. 
p. xxiv). I had once hoped to contribute something to this department of 
sacred learning, but laid aside my design on finding that sb eminent a scholar 
as Mr Cureton was preparing a critical edition of the Peshito. It is indeed 
most urgently required. 

j- This assumption forms the groundwork on which Mr Alford has con- 
structed the text of his Greek Testament. 


us, the less chance is there of error or wilful alteration on 
the part of copyists. But what I complain of is this ; that 
instead of looking upon the case as one of mere presump- ,. 
tion, of prima facie likelihood, such as other circumstances 
may limit or correct or entirely remove, it is regarded from 
the first as a settled point, that unless a monument be up- \ 
wards of a thousand years old, it is hardly worth the trouble j 
of collating. "Ante omnia," says Lachmann, "antiquis- 

simorum rationem habebimus; fine certo constitute 

recentiores, item leves et corruptos, recusabimus" (Praef. 
p. vi). And to what cause shall we attribute it, that the 
oldest manuscripts are necessarily the best, while the more 
recent ought to be despised as " corrupt and of little con- 
sequence ?" Will Lachmann undertake to assert that our 
modern Byzantine documents are but bad copies of the 
Alexandrian, the Vatican, or Beza's MS. ? Yet no supposi- 
tion short of this will answer the purpose of his argument. 
The remark is so trite one is tired of repeating it, that 
many codices of the tenth and following centuries were 
very probably transcribed from others of a more early 
date than any which now exist ; the incessant wear of the 
.older copies in the services of the Church, rendering a 
fresh supply indispensable. In what way, then, does he 
meet the obvious suggestion, that our present cursive 
manuscripts are but the representatives of venerable docu- 
ments, which have long since perished ? He grants that 
it might possibly be true, but declares that in reality it 
is not so, "Since the oldest manuscripts still extant," 
says he, "wonderfully agree with the citations of the most 
ancient writers ; . . . why should we think that Irenseus and 
Origen used more corrupt copies, than Erasmus and the 
Complutensian editors"? (Prsef. p. vii). With Lachmann's 
last statement I cheerfully join issue. We need only refer 



once more to Archbishop Laurence's " Remarks " (see above 
p.xvi)to prove that Origen at all events does not agree with 
his favourite authorities against the more common text. 
If the small portion of Irenseus' works yet extant in Greek, 
or the surviving writings of other early Greek Fathers, lend 
their exclusive countenance to any class or family of recen- 
sions, I must confess my ignorance of the fact, and (in the 
absence of any thing approaching to demonstration) cannot 
help deeming it hi the highest degree improbable. 

Perhaps, however, those* who reject or think lightly 
of the later manuscripts, are influenced by another reason, 
in their opinion more decisive than the far-fetched specula- 
tions indulged in by Lachmann. They may suppose the 
examination of those cursive documents, which are scat- 
tered so plenteously throughout our public libraries, would 
prove but a fruitless labour, on account of the insigni- 
ficant number and slight importance of the variations which 
they exhibit. Nor is this notion void of plausibility, if we 
derive our ideas of them from what we see cited in the 
popular critical editions. On this point, therefore, I shah" 
merely request the reader to suspend his judgment, until 
he has considered the contents of the following pages, 
which I believe will afford him a more correct view of the 
real character of such copies than any hitherto within his 
reach. If he shall there find the variations from the com- 
mon text few or uninteresting (" one or two in a chapter 
and those of no moment " !) ; if he shall discover that to 
know one manuscript is pretty much the same as to know 
fifty ; nothing I can say either can or ought to move him. 
But I am addressing men who love truth more than their 
own theories or vague impressions, and I fully believe that 
my labours in this department will be owned by a candid 
inquirer to be neither useless nor superfluous. 

CHAPTER I. xxiii 

The present volume is complete in itself, and has been 
arranged with all care and diligence, in the earnest hope 
of securing in some degree such accuracy as may befit the 
sacred subject whereof it treats. What errors it contains 
(for in such a multiplicity of small details I dare not flatter 
myself it is exempt from them) are those of human in- 
firmity, so far at least that they cannot be imputed to mere 
haste or heedlessness on the part of the compiler. Whether 
I shall proceed to publish the collations I have made on 
other parts of the New Testament, or prosecute the critical 
study of Scripture by further investigations among the 
mass of copies yet unexamined and uncared for, must 
depend on circumstances I can neither foresee nor control. 
What I have completed is beyond the reach of fortune, 
and it becomes me rather to be thankful for past oppor- 
tunities, than to look onward too anxiously to the future. 
It is something if the hours I have withdrawn from labo- 
rious engagements, shall have enabled me to throw a little 
light on the history of the inspired text, and to contribute, 
according to the measure of my ability, to the defence and 
elucidation of God's Holy Word. 




HPHE manuscripts of the Gospels, a full collation, of whose 
-- readings with the Elzevir text of 1624 I am about 
to exhibit, have not been chosen with a view to the pro- 
motion of any theory of recensions, or the advocacy of 
individual opinions, but have been taken up almost at ran- 
dom, as they happen to be arranged in the catalogues of 
the British Museum and Archiepiscopal Library at Lam- 
beth. The mass of unpublished materials is still so vast, 
that it would be easy, by skilful selection, to derive from 
them arguments in behalf of any of the several systems I 
have glanced at in the preceding chapter, and to allege 
proofs in support of each of them, which might seem irre- 
sistible, until conflicting evidence had been produced. The 
method I have adopted is doubtless attended with one 
inconvenience, that documents of inferior value will occa- 
sionally take the place of those of higher interest and 
importance, but this seems comparatively a slight objec- 
tion to a plan which affords us the best chance of estimat- 
ing, through the medium of a specimen and on a small 
scale, the probable results of a complete examination of 
the whole body of existing manuscripts. In this, as in all 
other branches of enquiry, it is clear that the inferences 
we draw from the facts before us, will be trustworthy and 
conclusive very much in proportion to the degree of impar- 
tiality wherewith the facts themselves shall have been 
culled and brought together. 

Ten of the manuscripts of the Gospels which I have 
collated are deposited in the Lambeth Library, no less than 


eight of them (a f,u,v) belonging to the Carlyle collection. 
These valuable documents were brought to England by the 
Rev. J. D. Carlyle, Professor of Arabic at Cambridge, with 
a view to a critical edition of the Greek Testament, and 
were procured by him in Syria, the Greek Islands, and at 
Constantinople. Not to mention other parts of Holy Scrip- 
ture, he had ten manuscripts of the Gospels, of which six 
still remain in this country. Having justly assumed as a 
fundamental principle that " collation is the true basis of 
all Biblical criticism," but feeling unequal to the examina- 
tion of all the materials before him, Professor Carlyle 
adopted the novel and somewhat unpromising plan of send- 
ing one of his manuscripts to each of his clerical friends, 
who might be willing to undertake the task of collating it. 
The whole scheme was broken up by his death in 1804, 
and now that the labors of his corps of volunteers are 
brought together (Lambeth MS. 1255), we may see at a 
glance the futility of trusting to the inexperienced zeal of 
beginners in this employment. Out of eight or nine attempts 
at collation which lie before me, one by the Rev. W; 
Sanderson of Morpeth seems executed with scholar-like 
accuracy, though I cannot test it, since its prototype is 
no longer in the Library. Of the rest I will only say, 
that their omissions of various readings are so repeated 
and then' carelessness so intolerable, that I soon discovered 
their entire uselessness, except for the purpose of en- 
abling me to revise my own collation ; nor am I ashamed 
to own that in this respect I found them of the utmost 
service*. On Professor Carlyle's death, the manuscripts 

* Often during this occupation did I call to mind Woide'slist of require- 
ments for an accurate collator: "Silentium, secession, undique liberum animum, 
attentionem, patientiam, serena lucia spatia, visum acriorem et usum microseo- 
piorum frequentem deposcit" (Prsef. Cod. Alex. p. xxx.). I cannot, however, 
say with him, " parum hie labor mellis, et absinthii multumhabet;" 1 should 
rather adopt as my motto : "Simiter austerum studio fallente laborem." 



were purchased by Archbishop Manners-Button for the 

library of the see which they now enrich : but in 1817 

seven of their number (including four of the Gospels) were 

claimed by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, as having been 

lent, not given to their learned collector. They were 

returned as a matter of course, but I regret to add they 

were returned in a great measure uncollated, so little 

real interest seems to have been felt about them. At some 

period prior to this last transaction, Dr Charles Burney 

commenced the collation of seven copies of the Gospels in 

parallel columns, with copious descriptive Prolegomena: 

his papers are now at Lambeth (MSS. 1223, 1224), but he 

completed only the Gospel of St Mark in five manuscripts 

(abdef) and its first three chapters in two (cv), to which 

he added the celebrated passage John vii. 53 viii. 11. I 

have carefully used this collation, so far as it goes, yet I 

have used it not to supersede but to correct my own. It 

may give the uninitiated some notion of the difficulties 

of this task when I state that even this eminent scholar 

has committed 42 errors in his collation of a single copy 

(a) for the one Gospel of St Mark. To me, at least, the 

fact has taught a lesson of mistrust in my own exactness, 

which I hope I shall not soon forget. 

a. LAMBETH 1175. This volume is a quarto of 418 
pages, beautifully written on vellum in a clear bold hand 
and in double columns. Dr Burney refers it to the 10th 
or llth century, Archdeacon Todd to the llth or 12th ; 
the former date I deem the more probable. It begins at 
Matthew i. 13 TOV eXiam/i, and is remarkable for not con- 
taining the section John vii. 53 viii. 11, which is added 
at the end of the book in a coarse, later hand. It has 
breathings and accents, tolerably but not uniformly correct: 
v f(j>e\Kv<rTiKov is not frequently affixed to verbs ; it occurs 

CHAPTER II. xxvii 

but once in the first eleven chapters. The i ascriptum 
is found about twice (Luke iv. 8 ; v. 10), i subscriptum 
never. From itacisms, or the interchange of vowels, this 
manuscript is remarkably free; perhaps not more than one 
or two will be met with in an ordinary chapter. Such 
modern Greek forms as eirpotprjTevae occur in Matth. vii. 22 ; 
xi. 13; xv. 7; Mark vii. 6; John xi. 51; but no Alexan- 
drine inflection except tyvxpow Matth. x. 42 (with bdsy) ; 
Ovyarepw Luke xiii. 16. On the whole very few rare or 
noticeable readings will be found in this document, which 
approaches as nearly to the received text as many of a 
much lower date. Of the usual liturgical apparatus Codex 
a has the larger Ke<pa\ata prefixed to the last three Gospels 
(the volume being mutilated in the beginning), capital 
letters at the commencement of the Church lessons in gold, 
the Ammonian sections in the margin in red ink, and refer- 
ences to the Eusebian Canons in blue. It was brought by 
Carlyle from some monastery in the Greek Archipelago, 
but an inscription at the end (apparently in the same hand 
as John vii. 53 viii. 11) proves that it was once at Con- 
stantinople*. It was collated entire for Prof. Carlyle, by 
the Rev. J. Farrer of Carlisle, hi 1804. 

b. LAMBETH 1176. This copy of the Gospels is written 
on vellum in small quarto on 417 pages, in a very minute but 
graceful hand. The liturgical apparatus consists of Euse- 
bius'letterto Carpianusand his Canons, prefixed to the MS. 
and written on paper, the tables of larger Ke^aXaia, and some 
poor illuminations prefixed to each Gospel. The Ammo- 
nian sections are given in the margin, and the contents of 

* eiraKoucroi; 1J/J.WV 6 6tr i| eX'Tris iravriav Ttav irepaTtav rt)s yjjs (cat Tiav ev 
6aXaffffi} naKpav' /cai pvarai Kff it Off lijueoi/ <TI\V iro\iv Tavrijv KCti y^iapav TUSV 
v OTTO Xijuou Xijuow [\otjuou] fftffjuov KaTairovTifffiov irvpos j 


the Kj)a\(ua at the top and bottom of the pages. Directions 
for the Church lessons are perpetually found in the margin, 
and occasionally intruded into the text (e. g. John Hi. 17 ; 
xiii. 17). There is appended on paper a Synaxarion, or 
abridged notice of Saints' Days throughout the year, with 
then* proper lessons *. This manuscript is assigned by Todd 
to the 13th century, by Burney to the llth. The truth 
may lie between them, though it appears somewhat more 
recent than Cod. a. It is however far more valuable for 
critical purposes, and well merits Burney's commendation 
" eximise notse." N efakKwrtKov occurs perpetually, though 
it has been often erased by a later hand, whose indiscreet 
diligence has been very busy throughout the whole book. 
The accents and breathings are pretty constant, but not 
very correct; we have in John i. dmo-a vv. 15, 27 ; eorjjKej* v. 26. 
1 observed . ascriptum'bnt twice (Luke viii. 40; Johni. 39), r t 
sufoscriptum never. The usual itacisms e for at, i or et for ?/, v 
for 01, o for to and vice versa are found in great abundance, 
being full six times as numerous as in Codex a : iSaow John 
x. 4 ; xviii. 21 is very strong. The initial letters of the 
lessons and lesser sections are inserted in red ink (secundd 
maim) even where they had been previously given in black 
ink by the scribe who wrote the manuscript. The para- 
graph John vii. 53 viii. 11 is completely omitted, though 
this document sometimes agrees with the common text where 
comparatively few others do (e. g. Matth. iii; 8 ; v. 27). It 
is very partial to glosses or additions: in the single chapter 
Matth. vii. see vv. 21, 27, 28, 29 where few MSS. or versions. 

* 2iwaa/n<w is thus defined by Suicer in his Tliesaurus, and employed in 
MSS. d, 1, n and others described below. Scholtz's definition seems less cor- 
rect, "indices lectionum ita exhibet, ut anni ecclesiastici et uniuscujusque 
evangelii ratio habeatur" (N. T. Vol. i. p. 454), viz. a Table of Lessons for 
every day in the year. Certainly, in our sense of the term, synaxarion and 
menology are nearly synonymous. 



countenance it : it is better supported in Matth. viii. 13 ; 
xxvi. 40. Of grammatical or orthographical peculiarities 
we read eto-<rX0are Matth. vii. 13 (with y) ; irpovmevav vii. 25 
(with dksu) ; amreow Mark vi. 40 ; John vi. 10 (with cfhx) ; 
tiurpwrBe Matth. x. 32 (with k); SpayF? Luke xv - 8 b > 9t 
In itacisms it is often found in connexion with x (described 
below), in more important readings with Wetstein's BC and 
the elder uncials (e. g. Matth. viii. 28). But for the fre- 
quent recurrence of clauses lost through the 6p.oioTf\evTov I 
should have described the scribe as careful and competent. 
At the end of the vellum MS. itself he adds x*, Scopijo-e TCO 
noda> Kr7<raju'6> evpoHrrfiav a<peo-u> a/MrXeuajfwmw KOI TO ^eo-airt* 

KXj/ptKO) WKoXaW TTJV fvfalCLV KCt XttJW TOJV O^aX/lCNW. After tll6 

Synaxarion on paper is a curious list of our Lord's appear- 
ances to His Apostles from the time of Stephen down to 
St Peter's martyrdom, 

c. LAMBETH 117Y. The collation of this strange and 
troublesome manuscript was commenced by Burney, and at 
the end of the third chapter abandoned in despair : "men- 
dis erratisque ita scatet, ut scriptorum imperitiae et osci- 
tantise luculentissimum fiat argumentum" is his emphatic 
sentence of condemnation. I certainly never met with a 
copy of the Gospels written with such irreverent and scan- 
dalous negligence, but this is only one instance out of a 
thousand of the danger of judging hastily from first appear- 
ances. Had Dr Burney patience or leisure to have com- 
pleted the examination of Codex c, he would have found it 
abound, far beyond any other in the whole collection, with 
novel and remarkable readings, which (in spite of its un- 
promising appearance) would have amply repaid all the 
diligence he could have bestowed upon it. It is a small 
quarto of 420 pages, written in a miserable scrawl on the 

TO geaai/Ti i.e. Tta ypatyavri as I understand it. Dr Burney read TO- 
of which I cannot see the meaning. 


coarsest parchment, and not a few leaves are lost. The 
hiatus are Matth. iv. 1 vii. 6 (two-thirds of the next leaf 
being torn, up to v. 22); xx. 21 xxi. 12 (the leaf inserted', 
but in a later hand*); Luke iv. 29 v. 1; v. 1Y 33 ; 
xvi. 24 xvii. 13 ; xx. 1941 ; John vi. 51 viii. 2 ; xii; 
2040; xiv. 27 xv. 13; xvii. 9 xviii. 2; xviii. 37 xix. 
14. Todd assigns it (probably enough) to the 12th century, 
Burney says " a diversis librariis, annisque variis scribitur." 
Yet I am not sure that it is not all in the same hand; 
capriciously varied from an open and straggling scrawl to 
a small and cramped one, each careless and inelegant 
beyond example: possibly however the first seven leaves 
are not written by the same scribe as the rest of the 
volume. It contains fragments of the greater Ke^aAcua of 
St Matthew, the same K^a\aia or nrXot in the margin of 
each page, the Ammonian sections and dirty red capitals 
at the beginning of each, with marks at the opening and 
end of each Church lesson. There are scattered fragments 
of a Synaxarion at the end of the book. In compound 
words the breathings are placed over each member sepa- 
rately; v e(j)\K.v<7TiKov is not often absent, i ascriptum is found 
several times in John iv. and v. but only there (?T<BI John 
v. 30). Two disputed passages are obelized in the margin^ 
Luke xxiii. 3941 ; John vi. 4. As regards itacisms, 
though unequally distributed over the MS. (there is but 
one in John xi. 6 18) they occur for the most 'part as 
thickly as in almost any known copy, often at every second 
or third word for verses together. Under these circum- 
stances I have noted none that may not possibly be various 
readings, or may tend to shew the similarity of Codex c 
with some other of my manuscripts (especially e, x, and y), 
or may for any other cause seem worthy of notice. All 
peculiarities of inflection I have carefully indicated, and 

* The readings of this leaf I have denoted by e. 



they are neither few nor trifling. The accusative singular 
of the 3rd declension ends in -av Matth. xii. 10 ; 13 ; xxvi. 
57 ; xxvii. 28 ; 31 ; Mark iii. 3 ; vi. 27 ; xii. 19 ; Luke vi. 8 j 
xiii. 16; John xx. 25. The second aorist indicative ends 
in -as, -are, -av Matth. xi. 8 ; xxv. 36 .; xxvi. 55 ; xxvii. 46 ? ; 
Mark viii. 11 ; xiv. 48 ; 62 ; xv. 34? ; Luke xi. 52 ; xxii. 52 ; 
John vi. 10 : we read yevapevos Luke vii. 4 ; 20 ; x. 13 ; 32 ; 
xiv. 21: Trecrara Luke x. 18; 36; o-wayowre Matth. xxiv. 28; 
ta^as Mark i. 7 ; John viii. 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; amzAayiua Matth. xvi. 
26 ; Mark viii. 37 ; Luke xi. 27 ; xxiii. 29 ; oo-Qvai 
Luke xii. 35 ; KareyeXow Mark v. 40 ; en-jj/wrow x. 2 ; 10; 
eirennow ib. 48; eveppipowTo xiv. 5: neuter plural Kmpiav Luke 
xiii. 8 .; ^eyav (neuter) xiv. 16: but 6vpa (accus.) Johnxviii. 16: 
neut. pi. comparative in -<BV John i. 51. The augment is 
sometimes though rarely omitted, Mark v. 32 ; John xi. 21. 
The accusative is put for the dative after certain classes of 
verbs: e. g. Matth. ii. 8; 11 (with dp); iii. 15; xiii. 13; 
xv. 35 ; xvi. 17 ; 27 ; xviii. 32 ; xxviii. 17 ; Mark i. 43 ; iv. 2 
(with km*oy) ; vi. 1 ; 39 ; vii. 32 ; Luke iv. 5 ; vi. 28 ; xii. 
37 ; xiv. 6 ; xv. 30 ; xix. 15 ; xxiii. 36 ; John vi. 7 ; xx. 6, 
These specimens may suffice as regards mere forms: the 
various readings will perhaps be found more numerous than 
those of any other copy in the present collation except y. 
Whatever we may ultimately decide respecting their ap- 
proximation to the sacred text as it came from the hands 
of the inspired penmen, when countenanced (as they fre- 
quently are) by other and more ancient authorities, they 
deserve our anxious consideration, and, to say the least, 
merit any treatment rather than contempt or neglect. 

d. LAMBETH 1178. The external appearance of this 
copy presents a striking contrast with that of the pre- 
ceding ; it is indeed one of the most splendid manuscripts 
extant, and is probably as old as the 10th or llth 


century. It is a large quarto of 616 pages on good vellum 
in a fine bold hand. Illuminations are prefixed to the three 
later Gospels in purple, red, and gold, but the first leaves 
are lost, the MS. commencing at Matth. i. 8. Prefixed is a 
full list of Church lessons throughout the year, and at the 
end of the volume is a synaxarion and other tables. The 
larger K$a\aia before St Matthew are lost : in other respects 
the usual liturgical arrangements are complete, and the 
subscriptions to each gospel long and curious. This noble 
document has accents and breathings (even with pp) tole- 
rably correct, v e^ekKvo-riKov but not very frequent, no t sub- 
scriptum, but ascriptum often, though still oftener neglected: 
it is sometimes wrongly placed, especially with verbs, e. g. 
Matth. xxi. 27 ; Luke xx. 13 ; John ix. 5. St Matthew's 
Gospel and the first eight chapters of St Mark were collated 
for Prof. Carlyle in 1804 by the Rev. John Forster, whose 
papers, however destitute of the accuracy required in these 
studies, are much more creditable to his diligence than 
those of most of his coadjutors. 

The text of this copy differs from the Elzevir edition 
far less than that of Cod. c, yet it contains many remark- 
able variations, such as Scholz would refer to his Alexan- 
drine recension. The itacisms are not very numerous, and 
of an ordinary character, much resembling those of Cod. a. 
They are strewed more thickly on a leaf of coarse paper 
containing Luke v. 30 -vi. 4, which is lost in the original 
MS.* This copy often agrees with g or p (described here- 
after) against all the rest which I have collated. Luke 
xxii. 43, 44 ; John v. 4 are obelized in the margin : it is not 
easy to distinguish the changes introduced primd from those 
secundd manu. We meet with a very few such forms as 
Svyarepav Luke xiii. 16 ; Trpotreirea-av Matth. vii. 25 ; avemvav 
* I have indicated the readings of this leaf in my collation by d. 



Mark vi. 40, Among the more unusual readings of d we may 
note Matth. xxiii. 27 ; Mark v. 5 ; vi. 1 ; 2 ; 18 ; 56 ; xvi. 
19; Luke iv. 7; v. 22; vi. 9; ix. 46; xi. 50; 52; xiii. 25; 
xiv. 32; xvi. 3; 8; 25; xvii. 17; xix. 11; 38; xxi. 14; 
John ii. 14; iv. 48; vii. 26; viii. 28 ; 53; xii. 45; xiii. 15; 
xiv. 30; xvii. 20; xix. 21. Many of these instances are 
unique, so far at least as Scholz can be depended on. 

e. LAMBETH 1179, is a copy of the Four Gospels in a 
very dilapidated state. It commences at Matth. xiii. 53, but 
the first few leaves are scarcely legible for dirt and damp. 
There are also the following hiatus: Matth. xvi. 28 xvii. 18 ; 
xxiv. 39 xxv. 9 ; xxvi. 71 xxvii. 14 ; Mark viii. 32 ix. 9 ; 
John xi. 8 30 ; it ends John xiii. 8. It is a small quarto 
of 352 pages, written on vellum in a neat hand. Burney 
describes it "charactere unius formee, nitido et pulchro," 
and assigns it to the 10th century, Todd to the 12th, but 
the earlier date seems quite probable, as in general style it 
bears much resemblance to Codex o, described below. It was 
brought by Carlyle from the Trinity Monastery in Chalke, 
one of the Greek Islands. So far as it is complete, this MS. 
has all the Liturgical apparatus, xe^aXam majora before each 
Gospel, arid at top of each page, the Ammonian sections 
with references to the Eusebian Canons in the margin, 
rubric capitals at the beginning of each section, marginal 
notes at the beginning and end of the Church lessons, &c. 
I observed but one instance of the use of i ascriptum (Matth. 
xxvii. 42), of i subscriptwm none : v e^e\K.vcrriKov is so con- 
stant that it is seldom omitted: the accents and breathings 
are given fuUy but carelessly, each portion of a compound 
word often having its own. There is a general tendency 
to the modern Greek practice of softening the aspirates 
(Matth. xv. 31, 32 ; xxv. 15 &c.), yet they are often put 
wrongly; e.g. Luke x. 20; John x. 16; 27. The itacisms 


are very frequent indeed, yet not perhaps of the grossest 
kind : e and x will often be found together in such cases. 
We have the third declension accusative in -av Mark i. 16 ; 
Luke vi. 8; xiii. 16. For critical purposes this is no com- 
mon manuscript, but is full of variations from the received 
text, perpetually agreeing with Codices c and y, which are 
beyond question the most remarkable of all I have collated; 
and nearly as often with Codices d and p, where they 
diverge the most widely from the general mass of autho- 
rities, especially in the transposition of words. For the 
peculiarities of Codex e see Matth. xvi. 3 ; xviii. 14 ; 21 ; 
xxvii. 41 ; Mark iii. 9 (with b) ; v. 22 (with c) ; viii. 11 ; 17 ; 
ix. 33; 44; xiii. 6; 14; 20; xiv. 18; 25; 37 (with c); 
69 ; Luke ii. 37 ; 42 ; iii. 7 ; iv. 24; v. 10 ; vii. 25 ; xi. 7 ; 
51; xii. 14; xviii. 29?; xx. 10; 38; xxi. 12; xxii. 14; 
.xxiii. 15 ; 32 (with Griesbach's MS. 33) ; John i. 13 ; iv. 24 ; 
viii. 20 ; 43 ; xii. 18 ; xiii. 1. These are almost or entirely 
unique. In the following this copy accords with the oldest 
uncials (ABDK &c.) where few others do : Matth. xxiii. 26 ; 
xxvii. 34; Mark ii. 18; xi. 19; xii. 20; xiv. 40; 53; xv. 
12 ; Luke ii. 26 ; iv. 2 ; vii. 11 ; xi. 40 ; xx. 13 ; xxiii. 53 ; 
John xi. 54 ; xiii. 2. The red capitals cause the variation 
of reading in Luke xxiv. 1 ; John vii. 28. 

f. LAMBETH 1192. This is another manuscript of the 
four Gospels on vellum in large quarto of 272 leaves. It 
is beautifully written, and on the whole in fair condition, 
though somewhat inferior in appearance to Codex d. With 
Todd and Burney I refer it to the 13th century : it was 
brought by Prof. Carlyle from Syria. Nine leaves are lost, 
containing Mark iii. 6 21 ; Luke xii. 48 xiii. 2* ; John 
xvi. 822; Johnxviii. 37 to the end*. All except John xvi. 
822 are supplied by a rude and more recent hand (per- 

* The readings of the later hand are here indicated by/. 



haps of the 14th or 15th century) on coarse cotton paper> 
very carelessly written. These fragments contain far more 
itacisms than the MS. itself, which does not much abound 
in them, though they are perpetually introduced by a later 
hand that has been very busy on this document (eopam in par- 
ticular is constantly substituted for the proper form ewpaKa); 
So true it is that such itacisms were not so much errors of 
the scribe or of dictation, as the usual modes of spelling 
prevalent at the time. This copy also has most of the 
liturgical apparatus ; tables of Ke^aXcua majora before three 
Gospels (those of St Matthew are lost) ; the same repeated 
in red or green ink at the top and foot of each page ; the 
Ammonian sections and capitals at their beginnings in red; 
references to the Eusebian Canons in blue or green ; apxai, 
reX?7 and other marks of Church lessons in the margin; and 
slight illuminations before each Gospel. There is no i sub- 
scriptum in this MS, but t ascriptum occurs 21 times ; the 
accents and breathings are complete and tolerably accu- 
rate (compounds usually having each member accented 
separately), though ovre, T/KOW&/, oXtyoi, T/o-Tra^oz/ro, &C. are 
sometimes met with. The v ffaXKvariKov recurs so incessantly, 
that half the variations from the received text are of that 
description. The general character of the readings in 
Codex f is quite of an ordinary stamp, so that none of the 
Carlyle series (excepting perhaps Cod. a) is of less critical 
value. In St Luke's Gospel, however, especially the latter 
half of it, it becomes far more interesting and important, 
to an extent which one who had merely collated a few 
chapters in other places could not have anticipated ; thus 
affording one plain proof out of a thousand of the mere 
fallacy of a partial examination of Biblical manuscripts. We 
find earav Luke xix. 39 ; XXli. 70 ; aveirevav John vi. 10 ; yevapevai 
Luke xxiv. 22. Rarer readings are Matth. i. 20 ; xxvii. 33; 



Mark x. 17 ; xv. 7 ; Luke i. 34 ; xiv. 12 ; 22 ; 27 ;' xy;7 ; 
xvi. 2; xviii. 6; 39; xix. 2 ; 46 ; xx. 3 ; 4; 12;^-^; 
28 ; 31 ; 38 ; 47 ; xxi. 22 ; 27 ; xxii. 17 ; 46 ; 47:; 5&;j& ; 
xxiii. 27; 38; 53; John vi. 58; 70; x. 23. At tha begin- 
ning of the book and bound up with it is one leaf of veUufn, 
about the age of the MS., containing a series of Scripture 
texts nepi ave&Kaiuas (Luke vi. 27) &C. > 

g. EPHESIUS, LAMBETH 528 (Wetstein's 71). This manu- 
script contains the Four Gospels in small quarto on vellurh, 
265 leaves, in a neat hand and good preservation. At the 
end in red ink we find era am x/>m>u qpg (A. D. 1160). 
This copy once belonged to an Archbishop of Ephesus, ancl 
was brought to England in 1675-by Phttip.Traheron, British 
Chaplain at Smyrna. Traheron also made a careful colla- 
tion of this MS. with Fell's Oxford edition of 1675, two 
several transcripts of which are extant in his own hand, 
the one now in the British Museum (Burney 24), and a 
fairer copy (a most beautiful specimen of calligraphy) at 
Lambeth (528 b). As the critical editors from Mill down- 
wards have cited this MS., I had not originally intended to 
examine it ; but happening on a cursory inspection to ob- 
serve that of its 29 various readings in the first six chapters 
of St Matthew, Griesbach cites it but for 5 and Scholz for 
3, I felt that such inaccuracy could do nothing but injury; 
in fact, the distinctive features of the document, which 
abounds in novel and remarkable readings, are so entirely 
lost in Scholz's edition, that he dismisses it with the slight 
remark " families plerumque adhaeret Constantinopolitanse." 
With Traheron's collation, therefore, open before me, I 
have spent several days in studying the MS. for myself, 
and I believe the readings are few indeed which our united 
vigilance has overlooked. This was evidently Traheron's 
single MS. (for his occasional notes shew much ignorance 

CHAPTER II. xxxvii 

of general criticism), and as he bent his whole mind to 
its illustration, I have very, seldom detected him in abso- 
lute error. He has neglected to distinguish readings a 
primd manu from the corrections of a later pen both in 
the text and margin, and this strange oversight I have 
taken special care to remedy. Thus the real character of 
the Codex Ephesius is now for the first time made known, 
to the Biblical scholar. Few':MSS. of the 12th century 
will be found to equal it in weight and importance. 

Codex g contains the usual liturgical matter; the Epistle 
of Eusebius to Carpianus and his Canons ; tables of K<?<jta- 
Xaia and slight illuminations before each Gospel, Ke^aXata 
majora at the top and foot of each page, the Ammonian 
sections and references to the Eusebian Canons ; also notes 
respecting Church lessons, apxat and rety. One leaf is 
lost (containing Matth. xiv. 13 xv. 16), yet Traheron 
possessed and collated it. -We see t siibscriptum in a few 
places (e.'g. Luke x.*28; xxii. 34; xxiii. 43; John v. .4), 
but not ascnp'twm. V The breathings -and accents are pretty 
correct, yet we read 'avpiov, eorj?, aXfi>7nj, dXefcrwp, aild 071-0- 
oreXXfi for the future'iri Matth.- xxiii. 34 ; xxiv: 31.' N e(pe\K.v- 
OTIKOV is rare, and the few itacisms are of the. 'common kind. 
This MS. uniformly has papajpas, K^OTTO?, Kymrovpos ":' we read 
also dvyarepav Luke xiii. 16 ; etirav xix. 25 ; TTforare xxiii. '30 ; 
John xvii. 26 ; p.f\aiva (accus.) Matth. v. 36 j so 
John xiii. 18. The accusative is often put for the 
dative after Xey<a and the like, e.g. Matth. viii. 21; x. 1 ; 
Mark xii. 38 ; Luke v. 14*. - Many clauses are omitted by 
the 6/zoioreXewoi/, otherwise it is a carefully written copy. 
Every page of the present work will exhibit Cod. g cited 

*, So in b, John xi. 20; d, Matth. ii.. 2; iv. 9; Markiv. 38; Luke xx. 15; 
e, Luke xxii. 5 ; John ix. 38 ; f, Matthl x. 5 ; k, Matth. xviii. 27 ; 1, John xix.-3. ; 
Those occurring in c have been given above, p. xxxi. . ' : ; ' .1 



alone for variations which are either unique (e. g. Matth. 
xvi. 11; Luke vi. 49; x. 24; xix. 21), or supported only 
by such authorities as Scholz's BDK or our x, or Matthsei's r 
(e. g. Matth. xxiv. 45 ; Mark vi. 49 ; xi. 32 ; John viii. 38 ; 
xx. 16). It sometimes stands alone or nearly so among 
my MSS. in upholding the common text : e. g. Luke x. 22 ; 
xvii. 26 ; xxiv. 18 ; 2Y; John i. 42 ; ii. 17 ; iii. 25 ; viii. 3 ; 
xii. 2. The minute study of this MS. cannot fail to be full 
of instruction. 

The AKUNDEL Collection in the British Museum contains 
one manuscript of the Four Gospels and two Evangelisteria. 
They were brought to England by the great Earl of Arun- 
del who died in 1646, and is well known from Clarendon's 
masterly but unfavorable sketch of his character (Hist. 
Rebell. I. 98). They bear a stamp importing that they 
were presented by Henry Howard, Duke of Norfolk, to the 
Royal Society, from whose apartments at Somerset House 
they were removed to the Museum in 1831. One Evange- 
listerium of the 13th century (Arund. 536) I have not yet 
collated: the other, a noble uncial copy of the highest 
worth, as old as the 8th or 9th century, will be described 
in its place (x). It remains to speak of the manuscript of 
the Four Gospels. 

h. ARUNDEL 524 is a small quarto of 218 leaves. There 
is an hiatus at John xi. 18 41. Mr Forshall in the Museum 
Catalogue conjectures its date to be the 10th century ; per- 
haps I might be inclined to place it a little later. The vel- 
lum is coarse and discolored through age, the ink very pale, 
the handwriting on the whole clear and neat, though care- 
less in some places (e. g. Matth. xi). Elsewhere it resembles 
the better portions of Codex c, but there is no such formed 
style as the scribes of later times exhibit, and is seen in 
Codices m, q, or r. This MS. contains all the liturgical ap- 

\ CHAPTER II. xxxix 

paratus described under Codex g, -with, the addition of a 
list of the Proper Church Lessons throughout the year 
(eit\oyabiv), and a full menology of saints. The accents and 
breathings are complete, but very unskilfully placed ; the 
aspirate being perpetually substituted for the smooth 
breathing (e. g. John viii. 26 ; 40 ; 48 ; 57) and vice versa. 
The i subscriptum is no where found, t ascriptum chiefly in 
TCDI, rrji, avTui, avrrji, and sometimes quite wrongly (e. g. 
Matth. vi. 10 ; xii. 5 ; Luke ii. 37 ; John xix. 40). N e$eX- 
KWTIKOV is usually, yet not invariably, read : e. g. eight times 
in Matth. ii. The itacisms are neither numerous nor un- 
usual. In the first fifteen chapters of St Matthew there 
are but 21 ; viz. 77 for i seven times, o for <B four, for o four, 
at for e twice, i for , a for t, i for q, for ?j once each. 
Even <rv for o-oi Luke vii. 14, and pu^oi for poixoi Luke xviii. 
11, are but traces of the modern Greek practice of sound- 
ing T], v and 01 alike as e long. The only harsher form I 
note is ararecraz* John vi. 10. There are occasional alterations 
in an ancient but later hand. The text of this MS. much 
resembles that of the Elzevir and received editions, though 
by no means so closely as do Codices 1, m, n. It often ac- 
cords with Cod. a, which is of about the same age. It con- 
tains some remarkable readings; such as Matth.xiii.27 (TO); 
xx. 6 ; xxvi. 29 ; Mark vi. 35 ; Luke xi. 46 ; xii. 9 ; xxi. 16 ; 
28 : where it is countenanced only by such authorities as 
Wetstein's D, or our gqr. In the following Codex h seems 
to stand alone: Mark ii. 8; iii. 10; Luke ii. 51; xiii. 11; 
xvii. 27 ; xxi. 29 ; John xix. 12. Of all the copies I have 
examined this alone obelizes the doxology, Matth. vi. 13. 
It is somewhat partial to glosses, as in Matth. xxvi. 40 ; 
Luke ix. 50 ; xi. 15 ; xii. 21 ; xix. 21 ; 22 ; xxii. 47 : and is 
almost singular in omissions at Matth. xiv. 12 ; Mark ii. 24 ; 
Luke xviii. 23 ; xx. 35 ; John vi. 32. 


j. COTTON, TITUS C. xv. This document, like Codex g, 
ought jiot to have been reserved for me. It is well known 
to Biblical scholars as being one of the oldest (except the 
Vatican B, perhaps the very oldest) of all extant copies of any 
part of the New Testament. It has been so repeatedly de- 
scribed in common books that its form, material, and color 
are generally known : I shall only say that it appears to me 
not later in date than the 5th century : it could scarcely be 
much earlier, as it contains references to the Eusebian 
Canons, under the Ammonian sections. One would have ima- 
gined that so precious a record, about which so much has 
been written, would have been at least carefully collated, the 
rather as it consists of only four leaves, containing Matth. 
xxvi. 5765; xxvii. 26 34;. John xiv. 210; xv. 1522. 
Such, however, is not the case. It was examined by Wet- 
stein in 1715 ; but of the 57 various readings which it 
contains, Wetstein cites but five, and the later editors 
simply copy from him. Yet some of the variations thus 
overlooked are of great importance, and the authority of 
other MSS. is freely cited in support of them. I presume 
that Wetstein's papers relating to the two leaves of St Mat- 
thew's Gospel were mislaid when he arranged his materials 
for the press, but none of his followers so much as sus- 
pected a deficiency. This fragment contains a few pure 
Alexandrine forms, as irapa\r]plroiji,e John xiv. 3 ; Swofie&i John 
xiv. 5 ; ei^oa-av John xv. 22 : the changes of into t, at into 
e and vice versa are very frequent : it exhibits not more 
various readings than Cod. A; not half as many as Cod. D 
(or Beza's). More cannot well be said of so few leaves*, 

* Since the above was written Tischendorf has published this MS. in his 
Monumenta Sacra Inedita. He refers it to the end of the sixth century, and 
considers it a fragment of the same book as T of St Matthew in the Vatican, 
and N of St Luke at Vienna. 


This copy of the Four Gospels is one of the most elegant 
and neat I have seen, being written in a clear square hand 
on thin vellum, small quarto, 268 leaves. It was purchased 
for the Museum in 1838, and is stated to have come from 
the library of the Bishop of Csesarea Philippi, at the foot 
of Lebanon. This account seems to be confirmed by the 
following marginal note on Matth. i. 5 : e f6va>v TO Kara <rapKa 
6 Kvpios (Tffifo/jei'os ' (cat TOU e| iov ' ns ovv etrnv TO v\ov TOV 
\iftavov ; pov6 y fuaaftms ' amy yap TCTOKE TOV tcojSijS ' e| ou letrtrat ' 
(f)opdov TOIVUV ecTTiv TO <r/ja (see Canticles iii. 9, LXX). Simi- 
lar expository scholia, but far more rational, occur Matth. 
xi. 17 ; Mark ix. 37 ; John i. 11 ; 15. The liturgical matter 
is precisely the same as we have described under Codex g ; 
the supplementary words at the beginning of each Church 
lesson are also placed in the margin or over the text ; all 
these additional materials being written in very bright ink, 
scarlet, crimson, and blue. There are some neat ornaments 
at the head of each Gospel, and the initial letters are in 
gold : it contains no synaxarion. The Greek text is broken 
up into judiciously arranged paragraphs, which I do not 
remember to have seen elsewhere. There is no i ascnptum 
or subscriptum, but the breathings and accents are com- 
plete. One peculiarity must be noticed in this valuable 
manuscript. In all other copies which I have collated the 
demonstrative pronoun OVTOV, av-rr), awa>v is always substi- 
tuted for the reciprocal O.VTOV, amrjs, OVTWV, even when the 
sense most clearly requires the latter. I say always, for 
the few instances which I have noted to the contrary are 
clearly accidental : e. g. Matth. ii. 18, a ; viii 30, air avTav 
f ; xxiii. 34, xxiv. 29, xxvii. 49, e; Mark xiii. 27, b; 
John vi. 66, vii. 10, xxi. 24, x. Hence Mr Field (Chrysost. 
Horn, in Matth. torn. iii. p. 7) undertakes to prove "pronomen 
redprocum e sacri N. F. codice penitus extirpandum 



esse." Now it is perpetually found in the Lebanon MS., 
though even here not in the earlier pages; the first example 
I believe to be Matth. xviii. 35 ; but it is afterwards read 
full one hundred times. In this copy most Hebrew proper 
names (except appaafj) have the aspirate, as &/*, IXiovS, 
fXio-afteT, &c. The itacisms are very few ; I count but 14 
in the first twenty chapters of St Matthew. The passages 
John v. 4 ; vii. 53 viii. 11 are obelized in the margin in red 
ink ; various readings also arise from the rubric capitals in 
Mark xv. 7 ; 11; Luke xi. 43 ; 52 ; xiv. 28 ; xix. 29. A re- 
cent hand has made alterations in Mark xv. 25 ; Luke i. 35 ; 
John i. 28. N ffaXworiKov is chiefly used with such words 
as earnv, emev, eiSei>: the augment is sometimes omitted, as 
in idev Matth. viii. 14 : where eopaica is not found primd manu, 
ftopaKa is often changed into it seeundd manu, as in Codex f. 
I have marked but two forms which can be called Alexan- 
drine, Trpofftireo-av Matth. vii. 25 ; e/Mrpocr0e Matth. X. 32, 33 ; 
where many other copies read the same. On the whole, the 
text of Codex k is a full stage more removed from the 
common editions of Elzevir, &c., than Codices a and h. It 
is often found in company with c, not rarely with o and p, 
and those MSS. which differ most widely from the printed 
text (D M 33, &c. of Wetstein), as may appear by studying 
the following passages: Matth. i. 11; iv. 15; ix. 18; 27; 
xiii. 27 (ret, with Elsev.) ; xv. 18; 21; xvi. 2, 3; xviii. 17; 
xxii. 44; xxiii.26; xxiv. 14; xxv. 13; xxvi. 60; xxviii. 3; 
Mark iv. 37; vii. 2; viii. 3; ix. 33; xii. 6; 32; xiv. 24; 
34 ; xv. 41 ; Luke i. 21 ; v. 23 ; vi. 10 ; ix. 12 ; 55, 56 ; 
x. 35 ; xi. 8 ; xvi. 2 ; 18 ; xvii. 11 ; 29 ; xviii. 22 ; xxi. 17 ; 
27 ; xxiii. 32 ; xxiv. 24 ; John iv. 3 ; ix. 19 ; 22 ; xiii. 12 ; 
xv. 20; xviii. 29; xx. 19; some of which readings are 
pretty rare. The following seem unique : Matth, iv. 10 ; 
vi. 30; ix. 14; xiv. 5; xviii. 27; xxii. 2; xxiv. 10; xxvii. 

CHAPTER II. xliii 

32; 34; 61; Mark i. 2; 45; ii. 19; iii. 27; ix. 30; xii. 27 ; 
Luke v. 7; viii. 44; ix. 40; x. 40; xiii. 16; xxiii. 39 ; John 
iv. 27 ; xvi. 22 ; xviii, 39. 

1. CODEX WOBDSWOBTH. All the preceding MSS. con- 
tain only the Four Gospels, but that now before us com- 
prises the whole New Testament except the Apocalypse ; 
the Catholic Epistles preceding the Pauline, as in many 
more ancient copies. Codex 1 belongs to the Rev. Christo- 
pher Wordsworth, Canon of Westminster, to whose cour- 
tesy I am indebted for the opportunity of collating it. It 
was bought by him in 1837 of a London bookseller who 
seems to have known nothing of its history : it bears the 
stamp "Bibliotheca Suchtelen." This is a small quarto, beau- 
tifully written on vellum, and is said to be of the beginning 
of the 13th century; its text, however, bears a very strong 
resemblance to that of Codices m and n, whose dates are 
ascertained to be late in the 14th. In handwriting it much 
resembles Codex b, and is in good preservation. So careful 
was the scribe, that I have remarked only one omission by 
6fj.oioT\evrov, John x, 9. ' Before each Gospel is a table of 
Kf^aXcua majora, and a slight illumination : in the margin are 
the Ammonian sections, contents of the w^aXaia, marks at 
the beginning and end of the Church lessons, and capitals in 
rubric at the commencement of each. In the margin of the 
Gospels are many scholia by Ammonius, Chrysostom, &c. 
There is no t ascriptum nor i subscriptum except tjbei John 
xiii. 11 : breathings and accents are given with remarkable 
correctness, nor have I noticed one instance of v etyeXKv- 
a-riKov. There cannot weh 1 be fewer itacisms in a document 
of that age ; I have detected but 61 in the whole MS., and 
those of the most ordinary character, the common inter- 
changes of o and a, u and <-, ? ei and i. At the end of St 
John is a table of lessons both in the Gospels and Prax- 


apostolos throughout the year, followed by a synaxarion or 
menology, Other tables are appended relating to the Acts 
and Epistles, to each of which is prefixed an vnoQevis of its 
own. Throughout the whole volume are many erasures 
and alterations, made with great neatness by a later hand. 
The text of this MS. approaches more closely to the 
received editions than any I am acquainted with except its 
kindred m and n ; in fact it almost gives us the standard 
text, with the exception of those few places in which the 
Elzevir New Testament differs from the vast majority of 
documents of every kind. Hence I regard the Codices 
1, m, n as representatives of the ordinary Greek copies in 
general use for two centuries before the invention of print- 
ing. Codex 1 stands alone, or nearly so, in Matth. xi. 21 ; 
Luke xii. 7 ; xxii. 56 ; John xix. 3. It deserts mn for the 
Elzevir text Matth. ix. 36. The united readings of these 
three MSS. which present any peculiarity will be given 
under Cod. n. 

was purchased (with a few other Biblical MSS.) for the Brit- 
ish Museum from the heirs of Dr Samuel Butler, late Bishop 
of Lichfield, by which Prelate they were briefly described 
for Home's Introduction to the Scriptures. It is one of the 
very few copies of the whole New Testament now extant, 
being written on thick vellum, in large folio, on 492 leaves, 
in a fine clear hand, and is in excellent preservation. As 
in Codex 1 the Catholic Epistles follow the Acts. At the 
end of the Epistle to the Hebrews is the following subscrip- 
tion : fT\fl<odri jU7?M OKTW/SpIft) , IV$IKTIO)VOS Id, CTOVS r/a|" jJLfBoblOV 

Xfip TOV QvTopaKevbvTov [priest-monk?]. This year 6866 of 
the sera of Constantinople is A. D. 1357 *. The Apocalypse 

* The Museum Catalogue says, A.D. 1358, Birch 1359, but I follow the 
rule of Sir Harris Nicolas, (Chronology of History, p. 9) "From September 1 


(apparently in the same hand) succeeds this date, and 
abounds in various readings : in fact it contains more than 
all the Gospels put together. This splendid volume was 
originally at Florence, and is described by Birch, Nov. 
Testament. Prolegomena, p. liv ; Wetstein had previously 
copied an account of it from Jo. Lamy de Eruditione Apost. 
Florence 1738, p. 218 ; Griesbach inserted it in error twice 
over in his catalogue of MSS. of the Gospels (107 and 201); 
it is Scholz's Evan. 201, Acts 91, Paul 104, who adds, 
" cursim collat. a Birchio et Scholzio." Cursorily enough, 
certainly, for he did not observe that it contains the Apo- 
calypse, and never cites it (so far as I can detect) save at 
John vii. 53 viii. 11, which (after Birch) he states to be 
obelized in the margin, at Acts xx. 28, KV KM 6v, and 1 Tim. 
iii. 16, 0cr. For all practical purposes, therefore, this MS. 
has been left entirely unexamined. Prefixed to St Mat- 
thew's Gospel is a table of the daily lessons from the whole 
New Testament throughout the year. Tables of 
majora (in gold) precede each Gospel ; the same /ce 
the Ammonian sections, references to Eusebian Canons, be- 
ginnings and times of Church lessons, and many capitals, 
are scattered over the ample margin ; the illuminations be- 
fore each Gospel are in purple and gold. There are many 
notes before and after each book, which would be worth 
extracting if the plan of my work permitted it. Before 
each Epistle is an wo&o-is, but not before the Acts or Apo- 
calyps.e. The accents and breathings are pretty correct; 
v efahKvaTiKov occurs only twice in the Gospels, Matth. xii. 
50 ; John xiii. 31 : i siibscriptum is perpetually used, espe- 
cially with verbs, i ascriptum (I think) never. The ita- 

to the end of the year, subtract 5509 from the given number to obtain the year 
of Christ." The indiction for 1357 he sets down as 10, not 11; but this also 
changed on Sept. 1. 


cisms are not at all more numerous than in Codex 1, and of 
the same familiar kind. This document approximates to 
the received text even closer than 1, and differs from the 
copy next described (n) only in the following 92 places 
throughout the Gospels : Matth. vi. 1 ; 25 ; viii. 5 ; 34 ; 
ix. 5 ; 18 ; x. 25 ; xii. 44 ; 45 ; xiii. 20 ; 27 ; xiv. 13 ; 36 ; 
xviii. 18 ; 33 ; xx. 23; 29 ; xxi. 3; xxii. 23; 37; xxvi. 26; 
45 ; 53 ; 59 ; 65 ; xxvii. 15 ; xxviii. 6 ; Mark iii. 8 ; iv. 2 ; 
11; 30; vi. 16; 45; vii. 11; 18; viii. 10; 25; ix. 20 ; 
x. 2; xi. 22; xii. 7; 11; 27; 41; xiii. 20; Luke i. 11; 
iii. 18 ; 26 ; 35 ; vi. 35 ; viii. 26 ; ix. 27 ; 42 ; 57 ; xi. 33 ; 
xii. 18; 28; xvi. 26; xvii. 6; 14; 21; xviii. 4; 5 ; xix. 27; 
xx. 34 ; xxi. 9 ; xxii. 32 ; xxiv. 1 ; 10 ; 18 ; John i. 32 ; 
ii. 16; 22; iii. 21; iv. 35; 46; vi. 29; 30; viii. 14; ix. 14; 
xii. 49; xiii. 18; xiv. 26; 30; xvi. 16; 27; xvii. 3?; 7; 18; 
xviii. 37 ; xix. 27 ; xx. 19. A later hand has altered many of 
these passages in m into conformity with the readings of n. 
n. BURNEY 18. The ancient MSS. of Dr Charles Burney, 
which were purchased for the British Museum in 1818, 
include six of the New Testament, all of which I have col- 
lated (noprsy). In external appearance, nothing can be 
more superb than Codex n. It contains the Four Gospels 
and two leaves of St Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews (ch. xii. 
17 to the end), in large folio, on 222 leaves of fine white 
vellum. Into the covers of purple velvet are inserted two 
circular silver-gilt plates, beautifully chased, representing 
the visit of the shepherds to our Lord, and the adora^on of 
the Magi. At the end of the volume is the subscription, 
6eov TO Swpoi/ KCU TTOVOS to>a(ra<jf>' er $7008 [A.D. 1366]. Though 

but nine years posterior to Codex m, the writing looks 
much more modern ; its decorations are as splendid as those 
of Codex d, and the volume is in admirable preservation. 
Here again we see the usual Liturgical matter; tables of 

CHAPTER II. xlvii 

a before each Gospel, though not repeated at the 
head of the pages ; in the margin in gold, the Ammonian 
sections, references to Eusebian Canons, a-rao-eis (see Suicer's 
Thesaurus)) marks of beginning and end of lessons, initial 
letters in capitals, &c. At the end is a table of Proper 
lessons (aTrooToXoevayyFXia), followed by a <rvvaapiov Or /wpoXo- 
yiov, both terms being used. There are four instances of 
v e^eXKucmfcoi/, Matth. viii. 24 ; Mark xiv. 22 ; Luke iv. 31 ; 
xxiii. 35 (erased). The examples of itacism in the Gos- 
pels amount to 37, or not less than in Codex 1. The breath- 
ings and accents are complete and pretty regular ; t ascrip- 
tum, never occurs, i subscriptum about 13 times in St Mat- 
thew, chiefly with verbs. There are a few corrections in 
a later hand, and one in gold, Luke xii. 28. The connec- 
tion between m and n is too close to be accidental, and I 
can only conjecture that they were written in the same 
monastery, though by different hands: the similarity of 
style and decoration alone is very striking. Nearly as they 
approach the standard or printed text, they still exhibit 
some remarkable and rare readings. The following list 
refers to Imn collectively, unless the contrary be expressed, 
and they will often be found in company with BCDKL of 
Wetstein, &c. Matth. v. 31 ; vii. 19 ; viii. 4 (mn) ; ix. 11 ; 15 ; 
x. 2(mn); xii. 22; 23; xiii. 2; xiv. 36; xvi. 20; xvii. 18; 
xxiii. 8 ; xxiv. 1 ; 18 ; xxvi. 1 ; 26 (m) ; 46 ; xxvii. 1 ; Mark ii. 
9; iv.24; viii. 14; xi.30; xiii. 2; 33; xiv. 40; Luke i. 55; 
63 ; ii. 11 (mn) ; iii. 12 ; v. 1 ; 19 ; xi. 53 ; xii. 28 (n) ; xiv. 9 ; 
xviii. 4 (mn); xx. 28; xxiv. 10 (In) ; 19 (mn) ; John iv. 5 ; v. 1 
(mn); 44 (mn); 46; vi.12; 58; 70; x.39; xi.56; xiii. 22 (mn); 
xviii. 39 ; xix. 28 ; 36 ; xxi. 1 (mn).* The following readings 
of n alone seem unique : Matth. vi. 1 ; ix. 5 ; xx. 29 ; xxvi. 

* In many of the most unusual of the above readings Iran are supported 
by MS. 18 of Wetstein and his successors, a copy of the whole N. T. now at 
Paris (Beg. 47), and written at Constantinople, A.D. 1364, very nearly at the 
same time as m and n. 


65 ; Luke i. 11 ; xvi. 3 (secundd manu) ; xvii. 6 ; John xiv. 
30 : and of Iran, Luke ix. 48 ; John i. 28 (1 secundd manu, t). 
In St John's Gospel t is often found to accord with Iran in 
unusual readings, and sometimes also c and e. Codices nan 
three times in Mark v. support what Scholz calls the Alex- 
andrine text (Proleg. N. T. Vol. i. p. xx.) 5 and this I take to 
be a fair average specimen of the mode in which they 
uphold and depart from the printed editions. 

o. BURNEY 19, of the Four Gospels is remarkable for 
being one of the few manuscripts that are destitute of 
Liturgical apparatus; the only traces of which are red 
capitals in the margin at the commencement of each lesson, 
a marginal mark at John xiii. 31 ; the obelus at Luke xxii. 
43, 44 ; and half a page of writing erased at the end of St 
John. It is a clean, elegant copy, quarto, on 210 leaves of 
vellum, in fine condition ; before each Gospel is a picture 
of its writer, of no very high order of art, but curious 
enough. The unformed style of the handwriting, together 
with the absence of all notes, Ke^aXata, &c., favors Mr For- 
shall's conjectural date, the 10th or llth century. > Two in- 
scriptions state that it belonged in 1809 to the Library of 
St Laurence in the Escurial ; yet I cannot recognise it as 
one of the twelve copies seen there by Moldenhauer (Birch, 
Nov. Testament. Proleg. p. LXIV LXXXIV). The breathings 
and accents are complete and tolerably correct ; there is no 
i subscriptum but ascriptum in Mark xiv. 14 ; John v. 22, 
and a few other places. Itacisms are scarcely, more fre- 
quent than in Codex a, but v efa^Kvo-nKov occurs almost 
always with verbs, and sometimes with the dative plurals in 
i. Erasures arid corrections by a later hand exist, but are 
not very frequent. The only remarkable forms I noticed 
are Kpaftaryov Mark ii. 12 ; vi. 55* ; and topana, etorj/m per- 

* On comparing John v. 812, 1 now doubt whether the scribe did riot 
intend to write Kpa^arrov in all places. 


petually. The variations of Codex o from the received 
text are not considerable hi number, but they are chiefly of 
an unusual character : it most assimilates with cdepy and k 
in its rarer readings. See, for instance, Matth. ix. 18; 
Mark v. 18 ; 19 ; Luke vi. 45 ; vii. 38 ; xii. 38 ; John iii. 5 ; 
xix. 12, &c. The following variations of Codex o seem 
unique : Matth. xii. 19 ; xix. 24 ; Mark xiii. 12 ; xv. 36 ; 
Luke iv. 29; v. 17; xxi. 24; 25. In many cases where o 
stands alone in this collation, it will be found in company with 
authorities of the first class, in greater or less numbers ; 
e. g. Matth. vii. 4 ; x. 3 ; xiv. 24 ; xxiv. 6 ; xxvii. 30 ; Mark 
iv. 22; 32; xi. 23; Luke ii. 7; iii. 22; vi. 26 ; xvii. 14; 
xxiv. 42; John vii. 12; xiv. 28. I am disposed to attach 
much weight to its evidence. 

p. BURNEY 20, though not of early date, exhibits more 
numerous and bolder variations than any of our copies, ex- 
cept Codices c and y. It contains the Four Gospels, in small 
quarto, on 647 pages of fine thin vellum, in a clear but inele- 
gant hand, being in pretty good condition, but much faded in 
parts. On p. 592 we read ereXeuofft] Kara rov pd'iov [J.r]va fis rag 
7piaKOpra(?)' fyepa Teraprr) TTJS evuTTa/JievTjs' erovs s^Ay. ivbiKT. ty. 
followed by a few wretched iambics, requesting our prayers 
for the writer, GeoqbiXou iepopovaxov mn/eureXous re KM axpeiov TOIS 

Traow. The date is 6793 of the sera of Constantinople, or 
A.D. 1285, but some silly person has changed the ^ into v 
(very awkwardly), which would throw it back to A.D. 985. 
There are tolerable pictures of the Evangelists, and an illu- 
mination before each Gospel. Here again is abundance of 
Liturgical matter ; the Eusebian Canons, tables of KefaXma 
majora (following each Gospel, and at the top of each 
page), their numbers being placed in the margin with the 
Ammonian sections, and references to the Eusebian Canons. 
The commencements of Church lessons, and the days on which 


they are used also help to fill the margin, and each lesson 
begins with a capital letter. At the end of the volume are 
an fK\oya8iv or lesson-table, and a vwagaptov of Saints' days 
in a later hand, the same which has made many marginal 
alterations throughout the MS. The breathings and ac- 
cents are full but careless, sometimes varying even in the 
same verse: e.g. appaap in Luke iii. 8. We find compara- 
tively few itacisms in this MS. ; only 18 in Matth. i. xv., of 
which the only instance at all unusual is KfmoiwTes, ch. xi. 
28 ; so on for eis, John vi. 17. N e^eA/cuo-raoi/ appears 20 times 
in Matth. i. xv., chiefly with emev, &c. ; but becomes more 
frequent from the middle of St Luke: i subscriptum is never 
met with, ascriptum only at Matth. iv. 21 ; xiii. 28 ; xviii. 6; 
Mark vi. 2; John xviii. 16. The corrections, secundd inarm, 
contain more itacisms than the original text. Theophilus, 
the scribe, was far from an accurate copyist ; there are many 
errors of the pen, and the omissions through the 6/LtotoreAevroz 
and like causes are met with much more frequently than 
usual in Codex p. It abounds also with rare grammatical 
forms: e.g. Luke ix. 9, eftrais' & 16, fSiSow, Srdpers. sing, 
(compare Iliad, r. 388 ; . 691) ; eyva> (1st pers.), Matth. vii. 
23 ; aveireo-av, Mark vi. 40 ; eto-TjX&zTe, Luke xi. 52 ; x ei P av > Matth. 
xxvi. 23 ; xw a (ace.) Luke xviii. 5. Sometimes there is an 
inconsistency in spelling; e.g. vafaped, John i. 46, waper, ib, 
47 ; Kpaftparov, Mark ii. ; Kpaftarrov, John v. Transpositions 
of words occurper petually ; simples and compounds are in- 
terchanged, and synonymous words constantly substituted. 
The list of lectiones singulares is tolerably large; such 
are Matth. vii. 18; viii. 22; x. 30; xv. 23; xvii. 25 ; xxiii. 
,6 ; xxv. 17 ; xxvi. 7 ; 10 ; 22 ; xxvii. F; Mark i. 16 ; v. 35 ; 
38; vii. 18 ; viii. 7; x. 29 ; xiii. 27 ; Luke i. 21 ; 75 ; iv. 24; 
v. 5; vi.J.5; 16; viTll; viii. 32; x.32; xi.52; xiv.32; 
xyi. 25; xviii. 32; xxii. 64; /John ii. 11 ; iv. 21; 39; 42; 


x. 12 ; xiii. 34 ; xiv. 25 ; xvi. 14 ; xvii. 4 ; xviii. 20. In 
the following passages, Codex p agrees with the oldest uncial 
MSS., or with but a few others, in uncommon or notable 
readings ; Codices cdeg also will often be found in unison 
with it: Matth. i. 6 (B); 10 (BCM); v. 16; vi. 19; vii. 13 (L); 
14; viii. 15 (L and Elzevir); xv. 32; xvi. 27; xxi. 1 ; 4 (LZ); 
xxii. 13 ; xxiii. 28 ; xxiv. 6 (D only) ; 9 (C) ; xxvi, 24 (DZ 
nearly); 45 (BE); 53 (C); xxvii. 19; 52 (AC); xxviii. 9; 
Mark i. 33 ; ii. 7 (B only) ; iv. 10 ; 17 ; 41 ; x. 30 ; xi. 4; xiii. 
25 (ABCD) ; Luke i. 17 (CLV) ; 37 ; 61 ; v. 7 (M only) ; vi. 
9(D); vii. 25 (DK); viii. 4; xi. 40 (CD); 53(LSV); xii. 30; 
45 (K) ; xiii. 35 (ABK) ; xiv. 32 (BK) ; xvi. 3 (K) ; xviii. 39 
(AK) ; xxi. 14 (M) ; xxiii. 42 (BDLM) ; xxiv. 39 ; John v. 37 
(ABDKL); vi.31(L); 33 (AK); vii. 4 (BL); 8(DK); 9 
(DKLT) ; 10 ; xi. 41 (AK) ; xii. 28 ; xiv. 30 (K) ; xvi. 4 (L); 
xvii. 20; xix. 3(BL) ; 11 (ADL) ; xx. 21 (DL). Hence it is 
easy to see the character of this document. 

q. CODEX THEODORI.) As these two copies were writ- 
r. BUKNEY 21. J ten by the same scribe, at the 
same place, within a few years of each other, and nearly 
coincide in the text which they present, it is advisable to 
consider them under the same head. Codex q contains 
the whole New Testament, excepting the Apocalypse, and 

ends with the subscription o 8e ypatpevs raireivos Qeoba>pos 6 

dytcoTreT/HTijs*, erovs r,<oy (ssra of Constantinople 6803, A.D. 
1295). It is contained on 360 leaves of vellum, octavo, and 
once belonged to Caesar de Missy, the French chaplain of 
George the Second, afterwards to the Duke of Sussex, at 
the sale of whose library it was purchased by Mr Pickering, 
the eminent bookseller, who kindly lent it to me. It con- 

* Pettigrewin his description of this MS. Bibliotheca Sussex. Vol. I. Pt. i. 
pp. xiii iv reads dyuav TraT^oiTjjs, " the fellow country-man of the saints, 

pp. xiii iv reads dyuav TraT^oiTjjs, " the fellow country-man o the saints," 
quod mireris potius quam sequaris. t &.t- /'//// '&&'<' n. -X , 


tains the usual Liturgical materials; prefixed to the Gos- 
pels are a table of ecclesiastical lessons, Eusebius' Epistola 
Carpiano and Canons : the contents of the Ke<aXata majora 
stand before each Gospel and the Acts, whose beginnings are 
neatly illuminated. The margins of the Gospels contain 
the ne(f)a\aia majora, Ammonian sections, commencements of 
church lessons, &c. in red ink. Prefixed to the Acts is the 
tract of Euthalius the deacon, nepi ^poi/cov, and to it and 
every Epistle an inrodea-is. After the Epistle of Jude is a 
menology and various tables of lessons. The hand-writing 
is small, but very distinct and regular; the breathings and 
accents are full and correct ; there is no i subscriptum, and 
the v f(j)f\KV(mKov is rare ; itacisms are not at all numerous 
nor remarkable. A later hand has made very many erasures 
and changes throughout this MS., the tendency of which is 
to bring it nearer to the common text, so that in citing 
Codex q it is important to note whether the readings be 
primd or secundd manu. The original writing of Theodore 
corresponds far the closer with Codex r. 

r. This document contains only the Four Gospels, 
written in folio, on 515 pages of thick paper, the charta 
Damascena, I believe, which was in common use a full century 
earlier (Hallam, Literature of Europe, Vol. i. 74). It has been 
so much injured by damp, as to be nearly illegible in parts ; 
otherwise it is very clear, being written in the same style 
as q, only that the character is much larger. There is a 
table of lessons at the beginning, and before each Gospel 
(what is somewhat rare) an {modea-is as well as a list of 
Ke^aXaia: the margin is filled as in Codex q, and in all 
peculiarities of writing they are (as might be expected) 
perfectly identical. Both MSS. contain some poor Hex- 
ameter verses, which are curious only as specimens of the 
taste of the age. This copy concludes with certain eccle- 


siastical tables and the subscription rerpaevayyeKiov juera TOV 
irpaf-airoordkov (?) 8ia xeipos Kapov raireivov Qeobapov ayiuirerpiTov* 

ra^a KOI KaAXiy/xK/jou- erovs $70 [A.D. 1292]. Codices q and r 
differ from each other (mere errors and itacisms excluded) 
in the following 183 places : Matth. ii. 22; iii. 5 ; 9 ; iv. 10 ; 
v. 15 ; 16 ; 30 ; 39 ; 45 ; vi. 2 ; 25 ; 31 ; viii. 9 ; 32 ; x. 16; 
19; 24; xi. 5; xii. 9 ; 23; xiii. 4; 49; xiv. 22 ; 32; xv. 
11; 21; 33; xvi. 27; 28; xvii. 4; xviii. 6; 12; 20; xix. 
5; 19; 21; xx. 25; 27; xxl 3; xxii. 37; xxiii. 3; 36; 
39; xxiv. 2; 32; xxv, 3; xxvi.2; 8; 15; 19; 35; 40; 
xxxvii. 42; xxviii. 1; Mark ii. 9; 10; 14; iii. 14; 31; 
iv. 21; v. 10; 20; 34; vi. 32; 33; 34; vii. 7; 8; viii. 3; 
14; 16; 25; 35; 38; ix. 7; 43; 47; x. 14; 27; 29; 43; 
51 5 xi. 5; 14; 24; 29; xii. 11 ; 13 ; 29 ; xiii. 11 (twice)-, 
21; 33; xiv. 12; 15; 30; XV. 2 ; 10; 15; 32; 43; xvi. 

3; Luke i. 13; 55; 62; ii.36; 48; iii. 2; 25-6; 31; iv. 
4; 16; v. 11; 30; vi. 7; 12; vii. 6; 7; 20; 21; 22; viii. 
5; 33; 51; ix.ll; 28; 50; 55; x. 25?; xi. 4; 25; xii. 
22; 23; 30; 58; xiii.34; xiv. 5; 31; xv. 20; 22; 23; 
29; 30; xvi. 26; xix. 4; 39; 40; xx. 5; 23?; 24; xxi. 
27; 32; xxii. 52; xxiii. 17; John i. 28; iii. 12; 20; iv.31; 
v. 4 ; 7 ; vi. 20 ; vii. 31 ; viii. 6?; 9 ; 19 ; 21 ; 27 ; 33 ; ix. 24; 
xi. 25; xii. 12; 30; xiv. 13, 14; xvi. 17; 19; 32; 33; xviii. 
26; xix. 4; 7; 35; 38; xx. 20. I have been thus care- 
ful to record the differences between these twin MSS. (which 
are double those subsisting between codices m and n), for 
the sake of drawing the following inference : how utterly 

* Montfaucon PalcBogr. Grcec. p. 94, speaks of Andreas Leantinus 

Hagioprocopites, "quod fuerit sacerdos Ecclesiae Sancti Procopii." Hence by' 
analogy I venture to conjecture that ayiwireT/omis is a person attached to the 
monastery of Sancta Petra, at Constantinople. See Montfaucon, pp. 39, 110, 
305, who cites Cod. Larobecc. iv. p. 81 : 

ij /3i/3\os oti-nj Ttjs juovtjs TOV TlpoSpo/j.ov, 

TIJS Keijuevjjs ayx l(rTa ^l 8 Aawiou 
<5e TI 


futile is the idea of a standard text of the Constantinopo- 
litan recension, when the same official scribe (Kahhiypafos), 
in the same monastery, within the space of three years, 
produces copies which exhibit so many, and occasionally 
such wide variations. Codices q and r are decidedly more 
interesting than hnn, but they come next to them, I think, 
in resemblance to the Elzevir edition ; not, however, without 
many remarkable and unusual readings. Such are, for 
example, Matth. ix. 22 ; xviii. 30 (L) ; xx. 6 ; Mark iii. 32 ; 
v.22; xi. 26 (D) 5 xii. 12. 

s. BURNEY 23. This is a manuscript of the Four Gos- 
pels, of about the 12th century, carelessly written in a bold 
unequal hand on 456 pages of thin soiled vellum in small 
quarto. It is sadly mutilated, ending at John viii. 14, and 
having lacunae at Luke v. 22 ix. 32 ; xi. 31 xiii. 25 ; xvii. 
24 xviii. 4, at which last place some leaves have also been 
misplaced by the binder. These losses are the more to be 
regretted, as the copy is rich in what are commonly called 
Alexandrine readings. The volume commences with a table 
of ecclesiastical lessons ; then follows Epistola Eusebii Car- 
piano, and the larger Ket/mXaia to St Matthew (the other Gos- 
pels also have their proper Ke^aXata before them) all stained 
and torn or imperfect. There are poor illuminations before 
each Gospel, and in the margin in red ink the Ammonian 
sections (but no references to the Eusebian Canons), the 
contents of the larger KecjtaXcua, and capitals at the beginning 
of each section. The breathings and accents are complete 
but very inaccurate, e. g. Matth. xiii. 2; 33; xxiv. 41; 
xxv. 6; Mark v. 3; 4; vi. 26; Luke xxiv. 6; Johnvii.30: in 
compound words they are usually doubled. There is no i sub- 
scriptum, but ascriptum in Matth. xxvi. 52; John i. 40 ; 41 : 
v efa\KV(TnKov gets very frequent as the MS. proceeds, and is 
often destroyed secundd manu, even so as to produce an 


hiatus (e.g. John v. 25; vii. 6; 27). Indeed a neat later 
hand is very busy in the margin, supplying the omissions 
through 6jj.oLoTe\evTov of the first scribe, or altering the 
original readings. There are more itacisms in this MS. 
than in many others, yet it does not conspicuously abound 
in them ; perhaps it is on a par in this respect with Codex 
b. There occur a few uncommon forms : irpoffeirevav Matth. 
vii. 25; wayore xx. 4; rpixai x. 30; 6vpa (accus.) vi. 6; 
jueya (neut.) xxvii. 60, &c. Codex s will often be found in 
company with p and y in supporting changes which rest 
on little other authority ; it contains its full share of lectio- 
nes singulares, of which I subjoin a sample : Matth. iv. 18 ; 
x. 13 ; xiii. 4 ; 54 ; Mark ii. 26 ; iii 32 ; iv. 6 ; xiii. 30 (with 
c) ; Luke ix. 41 ; x. Y ; 17 ; xi. 19 ; John iv. 53 (with t). 
The following are more or less rare ; Matth. vi. 8 ; 14 (BD) ; 
15 ; vii. 12 ; viii. 2 ; ix. 15 ; x. 14 ; xiii. 3 ; 55 ; xvi. 1 ; xxi. 
32 ; Mark iv. 39 ; xii. 6 (BL) ; xiv. 50 ; Luke x. 1 ; 28 ; xi. 
15 ; xxi. 8 ; 30 (D) ; xxiii. 29 (BC) ; John vii. 3 ; 44. The 
decided tendency of s to receive marginal glosses into the 
text renders its support of the Elzevir readings in such 
cases as Matth. v. 27 ; vi. 18 of the less weight. Even the 
corrections secundd manu often deserve attention in this 
manuscript : see especially Matth. ix. 22 ; 37 ; xi. 20 ; xii. 
13; 23; 39; xiii.l; 14; xxiii. 2; Luke v. 6; 17 (AD). The 
rubrical gloss at Matth. xix. 16 is in a coarse scrawl, totally 
different from the other marginal changes. 

t. LAMBETH 1350, contains St John's Gospel only, neatly 
written on oriental paper, of about the 14th century. It is 
appended to an earlier manuscript (also written on paper 
with an oriental reed) of St John Damascene's treatise "De 
Fide Orthodoxa." St John's Gospel is in the same hand as 
the table of Kffydhaia of the treatise "De Fide." As the 
Lambeth catalogue is silent respecting this copy of the 


Gospel, I am indebted to the Rev. Dr Maitland, the late 
librarian, for my knowledge of its existence. The volume 
contains the following inscription, " T. Wagstaffe ex dono 
D. Barthol. Cassano e sacerdotibus ecclesiae Greecae, Oct. 
20, 1732." This document is preceded by an wo&o-is of St 
John, and has KetpaXaia and a few rubrical directions in the 
margin, but no other Liturgical apparatus. At the end we 
read, with much other scrawl, the following in a coarse late 

hand : ev TOIS pvdpois cr^epai/ TOV iopSavov yeyovais 6 lur, r<a Icaavvrj 
<E^oa, IM] e(Xia(rr)s patrTurai p,f, croxrat yap ?/KO a8a/t TOV jrporoTrXaemoz'. 
This copy abounds with omissions in consequence of clauses 
having the same beginning or end, and many words are 
written in error twice over (e.g. x. 11) ; most of which instances 
of gross carelessness are corrected by a later scribe. There 
is no t subscriptum, i ascriptum occurs twice at John iii. 36, 
and is erased even there. I know no example of v e^eXKucm- 
KOV except vi. 61 (erased), and the breathings and accents 
are pretty correct. Itacisms are not very frequent, ave- 
raging about two or three in a chapter, but there are a few 
peculiarities of spelling, e. g. aireKpvdrjv and its persons in 17 
places; ravBa ii. 16 ; /3a/3a/3as xviii. 40 ; rfkOa viii. 14; redraw 
xix. 42 ; Ka'iacpa (accus.) xviii. 24. The pronouns ?J/is and 
vpeis are so perpetually interchanged that the testimony of 
Cod. t is of the less weight in maintaining good variations 
of this kind ; e. g. xviii. 39. A glance at our collation will 
exhibit this manuscript very often associated with Cod. p, 
and even with Imn in their peculiar readings. On the 
whole, therefore, Codex t" is of a higher character than its 
first appearance might lead us to suppose. In the follow- 
ing places it seems unique : iv. 27 ; v. 24 ; 47 ; vi. 41 ; 62 ; 
xii. 19; xx. 15, &c. Nor are these ordinary readings: 
i. 28; iv. 5; 46; 53; x. 39; xiv. 27; xvi. 4; xviii. 28; 
xxi. 1. 


The next two manuscripts (uv) formed originally a 
part of the Carlyle collection, being two out of the four 
copies of the Gospels returned in 1817 to the Patriarch of 
Jerusalem (see above, p. xxvi) at Constantinople. The 
portions of them that happened to be collated before their 
return are all I am able to present to the reader. 

u. C. 4 of Todd. I can discover no clear description 
of this copy in Archdeacon Todd's rather superficial "Ac- 
count of Greek MSS., chiefly Biblical" of Professor Carlyle; 
nor did he insert it in the Lambeth Catalogue (1812), as 
it was always known not to belong to the Library. It con- 
tains the Four Gospels, but St Matthew and St Mark alone 
were collated with Mill's Greek Testament by the Rev. 
Geo. Bennet, the very worst of Carlyle's coadjutors. His 
miserable incompetency is the more to be deplored since it 
is now past remedy. I have brought together the va- 
riations he extracts from C.4 in his papers at Lambeth 
(1255, No. 25), but must warn the reader that his silence 
is no presumption whatever as to the true reading of his 
manuscript. Sometimes I can scarcely guess at his mean- 
ing, so indistinct or uncertain is his note ; hi which case 
I have simply copied it ; see Matth. xxiv. 40 ; Mark xiii. 
3 ; 5. When the same word occurs twice in a verse, he 
seldom marks to which he refers ; see Mark vi. 3 ; 56. So 
far as we can judge of C. 4 by such a representation, it 
appears to be an interesting copy, with pretty many in- 
stances of itacism and the v S^KVO-TIKOV. The following 
readings are not common: Matth. iii. 9; viii. 24; xiii. 19; 
57 (with Z) ; xv. 36 ; xvii. 5 ; xix. 3 ; Mark i. 11 (BDL) ; 45 ; 
iv. 34; v. 5 bis; 11; xi. 8, &c. : and a few seem quite 
singular, e. g. Matth. v. 32; xix. 15; xxii. 46; Mark i. 8; 
v. 41 ; xiii. 2 ; 28. 

v. LAMBETH, 1180. Although this MS. was restored 


at the same time with Codex u, it had been previously in- 
serted in the Lambeth Catalogue by Todd, described by 
Burney (Lamb. 1224) and collated by him for Mark i. 1 
iv. 16 ; John vii. 53 viii. 11 with Griesbach's New Testa- 
ment, London, 1809 (Lamb. 1223 ; see above, p. xxvi). 
Codex v is a copy of late date (Todd conjectures the 14th 
century) on paper, of 246 pages, much injured by damp 
and worms. It comprises the Four Gospels in a rude cha- 
racter : there is no table of Ke(j>a\cua before St Matthew, 
but before the other Gospels they are written in vermillion, 
In the margin are the contents of the KfQdhaia repeated, 
the Ammonian sections, references to Eusebian Canons and 
to Church lessons. I much regret that Dr Burney so soon 
broke off his collation of this MS. ; late as its age may be, 
I am sure it would have proved one of the most important 
of all that lay before him. In the very few chapters of St 
Mark which he did examine, there are found the following 
notable variations both from the printed text and the com- 
mon herd of copies : Mark i. 8 (with P) ; 13 (LM) ; 22 
(CM); 25 (GL); 38; 39; 45; ii. 4; 10; 20; 23 (CL) ; 
iii. 3; 4 (L); 6 (C); 7 Us; 17; 20; 34; 35; iv. 12: be- 
sides these, which appear unique : Mark i. 6 ; 16 ; 34 ; 
ii. 2 Us; iii. 8. The case of John vii. 53 viii. 11 is so pe- 
culiar, that I draw no inference from its readings there. Co- 
dex v contains pretty many itacisms (all which I have care- 
fully noted), and instances of v $\K.v<rTtKov : it is constantly 
in agreement with c, the other document which Dr Burney 
so unaccountably threw aside ; as if the multitude of dif- 
ferences from the textus receptus detracted from the inter- 
est of the copy which exhibits them. 

My two remaining documents xy are EVANGELISTERIA ? 
or transcripts of Church lessons in the Gospels throughout 
the year. 


x. ARUNDEL, 547. This MS. is written in uncial letters, 
being the only copy in my list (except j) that is so. It is 
a noble record, in large quarto, on 328 leaves of vellum. 
The handwriting is large and elegant, though the ink is 
much discoloured; otherwise it is in good condition, ex- 
cepting that after leaf 9 one is lost, containing John xx. 
19 31 ; another after leaf 205, containing John xiii. 31 
xiv. 1 ; and a leaf after fol. 266, embracing lessons from 
John i. 42 ; Mark v. 32 : fol. 295 is torn at Luke vii. 28; 
29 ; Matth. xi. 4 ; 7. Forshall (Catalog. Arund. MSS.) refers 
this splendid copy to the 9th century; from the simple, 
round, and separate formation of the letters, I should 
be inclined to conjecture the 7th or 8th, but that I remem- 
ber Montfaucon's caution (Palseogr. Greec. p. 260) that in 
Liturgical books for the use of the choir or clergy, the 
older form of the letters was kept up somewhat later than 
in other documents*. The breathings and accents are 
given in the rudest style, without any pretensions to cor- 
rectness, and many words are destitute of them ; another 
presumption in favour of an early date. In no MS. I have 
seen are the itacisms so numberless and of so decided a 
character; I have set down every one that occurs in St 
Matthew's and St John's Gospels, and all of the slightest 
importance elsewhere, so that the reader may form his 
own judgment respecting them. They are very unequally 
distributed over the different parts of the MS., but are 
often much thicker than in the Codex Alexandrinus (A), 

and almost as many as in Codex Bezse (D), only the change 


of t into ct is not so perpetual as in these venerable books. 
There is no i ascriptum or siibscriptwm in Codex x. This 
manuscript contains all the Church lessons from Easter 

* Thus the uncial Erangelisterium, Harl. 5598, bears date A.D. 995, and 
one in the Hon. R. Curzon's collection at Parham, A.D. 070. 


to Pentecost, the Gospels for every Saturday and Sunday 
for the rest of the year, with all the lessons for the Holy 
Week and the chief Feasts and Saints' Days. It ends ab- 
ruptly at John XX. 9, being the 7th of the evayye\ia avavra- 
vi\ia eatiiva: after which is one leaf containing John viii. 
12 19; 21 23*; also in uncial letters, but a widely dif- 
ferent style, with thicker downstrokes and very thin up- 
strokes, in an angular and (I conceive) a somewhat later 
hand. In this volume are pictures of the four Evangelists, 
and many illuminations in colours and gold ; the first page 
is in red and gold, the rest in black ink, much faded in 
parts, with numerous rubrical directions and purple capitals 
in the margins. The chief stop is + rubro, and there are 
many marks in red ink, seemingly to guide the reader's 
voice. We meet with some erasures and corrections in a 
later hand ; a few are quite modern, others arise from the 
red letters (e. g. Matth. vi. 30). N e<pe\KvaTiKov occurs almost 
constantly, as do the grammatical forms usually considered 
Alexandrian: such are avenea-av John vi. 10; e^Xffare Matth. 
xi. 7; 8; 9; xxvi. 55; Luke vii. 24; 25; 26; xxii. 52; 

ecapaKav Luke ix. 36; Kovonav Matth. xxiii. 24; dvyarepav Luke 
xiii. 16 ; 6vpa (acc.) John xviii. 16 ; pya (accus. masc.) Matth. 
xxvii. 60 : of the same character are Bpaypiv Luke xv. 8 ; 
juoroyewv John i. 14 ; egu&e Matth. xxiii. 27 J fp-irpoa-de Matth, 
V. 16 ; Luke X. 21; omvde Luke xxiii. 26; fKadepeurQrj Matth, 
viii. 3, passim ; eveire^av Matth. xxvii. 31 ; jrapa&Sowra John 
xiii. 11, duobus locis ; evfafiav Luke xxiv. 5. As in Codices c, g, 

and some others, the accusative is often put for the dative, 

with verbs that properly require the latter ; e. g. Matth. 

xxiii. 31 ; Luke xxii. 5 ; xxiii. 9 ; and vice versa Matth. v. 2 ; 
xxii. 41. Yet in spite of these peculiarities, Codex x ap- 
proaches much closer to the Elzevir text than many of our 

* The readings of this fragment I have denoted by x (2). 


copies of much later date and less promising appearance : 
I should say that it bore pretty nearly the same relation 
to the printed editions as the Codex Alexandrinus does; 
the variations which each exhibits being neither very 
marked, nor comparatively numerous. Still there are not a 
few readings in x which will deserve attention, wherein 
it will be found repeatedly to coincide with the best of the 
other uncials, ABCDKLM: e.g. Matth. vi. 32; vii. 2 (as 
Elzevir); 12; 13; viii. 18; ix. 22; 27; xviii. 14; xxii. 13; 
xxiii. 10; 25; 27; 28; xxiv. 6; xxvi. 71; xxvii. 41; 45; 
Mark i. 9; xiii, 9; xvi. 9; Luke i. 65; ii. 25; iii. 16; iv. 
16 ; 25 ; ix. 31 ; 33; xii. 7 ; 8 ; 11 ; 12 ; xviii. 21 ; 43 ; xxii. 
47; xxiii. 15*; 28; 38; 48; xxiv. 10; Johnxii.,34; xiii. 
2 ; xix. 27. The following seem unique : Matth. ii. 15 ; 
iii. 16; ix. 10; xvii. 17; xx. 5; xxiii. 35; xxiv. 4; 42; 43; 
xxvii. 1; 56; Mark i. 7; vi.8; 10; 16; xii. 30; 32; xiii. 11; 
xv. 26; 33; Luke vii. 24; 28; x. 1; xi. 7; xiii. 31; 33; 
xxii. 64; xxiii. 7; 12; 28; John i. 29; vii. 41; viii. 44; 
xii. 20; 35; 47; xv. 8; xviii. 33. On the whole, I re^ 
gard Codex x as perhaps the most valuable manuscript I 
have collated. 

y. BUENEY 22, is an Evangelisterium, containing all the 
Church lessons throughout the year, including those for the 
Holy Week, Saints' Days, &c. It is written in folio, on 
494 pages of veUum, in a large clear hand, but so care- 
lessly that half of many words is omitted. At the end we 

read ereXeto)^ TO irapov dyiov evayyeXioi/ Kara tr\v K TOV lavvovapiov 
(jo)vos rrjg O>K [read, of course, r/oK] tyxpovias, i.e. A.D. 1319 : 
but I doubt a little whether this be in the same hand as 

* So the Peshito Syriac : OlZ.0^ t-Ml CTlZ.5,- avrov TT/JOS avrov' 

n ^, i> 

but Scholz cites only one Greek MS. of the 10th century, to support this read- 
ing, in itself so probable. 


the MS. itself, which looks as old as the 12th century, 
On p. 1 we find an inscription, "De la Bibliotheque de la 
Chevaliere Deon." Part of the first leaf (containing John 
i. 11 13) is on paper, and by a recent hand ; several 
leaves are misplaced by the binder, and should be read in 
the following order, pp. 195 6; 2034; 199201; 197 
8. This book is in excellent preservation, has a gold 
illumination and title, the liturgical directions are usually 
in red ink, as are the stops and pauses (+) : it has but few 
traces of a second scribe employed in altering it. The 
breathings and accents are given in full (those in com- 
pound words separately), but most inaccurately: e.g. oixrrjs, 
ovv, oBovia, in John xx. Itacisms and v e^eXKixmra are almost 
innumerable (even v is put for 01), but (as in Codex x) are 
scattered more thickly in some places than others : many 
words are spelt strangely where there is no itacism. There 
is no i subscript, except in John i. 12, but ascript in Matth. 
xxi. 19; xxvi. 40; Luke vi. 49; xii. 10; xiv. 21. This 
copy is more full of various readings than any other I have 
collated; so full indeed, that it were vain to produce spe- 
cimens of the peculiarities and lectiones singulares, which 
cover every page ; as in the case of Codex c, I content 
myself with stating the fact once for all. I suppose it 
approaches as nearly to Codex Beza (D), and its associates 
LZ, as any volume for Church use well can do. As we 
might expect, it supplies a plenteous harvest of unusual 
grammatical forms: the accusative 3rd declension in -av 
occurs Matth, x. 37; Mark vii. 30; Luke xiii. 16; but -a 
stands for -av Matth. i. 2 ; Johnxviii. 40; /wtco (masc.) Matth. 
xxiii. 17 ; peyav (neut.) Luke xiv. 16. In verbs, we have 
'yeyovav Mark xiii. 19; jjX0are Matth. XXV. 36; XXvi. 55; 

Mark xiv. 48 ; enrav Mark xi. 6. These too are somewhat 
rare : vpos Matth. xxiii. 38 ; eKa&pjo-fy Mark i. 42 ; Luke iv. 


27 ; rjveynfffe Matth. xiv. 22 ; Ka^apvaovp, John vi. 17 ; OOT- 
aXayfia Mark viii. 37. Codex y often omits the article after 
a preposition, and puts the accusative for the dative (see 
pp. xxxi, xxxvii, Ix) : e. g. Matth. viii. 2 ; xii. 16 ; xx. 13 ; 
Mark iv. 2 ; John v. 38 : and vice versa, Matth. v. 42 ; xv. 
23; xxvi. 16. There is also a tendency to change verbs in 
-co) and -CUB into the form ->: see this relic of the Ionic 
dialect in Matth. ix. 24 ; xv. 20 ; 23 ; (c in Mark v. 40) : 
so jrapaSiSowTa John xiii. 11 (witJifx), Frequent as is the v 
efyeKKvo-TiKov in Codex y, it is very often omitted where its 
absence produces an hiatus ; another species of negligence 
which pervades it is the loss of clauses by the ofioioreXevrov. 
It sometimes accords with the Elzevir text against nearly 
all my copies, e. g. Matth. xviii. 28. 

In collating these two Evangelisteria xy, I have not set 
down the introductory words and proper names inserted at 
the opening of Church lessons, nor the omission or change 
of adverbs of time or place, unless there is a possibility of 
their being various readings. Those versed in these stu- 
dies are well aware that certain portions of the Gospels 
occur in Evangelisteria more than once (John xix. 25 27 
is read in x four times). Now, so far as I have observed, 
there is not the least consistency, either as regards ita- 
cisms*, or more important points, between the readings of 
the same passages in different parts of the same MS. This 
strange diversity I have marked by citing "xsemeZ," "yse- 
mel" or " bis," which denotes that in another part of the 
volume, the testimony of the copy favours another lec- 

These twenty-three manuscripts I have collated, with 
all possible care and diligence to secure accuracy, with 

* In John xvi., for instance, x differs from itself in another place, as 
regards itacisms alone, twenty-four times, and y sixteen times ! 


the Elzevir edition of 1624, which has gradually come to 
be looked upon as the standard of the textus receptus. I 
have disregarded three obvious misprints (Aey<oj> Matth. 
xxiv. 34 ; 6 nadTjrai Mark viii. 2*7 ; SovXos John iv. 51), and 
14 slight errors in the breathings, accents, or i subseriptum. 
Elsewhere I have abided by the Elzevir text, even where 
it is inconsistent with itself. Thus I retain lepixa* Matth, 
xx. 29; Luke x. 30; xviii. 35 ; xix. 1 ; but lfpixa> Mark x. 
46, twice: jua/z/iwra Matth. vi. 24; but jua/xwra Luke xvi. 
9 ; 11 ; 13 : yew/jjo-aper Matth. xiv. 34 ; Luke V. 1 ; but 
yevrjcrapfr Mark vi. 53 : vafcped Matth. xxi. 11 ; Mark i. 9 ; 
Lukei. 26; ii. 4: 39; 51; iv. 16; Johni. 46; 4*7; though 
vafrper is found Matth. ii. 23 ; iv. 13, and in nearly all the 
MSS. everywhere. I have even maintained v e$eXi<wraoi> 
before a consonant, Matth. xv. 27 ; xxiv. 5 ; xxvi. 18 ; Luke 
x. 32; John iii. 31 ; and the hiatus in Mark xi. 18. 

In arranging my collation for the press I have adopted 
for my guidance the following rules : 

1. To overlook all mere errors of the pen, unless they 
may possibly be various readings, or tend to shew some 
affinity between different copies, or be in any other way 

2. To overlook all itacisms which cannot possibly be 
various readings, or unless they be unusual, or unless they 
enable us to trace a connexion between the several MSS. 
But I have given all those contained in x for the Gospels 
of St Matthew and St John, and construed 'this rule very 
liberally throughout; so that I rather fear that I have erred 
in excess than otherwise. The condition of each copy, as 
regards itacisms, has been carefully stated under its proper 

3. The superfluous v f<pe\KvvTiKov is never noticed, ex- 
cept for some special reason. The case of each MS. in 


this respect is described separately in the present chapter. 
But where v e$eA/cu<mKoi/ is thrown away, so as to produce an 
hiatus, the fact is always stated. 

4. I have neglected peculiarities of punctuation (if 
any worth notice occur, which I do not believe) except in 
the following passages : Matth. xx. 12; xxvi. 2; 40; xxvii. 
42 ; Mark i. 24; viii. 18 ; xi. 22; xv. 31 ; Luke vi. 9 ; ix. 55; 
xii. 1 ; 49 ; xix. 46; xxiv. 12 ; John viii. 13 ; xiii. 30 ; xiv. 
11 ; xx. 16. 

5. As regards breathings and accents also, I have 
described the condition of each document separately, and 
only put down in the collation a few characteristic or re- 
markable anomalies. The following forms, being common 
to nearly all my documents, I have not hitherto noticed, 
preferring to reserve them for this place. 

dftpaan, not djSpaa/i, is the usual reading of all oxir MSS. 
except x, in which, however, it is found Matth. viii. 11 ; and 
i. 1 secundd mom-it. 

17X105 is the form usually employed, not ijXtas. 

wSe is almost universally found, not ade : yet Codex a 
reads o5Se every where except in Luke iv. 23. 

I have specified several copies which have separate 
accents and breathings for the separate parts of compound 
words : yet all, or nearly all, have eVar, 6rav, aJo-awa, acm/ras 
or ffltratfno?, omen: and some /x^8e, ovftepiav, &C. 

On the other hand, the preposition or adverb, and its 
noun, are often written as a single word. This is most 
frequently the case with airap-^s, airapri) a^prou, StoXou, e'eoo-ou, 
-Kei(BV, e^evoopujuwi', eTraXj/^eiay, Ka8r)p,fpav, Kanftiav, Karovap, Karovop-a. 
These forms are mostly neglected in my coUation, but 
occur in every page of all the MSS. 

Kipling, in his very unsatisfactory Preface to the Codex 
Bezse (p. xiv), reckons OVTOJS for ovra> before a consonant, an 


Egyptian form*. It is met with in every manuscript I have 
seen ; in most of mine it is quite the ordinary usage ; while 
in a few (such as ran), it is but occasional. I have 
sometimes, but not uniformly noted it, as it is peculiar to 
documents of no single period or recension. 

* So even Scbolz (Commemoration Addr. p. 6). 



TN the present chapter I purpose to collect under a few 
J- general heads the chief inferences I would draw from 
the materials made use of in the compilation of this work. 

I. And the first remark I would offer is this: how 
fallacious an idea the mere date of a manuscript will often 
convey respecting its critical and intrinsic value. And 
herein I may be expected to state what I mean by a 
valuable manuscript. I include under that appellation not 
only those documents which approach the closest to the 
original text, so far as it can at present be ascertained 
(in which sense the value of each copy must of course vary 
with the taste or judgment of individuals) ; but yet more 
such as contain unusual, or numerous divergencies from the 
common editions ; such as exhibit readings either striking 
and probable in themselves, or pregnant with hints for the 
solution of that hitherto dark problem, the true theory 
of families or recensions. Regarded in this point of view 
no one could well hesitate to prefer our Evangelisterium 
y to x ; yet the latter is a noble uncial of the 8th 
or 9th century at the latest; the other bears what ap- 
pears to be its own date, A. D. 1319. Or to take another 
instance: Codex o is an important record, scarcely later 
than the 10th century, or nearly as early as a copy in 
cursive characters can be; it presents us too with a pure 
text, and some interesting various readings; yet how in- 
ferior are its claims on our attention to those of Codex 
p (A.D. 1285), which is full three centuries later ? The 
same observation will be forced upon us on examining the 
two Lambeth MSS. a and c. Of these a is decidedly the 


elder by several generations ; it is in every respect a better 
looking document than the other ; in fact no one, prior to 
actual collation, would dream of instituting a comparison 
between them ; yet no person who turns over the following 
pages can question the great superiority of the more 
recent and contemned c, at least for critical purposes. 
Examples such as these can be multiplied almost inde- 
finitely, even with our present most imperfect acquaintance 
with the great majority of cursive records : and to my mind 
such phenomena are absolutely fatal to the scheme of those 
persons who have persuaded themselves that a process of 
gradual change and corruption of the inspired writings was 
silently yet steadily flowing onwards in the same direction 
during the .middle ages, till the sacred originals passed from 
the state exhibited in the most venerable uncials ABC or 
even D, into the stereotyped standard of the Constan- 
tinopolitan Church, whereof our Codices linn may be .looked 
upon as fair representatives. Thus easily is rooted up 
from its foundations the system which would revise the text 
of the New Testament on the exclusive authority of the 
most ancient books. 

II. Indeed I see no cause for believing that such sup- 
posed Byzantine standard text had any existence, save in 
the imagination of certain modern theorists. If such a 
text were fixed, either by public authority or general usage, 
in what direction shall we look for it now ? Confining our 
attention to the documents which are furnished with com- 
plete liturgical apparatus, and have evidently been em- 
ployed in the services of the Church ; is it to be found in 
such as approximate the closest to the Elzevir editions, 
or in those that depart from them the most widely (e.g. 
cepy), or in the more numerous class where the readings 
fluctuate between the two extremes (e.g. af hx) ? But, 


strictly speaking, no two manuscripts present a text iden- 
tically the same ; between almost every two of them many 
characteristic differences may be readily discerned; and 
the circumstance noted with reference to Codices q and r 
(above, p. liv), where the very same scribe is inconsistent 
.with himself after the lapse of but three years, seems to 
point to a conclusion which cannot well be evaded or 

III. I would next say a few words about itadsms. 
Respecting the minute yet significant variations of this 
description I observe two almost opposite opinions main- 
tained. On the one hand Tischendorf considers it a mark 
of high antiquity in his Codex Ephrsemi (C), that " ejus- 
modi vocalium commutationes (prseter ei et i antiquissimas 
illas et usitatissimas) in codice nostro rarse atque raris- 
simae sunt" (Prolegom, p. 20) ; and this I believe to be very 
near the truth; the older the manuscript, the fewer the 
itadsms; the great Codex Vaticanus has scarcely any, so 
far as we are aware*. Scholz, on the contrary, perceiving 
the perpetual and numberless vowel changes which prevail 
in Codices ADZA and others of that class, imputes their 
existence to the ignorance of the Alexandrian scribes, who 
might have written from dictation, and were not very 
familiar with the Greek language. The commencement 
of this tendency to itacisms he dates from the 5th or 
6th century (Commemor. Address, pp. 2, 3). So far all is 
rational and not very inexact : the next sentence involves 
a statement which fairly astonishes me: "nee satis in 

* Lachmann (Praefat. N. T. p. xl.) spealcs pretty much to the same effect 
of the seven very ancient MSS. on which his text rests: "De omnibus iis 
quibus nos utimur exemplaribus certissimum est, ea i vocalem et ei diphthongon 
prope pari loco habere; e et ai Vaticanum non sape, sed Regium [C) et 
caetera frequenter confundere, reliquas autem alia numquam, alia rarissime, 


scribendis Grsecis exercitati et diligentes fuisse videntur 
codicum illorum quos Alexandrines vocaraus scribse, utpote 
qui scripserint voces eodem modo, quo pronuntiabantur: 
quod facere non consueverant scribae diligentes, minime ii, a 
quibus scripti sunt codices familice Asiaticce ; 5> and so he goes 
on to infer that these Asiatic or Byzantine copies must 
Heeds afford the best text, because they are so free from 
permutations of vowels. 

Whence could have sprung so strange a misconception 
on a plain matter of fact ? Scholz, of course, had consulted 
many cursive MSS., more perhaps than any man now living*; 
but he had neglected to mark down, perhaps hardly noticed 
at the time, the itacisms wherewith the very purest of them 
abound, and so in lapse of time had come to reason 
upon the causes of their supposed absence. If my reader 
will but refer back to the preceding chapter, he may 
discover that no document I have collated is free from 
these vowel changes, though the extent to which they ap- 
pear does vary considerably, and that without reference 
(so far as I can detect) to the kind of text exhibited by 
each several copy, or to the age in which it was written. 
They are scattered the most thickly throughout Codex x, 
whose reading Scholz could not call Alexandrian, and next 
to it in Codex y, an Evangelisterium of the 14th century. 
Of the others in my list Codex c contains more than any; 
in character it is certainly far removed from the common 
editions, yet it is undoubtedly very little anterior to y. In 
Codex f, as I remarked above (p. xxxv), many itacisms are 
actually introduced by a later hand, which would have been 

* While this sheet is passing thro'ugh the press, Dr Scholz's death is 
announced. That diligent and estimable scholar had promised to afford his 
patient consideration to my views when they should come to be published, 
and I regret that my errors (if indeed I shall prove to be in error) may no 
longer be corrected by his calm and candid judgment. 


an absurd course indeed, were they mere errors of the scribe. 
But we possess the fullest evidence that this was the ordi- 
nary mode of spelling prevalent in those ages, as in some 
degree it still is with the Greeks of our own time. If any 
one will turn over the pages of a modern Greek Testament 
he will readily see a more natural explanation of the phe- 
nomenon in question than Scholz's "pronuhtiatio dictantis 
et imperitia negligentiave scribentis." If any difference 
can be traced between the elder and later itacisms, it 
may perhaps be this, that the earlier copies are more par- 
tial to the commutation of t and et, while MSS. of sub- 
sequent ages more frequently confound o and <o. I know 
of no other distinction. 

IV. Another of Scholz's proofs of the inferiority of his 
Alexandrian to the Constantinopolitan family has respect to 
the use of i either ascript or subscript. " Omittunt ssepe 
ssepius codices Alexandrini et propterea certe vitupera- 
tionem subeunt" (Comm. Addr. p. 7). Who would not hence 
infallibly conclude that manuscripts of the other recension 
as constantly represent them ? Yet nothing can be farther 
from the truth than such a supposition. I have diligently 
noted in the preceding chapter, which of the copies I have 
collated retain, and which reject the t. In the great majority 
t ascriptum is found but rarely; in all it is far oftener 
neglected than inserted (see Codex d, p. xxxii) : i subscrip- 
tum is seldom met with at all except in m and n, and 
even in them I must make the same reservation ; it is 
still more frequently omitted. 

V. Some persons have imagined that the genius and 
family of a manuscript may be judged of by the fre- 
quency or rarity of its placing v efaXnvo-riKov before a con- 
sonant (Scholz vbi supra, p. 6) ; I have therefore men- 
tioned the usage of each copy severally in this particular. 


It seems to me, however, to be a matter of mere local 
custom or individual taste. No MS. except cex has it more 
perpetually than Cod. f, which is in no other respect at 
all remarkable. 

. VI. Better expectations may be formed from close 
attention to those unquestionably Alexandrian corruptions 
of the Attic Greek, whereof so many instances occur in 
some MSS. of the Greek Testament, and in nearly all those 
of the Septuagint. Such are the forms of the accusative 
singular in -a for -av and vice versa ; the first aorist ter- 
mination appended to a second aorist root; the Cilicism 
(if such it be.) -av for -a<n in the active perfect; and the 
merely orthographical variations like m^as, airaAay/jo, 
SiSpayna, efnrpoa-ffe, &c. These I have anxiously set down in 
my collation and briefly noticed in the preceding chapter. 
They occur the most repeatedly no doubt in copies the 
farthest removed from the Elzevir text, but by no means 
exclusively in them ; so that even this test must be ap- 
plied with great caution. We find evaros, /xeAXei (for /A), 
OVTO>S before a consonant, and a few others in documents 
of every age and class. The prepositions aw and ev un- 
changed in compounds belong to the same class: see 
Luke xxii. 55 ; xxiii. 48 ; 51, &c. 

And now to sum up in a few sentences the general con- 
clusions to which our investigations have led us. If we 
consider the Codex Bezse and its kindred documents on the 
one side, and such authorities as our Codices Imn on the 
other, the line of distinction between them is so broad 
and unmistakable, that if all other copies of the Greek Tes- 
tament had perished, we should have felt no hesitation in 
treating them as separate recensions, differing not a little 
in character, and presenting us with many grave deviations 


in the sense. But as other manuscripts come to light, the 
subject grows much more intricate; one after the other 
they take each its proper place in the void between the 
two extremes, which seem at length to be linked together 
by a continuous chain of authorities, each one akin to, yet 
somewhat diverging from its neighbour, and helping on the 
transition from the one recension to the other so gradu- 
ally, that it is quite impossible to determine at what pre- 
cise point the one ceases and the other begins. 

Then comes the reflection that nine-tenths at least of 
our materials are most imperfectly known. The only chance 
of escape therefore from our existing perplexity must rest 
in a thorough review and (if needs be) a complete recol- 
lation of the whole mass of our critical authorities ; a work 
doubtless of much toil and magnitude, but under all the 
circumstances absolutely indispensable, unless indeed the 
further prosecution of Biblical criticism is to be laid aside 
altogether. At present we are acquainted with but a few 
principal readings or notable peculiarities of our cursive 
copies; when all the minuter variations shall have been 
noted, the lectiones singulares (as they now seem) of each 
faithfully recorded, then and not before will the basis of 
the science be firmly laid, and the edifice no longer be 
liable to be overthrown from time to time by the acces- 
sion of new facts, or the pressure of unlooked-for diffi- 

It is hardly for us to conjecture what may be the 
final results of an examination which as yet is barely com- 
menced. The theory of a twofold division into recensions, 
such as that advocated by Scholz, must at any rate be 
abandoned: as little consistent with ascertained phseno- 
mena is an exclusive devotion to any single class of re- 
cords, however venerable or important. Nor can I refrain 


from expressing I would rather call it my suspicion than 
a deliberate judgment that all extant Manuscripts, ver- 
sions and ecclesiastical writers, will eventually form them- 
selves into FIVE or six principal classes, the origin of 
which may have been either purely accidental, or beyond 
our ability to trace; though the diligent comparison of 
their agreeing and conflicting testimonies will serve to 
bring us nearer than modern students have yet approached 
to the ipsissima verba of the Holy Evangelists and 


Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum, Sancta Evangelia com- 
plectentium, cum editione Elzevir. 1624 a me collatorum. 

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r lix 


Nota bene. + aliquid textui adjectum indicat, at - aliquid sub- 

* literse superpositum lectionem a prima manu indicat, at ** lec- 
tionem a secunda manu. 

? h'terae suffixum lectionem indicat dubiam, subrasam, aut alioqui 


Toy Ka T a Mar0atop b. evayye\iov (+ 
d'yibi' k) Kara Mardatoc ghk. TO Kara MarQctiov ayiov 
(-ayiov p) evayyeXiov Imnprsv. 

CAPUT I, yv. 1, 2. aj8/)aa/A hlmnpqrsx aKi. v. 2. tov^a 
y. v. 3. -TOV secund. y. v. 4. aunva^a/ji bis chpqrs. 
vaoa/3 6*5 y. aaaawv bis g. W. 4, 5. o"a\a>^ c. v. 5. joa 
cp. ia>/3j7$ bis eg. (oflrj9 prim. r. o/3? 6is. y. v. 6. -eyev- 
vrjcre prim. y. -o jSao-iXeus gp. croXo/uwra bfghklmnopqr 
suxy. v. 7. a^Seta pnm. x. yv. 7, 8. aacra b. v. 10. TOM 
juavaffriv c. TOW fiavaffffffV Imnr. a/ixaji;' aMws y. anficov bis 
bcf. a/uws 6*s p. +rof ictKeifji.' icttteifjL $e eyevvqeG (ante 
TOV uoffaiav) g. vv, 10, 11. TOV iwcrtav' twatas 5e e'yei/- 
vqae y. v. 11. twcr<nas g. e^owai/.c. te^wi/iav ry. +TOJ' 
.' tcoaKeiff. oe eyevvyve (ante TOV te-^oviav) ks. /ue- 
fhk*o. vv. 11, 12. ^ajSiXwi/o? m*. v. 12. 
fhk*ox. ie^wwas ry. -TOI; craXa^t^X* (raXa- 
*f. eryev^ere prim. x. v. 13. eXtastju. &zs 
b*c*fox. eXta/cet^t &'s ksy. V. 14. (ra^a/c && p. -TOI/ 
ffa^wK' aaowK oe eyeyvrio'e x. aj^iju. 6zs aboxy. eyevqae 
tertium x. vv. 14, 15. eXiot/$ k. v. l&.-^ewj/o-e prim, 
d*. /xaT^aT 6*5 a. v. 16. eyevrjQr] C. V. 17. at C. yevveat 
prim, x, tfna priora c. afipaa/u. d afo, passim. fueToiKti- 
<nas 6is afh**k*o. secund. hx. -TJ?S secund. y*. v. 18. 


S. MATTHJ1I CAPP. I. v. 18 III. v. 3. 

C. ftvt]ffTev9t}cn>is b*x, /ui,vr]ffTev6r}ffK y. v. 19. 
ijfiov\ri9rj S. V. 20. ev9vfjLi9evros C. evQvtt.ovfi.evov p. KCITO- 
mn #Z$. (ficuvercu f *. e(j)avei y. (po&qOris ps. yajo y. 

yevjj9ev kx. crytoi; ecrni/ y. v. 21. revere x. Xaaw c. 
V. 23. KaXecreis y. e/xavou^X c. v. 24. $ieyp9qs C. o 
rn. kp. cTroiijcrav x. 
CAPUT II. v. 1. +X/WTOU (pos^ tJjo-ov)o. yevjjfleyros C. 

tX^M ko. v. 2. re^&fs b*. t^o/aev px. aurov (pro awrijj) d. 
v. 5. OI/TWS acdfhldmos. -yap s. v. 6. / (pro et) b*gu. 
jj'yejtiwcrty y. +jot (pos^ e^eXeytrerat) bp. iroifiavri u. TOJ; 
y*. Twi/ XawvC. v. 8. CTT' avadfgho. evprjTcu u. fin. avro 
(pro avrui) cdfp. v. 9. i&w b*x. -f-oy (post eeo?) o. ecrrj/ 
dk. v. 10. i^ores b*. e^apurav C. V. 11. t$oi/ bkx, eiciov 
acdfghlmnopqrsuy (pro evpov). -Trecrwi/res x. avro (pro 
avrip prim.) cdp. \t\flavov c. v. 12. Karcovap x. ^mX^s 1 c. 
v. 13. /car' crap tpaiverai x. ry Knxrijfy icar ovap (initio 
pericopes) y. Karovap k a/zV. -fyy/cro? (ante KOI (frevye) y. 
eiaOiC. eiffQrj x. iff9tjj (pro ivQi). v. 15. O7rft>9 (pro tva) x. 
V. 16. eveiriyQri b. CTreTre^tj y. efltyuwflj; C. aTroarjyXas C. 
fir]9Xcuefji X. Karwreptav b. KarorepcDV c. Karorepto x. 
t]Kpij3(t}(Tv tipcats (pro yKpiflware) c. v. 17. ^ia (pro I)TTO) g. 
V. 18. pa^/uLo. b. K\iovva b*x. avr^s a. e9e\ev u. v. 19. 
<j)aivatrG X. eyvTTTO) C. V. 20. eyep9r]$ C. Te9vrjKaffi yap 
usque ad finem versus 21. f* (/&&e marg.) v. 22. ~e7rt 
acqy. aTreX^v c. ave^oprjffev d. ave^oapiffev y. V. 23. 
TroX^y x. vaa|oe0 cdx. oVos C. 

CAPUT III. v. 1. ei> emwus rats >|/ue/)ats (~^e) f- -$e 
hop. op. ftairrr)ffTri$ x. V. 3. ecrrt;!' o pjj^s c. 

S. MATTMI CAPP. III. v. 3 IV. v. 11. 3 

a-are c. +TOU (awte Kvpiov) J. v. 4. yajO (^ro 3e prim.) k. 
Kctjuu\ov cf *. $ept*.a.Tr)vr)v X, ocr^qi/X. V. 5. e^eiropevovro 
C. +7ra<7ab +?/ g (ante lepoffo\v/na). -/cat pnm. S. -77 
tou^ata) arx. 7ra<ra secund. f. nepiyopos b*. v. 6. 
o ex. +7roTa/Aft) (jpo^t lop^avrf) abdgqr. v. 7. 
ffaoovKauav C. e^o)jmei;ovs C. jSaTTTJjffjixa C. brrrei/ C. /<e- 
Aoi/(rj/s c. v. 8. Kctpirov a^toi; adfghklmnopqrs. Kapirov 
(sic)n. v. 9. ^o^ratf*. +orf (wie Trarepajr. e^to^v 
C. dflpaaiJL dbis. oil/rare cm*. +/cat (jposi5 0eos) u. v. 10. 
m, b*. TOW $ev$pov C. /cetre b*c. V. 11. /3a7TT^- 
56CMWC?. b. effTtjv ov ovK cifjirj C. jSaTTT^cret C. 
-/cat Trup adf klmnoqru. v. 12. xeip/ p*. irepiKaQapiei . 
d*. v. 13. et$(p"0 e7ri)y. twav^i/c. v. 14. te/co\vei/ 
f*xy. ypiavx.. ^airriffrrjvai c. ep^eiy ( jae)s. 
v. 15. airoKpiBrjS C. etTrev aurov C. enrev avrq) y (irpos). 
curias abfk. ovro c. OUTOS p. Trpeirtov y. ecrr^i/ C. (Xpieiaiv 
y. V. 16. t$ei/kxy. efteivev (pro epxp/uievov)*. irpo$(pro : 
CTT') g. v. 17. e/c TOV ovpavov y. ea-Tijv (pro eo-nv) C. 
qvooKijffa by. yv^oKiaa x. 

CAPUT IV. y. 1. TW Kaipw e/ceti/w avjj^Otj o irjaov 
C. av^Orj o wjcrousf. V. 3. -ayryk. yevovrat by. V.4. 
+yap(post yeypaTrrai) b. +o(aw5e ay^jOWTros) k. v. 5. 
nfiavyy. eis rqv dyiav TroXyity. TroXj/i/X. et- 1 
x. v. 6. evreXeiTe Trepta-crov X. row eTTt ^eiptav 
(Kai)g. fj.r)iroTG ad fin. vers. b. v. 7. KTreipa<rris g. 
v. 8. v\}n\ov x. ^iKvvffiv x. v. 9. TrpoffKvvqaeis b*k*x. 
jute (pro juot) d. V. 10. rorek. +O7r7w /now (posi uTra^e) 
adfghlmnpqrsxy. -70/0 q. irpoa-Kwrj^m b*r. v. 11. 

^~" 12 

4 S. MATTHJ1I CAPP. IV. v. 11 V. v. 20. 

7rpoffr]\Qov avrto /cat oujKovovvl). V. 12. oy. 
Otj-s.. v. 13, /caraXiTrov n*. KaraXyTruv x. ra 
W. 13, 15. ve(j)9a\iiJ. b*f kox (at X ve00a\^ v. 15). V. 
14. piOev x. v. 15. -77; secund, gks. d$i> b. v. 16. 
tcW b. V. 17. Kijpvffffiv x. V. 18. irepiirarov x. -$e x. , 
-o' irjffovs abdfghk*lmnopqrsu, i$ev b*x. Xeywfjievov x. 
/c a\ov/u.evov h. 4-ei> TW TrXoiw (aw^e jSaXXovras) s. aXt^s 
b*. a'Xtets (MC v. 19)f*p. v. 20. /cat (px) oi &?)h. -eu- 
^eftjjU. ^t/croiax. V, 21. i$ei;b*x. rov(post Ia/cw/3oi') 
x. v. 22. evflews ad. yKovXovOrjcrav m. v. 23. Trepi- 
jj^ev o t^croi/? ets 0X^1^ 7aXtXt,ai; (im. peric.)y. avrwv 
y. Oepcarevov x. vocrwi; p*. ey secund. y. v. 24. e^wj/ras 
d. TroiKiXois y. crvve^ofJLevoK fg. /cat ^atjiiow^bjixei/ovs /cat 
ffeXjjyia^oMevovs g. (reXti'ta^o/jievous y. /cat (reXj?i/iao/Ae- 


voi/s f. v. 25. aTro T>/ <yaXtXatas o^Xot TroXXot p. 

CAPUT V. v. 1. /cafljfcravTos b*xy. v. 2. -avrov k. 
avrots (pro ai/rovs) x. v. 6. Trivwvres b*x. ^i^oi/res f *. 
v. 10. $e$to f y|(Aei'oi x. ei/e/ce S. V. 11. oV av 0. oi/etoj/tra)- 
xy. ^jtxas 1*. ttaff v^wv k. ^coc b. v. 12. TroXXots x. 
(sie vv. 16, 19, 47) dk. v. 13. aXas p. popavOrif. 
v. 14. ecrrat x. Kpiftrjvai m* (wW. Cap. I. vv. 11, 12). v. 15. 
avrov f *ry. e?rt (pro vVo) y. aXX' ev T>/ Xu^vta p. v. 16. 
x. t$wcri ra /caXa u/wwv GjO^a pq. So^acrovaiv x. 
vfj.(ov tert.) p. TWI; ev x. v. 18. j/o/iT/cr^Te hry. 
. V. 18. /cejoea p. ai/ secund. p. v. 19. at/ (p*0 
eav) bg. ovv bf*py. ovv eav s. OUTOJS n oyros asy (pro 
OVTW). ^j^a^et 6is y. iroiriaei b*y. v. 20. Treptcro-evcret yi 
b*f *. W/AWV^ / ^t/catocrui/)/ dfgkopqrsy. -vptov b. 

S. MATTHm CAP. V. vv. 2044. 5 

ypanfj.araitav sy. eicreX&jTcu s. v. 21. epprjOtj (sic vv. 
27, 31, 33, 38, 43) af**klo*p. <jWe/cn/s y. v. 22. Ab 
initio usque ad TY\ npia-ei deest in s* (habet marg^) 
fy/j.i>os y. eitcei y. paKKat d. V. 23. -ow d. 
pqsy. /cm e/fei abdhklmnopqrsy. /uvjycrOeis goy. /cara troy 
rty. v. 24. +mt (pos* TTjOWToi^) o. ^mAXa-yt?^ b*. v. 
25. tcrfljy hy. evvott)!/ y . o J (jpiro OTOU) y. <f)v\aKiv p. /3\^- 
drjaeiy. v, 26. eneiffe (pro em0ep)y. ot) (pw ay) bqr. 
TO (/)J*o Toy) y. KovSpavrqv n*. v. 27. rois 
adfghklmnopqruy. (wi-^ev^s gm%*. v. 28. 
(rai n*. eiriOvfjitcrat y. OUT^V (j?ro avT)?s) abdfghklmnopq 
r**uy. v. 29. -5ey. -6 prim. y. a-irav^aXt^ y. aTrw- 
dfqrs. airoXXvrai y. jSX^^ijvai (pro j3Xq0jf)qr. 
f yeevav)y. V. 30. ei y. <r/ra^aXt^ b*. 
dfrs. aTroXXvTcuy. ^KvjQrivai q. v. 31. -$e 
almnp. airoXvffei gy. ^OJTW y. v. 32. 7fas o aTroXi/eoj/ 
(^?ro 05 y aTToXucr^uy ( o u). av d*. irapeKTOs Xo- 
yovy. TTo/Ji/tasb. eai/y. 'ya/A^cras y. jixot^aTeb. v. 33. 
iraXivy (init. peric.) eTrtcojOKKrjjs y. T<phu. bpicovs h. 
v. 34. ojuaxTai s. o/Atocrat y. oXos k. v. 36. ojuocnjs k. 
(a/JLOffys S. Ojoiwcrets y orty. i?y fieXawag, [ne\civijv 
y. v. 37. o Xo^os y. TO j/at vat KCU TO ov ovy. eo^Tt 
y. v. 39. wo-Tisd. ets(pro evrt) dry. $eeiai> f *. -<rov 
almno**py. aXX* eav Tts o"e pcnrurr] em rvjv a toy ova crov 
ryv Sefyav b. v. 40. TO ^eXoi/Tt S. ^irova y. ^os (pro 
o^)e) b. auTo y. /. +croy qr. v. 41. cryyapevcrij b*. 
aytcapeva-ei qr. /tAj/Xwi/ S*. v. 42. aoi (pro o-e) y. a?ro- 
V. 43. a-yaTrecrets u. v. 44. 

6 S. MATTEM OAPP. V. v. 44 VI. v. 18. 

y. TOIS fuffovffiv abdfghklmnoqrsuxy. -KaXws Trotetre 
TOI/<? (Liffovvras V/JLO.S p. irpuffev^aQai SX. eiripea^tovrcav 
x. y^iwy (pro i)/xas Urtium) s. v. 45. /Vy (pro i/juwi/) 
pry. +TOIS (ante ovpavois) adfklnm**pqr. avarekn x. 
x. v. 46. TO ai/Tw x. V. 47. aairaaviGQai X. 
a^eX^ow) abdfghklmnopqrsxy. ^oiw? b. TO 
(jpro oimo)b. OUTWS xy passim, v. 48. ws (pro 
S. +ffi (pos uxrvrep) ap. j^juiwy (pro VJUKUI;) p. ou- 
pavios (pro ev TOIS ovpavois) ap. TeXws p. 

CAPUT VI. v. 1. +$e (post TT poa-e^ere) qr. -/i^ (aw#e 
TTOjeiv) n. < 7TO;i'X. TO ey d. v. 2. OT' av d passim, ovv 
b*. TTOtets Psxy. craXTr^o-ets x. +yap (ante \eyw) u. 
+oVt (ante aTre^oim) q. V. 3. yvwroj. v. 4. eXeq/xaj- 
(ri;i/J7 x. avros asu. V. 5. evei y. yowai? xy. etrTWTe? h. 
-av puy. ~oTt secund. u. v. 6. rapeiov m*nxy. /eX/<ras 
x. T^V 0fjoa S. -crov secund. b. irpovev^ov s. vrpoffev^e y, 
flXeirov x. +cre (pos jSXeTrwy) g. cnroScofftj x. -ev T^ 
(pavepq) U. V. 7. /3arTo\oyeiTe b. /SaToXoY^cr^Te X. 
c0//7/coi fgm*sxy. v. 8. d/uoico^rac s. et^e (pro oi^e) g. 
?7,uftw (pro Vjtxwi;) y. +o oi/joawos (awfe a5i;) s. ^ptai/ x. 
airtffai y. v. 9. 7rpoffev)(eff9ai S. ayiaaOrjTO X. V. 10. 
yevrjOtjrwi h. v. 12. afyuofiev b. v. 13. eiffeveyiceis xy. 
Doxologiam habent omwes, ai in mar^r. h o6e?5 notata. 
cWa/ueisx. v. 14. fyapp. a0eiT6Sy. a(j)i<Tei&. atyrjari 
k. -Vjuti' S. v/uicov a. j^w. +Ta TrapaTrrcofJiara Vfi.(av b. 
v. 15. cKpeire sy. +o ovpavios (ante afaffei) s. v. 16. 
ryiveadat n*. o5s (pro (JcrTre/j) b*. eavrcw prim, S. -<mU, 
V. 17. aX)j\|/e x. yt\|/e X. V. 18. 0ai/ets y. /3Xe7ro> X. -ei/ 

S. MATTHLffil CAPP. VI. v. 18 VII. v. 9. 7 

[<pavep(p abdf*ghklnmopqrux \habent sy]. v. 19. 
(pro viuiv) p. fipwffrjs (sic v. 20) x, $ut)pvv<rovffi x. 
(sic v. 20) b*. v. 20. -$e p. oy (pro oure 
prim,} f*. ovre secund. h. v. 22. -owS. ^i (sic v. 23) 
h. Tramfert b % in locum post ovv. (pcorrivov x. v. 23. 
ei (pro ?/) g. cTKonvov x. v. 24. ju^o*t(ret x. oi/ SvvaaQcu Xi 
naiuwva abdfghklmnpqrsxy. v. 25. juei (jpro jw??) x. 
Trtere g. TO crwyuart ox. evSuffevOe ahlm**nr. TrXeewj; 
almnpx. v. 26. Trerijva f*. irenva x. GTnjpov<rtv y. 
aTro9t]Kas) ap. v. 27. irpoff6r]vai fkoqrsxy. 
x. v. 28. av^avri x. v. 30. imY. Te 
x. t^e g. avpiov (sic v. 34 bis) g. Khrifiavov bx. 
y. jttaXXwi' n. jj^uas k. v. 31. -ovv r. ^ayofnev b*q. 
Trepifia\\<a[]Le9a an**p. v. 32. ravra yap iravra. x. 
eTTij^ret x. o (pro ort) y. ^pi^ere x. v. 33. irporov 
y**. /cat TJ/I; $iKaio<rvvj)i> avrov py. V 34. ^pifiwi- 
(reire x tiepinvt]<rriTe abdfghklmnopqrs (pro ft.epiit.vri- 
<76Te). (pyo fJLeptfjiVtjffei) bp. ra fkou. eavrri 
(pro TO. eavrrjs) S. 

CAPUT VII. v. 2. fj&TprjOrjffeTai adf**ghklmnoqrs*. 
fuerptOfia-erat by. avrineTpiOnGerai x. v. 3. oi (pro oe 
prim.") x. TO nap(j)os ra> hs. T}?y ^e OOKOP (^zc) u. eirt 
(pro ev secund.) y. v. 4. cupeis y. e/cjSaXXw o. e/c (pro 
aTTo) b. V. 5. e/cjSoXXe y. ^a/3Xe\^)?? h. eKpaXyv x. 
V. 6. ^ore bfg*qy. /3aXXj/re d. ^yjowy c. Karairarrjffov- 

<nv S. -ey g. -fKvve? (we <rrjoa^)eyres) n** 

c. v. 7. eyp^fferat ex. avoiynffere dysemel. avoi- 
ysemel. V. 8. \ap.fiavr) y. avoiyriffere x. v. 9. 

8 S. MATTHM CAPP. VII. v. 9 VIII. v. 2. 

.-$ y. -ecrnv f*s. airrjcrei f*y. v. 10. + $ (ante /rat)ahpqr. 
amjcrei f*y. v. .11. $wjuaTa S. ovpavtos (pro ev rots oujua- 
vois) d. v. 12. eaj' (pro av) y. oi/rws dqy. OVTOI x. ou- 
TCOS (sic) u. -fojuoiws (cmte Troteire) sx. OVTOJS (pro OVTOS) 
fgqrxy. v. 13. eiaeXOare by. TrXarto x^ cnroXeiav x. 
epypnGvoi (pro eiaepx.') px. v. 14. im't n (pro on) 
abcdfghklmnopqrsux. ->/ irvkn p. reOX^nevr] bx. ei;- 
peiffKovres x. v. 15. ^e y. ev^vfian g. V. 16. rpvflo- 
\wv r. v. 17. oyro)? dy. -TO ^e aairpov ad Jin. vers. g. 
vv. 17, 19. -ayaOov Kapirovs v. 17. wsg'we ac? v. 19. Trai/ 
x. v. 18. TTovqpov (pro amrpov) p. v. 19. +oi/i/ 
raj;) Imn. v. 20. yvwa-effOe y. v. 21. -JIAOI y. 
TTOIOV x. -TO y. +TOJS (ante ovpavois) ap. ^w. +OVTO? 
eicreXeucreTat ets T^V jSafftXeiav TWI/ ovpavcov b. v. 22. 
7TjOoe^)J?Tevo*a/xei/ mi ry o"^) ovo^ari g. eirpo^ijrevffa- 
a. TO (jpro TIM secMtw^.) b. ^ui/ajuw c. v. 23. e-yvw p. 
(ante ol epya^hy. v. 24. ojuoteo^j/aeTat (sic) u. 
wroj/) X. (frpovrmw h. w/cooo/uicre x. w/cooo- 
ai/Toy TJ?I> ot/cmi; (sic V. 26) b. V. 25. yXOcov G. 
irpoaeireffav bdksu. TTjOocreTrecrwi/ C. eKjyi/^ C. reOefie- 
c. v. 26. o rubro a**. UKOVOV c. rat ^ut x. 
c. u>Ko$ofjiiffe x. Ttv (pro TJ?V prim.) c. a/m/mov h. 
v. 27. Trpoareireffov (pro irpoareKo^av) gp. T^U otwai' 
cKeivyv c. jfin. -\rff(f)o$pa b. v. 28. ereXeo'ei' ahpsy. 
+7ravTs (^?05f o ^crovs) b. e^eTrX^croi'To b. e^eTrXj/crTo y. 
V. 29. otdaovcoi; CX. fin. +KOLI ol (fiapivcuoi b*? 

CAPUT VIII. v. 2. -e\9(av s. Trpoo-eWwv cpqrs**xy. 
.. avrov(proavTU))j. \eyovb*. 0eXetsx. 

S. MATTHJEI CAP. VIII. vv. 224. 9 

<re b*xy. (JLOI (pro /ue) y. KaOapqcrcu ex. v. 3. Ka9apeicr9^n 
x. Ka9epiff9r] c. GKaOepetvOri x. v. 4. +/j$ei/ (postmen) 
qr. aXX' cdfglmnqry. aX'x. &oyx. ro\epei\>. Trpocrevey- 
Kai HIH. Trpoveveye y. +(roy (jpos owpov) s. /Awva^s 1 bop. 
v. 5. eXOovn y. VTW (jpro ry tj;croy) acdf*hklmnopqrsu, 
eicreX^ofTos ^e ayroy ( T<J> iqffov) b. irpoar]\6e m. -f-o 
(awife Karovrap.} b. <jrapctKa\ov ex. V. 6. oeti/os b*. 
C. v. 7. Oepairevaai y. v. 8. e/caroi/TajO^s g. 
h. Xo^ftj abcdfghklmnopqrsx. laOqarrat c. v. 9. -e7<y 
g. . + racro'Oju.ei'os (posi e^oucrtav) q. VTre/uayrwy C. TOWTW 
TOVTO) cox. v. 10. +ayrw (post ctKO\ov9ov<nv) b. 
x. v. 11. ava.K\r)OriffovTai bf^hqrsxy. afipafj. d. 
j8|Oaa/ gpxy. v. 12. e^orejooj/f. V.13. TOX. eKarovTap-^tj 
abcdfghkopqrsxy. os (pro (as) x. >yewiTw y. ei; e/ceivj; TJ; 
ft>|0 p. fin. +Kai y7roo-TjOe\|/as o e/caroi/rajo^os ets TOJ/ 
ot/coi/ ayrov ev avrtj TV\ (apa evpe rov iraioa avrov (evpeti 
avrov b avrov $) vyiaivovra bqrs. v. 14. .eiffe\9<av 
(pro e\9tov) g. et? TJ/I/ otKtaj/ Derjooy d iqffovs s. t^ej/ ky. 
v. 15. x ei P S' SujKovq x. avTco (pro ayrois) abcdfghk 
Imnosxy. v. 16. +TW (aw^e Xo7<) cd*?o. v. 17. -TOU 
q*. cur9evia$ xy. v. 18. TroXyy o^Xov x. TOWS (|?ro TroX- 
Xoyj) y. aire\9riv X. V. 19. cnrep-^ei y. V. 20. init. -/cat 
glmn. aXwTreKes fg. 0ce)Xaioys b*? ^)oXatovsy. 7rerj;i/af*x. 
/carao-/c'ft)(rjs x, fcX/ei f^gx. /cXtfat y. V. 21. -avrov 1. 
-Kvpie f*. /te (jpro /txoi) g. v. 22. Xe^et (pro enrev) b. 
aKo\ov9ij y. a0es rots veKpois p. 0a>Jfe x. 9a\^at ad 
fin, vers. b*. v. 23, evfi&vn c. TW t)?o-oy (pro aury) h. 
r-Toxy. v. 24. 7ei/To fieyas SU. 

10 S. MATTH2EI CAPP. VIII. y. 25 IX. v. 13. 

p*. V. 25. irpocreWwvTes x. -avrov abdfghkliimpsXi 
V. 26. ojfXoi x. GTrerrjuriffe f*. eTrertcre y. 'yaXii/j; y. V. 27. 
y 0aXa<rora /cat oi avejuoi p. OaXacrax*. viraicovoffiv c. 
V. 28. 6\9ovro$ avrov b. ya^aprjvcov b. yepyeinvoav OSX. 
, $e/xowo/jiej'ot C. ep-^ofjivoi (pro e^ep^.) c*. 
x. v. 29. (ru (pro croi) b*cox. M/CTOV chy. w^e 
inoq. /cejooi; c. fiaaavnae x. flaviffai y. v. 30. air* 
ai/Twy f. /3oo7coju.ej'wv c. V. 31. e/3aX^s bqr. e/cjSaXets f. 
aTTG\dr)v ex. v. 32. KCU eiTrei; wsgne adl ets TJ/V ayeXyv 
rcav 'ftoipwv r. ets TOUS -^oipovs (pro ets TJ/I/ cry. TO)I/ 
yoto.)b. j/ooy C. eioou X. Tracrab. TOW ^oiptav secund. 
b*. Kpiftvov cfx. 6a\affav C*. V. 33. -rroXjji; X. V. 34. e^j/X- 
gm. roy (^?ro ry) y. +ayroi/ (^?os^ TrapeKa\eerav) C. 
CAPUT IX. v. 1. ei//3as c. -TO sxy. 4-0 ufo-ovs (^>os 
fkp (postf TrXotoj') bqr. zroXTji' xseme?. v. 2. 
x. afacovre b*CX. atyauavTcti y. ffoy (pro 0*01) 
b**ckx. v. 3. 'ypa/uL/uaratcov s. etTrep fy. ovrais x. 
v. 4. m'. eiooas oe (/cat) g. ei$ous lm**npy. -fawTots 
( post etirev) x. evdv/nqaOe g. ev9v(j.ei<r9e Vfteis b. v. 5. 
'yajO f. evKta-Trwrepov x. enreiy prim. y. a^eovrai g. 
atyauavrat y. <70i/ (pro o-ot) bdfghklmnosxy. -ai n. 
+CTOU (posi ctjuajOTiai) ap. eyeipe abcfgko. v. 6. $eC. 
t^Te b*fox. 6")(t] qr. T^J U. K\ijvr}v x. enraye S. 
V. 7. eavrov ^. v. 9. -eiceiOev g. <^ei/ b*k. aKo\ov9rj 
xy*. j$ra. awTou (pro aur^) c. v. 10. ei> n oiiteia x. 
)ov x. TroXXat f. Y. 11. TOW f. dfrnproKcov c. +/cat 
Trim (posi ea9iet) klmnp. v. 12. -^piav x. v* 13. 
-5ed. eXatov g. KaXeae x. aXXa abcdfghklmnopqrsxy. 

S. MATTMI CAP. IX. vv. 13-36. 11 

us c. ets tueravoiav abop*. v. 14. Tr&nsfert 
avT(p k in locum post Xeyovres, -TroXXa g. oi $e o*ot fJLO.9. 
( ffov] k. v. 15. oi k. ed)offov a. i-ypovvovs +YPO- 

\ / / Al /vl 

vov Imny (post OCTOJ/). effriv f*. eirapQr) f. ajo0>; g. 
irapG\9ri (pro airap9rj) C. fin, vtj<rrevovffiv y. V. 16. -$e 
dp. e7rt/3aXXj?C. ctKvacpovli. ev(pro eiri)y. V. 17. aTroX- 
Xwrai 1. oivof yeoi/ ets curicous j3a\\ovfft KaivovsJ. afifyote- 
pot abcdfghklmnopqrsy. v. 18. +$e (post ravra) s. Xa- 
Xowros avrov n. ai/rots qr. apx ov e ' s c< a PX (av e * ? 4ko. 


ctpXtov TIS bf*ghlranqrsxy etcreX^wi/ apqr. TrpoaeXQwv 
bP*ghsxy. +TW j?(7ov (awie irpoffeKvvei) bf **hs. KVjOie 
(pro oVt) k. a^>T/ x. ereXevrijcre q. aXX* pqr. 67rei0es q. 
crov g. V. 19. o itjcrovs b. y]KO\ov9r)ffav by. KCU 56- 
cwnc?. y. v. 20. -ai u. ^w^e/ca er^ irpoae\Qovaa f^. 
+Kai (posi 6TJ?) S. V. 21. av^Ojuat y. ffO)9ijffcoftai C. 
v. 22. ffTpatpeis x. eiooi; (pro loan;) h. aurj; (pro avrqv) 
qr. iriffnjs c. c-aio"a>/cei> c. TO ta^ swper e<rw0j/ s**. 
v. 23. -o ^crovs y. t^ov h. Y. 24. ava^(apr]Te x. aXa c. 
KaTayeXwv p. KarayeXovv y. v. 25. ovv (pro oe) x. 
v. 26. avrov (pro avrri) g. V. 27. TrapaywvTi d. +///)ie 
(awie vie) c**kx. vio? acfhlmnoqru. v. 28. +avrw (post 
e\9ovri o^e) f*os. eX^ovresy. oujffovs Imn. Svvctjuecxy. 
v. 29. y\l/aT(a c. Kiarriv ex. v. 30. avfeto^craj/ f ?. evefiptj- 
ju.j^o'aTox. eveftflpifjujcraro y. v. 31. oieAjjp.ija'av fkpsxy. 
v. 32. avQpcmrov g. v. 33. eXaXterei/ c. oVt abcdfghk 
opqrsxy. efyavei p. v. 34. eXe^wj/x. ap^covTi c. e:j3aXXj7 
C. eKpaXrj x. v. 35. Tracras a. tcqpvffffov'x.. 9epairvov'X:. 
-ev ry Xaoj c*dkou. v. 36. +o ZJ/CTOI/S (posi o^Xo 


S. MATTMI CAPP. IX. v. 36 X. v. 17. 

err avrovs (pro wept avrwv) y. ea-fci/X/uei/ot (pro e/cXeXu- 
fjiGvoi) abcdfghkmnopqrsu. epprj/mevoi b. epifj.ft.evoi y. cos 
(pro wcrei) clmny. v. 37. o iqcrovs super \eyei,$**. iro\- 
Xois c. v. 38. e/cjSaXXei k. 

CAPUT X. v. 1. +d it)ffov$ (post ?rpocncaXe<rajiAei>os) y. 
avrovs (pro avrois) g. + /caret (ante Trvevnarwv) bcf**gp 
qrs. e/f/3aXti>x. fin. +ei> rw Xatw k. v. 2. eicn (pro m) 
nmsY. irpwrov b* (w. 24 desunt in x). v. 3. fiaOaios 

v t 

f*. Xe/3atos o. v. 4. -o secund. abfghklmnopqry. o jra- 
pa^oi/9(-:at)y. V. 5. rous owoe/ca x. op. ayroy^f. 
TroXjjf X. ffafj.apiT<av c, <ra/!xapjjTft)i/ x. v. 6. Tropeyecr&u x. 
fj.a\ov C. aTToXoXcora C. V. 7. Krjpvcrfferai u. v. 8. i/e- 
fcpou9 e'yeipere XeTrpous KaOapi^ered. vexpovs eyeipere 
abcfghklmnopqrsuxy. e^jSaXXerat c. e/cjSaXereS. 
cxy. v. 9. KTiff^fffle m*. /crtaaff^e y. /uw/re (pro 
prim.) h. v. 10. Trapa? hs. /x>/ (pro ^j/^e prm. et tert.) s. 
pajS^ous abcdfghklmnopqru. yap ecrrfj/ (-e<TT 
.vers.) y. rof /uiaOov (pro T^S rpofprji) p. v. 11. 
ffare y. ev aur)? rts p. V. 12. aa-jraaaaQai S. /W. +\eyot>- 
res eipqvr] TCD OIKCO TOVTCD (\eyovres p) dhpqry. v. 13. 
fie vet (pro fj.ev j?) y. +eKeivri (post oj/rm)k. afya j/ otKta S. 

bJf* v /\ 1 i^iJt- (*&*& C O 

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/u>y) c. V. 14. av (pro eav) y. H-ew (pos e^ep^o- 
) y. ot/ceias d. -e/ceti/^s g*. eKT^ya^are m*. /cai TOP 
Kovioprov K g. /w. +e7r avTq S. v. 15. +yap (p0s 
S. 'yijs Ci 'yo/toppas &gpy V. 16. yiveaOat S. 
dhxsemeZ. woret (pro ws ot) rs. -oi y*. a/cat- 
.peoi oj<rei irepeia-Tepai xsemeZ. v. 17. away wyes x. 

S. MATTH2EI CAP. X. vv. 1737, 13 

x. v, 18. ffTaOijffeffOe (pro a^flj/crecrfle) s. 
v. 19. TTapaStocriv c. Trapaoiaffovcriv s. pi (pro w) xsemel, 
fLepi/mvqffeTe f. XaXj/ffere abf*ghlmnpqry XaX^tnre c Xa- 
\)jfft]rai xsemel (pro XaXjyo^Te) SoOqeeTat yap ad fin. 
vers. fp*. $oQt]<reT xsemel. ijfuv (pro vfj.iv) cp**. e/aw 
p**. \ct\r]<rr)T gkos XaXiffere p** XaX^o-erai r (pro 
\a\tjffere). v. 20. ecm a. eo-rat xsemel. XaXowVats x 
semel. jj/uw" 0?^ u/xft" 7 ) l**py v - 21. eiravaffTtiffovTe x. 
V. 22. fjLjj(rov(ievoi x. V9ro/i^j/as x. OVTOJS C. v. 23. -$e k. 
cuanovcriv p. K($iQ)K(txriv S. yofjo f*. reXeffere p. V. 24. 
+OVTOU (posi c^icW/caXoi;) dhkqsy. V. 25. TOI/ naOrjrrjv C. 
(jp"0 o oovXos) y. oeffirorrjv (pro oiKoSetr.) a. 
dlmnqru. eTre/caXetray hkops. oiKeia/cous ab 
dghlra**noqrs. v. 26. -KCII Kpvrrrov o ov yv(aaOt}aerai 
f*. v. 27. TTjOos (jpro ets) s. Sonarwv by. v. 28. (pofiei- 
qQe abcdfghklmnops <o/3)/<70e qr (j?ro <f)ofiriOr]Te prim.). 
airoKrevovrcav abcdgklmnopqry. a'TroKTei/i/ocTcoi; -fhs.' 
-5e secund. y. +r^i' (ane ^v^rjv) bcdgkoqr. +TO 
(rew/a) bcdghkoqr. v. 29. aaapiov h*. affffapiw s. jj 
y. /n. +TOV ey ovpavois qr. v. 30. rpi^at s. -rracraf 
Ke(pa\i>]s airifiptOfJLr]fjLevai p. vipiQ^v\vr<u ( eicri) y. v. 31. 
+avTOi/y (p05i fyoflrjOriTe) k. v. 32. -ovvy. e/u.irpoff9e 
b*k. +TOIS (anie ovpavois} p. v. 33. apvrjcrerai gk*. 
xy. e/jLirpotrOe (prim.) k. apvrjffwue C. apvriffto- 
f*. v. 3,4. vofjuffere f. vonr}(rr)TG hqrs. rjpeivqv bis c. 
Desunt in y vv. 34 36 seme?, v. 36. OIKGIUKOI abdghl 
ynnoqrsy. v. 37. QiXov pro faXow prim, xsemel, etpro 
secund.semel. epov (pro emeprim.) p. /cat (^)ro 17 secMwc?.) k. 

14 S. MATTHLEI CAPP. X. v. 37 XL v. 24. 

6vyarepav y. v. 38. aKo\ovOr) xsemeZ y. oiriaip xsewie?. 
OTrtcro) y. V. 40. Severe prim. b*xfo's. aTrocn-iXayTa x, 
V. 41. Xet^erat bis y. /cat o ^e^o/Aei/os a<# jflw. vers. p. 
-/cat S. SiKeov x. V. 42. ai> (pro eav) y. Trorj/cret ex. 
TToriffei y. ^l/wxpovv ab*dsy. oy/u x. aTroXecret b*gy. 

CAPUT XL v. 1. jwerejSet y. SiScurKrjv x. Kijpvffaiv x. 
fin.+T(t)\ao)j. v. 2. tf/o-oy (pro ^picrrov) qr. v. 4. -fa 
(awife ftXeirere} g. v. 5. m't +ort r. +/cat (<mte veicpoi) 
k. v. 7. -TrejOt uoavvov y* (Aa6ei marg.). e^X^are x. 
. v. 8. e^X^are ex. TrepifieflXii/jLevov (pro ijiu.- 
x.) c. jSao-tXetwi/ acf**gkp. ficunXeicov bdf*l**mnos. 
(p*o eto-ti/) c. v. 9. -rty*. efyXOare x. v. 10. 
c. V. 11. eyeipyeprai kq, eyeiyeprai xy. 


. tavvou dp*y*. jSaTrrijcrToy x. v. 12. 

x. V. 13. ^e (pro 7ajo) g*. juex/ 01 (jP^O ews) y. eirpo(pt)- 
revffav a. v. 14. j? (pro et) b. 0eXerat x. ^e^acr^e y. 
eo-Ttm*.. j^Xtas fpxy. -^Xtass. v. 15. a/roy^v c. v. 16. 
Trat^tots abcdfghklmnopqrs. iraiSapiois KaOrj/jievoK ev rais 
ayopavsy. ayopa&ls. erepois avrcov b*cfgh*kosy. v. 17. 
yvXiffctfiev ghly. op^riaaaQe O. op^ia-affOey. ov 
(sic) y. v. 18. +o (cmte twai^^s) ap. tai/y>?? y*. +<m 
^aifMoviov) g. V. 19. -tov y. V. 20. +o t^a-oy? 
qp^aro) Imnqrs**. -TrXetcrrat y. v. .21. ^0|0a^eti/ b*d 
fgo. -^(apa^eiv hkp. ^Wjoa^ty l*mny. ($ri0<ra$a bcf**lmn, 
oqrsy. fliOadifiav k. -et csy. +KaOrj/uLevai (post (TTTO^) 
hlqr. v. 22. +TJ/S (ante Kpiffeus) c. v. 23. crot (pro cry). 
c. ^ et y\J/w0>js a (y\|/w0>js' a) f**ghklnmop. -roy ky., 
:aTa/3ij3acr06i(jJj f*k. -ony. eMeiyevC. e/xevovy. V. 24., 

S. MATTHJ1I CAPP. XI. v. 24 XII. v. 19. 15 

9 c, (TV (pro croi) b*. v. 25. -Kvpte y. v. 26. 
(pro vai) J. -crov c. v. 27. -/KOI; g. yivuoaKei (pro 
yiv. prim.) g. fai (pro ei w prim.) x. o (pro rj>) x. /3ov- 
\erai d, jSovXeirai x. v. 28. KOTTIOVTGS b* f oiiruovres 
. KOTroteoyres p. v. 29. evprifferat h. j'Xn. jjjixwj' y. v. 30. 
Xpiffros c, efitam ^cr xy (pro ^JO^O-TOS). ecrn S. 

CAPUT XII. v. 1. eTTopeuero y. v. 2. <Wres f. 
Trote v C. ffafifiaffiv U. V. 3. +^o"oys (po^if o ^e) cd. e?r- 
mcre (-ai/roe) bcfgkopu, V. 4. etyayov (pro e(j)a<yev) 0. 
ej/ (j9ro ijv) y. e^ oj' k. rows ^er ai/roy oy. et/xt py. v. 5. 
init. Jjg> TO craj8/3aTov y. TWI <raj3j3aToi; h. v. 6. 
jUW abdf**hklmnopqr. w^ef h, v. 7. e^i/w d. eyvcoKrjre 
y. e\aiov cy*. V. 8. o utos TOU avOpwirov nai rov (ra/3- 
j3arou h. -/cat abcdgklmnopqrsy. v. 9. +o t/croys (post 
GKeiOev) q. rwy tou^aicoi/ (pro avraiv) g. V. 10. +e/fet (post 
jjy) dhqrsy. TJ^i/g. %tpavC. eTrepwTijffav S, KartjycoptjffW" 
criv o. fin.+Kar (ante avrov) f*. v. 11. ecn-iv (pro earat) 
hy. eve* c. ej/ S. TrecDy f*y. +TOI/ (aw^e fio9vvov) y. ets 
fioOvvov rots cra/3. y. avrov b*f* awrw y (pro avro). v. 12. 
(UaXXop (pro oui/) y. - V. 13. +TW efypanfJLevyv 
(evoy d) TJ?I; ^etpa (posi avQpwirqt) dhs**. vov rrjv 
c. <rov rrjv "x^tpa y. aTre/caTecrTa^q b*cdgkop*qrsy. 
yeip avrov (post aTpe/carecrr.) y. 1/7(779 y*. V. 14. 
eTTOMjcrav (p*o eXa/3oi/) y. -eeX0oi'Tes y. awTan/ (pro 
auroy) h. V. 15. -iricrovs g. yKokovQeiffav h. a- 
Trai/ras Imn. v. 16. eTrerjy/u^cre!/ x. avrows (pro aurots) 
y. (f)av6p(av\)*. TroirjffWGiv avrov y. V. 18. yperriffa b* 
fkpqx. yperiaafJiriv y. eira<yye\ei S. v. 19. epetaoi q. 


S. MATTHJEI CAP. XII. vv. 1941. 

y. ctKovffr} hy. rrjv (JHtivyv avrov ev rats 
O. V. 20. -ai> x. e/cj3aX cy. e/cjSaXXi? S. v. 21. -ei> 
abcdfghklmnopqrsxy, v. 22. TOW K<a<[)ov KUI TV<J>\OV y. 
/cat flXeirei'v mi \a\eiv o. -/cat (awfe XaXetv) Imny. v. 23. 
efyffravTo $e (-/cat) r. +o XJOWTOS (posi e<rnv) lmns**y. 
v. 24. a/covoi/res o. ourosh. r^mny. v. 25. eavrrjv 
bis aqrsy. secund. d. eavrots ^>nm. p. ,/m. avo-Ta^jjcre- 
v. 26. -Toy S. e/cj3aXet c. V. 27. imV. ei ^e 
(-/cat) y. K/3aXw c. -01 b*. e/c/3aXoi/crt chkqry. 
effovrai vpcov y. V. 28. ev Tri/ei/juicm 0eou 70) 
bcdfhkops. e/cj8aXw c. v. 29. zmY. ei (pro rf) s. etcreX- 
0wi; k. cr/ceuei C[. apTracrai y. (Wi (pro or/cni) C. oiapiracrrj. 
abcdhklmnqrs ajOTracrei y (pro 5taj07racrei). V. 30. init. 
o yap /my y. cr/cop7rty/ y. v. 31. fin. avrots (pro Tots av- 
0jOW7rot?) g. v. 32. eav (pro avprim.) abcdfhklmnpqrxy. 
ouVe bis h. ev TO) vvv aitovi (-TOVTO)) abcdfghklmnopqr 
sxy. jueXovn x. v. 33. yivoffKere c. v. 34. yevrj/naTa b. 
cvvaaQai x. TJ/? Kapoias u. v. 35. MM. o f y a P a^a^os s. 
)9 x. -T^S Kaphas abcdfghklmnopqrsxy. e/c/3aXet, 
c. -ra (ante ayaQa) abghlmnopqrxy. e/c/3aX? 
secund. x. +ra (awte irovrjpa) cdks. v. 36. aTro^axrwo-t q^ 
V. 37. roy Xo^oc prim. x. oiKautiOrjo'ei y. 
secund. x. /n. KaraKpiQrivi] abh. KaTciKpiQtjffci y. v. 
r ypa/u.(JLCtTai(i)V S. TWI> (fiapiffcuwv /cat ypafjijuaTeoDv 
fiarets /cat (papiaaioi (rives) y. OeXoafiev f*. V. 39. 
-t-wjo-ovs (pos o Se) s**. twi/at c**. v. 40. ,-7|0 C. -^y c. 
eyevero (pro qv) y. +o' TTJOO^^TJJ? (pos twyas) y. +/cai 
adf**pqrs. v. 41. vrjvevirai h. ooV 

S. MATTH^II CAPP. XII. v. 41 XIII. v. 16. 17 

c. v. 42. jSacriXXwcra h. jSacriXeiao'a y. -TOW g. 
bis ab**dfghklmnopqrs. <ro\ofjiovos b*c**. 
ffo\(o/u.ovos c*. a>$e ghldm (sic v. ^passim), v. 43, $ta c. 
-TOTTCOV y. v. 44. yVocTTjoexj/w gqr. e\0(av adhm*n*sy. 
+KCLI (ante (reaapcouevov) ms. -KUI KeKoff/mrjiJ.evov g. -/cat 
(ante /ce/cocr/x.) y. v. 45. Xa/AjSapet m. ayroy (pro eayroy 
secund.} cy. -e/cet b. ^eipov y. Transfert d ecrrat ?^ 
. -/cat (awfe r^ 76^) y. v. 46. +ayrov (post 
- crot (jpro aim ( o) U. ayrov (pro ai/Tw XaX^a-cu) y. 
V. 47. ecrr^/cacrt y. v. 48. -eta-ii/ y. V. 49. -avrov prim. k. 
v. 50. TrotjjffGi hy. -/xoy pn'm. p. a^e\(j)i] itai aSeX^os b. 
a$eX$oi (j?ro a$e\<f)ri) S. 

CAPUT XIII. v.l. rats r)/*6pats eneivcus s**. v.2. -TO 
Imn. evfiavra C. KaBicrai dos. KaKaQeiff9ai y. arytaXov sy. 
eio-T^K^et f. V. 3. ei/ 7ra/)aj3oXat9 TroXXa Imn. <roy crireipai 
df**glmnsy. /?i. +TOI/ (nropov avrov gs (-ayroy s). 
v. 4. mf. /cat eYej/ero ej> rc^ CTTT. S. j^X0oy p, eX^oyra y 
(pro-vjWe). irertjva d**. -t-Toy ovpavov (post irereiva) 
dpry. -/cat fcrt y. v. 5. efypavOi (pro e^aj>erei\e) c. 
V. 7. aireirvrfeav f*. V. 10. +ayroy (posi naOrjrai) gqr. 
f *. v. 11. 5e$ore b*. $I$OTCU prim. y. ev Trapafio- 
^W oy ^orat) l*y. V. 12. irepiffevOrifferai df*. 
V. 13. ayroys (^)ro ayrots) C. XaXw ayrois y. iva pXe- 
vroj/Tes Mty jSXeTTaicrtc y. V. 14. TrXjy/oto^crerat sy. a^a- 
ir\ripa)OriffTai s**. -evr abdfghklmnopqr. ev (pro 67r') c. 
-j; secund. c. aKovayre boy. o-yveire y. /3Xe\|/?Te bcoy 
V. 15. GTreayyvQri y. TO we'll; ayroy p. ei$(aat f. GUVUM? 
o*. eiriffTpe\l/ovai bcdho. mcro/xat bcdhoqrsy. v. 16. 


18 S. MATTHJ!! CAP. XIII. vv. 1638. 

Jin. aKovovffiv cy. v. 17. yap aqr. TroXXoty. v. 19. 
-TJJS jSaatXetas lu. epei (pro apTrafyi) y. rov (pro TO) a. 
V. 20. Xafifiavei m*. v. 21. avrw (pro eavr^) a. ovv 
(pro Se secund.) y. v. 22. -anovwv g. -rovrov fo*. 
wyairrj (pro airarvi) y. v. 23. eiri rqv KaXqv yyv d. ets 
(pro em) g. -TYJV seeund. s*. $ s, $e y (pro &j). j^ti. 
+o e^wi/ wra afcoveii' a/coyerw y. v. 24. o/nouaQri y. 
almny. mAw y. v. 25. init. ev $e TO y. o 
avrov h. fiyfam (we vv. 26, 27, 29, 30, 36, 38, 
40) y. v. 26. +cnry\6ev (ante ejSXaffTJ/crev) y. v. 27. -Se 
d. ov (pro ov-fti) s. ecrTretjOes OS. <r<*) bs. a^/ow crov y. 
-ra abcdfglm**nopqrsuy. v. 28. TOWTW y**. 0eXj??b*. 
o-i/XXe^ojtxei/ ab**dhklmnqrs. a-vva.%0fj.ev y. e^e: q. -av- 
TOIS g. v. 29. earev (pro etyrf) o. ou h. v. 30. +ovv 
(post a(f)ere) hqr. Gwau^avEvQe k*s. ai/^ai/ecr^at cy. 
-TOV u (sic}, -ry (ante Kaip(p) abcdfghklmnopqrsy. 
^effyua f**. decr/ious 1. ets TO Kavcrai y. j^w. juov C*. V. 
31. eorTi y. aivaTreos g. ejSaXei/ (pro ea-jreipev) y. -TOJ g. 
V. 32. nwpov b*. avfyvOq y. /xei^iwi/ fs. +7rai/Ttov 
adlmnopqrs**. irer^va d**. v. 33. +o 

awTot?) sy ( \eywv s), a +Xe ( ywi' tantum h. 
ad*fghlmnoqrs. av\evpov 0. ctXeypoy s. 
y. v. 34. Tots op^Xots ey TrapafloXais C. Trapa- 
/3oXatS Tots o^Xots Kat ^WjOts p*. TOJS 0^X019 p**. 5^0- 
pts y. oucW (pro OUK) y. eXaXjy y*. v. 35. /ce/cpjuera y. 
v. 36. auTow (pro o iqcrovs) y. irpoffeWovres C (prima 
manu ?} -avrw q*? -avrov y. V. 37. (nreipov f*. v. 38. 
y. ~ol bis g. -TJ/S /3acrtXetas wsg'we a<# vtot p*. 

S. MATTH^I CAPP. XIII. v. 38 XIV. v. 9. 19 

r-ot secund. p**. v. 39. -$e u. +y (ante criwreXeta) gsy. 
crwi'TeXta y. . Koffft.ov (pro aitavos eanv) c, fin.eiffiy. 
V. 40. Katerai abdfghklmnopqrs. Keerai y. -rovrov h*u. 
v. 41. vv\\e%ovai y. v. 42, fiaXXovcriv y. -o secund. g. 
V. 43. o cp. TWI/ ovpavwv (pro rov irarpos avrtav] J. 
v. 44. ofjiotcoOtj (pro o/moia ecrrtv) y. -TOJ dhlmnu. v. 46. 
l*.apyapr)Trii> x. v. 47. j3\t)9t)<rt] b*. (3\tj9ti<ret SX. /3\7- 
0>/cra y. ^aXatray x. ffwayovarq b. avvayovtra C. V. 48. 
ai/aj3j?/3a(7avT6S X. +avT^r (^OStf i/aj8tj8acr.) S. GTTI rwy x. 
y. KaOrj<rai>Tes xy. awe\\e%av g. eXe^^ai/ y. 
ejSaXXoi; qr. e^ejBaXov y. v. 49. e<rre y. 
earat) S. jSacrtXeia (pro <rwreXeta) S. +TOUTOU 
atoji/os) q. v. 50. d^covrwi' x. v. 51. +ovv (^90Si Xeyet) S. 

ravra O. V. 52. e/r/3X7 C. TraXea x. V. 54. 

x. eKirXrjffa-GaOai bf**hko. einrXriaevQai c. -at 
; S*. avrvj C. v. 55. ov^r] (pro ovyi rj) c. jj S*. 
hy. -avrov secund. y. uaav} S, i(acnj(p J, iwavvv}<s 
bcf hko (pro tcocr//?). v. 56. Trap* ^ty d. eicriv p. wavra 
ravra bcfkos. v. 57. etjuti b*y. t^ta irarpih (pro ira~ 

avrov) U. V. 58. a-mffreiav y. 
CAPUT XIV. v. 1. init. +KCII 0. -jj^ow^sy. rerpa- 
y. v. 2. -ey gs. v. 3. Kpariffas y. eQrjicev avrov 
(pro eflero) c. v. 4. -o bf. v. 5. e^ojSeiro almn. 
avrtav k. v. 6. yevofiGvow (pro ayoneixov) C. op^tcraro y. 
(ante rqs qptahaSos) d. v. 7. co/AoXo^^crat p, 
y (j?ro Wju.oXo'yjjo'ey). Sovvai avrr) ep. airrjaijre q. 
y. V. 8. TrpofiiflaaOriffa J. (io$e k. Trii/cucos d. 
v. 9. e\VTriOri e*. opKovs h. avaKetfievovs y. e/ceXei/arai y. 


20 S. MA.TTH.EI CAP. XIV. w, 1036. 

v. 10. aireKe<pa\r](re b*ef*m*py. v. 12. Deest in h. 
+O.VTOV (post ffcofjLa) dy. eQap^av y. v. 13. o itja-ovs e. 
ave'^wpicrev y. ei/ 7rXot<p m*. +TCD (ante TrXoty) S. TO- 
TTOI/ y. /caTtotai' kloy. Tre^ot S. v. 14. toey ey. TTO\\VV x. 
ecTTrKa^viaOij c. evff7r\ayviff9ri x. eTr' OUTOIS abcdefghk 
mnoxy. v. 15. qSei y. aTreXOwvres x. ets rets /cw/xas 
C*? aytapacraxriv b. v. 16. ypiav X. oftire y. V. 17. 
ahx. ei/u y. i^doias c. v. 18. faperai h. v. 19. 
/cat g. e/ceXeytrer y. avctK\r)Qrivai bek*x, ai/aTre- 
y*, avairecrat y** (pro aca/cXtd.). GTTI rov -^pprov O. 
-/cat (ante Xaj3w') abdefghklmnopqrx. -TOVS ( 
y. -rots ma6riTa.i's y. v. 20. TOW irepiaevovTwv 
crevawrtov y) KXaff/naTiav cy. TrXrjpqs qy. v. 21. 
Keto-^iXtot x. v. 22. vjveyicea-ev ysemel. jyi/a^/cacre k. 
o tjycrovs C*k. TOWS jua^^ras o tJ/crof? f. aOroy bcfghk 
oruxsemeZ jsemel -TO _pnm. s. -avrov ysemel ewo-- 
crou xsemel. av (pro ov) qr. avroXvoret f*xsem.ysem. 
v. 23. KctriSiav dekl. Trpoaev^aaBe e. v. 24. -^ o*. 
PaffavYifynGvov x. v. 25. -6 t^crovs chk. ei; T>? daXacrffri c. 
V. 26. +CWTOV (^05i /jLaQrjTai) p. e(j)avraa^a y. V. 27. 
(fioflrjcrOe qrx. v. 28. -avTip clmny. -o p*. /uot (pro 
/ie) S. Trpoffe C. V. 29. /cara)3t C. +/cat (ante irepieira- 
rrjffev) C. avroy (pro roy iricrovv) J. V. 30. e/CjOavya^e e. 
v. 31. imV. +/cat Imn. -5e dlmn. etTrej/ (pro Xe7et) y. 
v. 32. avTwv q. e?rt TO TrXotoi/ qr*. v. 33. irpoaGKV- 
vycre g teste Traheron. v. 34. yevriffaper abmnsx. ye v- 
vrjaapeO efhop. v. 35. eiriyvtavres y. traffav (pro o 
h. TrpocnjuEKav c. v. 36. +KUV (ante novov) Imn. a 

S. MATTILEI CAPP. XIV. v. 36 XV. v. 25. 21 

eh, a\l/ovrai y (pro atywvrai). os (pro oaoi) C. +av 
(post off 01} m. fyavro a. eacoOqaav ack. 

CAPUT XV. v. 1. -ol acy. +T(DV (ante \epoffo\Vfj.<av) 
y. v. 2. TrupaSioGiv ep*. W7rr&)i/Tai cp*r. rats 
f-roi/ (<Mte aprov) dep. eaQiovviv y. v. 3. otjuts c. 
fieverai C. Trapafievere y. irapaScoffiv b*cf *. v. 4. -<roy 
.abcdfhklmnoqrs. v. 5. eai; (^ro av) bo. etTrei y. 4-avroy 
(post irarpi et wrpi) y. -eav b*. w0eAi07/s b*. <a<pe\t]- 
Oeis e. o(j)e\ri0et h? o<pe\ei0eis y. -JIAJ; y. rtmrjcrei b*oy. 
-avrov prim. c. secund. Imny. v. 6. tjKtjpcocraTe r. 
crare y. Trapa^waiv b*. v. 7. e7rpo(f)r)TGVffG a. 
Tre/Jt v/uwi; e. v. 8. e^yyi^i/ 0*? +ei/ (awife TW crroMaTi) a. 
TO (TTo/xem b*f. v. 9. aefiovre y. v. 11. H-ai/roy (jposff 
q. /coj/ei (pro KOJ>OI secund.) y. v. 13. {pvria e. 
b*. v. 14. ofiqyoi (pro ofyyoi) C. o$iyj] 
e, o^y qy (pro o^y^). efjureaovvrai Imny. v. 15. 
-of. v. 16. -fayrw (posi etTrei/) C. V. 17. OVTTW h. 
%opi y. a0e/3|0wi/a C. a(f>e$pova e. eKTropeverm (pro e/c- 
/3a\Xerai) y. V. 18. -5e y. e^epxpvrai gky. /cat eKetva h. 
V. 19. Xoyia/noi (pro $ta\.) g. /xot^tat ^>ovot y. KXoJTrat f. 
-K\07ratC. - flXafftprjuiat d. V. 20. -TO cSe awTTTots ad 
jfe. ver5. p. X<epffiv eaQteiv (pro (jxtyeiv) f. /cotvet y. 
V. 21, o iqffovs eKeiOev-q. eKeiOev ck. o tjyarous e. ave- 
v y. v. 22. ojoetaw y. v. 23. Deest in p. VT>/P 
avrrf) ysemel. \oy<a y. TrpoeeKdovrais xsemel, 
TrpoGe\6(avTe$ semel. ypoarov fx. ripwrov eq. ripu>Tovv 
avrw y. v. 24. +oVt (awie oy/c) y. v. 25. a7re\0ouo"a bo. 
g, e%e\0ovaa ysemel. TrpowKvvrjffev abcdf 

22 S. MATTILEI CAPP, XV. y. 25 XVI v. 6. 

ghklmnopsxy. fiorjOr] ef*sxsemeZ, v. 26. ov KO\OV ecrn 
cdkp. v. 27. enre almns. +v7ro/caTW TJ/S? rpcnrefys (post 
Kvvapia) ysemel. eaQiovviv ysem. \J/y^ieoj> p*. iraiSuav 
(pro TriTTTovTwy) ysem. v. 28. 6e\rjs c. v. 29. -o irj- 
crows u. v. 30. fxea eavrovs y- Kft)d)ows Tv(h\ovs vcoXows y. 

(ecu eVejOovs TroXXows g. avrov (pro rov ir)ffov)y. V. 31. 
rov oy\ov y. KvXXous vyieis y. vyuqs e. +KCU (ante 
^(oXou?) y. e^o^a^ov dlranpy, v. 32. Trpocr/caXecra^ei/os' oe 
o iijcrous 6. etTrev aurois dep. cr7rXa < yw^o/ue x. +TODTOJ; 
(post o^Xov) C. rpeis jjjuepas p rj/afpai e. yinepai bcfgh 
kosx. Trapanevovai s. e^wcrif. v^crTis Imny. y. 33. +TJ? 
(anf6 eptjjuiici) r*. aprip. v. 34. o ?o"ovse. j^0uooiap. 
V. 35. TOUS o^Xous C. avairecfiv X. v. 36. eTrra au. +yo 
(awie i^0uas) k. eoofcei; u. TOIS o^Xots cy. v. 37. irepi- 
aevov f*. TOJI/ TreptcreucravTa)!/ KXacrjuiarwy C. nXypys S. 

v. 38. jjtcrai; d. avfyjes rerpctKiaviXioi C. vwpeis x. v. 39. I 


bcdegkopsx. opta fs. opij g. /xa7^aXai; p. 
CAPUT XVI. v. 1. eX&wres S*. -01 y. +ot (ante 
aa^ovKaioi) 0. eirijownjcra!' e*. ypwrriaav y. vv. 2, 3. 
Desunt omnia post enrev UTOIS in ck. aurois y. 
rai p. Tri/joa^ei (sic V. 3) ghy. yap b. v. 3. T 
dfgqrs. vrvppafyi f *. VTroKpiraib. jixevg. vq/uieiov (pro 
Kpoffwirov) e. 'yii/ftJcrKerat e, oioare f, (^>ro <yiv<affKere). 
$vvaa9ai e, crui/tere hos, (pro SwaaOe). fin, +<yv(avai qr. 
v. 4. jjfij? c, et/xt y (pro ei JULIJ). /cat (ante KaraXiTrwy) y. 
e. Gt7reX0ei/ u. V. 5. -ai/roi; y. Xa/3eiv ap- 
e. v. 6. O.VTOIS ysemel. -<cai cra^oujcaiwi' ysemel. 

S. MATTKLffil CAPP. XVI. v. 8 XVII. v. 2. 23 

v. 8i -avrois a (eitre) ey. v. 9. oinrco f. v. 10. reraKia")(i- 
Xitovk*. TTOtrous c. <r0v/na$p. v, 11. ovi> (pro ov prim.) 
C. <ruvieTe (pro i/oetre) h. ou secund. p*. aproav adepy. 
+ i 7T|Ooo'e^eTe $e (pos irpoae^eiv) adp. +aXX* y, +a\Xa e, 
(posi irpovexeiv). aawovKcuwv /cat (papiaauov g. V. 12. 
eiTrei/ awrots d. TTjOocre^et p. TOW aprcov y. aXa C*. aXXa 
abdehklmnpqr. v. 13. Kataappias c. iccu<rapias 1. 
v. 14. jJXtav fkxy. v. 15. \eyerai c. v. 17. ere (pro 
<rot) C. aXXa g? -rots y. v. 18. crv (pro aoi) x. v. 19. 
ras e. to (pro o) bis fc. ^jjcret? y. Xv<rets y. v. 20. 
y. <TTI y. -itjaovi abeghlmn. -o py. v. 21. ei$ 
aireXOeivy. irapa (pro airo secund.} p. irpe- 
v Kttt y. ypa/XjuaTaiwi' S*y. avacrTJjvat 

py. v. 22. aimo entri/nav ay. iXeos e. iXewj fk. 
yevoircu rovrta (pro effrai croi rovro) y. v. 23. GTriarpQ.- 
(j)ei$ dep. +ort (ante GKavSaXov) p. v. 24. -o w/crous uy. 
Xe'yej (pro eiTre) g. ^TIS y. a.KO\ov9ew (pro e\Qeiv) y. 
-O.VTOV secund. ysemel. a/coXoy^rw egy. v. 25. OeXety. 
airo\earj (pro -ei) qr. aTroXecret (pro -?j) b*ef *y. v. 26. 
o<j)e\i]Ori<r6Tai y. or' aj; (pro eav) y. nepoqcrei y. ^vfjuwQi] 
r. aTToXearet (pro ^j/jtuwfty) y. ai>Ta\ayna b*cef *. v. 27. 

C. Karvjv d. ra CjO^a p*, TJ^V ra^ic y (pro 
i;). -avrov tert. q. v. 28. +5e qr, +70^ S 
. rtyes w^e eo-rwres bfghklmno. rtves rwv o>^e 
ecrrwre? cr. GGTWTWV sy. aJ^e bcghklmnr. yevcrovrai y. 
TOI/ Trarpos (pro j8a<rtXetct) y. 
CAPUT XVII. v. 1. as opous p. Kanhav ah. aT)/- 
x. v. 2. at/rot/ (pro avrtov) p. e'yevovro cfhopqruy. 

24 S. MATTH^II CAP. XVII. vv. 324. 

v. 3. cD(j)9r] avrtiD y. utovcrris dhqruy. ?Xtae fkpy. v. 4, 
o g. Kvpie S. <o$e fo's h alii. Trot^cro/xev r. juwtret adf 
hlmnpqrx. vfKia, fk. j/Xta ju.tav C. /cat ^Xta /uav /cat 
y. v. 5. init. +/cat y. +$e (post eri) ds. 
J, (a>Tos u (pro <j)ti)Teiv)j). \eyovffa y. -ea-Tii/ 
g. a^aros (p^O a'yaTr^ros) x. v\v^oKr](ja. f. euoo/ctcra x. 
rjooKqcra y. V. 6. eireaiav x. v. 7. jjx^aro a. 
rai x, (j)ofir]a9e qr. v. 9. KarafiaivovTov p. 
v(0vT(i)v x. e/c (pro ct7ro) abcdfgh*klmnopqrsuxy. -o 
it](rovs C. Xe^wy g* ecoffffov X. araorret O. V. 9. 7r>;jO(t)- 
TJcrai/ y. ort (jpro oi/v) y. j/Xtai/ fkpy. v. 11. -tjycrovs y 
?)\ias (sic v. 12) kpy. -irpcorov y. v. 12. +/cat (posi 
on) dk. j;oe y. eryvtoffav df *. aXXa a. f v oy. tocra f. 
OUTWS du a?n. v. 14. avQp(OTro<s rts Trpoa-rjXOe TOO 
(initio peric.) x. TW ijycroi/ (pro ayrw prim.} f**g. 
(postf avQpooTTos) fgjsemel. <yovv7rerov x. avrov (pro 
avr<p secund.} abcdfgklmnopqrsxy, v. 15. -/cat (posi 
Tryjo) C. v. 16. irpoffriveyKaif ysemel. ecW70j/aw y. 
V. 17. wii. Tore o uycrovs airoicpiQeis ( $e) ysemel. ain- 
<rre g, Trovripa ysem. (pro a7rt(TTos) eo-Ojixe b*. ^w. 0e- 
pere auroi' TTjOos /ue ( w^e) x. v. 18. ia6r} (pro e9epa- 
TrevOri) Imn. v. 19. KariSiav ahk. +yrw (posf GLTTOV) bd. 
e/cjSaXAeti' e. e/c/SaXj/i/ ai/rw X. V. 20. aTriareiav e. 
6 X 6Te S' e X etTe x< I/a7rft 'S f * p.eTaflr)Qri x. jw. jj/ut j' y. 
V. 21. eKiropevere X, fia-iropeverai y, e^ep^erai pu (pro 
efcvrojoeverat). V. 23. avaarriaerai (pro eyepOqcrerai) f. 
KCU eXu7ri)0>jcrav a<j>o&pa f. v. 24. otojocryjua 6%Vdehps 
xy. Xa/i/3avwj'Te9 x. -f-avra) (posi etTrov) S. etTrei/ y. 

S. MATTILEI CAPP. XVII. v. 25 XVIII. v. 15. 25 

v. 25. eia-rjXOov Imnps. avrovs (pro avrov) p. Sw/ceex. 
TeXei e. v. 26. oi gpxy. v. 27. aKavoaXrjcrwfjLev x. 
-Tji>abdekop. avafiatvovra abdfghkpqrxy. avafievovra 
c. ei/|0j/<n/s cy. 

CAPUT XVIII. v. 1. +CWTW (posi Xe7ovres) x. /xei- 
01; h. jui?ft)i; x. Transfert s ec7rt c2 fin. vers. v. 2. 
o irjffovs S*y. ecyrrjirev d. avrw ex. v. 3. o"roa<i)Te y 
sem. a 6Triffrpa(f)r)Te semel yevqcrQai x. v. 4. raTreti/a)- 
crei abcdefghklmnoqrsxy. eavrcov f*. avrov ysem. ecrri 
(-0) ysem. CTTI TO b. v. 5. ai> (jpro ea^) y. ^e^re m. 
ev ac**O. ev naiSiov rotovrov y. v, 6. cncai/$aXro y. 
Kav$a\iar]i d*. Kpepaafai \iOo$ fivXiKos irept y. Tre^t py, 
e/s abcdefgklmnorsu (pro GTTI). Ka.rairovriaQei y. V. 7. 
+$e (posi ovai) S. effriv y. eiceivy y. ra crfcavoaXa 
(pro TO ff/cawSaXoy) dg. TO GKavSaXov e* (habet marg.). 
v. 8. im't jy (pro et) sy. cr/cai/5Xtcrj]i b*. <r/cai/SaXi^i/ qrsy. 
ets TJ/V ^o)j?f icre\9eiv e. ^w^ etveXdeiv (sic) U. eXfleti; 
g*p. ^oXoi/ y. KV\\OV YI ^wXov f. -^yo secund. dg. v. 9. 
-o' y. flr/cav^aXt^/ sy. v. 10. +/rat (ante fivf) ysemel. KO.- 
ra(ppov^(TT f. SiairavTOs a. SicnravTos ev TOK ovpavoi? 
jsem. -ffpoffwrrov rov y*. +TOIS (ante ovpavoi<s) x, 
V. 11. +fy]Tijffcu Kat (ante crwffai) qr. w. 12, 13. evevrj- 
Kovraevvea abdghldmnqrsx. evevrjKovra evvea efpy. eve- 
VIKOVTO, evvea C. v. 12. +$e (post ri) q. a^^sy. e?ri T 
.Ojoei r. TrXavo/ievoi/ y. v. 13. +-^apa (ante -^aipet) h. eTr' 
avro dfgy. v. 14. -enirpoaOev usque ad ovpavois e. fiov 
(pro vnwv) cfpxy. \v g. aTreoX^rat dfqrs. airo\\vrai y. 
v. 15. anapTij<Ti by. a/nctprtjarei e. d/naprri hlmns. /cat 

26 S. MATTHJEI CAP. XVIII. vv. 1534, 

prim. mnsu. +KCII (post novov) b. v. 16. veavrov (pro 
crov) de. -en sy. o-raOqfferat, y- V. 17. TJ? e/c/cX^o-ia 
(pro rqs KK\t]ffias) cky (sK\r]ffia c). irapaKovffet secund. e. 
e^/cos x. eft^/cos ef**m*y. v. 18. -f-ort (ante oVa 
prim.) qr. av (pro eav prim.) fg. Svffqre y. -rtoprim. 
n*. TOK ovpavois (pro rip ovpavy secund.) y. v. 19. 
+aimt]v (post 7ra\iv) abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. -on x. -^yo 
ysemel ffv/n^cov^a-ouffiv e% v/mtav y. -vfjiiav g*. O.ITV\<SQV- 
rai chysem. airiaovrai ysem. aiTrjffcovre x. yevrjaere 
x. v. 20. OTTOV (j9ro 01)) qy. >;/ut (^ro etjuit) x. v. 21. 
avrwt h. -Kvpie e. +eai/ (aw^e afjLaprrjffei) e. a/ua/o- 
O. afiaprtjffij qs. v. 22. e/3oo/utKoi/ra:ts b*. V. 23. 

b*ey. -avOpwjrw c*. -ds y. qOeXycre 
v. 25. +rt (awie a7ro^ovi/at) y. -avrow secund. y. 
(pro auTou secund.) c. v. 26. 7reGroj> x. $e (^ro ow) y. 
4-e/ceti/os (post ^oyXos) e**. -icvpie y. airofioffw e. V. 27. 
<T7rXa'y^W7a - 0ef$ x. Saviov x. avrov (pro avnp) k. v. 28. 
eype TH/a (|)ro eJjoei' ei/a) y. <w? (pro os) p. Sivapia y. /cpa- 
rtcras y. -/uoi y- Ti (pro o,rt) abcdefghklranopqrsx 
(orty). o^>etX^sb*. w^etXets f *xy. v.29. -eis TOUS iro^as 
ayrou gl*. -TTUVTU abcdghklmnoqrsux. croi a-Tro^oJo-w 
efpy. v. 30. eOeXev b*. a\Xa abcdef**hklmnopqrx. 
avro (pro avrov) u. -\-rviv (ante ^uXafojy) qry. v. 31. 
ayrow py. yivoneva bis x. eavTwy (pro avriav) adef hkl 
mnoqrsx. diravra h. +Taura (ante iravra) y. v. 32. init. 
TTjOocr/caXecra/xeyos oe ( Tore) ep. avrov e. tooy Trovqpe 
oouXey. Tratra p. o^)etXeti/b. <re (pro crot) c. v. 33. -/cat 
jpnm. n*. secund. y. Ka7to f. v. 34. (Woy n. n-av y. 

S, MATTMI CAPP. XVIII. v. 35 XIX. v. 16. 27 

V. 35, ovTw? d alii, OVTCOS eu. ^wv (pro /mov) u. o ovpa- 
vios ceg*. iroir}ffi v/miv y. a(j)eire y. avrwv (pro av- 
rov) b*? 

CAPUT XIX. v. 1. ffwereXeaev u. -frj;? (ante ya\i- 
Xam?) acdefhkmnopqry. opa f. v. 2. eOepcnrevev p*. 

e/rei C. V. 3. ol fyapiaaioi rut iqffov (pro auroj) e. oi 
y. auTw (pro avrov) x. -auro) secund. adepuxy. -av- 

f. avOpooirov C. dftapriav (pro airiav) U. V. 4. 
aefhko. appev' ko. a^ocre qr. V. 5. eye/ce y. 
/caTa\j?>J/ei e. +avrou (posi vrarepa) bhlmnqx, 
/coXXj^o'eTai bf hko. Ko\\rjOt]aeT6 ex. 
yvvaiica elmn. avrov e. v. 6. +oiw (posi tocrTe) y. 
en k. eicriy. ^OjOi^era) y. V. 7. /xwua^s g. V. 8. 

ort /twcrjjs y. i^wvcr^s ehp. ^ta (^ro Trpos) y. OTrajO^qs 
befhko, oi/ro)9 dlmnqu. ovro? ex. v. 9. airo\vo-fi y. 
-64 abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. iropvtav x. yaMffei efsy. 
/cat o aTro\e\v/nevriv ad fin. vers. S*. yafitav (pro ya- 
juDjuas) ey. v. 10. ouVos e. ai/^joos (pro avQpwtrov) y. 
+ avrov (post yvvaiKos) p. v. 11. +070-01;$ (posi ^e) de. 

y. TOVTOI; y. ^eowrat x. V. 12. e<yevr}9t]crav f. 
dlmnu. -Kat eto-ti; wsgwe ac? avOpwircov f* (margo 
habet bis r&pet.}. orives tert. p*. <W TJ/V fiacikeiav nw 
ovpavwv evvov^ioav eavrovs g. evvov^crav bko, ewov^t- 
y (pro ei/rov^tcrav). \opeiv ^opeir y. V. 13. 
S. eiridei eir avrois ra? ^eipas y. v. 14. TTJOO? 
h. -eX0e/ TT/JOP /xe y. V. 15. ras %et/oas eV aura 
(pro ayrott) qr. ras d. BwopevOrfffav u. v. 16. wwtf. TW 
Kaipw e/ceti/w s** (marg'.). veavuricos (veaviffKov S**) T<S 

28 S. MATTH^ai OAPP. XIX. v. 16 XX. v. 10. 

7rpo<rri\6e TO) trjaov 'yowirerwv avrov KO.I Xe'ywc S**xy. 
+TIS (post els) Imn. feayioros TIS (pro els) qr. v. 17. init. 
o $e irjcrovs psu. etjtxt x. ei(re\0r]v x. e\9eiv g. V. 18. 
7<roysx. enrev avro) TO c. roy. ov ^euooii.apTVpr]ffis 
ov K\e^eis p. v. 19. -aov prim. bcf**ghklmnoqrsxy. 
ayairrjaris J. ffavrov r, eavrov (pro aeavrov) adef**pq 
xy. v. 20. veoTiros x. v. 21. $ws x. e'^?/s- e. ovpavois fr. 
^ei/jow aKoXovOrj xy. v. 24. $e e. -t-o'rt (awi 
pov)o. K.a/JLi\oVX.. TjOujuaXtas ep. rpwiraros y. 
heXOrjv x, eto-eX0etv (pro ^teX^eti/) acegosy. -n-Xovo-to? y. 
V. 25. -avTov ep. v. 26. Xe7et (pro eiTrei;) e. -avrois x. 
-ecrrt secund. acdf*hklmnps. v. 27. airoKpiOeis ^e 
(-rore) y. +/cvjOte (ante i$ov) bey. /w. il/txtj/ e*. v. 28. 
KaQr)(Tvj b. KaOrjcri C. KaOqcreaOe bfgk. KaOiffacrOe y. 
y. 29. OCTTIS (pro 09) dep. otKtai/ bdglmnpy. -^ Trarejoa 
n nqrepa v\ yvvaiKa t) TGKVO. g. K\r)povofivjarj y. v. 30. 
+01 (ante ea^arot secund.} cp. 

CAPTIT XX. V. 1. oinouaBrj y, w/jLOuaBq x (pro o/*oia 
evTiv). v. 2. iteestf w k. rat o-y/i^wrj/o-as (-$e) abdf*h 
Imnoqrs. hvapiovxy. -avrovsy. -avrovh. \.3.-rtjv 
adefghklmnqrsx. i$ev e. v. 4. /cat e/cws abc (e/ctj/ots) 
dfhklmnoqrsxy. uVaYare S. afweXova x. +JIAOV (pos 
aiu.7re\(t)va) adeg. v. 5. oi c!e curr)\9ov x. +/cai 
b. evaryv adefhkmnpsx. (acravTcos bfhk. 

e- worayro? x. v. 6. +ei> TJ? ayopa (ante apyovs) 
hqr. v. 7. efJieiffOwffctTo x. +/AOU (posi ap.7re\<ava) def** 
g, w (pro o) k. v. 9. (tivaptov x. v. 10. +/cai (aw^ oi 
d. evwfjLyffav b. evo^r/crav xy. 7rXeoi> p. Xetv|/oi/- 

S. MATTM! CAPP. XX. v. 10 XXI. v. 1. 29 

rai e. v. 11. -\eyovres b. V. 12. jyjuwc (pro rnuv) y. 
Kctvffova b. Kavffiova; g. Kaiffcovafa. V. 13. /xe (pro fj.oi) y. 
V. 14. 0eXo> cowai TOVTCD TW eayaro) (-$e) y. TOWTO TW 
b. v. 15. a (pro ^ secund.) abdfghklmnpqrsy. jw. ei M^ x. 
v. 16. -ecr^aroi secund. y*. v. 17. -\-avrov (ante naOri- 
y. Kanhav k. V. 18. Tr.apa$(aOr]ff6Tai f*. +TOIS 
ypappareuffi) e. ypa/JL/maTeis b. ayrw (pro avrov) y. 
v. 19. imaarriywaai e. v. 21. -avrjj k. 0eX?9 c. /ca^j?- 
crwo-ti/ y. -$yo y. e^evovv^cov b. e^evwvv^wv cefghlmnpy. 
+CTOU (posf evwvvfjiCDv) abcdefghklmnopqrsy. v. 22; 
Trteti; (pro tnveiv) ps. ? (pro /cat) abcefhklmnoqrsy. 
v. 23. -Kat m*. e^evcovvfJLCov dfgy. -fxoy ^r#. adfg. 
4-rouTo (aw^e ^owat) h. Trapa (pro WTTO) S. -WTTO TOV 
TraTjOos jiAoy y. V. 24. ctKOvaBavres y. jjp^avro ayavaK- 
TCLV d. v. 25. coKovvres ap^eiv (pro ap^ovres) d. ara- 
Kvpieovffiv y. +awTft)v (pos^ fie'yaXoi) eq. V. 26. $e 
bcgky. -ev prim. mn. 0)5 ecu/ 0e\ei q. -/ueYasg*. ecrraf 
(pro e<TTa>) abcdef*ghklmnoqry. v. 27. -eav eg. ecrrat 
(pro eo-rw) adefglmnqy. v. 29. eKTropevo/mevco avrao n? 
eKiropevofievov avrov (TOV irjaov x) q*rx. lepi^fa adfhkl 
qrs. rjKo\ov9r]ffv f. ^KokovQ^oav p. TroXots x. v. 30. 
we q*r. oavio o? V. 31. eTrert/iwi; a. crioTrwoxni/ b. cr>?o- 
TTKraxrtv x. /wa^or/ bfxy. Xe'yoj'res y. vie dfxy. v. 32. 
/cat (sic) u. ayrots (pro avrovs) cf. 9e\erat f*x. v. 33. 
(pro yfjicov) C6S. v. 34. (nr\ayi>r]a9is x. avrwv ol 
/ULOi a. jf?w. awrw y. 

CAPUT XXI. v. 1. j^yytcrei/ bkx. +o t^croys (posi 
.) k**x. j/X0ey box. ^9ff()ayr)v ao**. flrfayriv o*. 

30 S. MATTHJEI CAP. XXI. vv. 121. 

v) bdfghlmnpqrsy. eis (pro TT/JOS) g. a7recrTetXei> 
o iriffows p. -o cko. -o irjo-ovs b**q**. fin. +O.VTOV J. 
V. 2. virayeTe (pro TropevOrjTe) y. Ka.TGva.vTi s. -etflews 
pS. evprifferai e. evpijffeiTe X. evpia-qre y. TTO\OV X. 
v. 3. -etTTj? q. +/cat (awfe ev^ews) m*. aTroa-reXXet abed 
efhklmnopqrsxy (aTrotrreXet g). V. 4. WTTO (|?ro Sia) p. 
v. 5. flaciXev ffov x. e7Tt^8<?j8^/cos x. i/twv f. V. 6. -/cat h. 
v. 7- /cat 67re/ca0icraj> eTravw avrwv cs. eitcSiaev aeg. 
KaOtjaev bf kxy. e7re/ca0tcrej;dhlmnoqrs**. 
v. 8. effTpotrav x. ai/rcoi/ (pro eaurwy) blmnq**. 
wj/x. ey secund. c. V. 9. ol trpoayovres oe ( oi ovXot) - 
h. waai^i'ct 6^s e. w<rd/;ra 6w Impqsy. v. 10, eXfloyros b. 
eicreX^ovTes p*. eaiffQq e. v. 11. tjycrov? y. va^ajoer ab 
cdfgklmnpqry. v. 12. -o bcko. K-oXv/3icrra)i> ehks. /ca- 
ffTp6v|/e d*. V. 13. 7ro7(TaTe afrov'u. eTrot^aarat p*. 
v. 14. ^toXoi /cat Tv<p\oi abcdefghklmnopqrsy. v. 15. 
ap^tjOets (sic v. 23) e. oi secund. e. oi ^joa/a/iaTets /cat 
ot apxiepeis y. roi/s y. /cat Xe^oi/Tas ej;' rey tejOw y. 
axrdvva e. a>(rdvi>a Impqsy. qyavctKrivav y. V. 16. -aury 
k. -t-oy/c (a?i^ a/coi/et?) hpy. Transfert e j/at ^w locum. 
ante atcovets. irjcrovsy. enrev (pro Xe'yet) f *osy. art a. 
^jjXa^wvrwy x. KCtTrjpTriau) f*xy. V. 17. KardXenrwv bx. 
-ets (3r]6aviav y. V. 18. TTJOWI x. -t-'yei/Ojwei/^s (|)0^ ^e) C. 
7rt (|?ro eis) d. eTrii/ao'ei' X. V. 19. 0uXa x. enrev (pro 
\eyei) y. e^ov (pro e/c aoy) b. v. 20. t^o^rats X. v. 21. 
e^ere cysem. e^etre x. +ws KOK/COI/ ffti/airetos (^)osi Trt- 
artv) e. ^laKpiOrjrai x. SiaKpiOeire ysem. vrotrjcreiTe b. 
iroiifiar)Te y. Trot^crtTe X. /cat (pro /cav) c. TO opet b. TOI/TO 

S. MATTELEI CAP. XXI, vv. 2138. 31 

bxy. 'yei/r/0-jjrcu y. v. 22. eav (pro av) behklmnoxy. 
aiTrja'qffQe p. TrtcrrevovTats X. V. 23. ei? TW X. TOV 
Xaoy y. +eiire q/uiv (post Xeyovres) y. TI croi eSwuev f*. 
$e$WKe qr. V. 24. eirejofor^ffw pqr. epamcr&> y. era Xo7or 
6S. Kai(pro ov) y. eova-i y. V. 25. e ovpavov v\v (-iroOev) 
ysemel. eXoyifyvro C. ey (pro Tra/?') jsem. etTrojuei; by. 
x. vfjuvdef. -ovv a. v. 26. -5e k. eiirofiev bxy 
v. 27. ei7roj> rw t)?orov a. +KO.C (post e(j))j) e. o 
(pro /cat awros) s. vfuv \ey(a aeg. TTOIOM d. v. 28. 
+TIS (post av6pwiros) Imnqrsy. ecr^ei/ (pro et^e) f. crt- 
/uejooi/ x. /w. fjLov egysemel. v. 30. erenow e, ere/jw ac 
dfgklmnqrxysem. (pro Sevrepy). ftJcrai/rtos fko. wcroyTos 
x. v. 31. +oyi/ (pos TIS) ysem. +CLVTOV b?o, +avrwj/ b? 
ysem. (post irarpos). Trporos x. on y. rtov ovpavwv 
(pro TOV QGOV) ysem. v. 32. -irpos y/uos s * +o (awie 
kx. eTrtcrreycraTai x. ayrwi' (pro awry prim.) p. 
(pro ai iropvai) e. e (pro ai) x. v/uets $e ad 
. vers. x. v. 33. hs cgkou. Ojoy^ei/ x. Xti/oi/ xysem. 
xsem. e^e&uro ~s.sem.ysem. v. 34. jjyyria-ev 
ysem. qyyrjffev xsem. /cejoos xsem. aTrecrr^Xei/ xsem. 
(pro avrov) s. v. 35. efypav elmnqrxsem.ysem. 
(pro Seprim.) ysem. cnreaTyvav xsem. eXiOofioXicrav 
ysemel. v. 36. +^e (post iraXiv) u. aireffriXev xsemel. 
-eWXot/s ysem. eiroiijcrev p. wVai/rws fhk. wcrayro? x. 
v. 37. aireffnXev xsem. Xe'ywc ad j^w. vers. xsern. 
q. evrpairiffovrai xsem. v. 38. 

xsem. ourws xsem. aTro/CTetj/ojaei' gysem. cnroK.TYivoiJ.ev 
xsemel, at airoKTvivfa^ev sem. Karao-^ojiAei/ xysem. 

32 S. MATTHJEI CAPP. XXI. v. 38 XXII. v. 19. 

v xsem. v. 39. Totus hie versus sic est apud y : 
KCLI eKjSaXovres aurov ea> rov a/ATreXwyos cnreKTeivav. 
aireKTrjvav xsem. v. 40. OTJ> b. Troirjaq r. iroieicrri X 
sem. v. 41. Xeyovvi p*. eK^axrerat cdefghkPmnopqrs 
xysem, airo^cocroucrt (.-aim*)) ysem. Kepois x. v. 42. 
cnreocoKiiuiaffav G. aTreooK^fJiaa'av x. eyevvqdri aexsem. 
governs f *. 7owas m*xy5em. /cai eo-r^ cops. /w. j)/xwi/ 1. 

V. 43. TOl/Ttt f*. OTl y. ap0J}(TT6 X. /3a(7>7\6ia X. 

benp*xy. -napirovs y*. V. 44. imtf. -/cat e. cry 
Oqaere e. -^' b. o ay d*. XtK/mrjat] o. 

CAPUT XXII. v. 2. o/moiwOr) e. o/jtoiwOij by. 
vtiw afTowk. v. 3. ei(?eXoi/x. etaeXdeiv S. V. 4. e 
(pro ijToi/maffa) y. v. 5. eniropeiav f**. V. 6. 
(pro vflpivav) p. v. 7. KCCC aKOucras o /3acriXevs 
(-^e) abcdefghklmnopqrsuxy. opyiffQrjy. curtoXeaai y. 
(jewels ef. -r^i' y*. TToXtjv x. avTwv b*. GveirpKrw fx. 
v. 8. etcrai/ (pro ^aw-) x. v. 9. iropeveaOai x. ra? 
y. eai' (pro ai>) abdehopsxy. v. 10. oi)s (pro 
C. V. 11. i$ei> e. V. 12. erepai C, crepe X (pro 
ercupe). efyriuwQri x. V. 13. cicravres x. X 6t j as Kal fo^as 
abdflmnqrsuy. eK/3aXXere bel*qr. e/xj3aXere p. /3aXere 
gx. e^orepov f. eorre e. COCOI/TOW x. v. 14. e/cXerot y. 
v. 15. (papicffaioi xsemel. crv^fiovXiov eXapov oi (bapi- 
cratoi e. Tra'yrj^eucrwcru' x. v. 16. aurou (pro avrwv) ysem. 
ypio&avov xsem. aXydeis bx. ^ (pro et) f *X5em. ^eXXet 
acefhpqry^ew. MeXX^ ysem. fj.e\i xsem. avQp^irov y 
s&m. v. 17. rei crot oWei xsem. K^t'crov (jctycroi/y) /cat- 

t ooyj/ai fy. Kaiaapei xsem., at Keffapi semel. V. 19* 

S. MATTH^I CAP. XXII. vv. 1945. 33 

g. mvaov ysem. Sivapiovxy. v. 20. ei/cwy e. 
xsem. viroypafpr] ysem. V. 21. /cetraps bis 
xsem. +o JJ/O-GUS (ante airoSore) ox. airo^wre ysem. 
-owk. +TW (ante Kcuaapi) e. icata-apei xsem. v. 22, 
xsem. v. 23. wpa (pro j^e^a) m. +ol(ante 
) g. -oi (ante Xe^oyres) acef*gkpx. eTrtptart]- 
crai/x. eirtjpWTiffavy. V. 24. fiu'varis egkp. rti/os a$e\- 
0os cnroOavet (pro TIS a7ro0aij) y. eiriya/n^pevari y. 
avaaa-Tiiaei X. v. 25. TTJOOTOS x. V. 26. -f ^e (p05i5 
oVotft)?)u. v. 27. aTreOavv(-Kai)g. W. 27, 28. Desunt 
in x wgwe ae# eVra (Aa&e# margo partim). v. 28. -oi/y 
y. v. 29. auTois b. TrXavaaQai x. eitUres x. i^wres y. 
v. 30. e/f < y a / jl '7</ i)J '' 7 " at x> os(p^0ftjs)x. TOWS. +TW (awie 
ovpaixp) p. v. 31. p0ei/ x. v/niv ey. v. 32. jjcraa/c x. 
0eos (anie veKpcav) y. V. 34. e0>?/xojcre ehky. craodou/ce- 
ovs x. TW avrw f *. aurw x. V. 35. CTrrjpwriffev y. VO/ULIKO? 
rts ( et?) xysem. ayrwC, ai/rwc p* (^ro avrov). v. 36. 
-^acr/caXee. v. 37. Kvpios (pro i^rrovs}^- (prj (pro 
enrev) abcdefghklmnopqrsuxy. a77D?crjs x, -TJ? (anie 
KapSia) bcdfhkn*oqrs*x. -TJ? (awie v|/w^) bcf*hkqs*x 
semel. v. 38. Trptarri GVTo\y KCU fieyaXr) ysem. evToXt] 
ysemel. v. 39. uvrrjce, avrrj dklmnqrsy (^?ro avn/). 
TrX^o-criov x. os (pro ws) xsem. eaurov b?ceoqrsx. v.40. 
-Sucriv C*. TTjOo^re b. 'V. 41. eirypioTusevy- avrots(pro 
ai/roi/s) x^em. -o t^oy? ysem. v. 42. ^awetx. eo-rtv 
V. 43. +o ?o-oi's(a^e 7rtos)b. -avroi/y. /caX;x 
v. 44. VTronarw (pro VTTUTTO^IOV) ck. v. 45. init. 
ovv oajSio ei; irvevfiari Kvpiov avrov KaXet e. 


34 S. MATTH^I CAPP. XXII. v. 45 XXIII. v. 13. 

(post $aj3i$) dg. KctXq xsem. icvpiov /caXet avrov 
ysem. v. 46. ecWarw f*. jycWaro qrxsem. 
avrw aeglmnysem. avra-rroKpiBrtvai u. <opas 

c. eireptoTrjffe xsem. eptoTicrai ysem., at eirepoarKrai semel. 

(pro avrov) c. ova en k. 

CAPUT XXIII. v. 1. rovs (pro rots prim.} p*. v. 2. 
yffav begxysem. ypanfjiaTW x. jfin. +X670i^Tes S** 
(marg.). v, 3. eai/ (^)ro ay) abcdehklmnoprsxysem. -T)y- 
/cat f*. iroirire prim. y. v. 4. $e (pro 70/3) gjsem. 
orraKTa /cat flapea ysemel. einrriQeaaiv xsem. o^oy? 
TO oe ^a/cTi/Xw x. Kivrjcre x. v. 5. $e (jpro <yao 
secund.) y. v. 6. -yap ysem., $e acgpxsem. (pro re). 

TTjOwro/cXj/atas f*. -rasjsem. Trpo- 
xsem. v. 7. -/cat rous wsgwe at? ayopais g* 
(Aa6e marg.}. Ka\etcr9e ysem. -paflfli unum uy. v. 8, 
|oa/3txsem. i5/xa)i> ecrrt i/ xsem. effTtjsem. vpwv ysemel. 
-o prim. d. &$acr/caXoe (pro /ca^j^yj/r^s) dlmn. -o ^pt- 
o-roseg. 7a/> (pro $e secund.) ysem. iravres 
a$e\<J)oi eo-re transfert d ad /w. v. 9. v. 9. 
h*. i/Vwj/ o TraT^/j fxsem. -rot? ysem. v. 10. K 
x. KaQriyrjTe ex. -vptav eg. eo-rti; y/icoi/ acfmns. -opn'm. 

d. on KaOriyjjTrjs V/ULCOV ei? etrTti/ (-yap) xsem. earriv 
(eari ysem.) o Ka9ijyijT)js vy.iav xsem.y. v. 11. 
xsem. eo-Tw Imnqrysem., co-re xsem. (pro eo-rat). 

ysem. v. 12. TcnrivuoQriaeTai xsem., a -ere sem. 
vwo-et xsem. tywQriaeTe xsemel. vv. 13, 14 transpo- 
nunt abcdefghklmnopqrsuxy. v. 13. m. /cat owat (-^e) 
k. -de h*x. /cXtere x. fiacrrjKaav x. . TOV 0eoy (pro rtw 

S. MA.TTH2EI- CAP. XXIII. vv. 13-27. 35 

oupavwv) f *u. yap ys&ffi,. eiffep^earOat px. cn^ierm X, 
v. 14. onroKpirai x. KaraiffOiere b. or' effOiere ysem. 
^eipcov x. feat (ante Trpofyaffei) p. irppfpaffi x. Xj/>J/ecri9cu 
x. V. 15. Tremor/ere C. vrot^cre x. yevrjre x. iroieire x. 
S. yeevqs f. v. 16. ohyoi x. rv(j)\u>v y*sem. 
Ms sx. (aimcoffei bis y*. o0eiX/b. v. 17. TOI(J)\OI 
x. rt e**. -<yap h. eo-rt /iet^w ysem. -o j/aos ysem. 
v. 18. ai/ (j?ro eap) af **gpxy. o/uwatj bis sx. ttj/mtaffet y 
. effnsysem. TO e-jravw d. avrovysem. o0etXj;be. 
et x. v. 19. rts 'yajO /uet^wi' ysem. jaet^tov fxysem. 
TW pnm. p*. a7(a^iwy f *hr*s*xy. v. 20. <yoyi> (pro 
ow) p. OjuoNras e. o/xwcras sx. (o/uLcoffas (sic vv. 21, 22) y. 
ofjivoiei (sic vv. 21, 22) x. v. 21. onwuov bu, o^vvcov 
ho (pro Ojuiocra?). /carotK^arai'rt abdefgklmnopq**xy. /9i. 
ei/ awrw c, avrcoi hy (pro avrov)> v. 22. w/mwei ysemel. 
v. 23. aTTooeKctTovrai eysem, avi9ov k. KV/AVJVOV exysem. 
fiapoirepa x. flapea SU. eXatov c. eXewv s*. TO eXeov y 
(pos# Tatra)efgx. -ebi ysem. iroiei(rai x. 
v. 24. o$ryoix. ^t' uXt^oi/res k. $i' i/ 
X. /covcuTTft b. <cai'ft)7ra ?S Ktoi/OTra e. Koi/OTrav X. 
c. Kavrii/ovTes y*sem. v. 25. y/ueis (pro VM^) ysem. /ca0- 
+TOV Trti/aKos (post Trapo\l/i()o i $) de. ecroOevx. 
ex. dpTrayqs h. +Kanracrri$ afiiKias (post 
apTrayris)d. aKa9apcnas g, a^t/ctas abcef hldmnopqrsuxy 
(pro a/cjoacrtas). V. 26. Ka9aptffe x. eaa)9ev (pro ei/ros) eg. 
e/T09 (pro e/cros) xysemel. avrov (pro avrwv) kysem. 
V. 27. I/MS (pro y^ii/) ysem. 7rajoo/xi/a^eTe b. irapoifuci- 
c. TrajOOjUta^ere ysem. /cm/rowa/uei'ois x. on-^i/es x 


36 S. MATTH MI CAP. XXIII. w. 2739: 

sem. e^coQe x. +TOIS avOpwirois (post fyatvowrai) dx. oar&ai 
q*. ocrrea r. v. 28. oi)rwg d. OVTOS xsem. jj/xets ysem. 
faveaOe xsem., ai (j)ctivea9ai sem t rotsu. eo-re 
xsem. viroKpiffcuws X50m. -/cat secund. e. a^t/ctas 

p. v. 29. (j)apiaff<uoi xsem. oiKooo/uemu c. 
x. KOG/U,ITCU cs. KOfffjujre xsem. v. 30. j; 
et ^/xei') c. r/;ue0a (pro ^ei/) 6is bf koxy. se- 
. chs. eyevcofieOa (pro tj/nev secund.} y sem. v. 31. 
eavroi/s xsem., at avrois sem. ecrrat xsem. (fxavGvaavTwv 
xsem. v. 32. j^yuei? y. eirXriptoffctTe csy. fjLerpw xsem. 
fin. rifuav xsem. . v. 33. o0ts xsem. fyvyere xsem. <ye- 
vofjievys (pro yeevvtji) C. v. 34. i$oy py. aTrocrreXw 
ckxsem. aTrocrreXXw g. irpos v/nasy. Km (post 
e^ avrwi' jmaanywaerai e. jmacrrefyoo'eTe 
. rats C. avvary oyes xsem. oio^ere x. vroXqv x 
sem. v. 35. +av (post oVws) xysem. \QoiS. eireXQqx. 
gin TJJS 7?s y. TOW jpnm. y. at/xaros prim. s*. 0/- 
aiacrTtjpiovs. v. 36. Deest in xsem. a/uvy. +6ri(ante 
jj^et) abcdefghklmnopqrsuxsem.y. e^etu. 
bcdefghklmnors. v. 37. airoKnvovaa ?a*. 
cglmnpqrsx. atroKrevvovso. hky. aTrorevyouo-a d. GTT' av- 
njv g, TTjOos ffeavrjjv y (pro Trpos avrqv). Troo-a/rets 
7riGvva. r ya r yriv xsemel. opvi<s eiriffwayei 0. 
x. Wjowyp*. opvqsxsem. voaria b*defoy. +avrr^ (post 
Trrepvyas) xsem. v. 38: acpiere e. -v^ti/ y. o y*. U/AOS 
(pro v[io)v}ysem. v. 39. -yap xsemel. -ton (ante ov 
eq. ov ,ui jme eifyrai xsemel aTrapn cefghklmnop 

S. MATTILEI CAP. XXIV. vv. 121. 37 

CAPUT XXIV/v. 1. airo rov \epov eiropevero o. 
ipou r. +avr<a (post 7rpoffrj\9ov) Imn. rov irjeov (pro 
avrov) x. eTTioet^e x. v. 2. ov jSXeTrere iravra Tavrd 
ysem. -ov prim. ad. ravra iravra acdklpqrxsm. 
o$e (pro <o$e) x. -juij secund. abcdghklmnopq**rs* 
xy. v. 3. eXecw ep. -avry g*ysem. +avrov (post 
fjLaQqrai) x. Kanhav bk. +/cyjote (aw^e eivre) ysem. 
V. 4. ,u>? TrXavqOijTat (pro jiA^rts v/uas irXavrjcrr]} 
i y. v. 5. errt TO x. + ort (awie eyu>) y. 
adlmnopqrsy. v. 6. /xeXjjo-ere deflmnxsem. 
fjie\t]fferat qr. ^eXXere p. jueXX^cr^re S. fjL\\rjfft)Tai y. 
06 y. arcaracrraffta? (pro a/coas)xsem, QopvfieiffOe O*. 
^ (pro $ei) y. OI/TTWS u. earai (pro ecrrt) x. v. 7. CTT* 
e^yos egy. ecroi/re Xet^ot xsem. v. 8. w&qvwv xsem. 
v. 9. 6\i>)\l/iv xsem. eaeaOai xsem. +TOJI/ (anie eOvwv) 
abdefghklinnqrsxseme^ y. -eOvwp. vv. 1012. Z)e- 
SMW^ in x duobus locis. v. 10. m't -/caik. irapaSwcrcixriy 
sem. /-uo^orftJcw pq. fj.iat]crov<nysem. v. 12. a/napriav (pro 
avofuav)y. V.14. -royrobef**. evayeKiovf. TO evayye- 
Xtoi'Toi/rok. v.15. /3$eXXv7Jua p. ecrTosbcf*. earosgks. 
voeirwi d. i/oj/ro) y. V. 16. s- (^?ro evrf) f. V. 17. m't +/cat 
.df*q*rs. ^o/xarosy. Karaftarca aoy. -Tf eicysem. ra (pro 
rt) . abcdefghklmnopqrsx. (rt ysemel). v. 18. -fayroy 
(post ayp(a)y. GiricrTpa(f)iT(a C. 4-ets ra (<mte OTttrw) ef. 
TO ijuaTioy eglmnysem. v. 19. ai^ovo-aw C. v. 20. TTJOOCT- 
e. yevoirai ysem., at ysvrjTe semel. yfjuav e. 
-ev abdefghklmnpqrsysem. v. 21. -roTey 

^. 0\ri\}/eis x. BXi-^qs ysem. yeyove k. airap^? hlo 

38 S. MATTH^I CAP. XXIV. vv. 2143. 

alii. ov$e w (-oy)acpy. fin. yevrjcreTaiy. v. 22. e/co- 
\ofio0rjffav bey. Ko\ofio9ri(rovTai y. v. 23. -TJ? y*sem. 
TriarevffeiTe x. v. 24. \j/ev(W/>o^;Tai /ecu vj/ev^o^porToi y 
sem. 7r\aviarai y. v. 26. Tct/uois px. TncrTevcreiTe x. 
v. 27. -j? pnm. c. -/cat (pos eo-rat) abdefgkopsuysem, 
v. 28. ei (pro 77) y. /ecu oi aeroi crwa^jjcroi'Tcu ysem, 
ffvvayovvre C, +KCU (ante ot aeroi) cpy. V. 29. 9\rj\l/iv x. 
ai/rjyse. ao-Tejoats bysm. GK (pro a7ro)by5ew. v. 30. 
TW (pro TO) p*. -rore secund. ysem. (j)i\ai m*. -ep-^p- 
fievov GTTI ro)v ve(pe\<x)v TOV oupavov b*. ev ve(f)e\ais e. 
v. 31. aTrocTTeXXel g. +/cat (ante (pcovrjs) hpu. (pcovtjsy. 
eiricrvva^ftiffi ysem. cnr aKpov b. cfjraicpwv e. OTTO aKptov o. 
v. 32. i&/Te (pro ?^)y. avraXos h. -ray. <j(>iAaep*x. 
GK(j)veiy. <y(i/ft)(TKiETailmn. +ea"Ti(posie i y7w)pci*' v. 33. 
OWTCOS dq. jy^uet? y. et^re p. jy^re S. ravra iravra. acdl 
mnpqruy. v. 34. +<m (aw^e ou /ij?) d. -ravra apuy. 
V. 35. TrapeXevvwvrai x. TrapeXevaerat Ipsu. v. 36. T^S 
secund. abcdefghklmnopq**sxy. >/ (pro et) x. -^uou egpy. 
v. 37. yrwsh. -/caj (post ear cu)f. v. 38. GTTJ (proei;)p. 
fnepais) C. TpoywvresTLsem. 7rti/wi/resh*. 
xsem. ey r ya[jir]a'KovTGs y. a-^prj 15 C. Ktjftco- 
rovxsem. v. 39. +ov(p05# ea)p)f. rjpe iravras y. v. 40. 
cffoi/rat ^yop. -o 6is au ("o e o eis ambo desunt"\\). v. 41. 
a\idov(raif. aXyQovcrcuS. fJivXw bf **hopu. rv. 42. yprj- 
yopeirai d*. ypriyopyre x. Pos ot^are x Aa6ei duobus 
locis TYfU r]fjiepav ovoe rqv wpav ev q o VIOS'TOW avOpcoTrov 
e PX 6TCU< v> ^' Ketvco f*xnysem. yivooffKerai b. ^^j/ bk 
m*sy. 01/Xa/cetX. eypqyopiffevx.. a(f)^Ke (pro av eiaae)y 

S. MATTILEI CAPP. XXIV. v. 43 XXV. v. 14. 39 

sem, ^twpvyetvat rov OIKOV x. V. 44. yivea6ai x. v. 45. 
yap (pro apa) y. ^jooi^/xos f*hxsem.y. eny xsem. Qepa- 
7rm?x. at/etas (pro Oepaireia^g. -avrov secund. g, -TOWS. 
$ovi/cuf*. KepwiKsem. V. 47. Tracrtv avrov rots VTrap- 
ig. vTrapypvvij. v. 48. -e/ceii/osdy. v; 49. a^o- 
y. rvirrriv x. -f-at/roy (^)osi <ry^oyXovs) bcdopq*rs** 
y. ecr^tet bx. eo-^t^ dhoqr. re (pro e) amn. mvei bx. 
dhoqr. unOvtovrcov y. v. 5Q. +rri (ante wepa)y. 

. TTjOocr^wKa x. v. 51. o&tumni/xy. 
CAPUT XXV. v. 1. -TOTG xsemel. ftJ/xoiw^o-ere x 
sem., ai W/AOIW^J; sem. w^totw^*/ xsem. ysem. oiwi(a9tj y 
seme?, -avrwyf*. e^XOwvxsem. aTravrtorti; xsem. 
Desunt in p omnia ab efyi\Qov usque ad, Xa/aTraSas eau- 
Tft>i/ v. 3. v. 2. ewavxsem. -e^ aurwyysewi. <f)povij- 
/xoix. (j)povt)f*.aiysem. +al (ante irevre secund.} abdfhld 
mnoqrsu?xy. irevrai secund. xsem. v. 3. mr^i/cus xsem. 
-fjiwpai y*sem, avrtav (pro eavruov prim,) abcdfghk 
(avT(ov) Imnoqrsxy. Jin. +v TO ayyeiois (cvyyioisy) 
avrow q*ysem. v. 4. (ppovtjfjiai jsem. -{-fieff eavraav 
(post eXa/Bov) c. a77tots hysem. v. 5. cKaQevfiow xsem. 
v. 6. +TJ/S (aw^e j/y/cros) o. Kpawyei xsewi. airavrriffiv hs. 
v. 8. e (pro at) x. v. 9. <ppovr]moi xbis y. wirore ov 
M acfghkos*xysem, apueffei sysem. iropevecrOai xbis. 
-^e secund. cfhkox. -jroXowras x6is. eawrasq. v. 10. 
-alpsysem. eroi/u.aiysem. KUI airi/uoic. v. 11. ep- 
-Xpvre bx. XvTrat be. v. 12. oi p*. v. 13. -ovv ysem. 
evi (pro ev j?)b. ep^erexsem. ev y o vios rov avOpcorrov 
o. v. 14. +ns (post av9ptoiros)fk** '(rubro)xy 

40 S. MATTILEI CAP. XXV. vv. 1535. 

sem. v. 15. o (pro <ji} bterzbis (o) ysem. ev (pro ev)Q. x. v. 17. waavTaJsk. ocrai/r&jsx. +Ta\avra 
(post <$vo) p. V. 18. \afiov xsem. opv^ev b. v. 19. $oy- 
\ov xsem. avvepei xsem. \oyov per CIVTWV degpq*ry. 
v. 20. \aj3ovxsem. TrpoawyKeysem. -raXavra secund.j 
sem. +Kai(ante i$e) p. $eb. /w. -GTT' avrois g. 6?r' 
ai;roi;sp*. ei; (pro evr')x. v. 21. -Se adfkpxy. 6\\iya 
7?ets pern. etp (^ro j/s) x. /carao-Tj/ao b. vv. 22, 23 
desunt in f * (Aa&eZ marg.}. v. 22. irpoffe\9ov xsem. 
-Xa/:Wp. -aXXap. Eraswm, habete post enrev, Kvpie 
ovo ra\avra XajSaw etTrei/ /cvpte. v. 23. oXXi'ya ysem. ets 
(pw *)s)x. fcarao-rto-o) x. v. 24. rov'ev (pro TO ev)ysem. 
ffvvayovxsem. v. 26. e^et (^ro et7rev)b. +et a +>;p 
(awie ij^ets). j^iSetsf. elects xsem. i^e 
sem. v. 27. init. e$i xsem. ore ovy ysem. 
sem. ys.em. eXdoi/ xsem. eKo/uL^traimrjv o. v. 28. 
e^oim) ysem. v. 29. ^o0>/cr6Tex. irepiaevQiivGTai efx. 
/a (pro -M) xsem. Soicei e%eiv (pro ^et)emnpy. v. 30. 
xsem. KJ3a\erai c. e/f/3aXere ab?f h**klmnopsy. 
. TO <TKOTOS q*. e^orepov fysem. oocovTcovy 
sem. fin. +ravra Xeycov (Xeyov c) efyiavet (e<po)vvj ex) cqr 
xy. +o e^wi' wra UKOVEIV anoverto (aitovero c) cfqrxy. 
v. 31. -^e xsemel. -ayioie. Ka9r]fft1n"X.y. -rare Ka9i- 
<rei ad fin. vers. p. v. 32. .qwaxfl^awTai adehqrsysem. 
avvayQriaovTG cxseme/. a(j)opiffei c. TTOI/UIV xsem. epei- 
dxav xsem. v. 33. e/rce^tow 1. egeytoyyju.wi' 1. v. 34. 
v. 35. eoo/care e. eTroTJ/crare xsem. rjfj.iv (pro 
exsem. (sic fere vv. 36, 43). -ei/os ^;i/ ad fin. 

S, MATTHJ1I CAPP. XXV. v. 36 XXVI. v. 15. 41 

vers.f* (habet marg.). v. 36. jjXflare cy. v. 37. cnroitpi- 
OrjcrovTe xsem. tSo/xei' e (sic vv. 38, 39, 40). i$a)jiiet> x 
sem. ificofjiev ysem. irivwvra xsm. $t\|/wTa xsem. e?ro- 
rr)ffati.ev xsm. v. 38. -$ee. I^O/HGV ysem. 
pevy. +(re (post a-vvijya'y.} c. Kepie 
v. 39. $ee. eiSwfjiev ysem., at t^wjtxei; semeL 
sem, jj\0wfjiev x.y. v. 40. -afj.rjv Xeyco v/unvysem. e(j)offov 
an (sicv. 45). T&)I> a^eX^oavy*. v. 41. efyvovv /taw's.. 
iropeveaOea ?n. jjToijuacriuievco ysem. TO otajSoXw xsem. 
V. 42. eSoKaTE k. fTTOTqaare e. V. 43. cuadeveis ysem. 
ov ireffKe^/acrOe p*. v. 44. -awry abcdefghklmnpqrsxy. 
eiow/jiev xggm. icwju.ei' ysem. oei^/wvra x. oirjKoviffa/Aev y. 
v. 45. -TovT(t)i/y. v. 46. aireKevcrovre'x.semel. -ovroig*. 
CAPUT XXVI. v. 1. rrai/Tas elmnq**. v. 2. Trcijoa- 
q. ira pad wear aix. ffravpco9rivai', 0. V. 3. +/cai 
av} y. Kai oi ypafi/nareig y. V. 4. crui/- 
flovXevcravro y. ^o\w Kpanjffwffi abcdefghk\mnopqrsy. 
/w. ccjTOKTeivtaffi e. aTToXeo-oJcrii/ (p*o CITTOKT.} a. V. 5. 
yiverai p. v. 6. fliOavia b. +TI/ (awie ot/a) C. V. 7. 
7ro\VTifj.ov (pro flapvTifJiov) gp. +ayro (joosi /care^ee^) p. 
T)/S Ke(pa\ris hxy. awroi; p. v. 8. jj'yavaKTKraj/ y. e 
TJ^X. ttTroXaaby. ctTroXtaX. fin. +TOV pvpov yeyovevq*. 
v. 9. ei^waro C. eSuvaro f*gp. TO /mvpov ceg. +TOIS 
(ante TTTW^OIS) ad^**lmnoqry. v. 10. Xe7et (pro 
etTrev) a. Trape^rai x. rjpyaffaro x. eTronjffev (pro eipya- 
ffaro) p. v. 11. TONS TTTCO^OU? 70/5 Travrore bcefq*rsxy. 
v. 12. evTcKJHacre x. TreiroirjKev y. v. 14. l<rKaptwT>/s k. 
x. IffKapiortjs y- v. 15. /fa: e^w bdfhkmno 

42 S. MATTILEI CAP. XXVI. vv. 1639. 

qs. v. 16. evKepiav x. avrco (pro avrov) y. v. 17. 
avT(p ep., Qe\r}$ b. eTotMao-oju.ei> ahlm*npqrs. fyayrjv x. 
V. 18. init, o $e ir/ffovs enrev avrois xy. virare a. ecrri 
dhmnqry. v. 19. eiroieiaav x. -oi p.aQv\rai q*. v. 20. 
jfoi. +juaf)tyTtt>i> eg. v. 22. AvTrou/uei'Os p. XOITTOV/ULGVOI S. 
hp. +ei? (awte e/cacrros) d. v; 23. yeipav p. 
(^ro oyros) e. v. 24. o juej; ovv o vio$ p. icaOoos b. 
Tra/mckcWe x. v. 25. avruv (pro avrov) f*? v. 26. 
Aa/3oi/ x. -TOJ/ dm*q*ry. -Kaiprim.c. ev^apiffr^ffw 
(pro evXoyriffas) abcdefghkopq*rsxy. +ayroy (post jaa- 

s) d. -TOU. v. 27. -roy. v. 28. -^a/) bpxy. 

x. v. 29. airapri ov M TTKO h. cnrapn bdhkgy. 
TOVTOU s. yevyiJLCtTos abcdefgklpqrsxy. ayrw (pro at/ro) 
sxy. KCLIVOV juieO' iVi' c. TCOV ovpavtav (pro TOV Trarpos 

y. V. 30. %r]\6a)v X. V. 31. aKavSaXiffeaOe gy. 
x. oiaaKopTTiffO^ffovrai dqrsy. v. 32. eyepOrjve x. 
v. 33. -$e f*. -KCU abcdefhkoq*rsxy. 
ffovre x. +^e (^05 67(0) bcdefhkq*rsxy. 
<ro/xe x. v. 34. VVK.TYJ x. aXe/crajjoa (fiwviaai y. Tjoeis ex. 
airapviaei C. airapvijaei fy. Mt (^^o M e ) e> v - 35. ^e ei X. 
$e et /xat y. airoOavriv x. aTrapvrjfftaiJLai af hklmnpqrs*x. 
+^e (post oimouos) abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. -ot ^aOrirai q. 
v. 36. 'yedatjiJ.avt beg. yeOffi^avr} C. ye9ffri(j.a/JLi?0. +au- 
TOK (postf jua^rats) abeq*ruxy. Kadrjcrare bxy. eicei (pro 
avrov) c. ay (pro 01)) eg. TTjOoa-ev^o/xcu acef hm**oqrs**y. 
Trpoa-v%o/j.a.t x. v. 37. \vrria9ai X. aSrunovnv x. v. 38. 
+o irycrous (po-s< avrots) bcdefghklmnopqr?sxy. yprjyo- 
pqre x. v. 39. irpoffeXOwv bcfhkopsxy. TO iroTtjptov 

S. MATTH Ml CAP. XXVI. vv. 39 57. 43 

rrovro TrapeWerco air e/nov y. wapeXOero x. aXX* w? C. 
aXXos x. ffoi (pro cry) cfx. v. 40. init. -KUI q. +ai/a- 
<rTas OTTO T^s Tr/oocrein^s (ante ep^erai} bfh. TOH y raro. 
OI/TWS ; k. ypyyopyve X. yprjyopeurai y. V. 41. ets Trei- 
paff/iwv eicreX&jre y. TrrjpaGfjiov X, aX^et? y. v. 42. 
f. (Ware x. , TO Trorrjpiov TOVTO c. TO 
g. avT(u esxy. Trtw avro d. yevqQiTw b. v. 43. 
iv evpiffKet avrovs f. ev^oev ceglmnp. o o 
avrwv pq.ry? v.- 44. irdXiv aireXOwv cy. ir 
TrdXiv egp. "jrpoffev^aro f. nrpoavjv^aro y*. e/c rptrov 
cegy. w. 45, 46. i$ou yyyiKev usque ad ccyw/xey (v. 
46) h. V. 45. -aurou cegp. etTrwv (#>ro /cat Xe^ei au- 
TOi?) y. TO mp. + yap (post icov) p. rjyyrjKev (sic v. 
46) x. +ai0jOftJ7rwy (posf %etyoas) y. Y. 46. m'. +o r?? 
eyetpecrOai e. +evrev9ev (post ayiofjiev)-^ riyyiKev 1m 
nq**. V. 47. 7roXXoi?x. +TWJ/ (awfe irpefffiv repwv) f. 
v. 48. eai> (pro av) cdghklmnos. Kpariffare y. v. 49. 


|0a/3j8 x. v. 50. ~avT(() e. ere^oe x. erepai y. 60' o 
abcefgkpy. Kpariffavres (pro etcpartjaav) y. V. 51. im. 
/cai y. +TOV (ante m<rov) cy. e/rr^as 1 x. airecriraaai q. 
ortoi/ p. v. 52. avTtot s. ^trov c*e. o-ov m*? r^^ ,ua- 
vatjoai/ (Toy d. T)/J/ 9t]Ktjv (pro TOV TOTTOV) S. Xa/Bwrres X. 
airoOavovvrai (pro airoKovvrai) abc(a7ro^afovi're)dfhklm 
noqrsxy. v. 53. -f-ov (a?ife So/ceis) m. com cro* (pro 
ooKets) p. oaifcet x. oe/j/ajue x. TrapaKoXeae x. v. 54. ^ 
(pro $ei) b. ourcus dqu. yevearOe x. v. 55. e%ri\0are 
cxy. KaOyimepav 1. e/cafle^a^i/ f *x. ep TW iepco <$i()a<rK<ov 
glmnp. v. 56. aurwi/ (pro ai/roi') p. v. 57. airtyayov 

44 S. MATTILEI CAP. XXVI. vv. 5772. 

x. apyiepeav c. v. 58. yKoXovOy bgxseme? y. ^ 
exsem. nctKpcoOev xsem. eicctOr/rco xsemeZ. v. 59. +TOV 
Xaoy (pos Trpeafivrepoi) S. oXov TO avve&piov jmxsem.. 
Oavarwo-caa-tv avrov bcdefghIdmnopqr?sx(0araToo-ct>crfi/x). 
j. a7roAecrwcni> (pro flawr.) u. coo-re 0c'a- 
auroi' (pro OTTCUS auroi; 0ai^ar.) y. V. 60. OVK 
v prim. j. -KO.I vroXXwv usque ad evpov f*(notat 
marge) k. KO.I secund. j. TrpoaeKQavTaw x. eKQovrtav 
cysem. e\9u)vTO)v ysem. -ov% evpov secund. j (d obelo 
notat), OVK rjvpovj**. ow% evpcov xsem. TrpoffeXOtovres x 
sem. eXdovres p. +rives (post <W) j. v. 61. Swa/ue jx. 
avT<av (pro avrov) n*. v. 62. cnroitpivei ysem. 001 (pro 
<rov) d. KaranapTvpovai ysem. vv. 62, 63. oyoey airo- 
Kptvr] usque ad enrev aim<j xsem. v. 63. e^op/c^^aj xsm. 
o'jO/ct^aj gp. ^w. +TOV fyvros jysemel. v. 64. +670) 
(post ir\rjv) c. aTrajortdkq. v. 65. -on. ^leppi^e xsem. 
y. en ysem. %/otav x. e^j^iev extern, y^em. et^e y 
sem. YjKovaare xsem. v. 66. airoKptOevres c. v. 67. 
Ko\a(br)crav bhxy. epairiffav gysem. epairrjcrav 
-oi $e eppairxrav S*. v. 68. ireo-as xsem. v. 69. 
6ev (pro e^to) C. e/caOj/rto n. irpoffrjXOov ysemel. HS&O. y. 
+TOV (ante iqaov) e. v. 70. +avr(ov (ante vravrwv) bcdf 
hklmnoqrsxysem. avrcov (pro Travroav) egysem. +ort 
(aw^e ov/c) bd. V. 71. iroiXwva x. t^ei/ y. Xeyet avrots' 
6/cei /cat (pro TOIS) abc**dfghklmnopqrx (Am e). aurois' 
et (pro rots e/cet) S. Xeyei avrco /cat cryros ^v em ysem., 
a avrw' e/t Kai ovro<s semel. +TOU (anteiqffov) c. yaXt- 
Xaiov (pro vafypaiov) xsemel ysemel. v. 72. /txera 

S. MATTH^II CAPP. XXVI. v. 72 XXYII. v. 19. 45 

optcov g. -M60' djO/cou -y;' v. 73. pera $e fUKpov k. ecrTo- 
res xsemel. SiXov xsem. $etXov ysem. V. 74. /cara0e- 
/um^ew abcdfghklmnopqrsxy (7m e). WIMVUVJ. v. 75. 
-TOW (anfe irj<Tov) cfhlmnoqrx. etprjKorws n. 
sem. a\eKTwpa dfhm*xy. (JHDVIGCU y. rjoets 

CAPUT XXVII. v. 1. +?;&/ (aw#e jefo/mev^} xsem. 
xsem. TOV Xaoulmn. v. 2. (Wai/res xsem. 
-avroi; .secwwdhy. at/rwx. TT^Xarwb. ^yepum d*f *x 
sem. v. 3. irpoSiSovs d*. G(rrpe\l/ejsem. -rots (sic) u. 
v. 4. etTrwi; x. 0^77 bkx. v. 5. -ev TOJ va^> ysem. aye- 
^opjycrexsem. ave^tapiae y. aire\6ov xsem. v. 6. ~$e 
p*. Toi/p. Kopflowav a. tcopflovav C. nj^rj xbis. v. 7. 
Xa/3ft>vTee x. aurw d*. e/)a/xaro)S (sic V. 10) y. V. 8. 
(pro r^s) bey. v. 9. ^et^ev xsem. e\afi<av xsem. 
xsem. oy ertfjuja-avro ad Jin. vers. C. tor 
oy) y. tcr5/)a);X xsem. v. 10. /ca0' a bk. +o 
ysem. v. 11. ea-Dj d. eart (pro ea-Tjy 
xsem. ysem. einjptaTicrev y. Xe^ei (pro 
v. 12. -TWI; secund. glmnqry. v. 13. 


Xarosb. v. 14. ov$'c. ^'ye/uwva sxsem. v. 15. 
w ysem. ecoprriv xsem. et>&7 bgPpqsysem. tw^etf 
(t rubro). TO o^Xw xsem. TW o^Xw eva acdempx. jj^e- 
XtDvxseme?. /w. +et^oi/ ^e Tore ^ecr/xioi/ oy ^eXoi' d*. v. 
16. w)(v ysem. +rwa (ante $efffuov)ysem. eiriaifnov 
py, v. 17. $e (pro ovv) C.. -faTro rwv $vo (post OeXere) 
y. TO (pro TOP) k. v. 18. ei^ ysem., at r$r) sem. v. 19. 
rovysemel Sencaut) xsem. -eiceivwysein. 

46 S. MATTMI CAP. XXVII. vv. 1935. 

p. Karovapl. v. 20. 
bdhy. errjcrovrai xsem., at sem. 

v. 22. +ouv (post \eyei) h. iroieiata x 
sem. \eyovsi gp. -aimj) g. -iravres c. v. 23. irepiff- 
oros xsem. -\eyovres eg. V. 24. TrT/Xaros b. o<pe\ei 
. yrjvaire xsem. avrevrr^aTo xsem. HJLOI (pro et/xi) 
fyeffdai xsem. v. 25. -Tras ysem. v/ncov (pro 
6. V. 26. (jbjoa'yeXwatts ek. (ppayyehXwcra.s py 
sem. <ppa r yye\(a(ra<: x. 4-ayrots (j90S^ irape^wKev) j. v. 
27. crTjOartwre xsem. qyeftuvos beuysem. -TrajOaXa- 
fla)i>T<s xsern. irperopiov c (posif gwoc? efeesZ reliqua pars 
versus : habet margo). irpairopiov xbis. rtjv ysem. 
(TTrtpavj. V. 28. eK$r)aavres q. avrov (pro avrtf>} a*? 

aura) ysem. -^afwioav C. ^Xa/uotoctX. ^Xa/x/uy^a ey 
sem. ^Xa/ut^a ysem. v. 29. efljjrai; gjp. CTTJ^ prim. x. 
ev r7 oe^taj. Kai /caXa/uov eirt r>7 oe^t^ cwrow C*. y |/ " 

c. yovvireriffavTes y. ej^eTre^oj' bxsem. ysem. 
ayroi; xsem. /3a<rtXev(-o) ep. t^ataji/y. v. 30. 

e prim. O. V. 31. ej/GTre^af bjx. aurof (pro avry) cy. 
avrw (pro avToi/ prim.) ysem. ^Xa/uot^af c. ^Xa/u/xu^a e. 

ayroi> iert cf. v. 32. e^ep-^o/Jievwvli. rjvpovjx. KVpq- 
veov j. Kvpivaiov fxy. yyKapeuffav qr. apei J. V. 33. 
%e\9ovTs c. +oi arpanwrai (post eXflovres) f. yo\yo- 
Qav adhjk. d ecrrti/ bj. d eo-ri cefhklmnqr?sxy. 

vov Imn. [jLeQepjmyvevofjievov hxsem. ysem. 

j** (pro \eyofievos quod legit 'f). v. 34 - 

x&is. oti/ov (pro oo$) e. (Ueti^^/juei/oi/ xier. ei^eXeu x6i's. 

v. 35. crTa|Ott)(Tai/Tes xsem. hepepeiaavTo xsem. /3a- 

S. MATTH^JI CAP. XXVII. vv. 3549, 47 

\ovres fmnoxsem. ysem. K\ipov xsem. -\va 
ad fin. vers. abcdefghklmnopqrsuxy. v. 37. i 
cxysem. V. 38. ffravpovvre xbis. Xtcrrat xsem. eevo- 
wfjL<av be. v. 30, avru) (pro avTov) cxbis. v. 40. KU- 
raXvov xysem. oiKo^aafJuov ~x.sem. /rarajS^fx. v. 41. 
$e Kai g. e/uTre^ovres xsem. ysem. +7rpos a 
(post e/i7rm^oi/Tes) e. ypafifiarauov exsem. y. /rat 
fivTepwv xsem. +/cat (fiapiaauav (ante eXe^oj;) abcdefgh 
klmnopqrsxS^sy. v. 42. creucrat ; fgkmns. Karaflaro 
xsem. TrKTTGwnoyuev bdfqsxsem. y. Tna-revofiev c. +evr' 

awrw) abdefghklmnopqrsxy. v. 43. 
0eoi/) c. -j/w cepysem. uTft)i/_pnm..p*. 
(pro ei/ut) x. v. 44. .Deesi m ysemel. TO ^' ai/rw x 
sem. XKTTCU sxsem. avvaravpfaQevr^ ysem. ovei^^ov y. 
auroi' (pro aury secund.) abdefghklmnopqrsxysem. v. 
45. eyevero &KOTOS cxsem. evarys f. evarjjs acdehkmn 
opsxsemeZ. v. 46. evarnv f. evarqv acdehkmnopsxse- 
mel. fyvwt] neyaXt] o irjcrovs b. (jxavqv imeyaXyv C. 1X1 
1X1 ysemel. JXt jXt kp. ^X>y jXt c. Xei/na bfox. Xt/ia 
acdeghHmnpqr?sysemeZ. Xt/xa? afiayQavi ysemel. cra- 
flaxOavei dqxsem. aajSa/cra e(margo prima manu ev 
aXXots fiaftdavi). Tovrecrriv fxy $ee /WQJ/ wwwmp. e"y- 
/careXeiTras c* e^/careXetTres exsemeZ. eyKareXenreis x 
$eme, v. 47. -ecrrturwi/b* (hdbetmarg.}. j/Xtayfkpxy 
sem. (fxavrj efxsem. y. v, 48. c^a/xdv xsem. -mi se- 
cond d. airoyyov XajSwy d*. V. 49. -iScofjiev d* (7ia&. 
marg.}. too^ev m*ysem. ei^w/uev xsem. ejo^ere x6is, 

48 S. MATTMI CAPP. XXVII. v. 49 XXVIII. v. 5. 

?JXia$ fkpxysem. awo-ai ysem. awaov dexbis y. avrov Q, 
v. 50. TraXXtv xseme. tfiwvqv fieyaXrivC. TrajOecWe (pro 
a(j)r]Ke) c. v. 51. effivOq be. e (pro at) xsem, eff-^rjaOt]- 
arav xsem. v. 52. qvewyflriaav xysem. aveco-^O)] agp. 
fce/coi/Jiei/w!/ xsem., a^ Koi^fievtav sem. ^yepOijaav c. v. 
53. e^eX^ftji/re? xsem. avaaraGiv (pro eyepeiv) a. 
0a>j; xsem. 7ro\rji> x. eve<pavri<rOrj(rav xsem. v. 54. 
quio!/ x. aX^os xsem. -OUTOSU. v. 55. +/cm 
yvvaiices) delmnpx. CXTTO ce. aiTrjves x. v. 56. 
SaXivri ey. ->/ rovgy. -froy fuKpou (post ta/ca)/3oi;)x 
semel. v. 57. aptfiarOaias g. apinaOiw p. aTro a|0t- 
naQaias y. v. 58. ovros ws^we ad t^croy p. jJrtcraTobx. 
rw ffcafjiapriin. e. o ay. airoowOrivai x. -TO crw/xa (sic) 
U. V. 59. -o C?y. ta-jj^) f *. icocri^) x. aurov e. 
d. ei/eryX^^ei' ayrw GIVOWVI X. V. 60. avro) px. 
\i9ov d*. / ue7a sxy. v. 61. -e:e k. /jiaySaXivr] ey 
airevrt C. V. 62. -ot secund. g. V. 63. o TrXavos 
ab**cpx. +ort (ante /*era)k. eyeipofjiex. v. 64. 

x. K\\l/ioffiv avrov WKTOslm. -yi/KTos Cgko. +o'rr 
^ep^) Imny. v. 65. -$e adfgkpuxy. 
x. v. 66. ff(ppayt)(ravTs e. 

CAPUT XXVIII. v. 1* -$ey. o-a/3/3arw (^ 

prim.} cry. eiri^aanovfrri b? naytiaXivri bef *y. 
Qevopiaai y. v. 2. H-KCU (awie irpoaeXOtov) cp. aTre/cyX^cre 
x. +TOV fivriiJLeiov (post 9vpas) acl**opy (fjLvrj/utrjov c). TOI/ 
pviineiov (pro Tr)<$ Ovpas) S. KaOurev (pro e/ca^ro) d**. 
v. 3. ei$ea fgh. ai/roy >) t^ea y. ws (^>ro wo-et) k. v. 5. 

S. MATTHJEI CAP. XXVIII. vv. 520. 49 

rov effravpta^evov c. v. 6. yap&ca. 
py. v. 7. iropevQriaai xy. OTJJ x. +icW (ante yyepOrj) p. 
-t$ov (cmte irpoayei) p. +/c0ws etTrey v/u> (post ya\i- 
\aiav) c. e/cet avTov ad fin. versus c. eiiriov x. v. 8. 
aTTcfyyetXe x.. v. 9, w? oe etropevovTO airayyeikai 
TOIS jtia0?Tats avrovy. CTropevovrcof*. KCU. primum 
ap. -o bfhmnoqr*sxy. v^rivrriaev de. virrjVT^crev av- 
o tjyffovs p. yaipercu. e. v. 10. <f)ofieicr9ai e. 
i)ju.ets x. /cat e/cet bdeklmns, efcet o (^}ro /ca/cet). 
(pro fjLe)y. oxl/aj^rai p. v. 11. 

atravra ra yei>ofji.eva rois ap^iepevaiv O*. v. 12. ^e (pro 
re) x. re y. (TTjOartwres b. v. 13. Xe'ywi/res p*. v. 
14. ireiffcotJ.ev cqrsxy. Troirjffwmev cf*qrsy. v. 15. Xa- 
/Bwi/res x. $ia(f)riiJ.eiffOti y. v. 17. avrov (pro avry) cxy. 
e^etcrracraj/ xsem. v. 18. e^w^j/ fx, CTTIJ xsemel v. 19. 
-ovv abcdefghklmnopqrsux (habet y). -TOW (ante dyiov) 
c. v. 20. YUM (pro 

(+ayiov r) evayyeXiov aer. evayyeXiov /card Mar0atoi/ b. 
TO /cara Mar&uoi/ evayyeXiov e^eooQq vir avrov ev tX>7ju, 
(iepoa i o\v[j.oK g) juera ^jooyoi/s O/CTW r>;s rov Xpiarov ava- 
X^vl/ews Cgkpsv. TeXov row Kara MarOaiov (+ayiov m) 
efa r yyeXtoi' crrt^ot p^. e^eoo07 VTT' auroi/ TOVTO jtxera 
^joovovs oK'Tw /c.T.X. Imn. TeXos TOU /cara Mar0. aytov 
evayy. o-rrep e^GooOt] VTT avrov ev iXrj/ui. /xera %povovs 
OKTW K.T.X. q. Hiat f. Nil habent ho. Plane singulare 



d : reXos XajSow TO Kara Mar9. evayy. &t posted, : tareov 
on TO Kara ^liarQaiov vayye\iov eflpa'ifii SiaXenTwi 
ypa(j)ev VTT avrov' ev lepovffaXrifi e^eooOq' epfji.t]vev9t] oe 
I/TTO \wavvov' efyyeirai $e rqv rov XjOtcrrou yevetriv' mi 
avOpuirofwpcbov rovro TO euayy\iov. 


v Kara Mapitov bcefgh. evayyeXtov TO 
Kara M.apKov d. evayy. ayiov Kara Maofc. k. TO /cctTa 
Mct|0. ayiov (aytov p) evayy- Imnpsv. 

CAPUT I. v. 2. os (pro ws) b. tcaOws e. /xoy (jpro o"oy 
secund.} k. v. 3. +TOV (anfe Kv^toy) qr. v. 5. 
pevovro dfghkopy. -jj ex. lou^atwi'C. -oic. ' 
HiTat y. VTT avrovc. v. 6. +o (ante Iwavvris) abcdef 
ghklmnpqrsvxy. lavvris fn. KafjiiXou exy. -avrov q? 
\-v\v (ante eaQuav) v. v. 7. +70^ (post ep^erat) x. -o 
jtxoy y. iff^ypos x. Kv/u.^/a$ C. v. 8. v/xa? 
u. 4eis peravoiav (post vfiari) q*r. +/cat TTI/JOI 
(post ayiatyv. v. 9. /catpnm.c. Tat? ^epats e/ceti/ats e. 
+o (awie irjaovs) cdelmnrsxy. j/a^ajoer acfgklmnpqrsy. 
eis TJJI' FaXtXamv sxysem. ets TOV lopoavrjv VTTO Icoawov x. 
v. 1.0. ft5s (|>ro wo-et) fhkoy. -roy*semel +TOV Oeov 
(post TTvevfjia) h. naTaflaivtov ysemel. +KCU /mevov (post 
KaTciflaivov) g. v. 11. TOW ovpctvov jsem. euros G(TTW 
(pro av et) bxysem. o-o* (pro $) iiysem. r}v$oKrj(ra hoy. 
v. 12. e : v9etos bdemnopsy. v. 13. -ev rv\ eprj^ e. +KCU 
VVK.TCLS TSffffapaKovra (ante Treipafyfjievo's) cv. oi cdy. 
v. 14. -TOW bcghopy. -o' bfhky. -o trjeovs op. v. 15. 
-Kaiprim."bfop. mGTevffare qr. -ev o. v. 16. o-t/uw- 
vav e. +TOI \eyo/JLei>ov lierpov (post Si/xwva) V. +TOU 
2t / aa)ios (post avTov) abcdefghklmnopqrsvy. 


52 S. MARCI CAP. I. vr. 1645. 

Xoi/ras efg. j3aX\oi/ros p. afJupifiXrjffrpa a. ets rrjv Oa- 
Xaffffav c. V. 17. yeveff9ai e. V. 18. evOecos e. 
v. 19. ./m. -Fai/Twi/ cdev. v. 20. +eu0e<t's (cmte a^ej/res) c. 
ai/roi/ (pro aimoi/) d. v. 21. eiffTropeverai g*. +Ttiv(ante 
ffvvaytayriv] acehklmnprsy. v. 22. +7rai/Tes (ante em] c. 
avrovs o. i /?w.+aimoi'CV. v. 23. eKpa^ev c. v. 24. o-y 
(pro <7o/) e. m^OjOti/at C. i/a^ajOti'e ey. j^'/xttf ' v - v< 25. eTDjry}- 
fijjffev v. OTT' (pro ef ) csv. v. 27. eavrovs abcdefghklmnp 
pqrsvy. \eyovres qrs. v. 28. Kcti%ri\9ev (-$e)y. -ev6v$ 
6. eicetvyv (pro rys FaXtXaias) S*. v. 29. eicyXOov q*r. 
v. 30. +TOV (ante ffi/uuavos) clmn. v. 31. -T?/S y. v.32. 
TOI/S (aw^e ^at/xoj/t^o/Aei/ovs) c. v. 33. /cat )?i/ ?/ TroXie 
eTriffVvrjyfjievr) (o\rj) y. TJ/ Ovpa p. v. 34. Tra^ras rovs 
(pro TroXXovs) C. TroXXa oatjuowab. eej3aXXev be. rj<pieiS. 
fin. +TOV xpiaTov eivm cr. +^ptffTov eti/at lmnq*y. -\-eivai 
TOV xptffrov V. v. 35. evvv)(a .y. +o iJ7(rovs (|>05^ cnrr]\0ev) 
bfgp. V. 36. /careotaigej/ y. o re ^i/uuav dep. V. 37. Xe^oi/- 
T6? y. ere ^roi/crt abcdefghklmnopqrsvxy. v. 38. KCU 
Ki abdefghldmnpqrsx. enei (pro /ca/cet) cvy. Ktjpva-a-ov v. 
e\ij\v9a dglmnpqr. v. 39. e/s ras ffvvayiaya<; cv. -TOT r. 
e/f/3aXwx. v. 40. yovwjrerwv avria f. avrov secund. y 
tertium g. v. 41. +/cot (awte eKreti/as) c. v. 42. jy 
aTT* avroy ade. eKaOepurOr] y. V. 43. ai/roi/ (pro 
cex. e^efiaXev avrov evOewsQ. evOecos S. avry 
e^ejSaXei; ayroi/ y. v. 44. -p^evi n*. -^ev b*v?y. aX- 
Xa dhkop. TrpocreveyKdi mn. trouy. to (pro a)c. JUCOI/CTJ/S 
ekop. v. 45. -avrov prim. k. eX0r (pro ettreX^eti') s. 
aXXacp. +TO (aw^e ep^/xots) u. iravroQev acv. 

S. MARCI CAP. II. vv. 122. 53 

CAPUT II. v. 1. etffri\9e ira\iv adeghklmnopqruv. 
+o ijja-ovs (post 7ra\tv) p. e\0(t)V iraXiv C. etoreX^aJi; iraXiv 
b. eiffrj\9ev o tjcrovs ira\iv fs. v. 2. +avTw (post aw- 
v. +ayroi9 (post yujf/fen) V. Tqv e*. V. 3. 
a (j?ro V7ro)y. v. 4. avroi; (pro auT^)v. +o ujcrovs 
d. e^OjOt^avres r. Kpaflarrov (sic W. 9, 11, 12) 
abcdfhkux. Kpafiarovv. e(j) o cy. v. 5. afaovrai epx. 
cKpaiovrai sy (sic /ere V. 9). v. 6. ypanmarauavv. -em 
y. $ia\o ( y?o / uei;oi V. v. 7. init. on (pro n) p. OI)TW el 
mn. -OUTWS cgpr. OUTOS oyrasv. V. 8. 71/01/5 h. -o t>/- 
y. +CIVTOI. (ante $ia\o r yiiovTai) abcdefghklmnopqrx. 
(pro eavrots) c. v. 9. crov (pro aoi) abcdghklmn 
oprx. e^etpe bdefgkoqxy (sic fere v. 11), rov /cjoaj8/3a- 
TOI/ (Toy dlmnrvx. v. 10. ^ec. eiri T>JS ^s v. e-Trt 
TJ^S fyj/s a<f)ievat cdhnijqxy. a/jLapna^ eiri njs yqs o. 


+/cf (w?e Xefyei) y- v. 11. croiXeycoj. arov rov 
flarov Kai TrepiTraretJ. V. 12. KpafiaTyov 0. +/rai 

) d*. evoTTiov (pro evavriov) C. V. 1 3. /cat eot- 
avrovse. v. 14. -f-o t^croy? (awfe et^e) efk**rs. 
Xewpq*rsvy. v.15. -/cat secund. s. v. 16. -e\eyov us- 
que ad d[jt.apT(i)\(av x. _/?%. +o oi^atr/caXos v/iwf c. v. 17. 
H-KCU (an^e OVK)\. ov yap q\9ovy> as fJieravotav hko. 
v. 18. tyapiffcuoi (pro rcav (papiaaiaov} bis e. v. 19. ot 
b. ^er' avTwv bis e. avrov (pro avrcovjk. V. 20. v^- 
ffTeyoyo"(p ac. eneivri TJ/ ^fiepa cv. v. 21. mV. /cat acu 
vy. ovoeis $e Q. _ paKKOvs ef. aKvafyov V. pairrei g*. 
C. ei ^e fj.rjyed.ey. +cnr (post TrX^pw/ua) C. +a7ro 

) f **. atjoet UTT avrov ro 7rX)/jOWjw,a TO /raui/op .de. 

*' ' ' I * '" 

54 S. MARCI OAPP. II. v. 23 III. y. 18. 

(post ira\aiov) y. v. 22. -o j/eos b... aXX* csy. 
V. 23. +ei; TO> (postf eyevero)c. -ei/aevx. v. 24. -foi 

/JLCtOriTUl ffOV (pOSt TTOlOVfftv) C. GV C. l/ TOfS 0"a/3/30'tf fa. 

v. 25. /cat eireivatjev b. v. 26. ei9 rof ot/cov 0. row 
(ante ap-xiepew] abefghklmnopqruxy. GTTI Aj3ia0ap TOW 
ap-x/Lepews in locum post e<payev transfert c. 
+ / uofov (|)OS^ ei /A>?)S. juer' avrov (pro aw 
v. 27. craflaTTov prim. c. 

CAPUT III. v. 1. efypanevriv (sic v. 3) acn*vxy. v. 2. 
-}- ev (post ei) y. rots cra/3 fiaaiv avrov Qepairevvei d. v. 3. 
H-o irjcrovs (post avOpooTTd}) c. yeipav c. eyeipe bcdefgkoy. 
e<yp9ijTi v. v. 4. aTroXecrat (pro cnroKTewai) auv. v. 5. 
VTTO (pro GTTI) s. -trou f**hkopxy. aTreKarearaOr) cefgps 
xy. -vyirjs cos r) a\\rj hk*0. V. 6. evOews S. eiroii]- 
aav livy. irapaoiaaovGi (pro 7roXecrft)crt) C. V. 7. e<s (p"0 
TT/OOS) SVy. riKo\ou9rj<rav avrao airo rrjs FaXtXatas C. j/ico- 
\ovQrjarev Imnv. vv. 7, 8. Transfert s* /cat Trepan TOU 
lopSavov in locum post lovfiaias. V. 8. -airo primum a. 

OTTO rjs iSovfJLCtias C. +Kat oi irepav TOU lopSavov 
JojO^ayou) n*. TVJOW C. atowy d. e-jroi^aev v. v. 9. 
be. 1-Tt (post \va)y. V. 10. eOepairevev e. 

v. TOUTOV (pro ayrou)h. v. 11. e9eoopovv cy. Trpocre- 
irnrrov acegkpvy. -avry f. eicpafyv cdefpvy. eKpavja- 
%ov g. v. 12. favepov avrov abcdefhklmnopqrsuvy. 

awroj' g. V. 13. jfX^oi' (^0 a.irri\9ov) S. V. 14. -tt/a OJCTI 
juer' awroy <cat S. aTroarreXXet qv. v. 16. GireQijKev ovona 
TW o-i/juuvi y. v. 17. -rovpnmb. -TOU secwnd dfgo. 
+avroi/ (posi a$e\<f)ov) ce. ay row (jpro TOW la/cwjSoy) V. 

S. MARCI CAPP. IE. v. 18 IV. v. 7. 55 

f. fioavripyes e. v. 18. -KCU tertium c. A\(j)eov 
O. 6m$$atoy? y. Kovirqv h*. V. 19. Iov(W IffKapuarq p. 
v. 20. a-vvep^ovrai fv. +o (ante o^Xos) ch. /a^ert (pro 

J- ~M Te c - ft*$e (pro [tyre) deflmny. v. 21. efe- 
(pro f^effrrf) c. v. 22. +ap-)(iepet$ KCU (ante <ypju,- 
c. v. 27. ovSeig (+^eq) Swarai (~ov) abcdefgh 
klmnopqrsvy. ^lajOTracras (jpro $tapira(rai)y. fy<rri rov 
iff-^vpov k. ciapTraarj abdef klmns, oiapiracrai c (|>ro ot|0- 
iraarei). v. 28. TO*S viois TCDV avOpwirwv TO. df 
y. TOIS ai/0jOW7Tots (rots utots)c. +al (flMife 
sy. eav (|ro ai/) y. v. 29. ecrraf e. v. 30. eXeyev p*. 
ep^V. V. 31. +avrov (post aoe\0ot) ceq. ot aoe\(poi 
avrov KCU YI /ntjrrjp p. v\ ^rrip avrov KCU ol a<)e\<poi avrov 
y. v. 32. KCU KaOt)To o^Xos trepi avrov q*r. GKctOrivTo 
y. rrepi avrov oy\os cdeoy. +7roXws (ante o^Xos) S. $e f. 
-c$ov c. +/ci al a$e\(f)cu ffov (ante e^w) bdefghklmnopq 
vy. v. 33. enroKpiOeis c. TI (pro rts) fy. KCII (pro rj} ab 
cdegq*rv. v. 34. Deest hie versus in gq*rv. t$ov ce-, 
Imn. v. 35. iroiriaei (a^p- KCU q aoeXfyq /uouf*. 
-fjiov secund.bcv. a$e\(f)oi (pro a^eX^j?) s. Confer Matth. 
xii, 50. +fjiov (post wrqp) delmn. 

CAPUT IV. v. 1. ffwrj-^Orjaav h. -roce. +KCU (ante 
KaOqaOai) S. KaOrjffai g. fin. rjffav (pro ^i/)y. v. 2. av- 
TOI/S (|?ro avrots) ckm*oy. v. 3. a/covere o. t5oi> c. 
fin. +TOJ; ffiropov avrov bg. V. 4. 4-oyroi' (p05i a-ireipeiv) 
c. em (pro nrapa} y. vj\Qov py. -roy ovpavov abdefghkl 
mnopqrsvy. Karefayov p. v. 5. init. +/cat y. /caX^f 
(pro TToXX^i') b. v. 6. -&? y. eKavfuanaQ^ /cat transfert 

56 S. MAECI CAP. IV. vv. 734. 

s in locum ante efypavOy. v. 7. eiri (pro ets) ac. 
Trvi^ev y. v. 8. av^avovra /cat ava^aivovra s. V. 9. 
avroi<s abcdefghklmnopqrsv. v. 10. rov iqcrovv (pro 
avrov prim.} p. v. 11. $e$orev. ra fJLVffrqpia my. TOIS 
g. -ra cde. ym. Tracra o^orm C. V. 12. \va j3Xe- 
es /A?? /BXeTram /cat i^opres M? t^wcrt S. (3>\e^ov<nv 
/cat oy |(i/ i^oatnv C. +|U^ (awie /BXeTrwcri) df **pv. aKovovai 
v. oy M>7 ffWHaviv C. 7rKTT|3e\^oi;(Tt cp*. afaQriGerai e. 
V. 15. +cr7r6t^ooj[Aei/oi (|)osi o^ov)c. evOwsj. v. 16. a/covco- 
rrotv. ev0ea)sii. v. 17. /ot^as cp. avrois (pro eayrots) 
y. 'yivoff.evtjs k*. eu^us y. v. 18. OVTOI eiffiv secund. a 
bcdefghklmnpqrsy. a/fovorai/Te? g. v. 19. /3tov 
meows Touroy) c. v. 20. -ez; tertium d. v. 21. 
Tai o Xu^vos y. -yvro rjjv KKivqv C. eTrt (pro viro secund.} 
if. v-TTOKaro) (pro viro secund.} h. -TJ/I; pn'm. hs. re^ 
(pro eirireOrf) ghkps. v. 22. -rt cdlmnopsuy. -o o. 
oy (pro eav) ad. -/AJ/ y. eX0j? et? (f)avepov y. v. 24. 
avrifierpj]Oria-Tai lmnq**S. /cat irpoareBriaerai v/ui; y. 
v. 25. eaj' (pro av) dh. v. 26. 4-ayrotj (post e\eyev) d. 
09 av y. +ayroy (posi cnropov) p. V. 27. Ka9eu$ei es. 
eyeiperai fopq*rsy. fiXaaravet esy. ^Kwerai q*rs. 
v. 28. crra^y a. irXqpris C. v. 29. ^ap (pro 5e) g. v. 30. 
,TTW? (pro rtw) y. o[jioi<a<rofjLGv ab**dhlmpqrs. rti/t (pro 
a) y. 7rajOa/3aXoy/uei> p. Trapa/BaXXojtxei' S. v. 31. KW- 
abdefghklmnopqrsy. /co/cov c. niKporeptDv p. 
(-TCOV) S. v. 32. avfyOq (pro ffTrapy) q*r. 

r<av Xa^aviav y. fjiet^oi/ o. /xei^ot/wv q. v. 33. 
roiavra b**. -TroXXats fo. e^yi/avro acdefghklmnopqs. 

S. MARCI OAPP. IV. v. 34 V. v. 14. 57 

V. 34. +TOV \oyov (post idiav) y. avrov S. iravra 
eireXve u. v. 35. e\eyi> qr, v. 36. -$e h. Seica (pro Se) 
g. TrXoia eoy. TrXoia yv /xer* avrwv C. v. 37. peyaXov C. 
eirefiaXev abdfglmnopqrsy. e7re/3aXov e. 67rej8aXXoi/ k. 

\ ,/ * 

qSri avro g. fin. toffre v$vi avro r^t] ftvOtfyaOai y. Kara- 
d. v. 38. /cat oieyeipovcriv avrov Xe'yoyre? 
C. /cat \eyovcriv at/rw d*. avrov (pro avr(p) 
d*. /xeXXet ehq*ry. a-jroXv^eOa egp. v. 39. eyepOeis S. 
-T>7 OaXaffffri a. v. 40. oi/rws abdeflmnr (sic passim). 
v. 41. +<r(f)o$pa (ante (poflov) p. /ue'yap. -o'y. ot 

CAPUT V. v. 1. ^X^ev cd*ehps. -TCOJ/ n*. 
VMV y. V. 2, eeX0oi'Tos avrou y. viryvrrivev cdf. v. 3. 
oiKrjfftv dklmn. //.i/^ao-i abcdefghklmnopqrsuy. aXvo-e- 
<riv (sic v. 4 6is) s. e^ui/aro acdehkopqrsy. v. 4. -& TO 
wsg'Me ad! SeSeaOai C. ras aXvcreis vir avrovp. air (pro VTT) 
bgo. io"^ucre clmn. iff^yev avrov ey. V. 5. VV/CTOS Kai 
tf/mepasu. j^Vepas /cari/v/cros d. er' rots fjivrj/uLouri KO.I ev 
TOK opecrtv cdelmny. -ev secwnd g. KaraKoirrov dg. 
+TOIS (awfe Xi0ots) u. v. 6. -7ro dey. avrov py. v. 7, 
\eyet (pro eiire) deoy. -crot y* av y**. v. 8. TO a/ca- 
Oaprov Trvevfua C. OTTO (jO^O e/c) S. V. 9. n ovoyia crot 
KOI \eyei avrta Xe^ewK oy. v. 10. cnroffreiXr] avrovs 
dforuy (aurov o). v. 11. rw opei abcdghklmnopqr. TO 
opei efs. TO OjOos y(f* Burnei., vise]. -/neyaXqy -fTroX- 
\<av (post fteyaXii) U. fin. +TTJOO? ra) opei y. V. 13. avrovs 
eg. TO, aKaOjxpTa L TO. aKaOapra Trvtv^ara C. eiffqX-* 
Oev&. t<)ov a>p/uii<re Tracra. q*r. yap (pro Se) h. v. 14. 
TOUS ^oijoows C. airriyyetXav doy. -e:s secund. y. 

58 S. MARCI CAPP. V. v. 14 VI. v. 3. 

y. -TI ecrri c. v. 15. -KaOrjuevov /cat c. - KCU tertiwm p. 
et/uarto-jueyov h. v. 16. ^irjyrjffavro <$e (-/cat) abcdfgh 
klmnopqrs. +KCII (ante TTWS) p. v. 18. enflaivovTos eoy. 
/JLGT avTov rj eoy. v. 19. init. KM (pro o $e uycroys) eoy. 
TreTrooj/ce abcdefghklmnoqrsy. v. 20. -mi airyXOe e. 
-KCU TravTes eflayyua^of q*. v. 22. rts (pn> els) ce. eis 
(pro TTjOos) cqr. v. 23. irapattaXei gp. TroXXa S. 67ri- 
fsy. eiriOrjffr) g. cfi/rce; y. ^cr^rat a. v. 24. 
ai> c**f*. avrw (pro avrov) CS. V. 26. trap 
abcdefghklmnpqrsy. wfaXriaaaa. y. v. 27. TWV 
y. v. 28. +ev eavrrj (post yap) COS. -avrovj. V. 29. 
sacraro y. v. 31. Xeyovfftv (pro eXeyov) y. v. 32. Trepi- 
c. v. 33. eavnf (pro GTT avrri) J. y\Sev KOI 
v. 34. init. o $e tijcrovs x. Owyarqp Q. +6apcrei 
(post QvyaTep) q. v. 35. eny. GjO^eraip. Xe'yovTosp. 
C. (TKuXet? fs. v. 36. evQew a. v. 37. avrw 
j, aKoKovOquai 60. lavvrjv q. +roua, -faurow TOW 
e (nfe Iafcw/3ov). v. 38. +/ci (awfe /cXatoyras) d*euy. 
/cXaioi/ra p. aXaXa^oyra p. V. 40. Kareyekovv C. e/c- 
jSaXXwj/ f. Travras abcdefghkranopqrsy. Xa^jSai^et p. 
v. 41. ToXtjOa a. KOU/X bemnp. oi//xq ky. /cyja u. eyeipe 
bcefgko. v. 43. -vroXXa e. avTrjv (pro avrii) g. 

CAPUT VI. v. 1. -K6t9ev d. avrov (pro aurw) c. 
V. 2. +roy (an^ cra/3j8aToy) p. +d t^croys (posif yp^aro) p. 
afcoucreu>Tes y. +TTI T>? otoa^ avrov (post e^e 
d. -on bcfghldmnpry. ii/a (^ro ort) do. -/cai 
oyva/uets) dos. yivtavTat deo. v. 3. /cat (st'c)u. ecrTtv o 
TCKTOVOS yios MttjOias C. o row re/croi/os uios Kai T^S Ma- 

S. MARCI CAP. VI. vv. 323. 59 

pias y. iraaai (pro w$e) f *. fin. eaimo C. V. 4. <m U. 
ffvyyevevaiv es. vvyyevecriv avrov g. v. 5. eiWaro afo 
py. ei^vvaro e. iroi^ffai ovva/JLtv y. oXfyov? app(affTou<s ac. 
eOepcnreve p*. V. 7. /cat TTjOocr/caXecrcr/xei/o? roy? ocaoeKa 
/j.aOr]Tcts avrov qp^cno C. -f/ua^ra? avrov (post SaiSeKa) 
f*g. KCU secundum d. avrovs f- Kara irveviutTwv O.K.O.- 
rwv C. T>V 6z5 x. V. 8. irapr]yy\\ev bdhkp. 
f. +TJ?I; (anie o^oi') x. pafi&ovs (J.OVQV x. /cai 
/AT? secundum) d. 4^^ apyvpiov (post aprov) x. ras 
x. v. 9. aX\a x. evSuffqaOe bdfghklmnpqrsxy. 
c. v. 10. Xe'yei b. 4-d iqaous (ante OTTOV) C, 
ay (^>ro eav) k. +TJJI/ (awfe oiKtav) x. v. 11. ea^ (pro av) 
deflmnopsxy. eiaaKovawaiv x. it/mas (pro vfuav prim.') e. 
Kei yew (pro rov ")(ovv) g- Tov secwid. a. Ttoy (pro rov 
sec.} h, KoXXrjOevTa e/c (pro viroKaru)) y. /cat 77 To/nop- 
c. yofiiopois p. v. 13. e^ejSaXoi' cdeps. v. 14. jjjow- 
o /3acriXevs y.' +TJ;I/ a/co^v HJCTOV (post ijpco^) cek**. 
(pro jjyepOrj) eo. ai ouva/uets evepyowtnv ce. et/ 
S*. v. 15. initio. aXXoi ^e elio. aXXot eXeyov on rj\ia 
effriv d. ->?Xms ea'Tti' aXXot ^e eXeyov on q*rsy. 
-^e cgux. -7 abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. v. 16. -o cf*m 
pqrsxy, oud*. avTosyyepOqeKveKpcovx. +yctp(ante 
yjyepOt]) b." OTTO rov veicpcov C. +TWV (ante ve/CjOw^) gh. 
v. 17. ~oy. -T>7 abcdefghklmnoqrsxy. -rrjvs. v. 18. 
-o py. -ort x. -Tjfv c. +$iXt7T7roy (jpo^f yvvaiica) cd. 
V. 19. awroi/ (p*o auT( t o) y. e&vvaro eop. V. 20. -Km 
a<y{oi/ S*. aKovwv mn. +a (^05^ TroXXa) S. Y. 22. -TJfs 
secund. x. ^uot (pro /te) cy. fin. +o eai/ 0eX?s de. v. 23. 

60 S. MARCI CAP. VI. TV. 2345. 

,ue de. (UTY\GV\ s. cuTjycms y. /xoi (pro jue) y. 
y. v. 24. atTK7ft) c. cttTJjo' tx. v. 25. 
i. ev0ea>?p. oWey. e^auTjjsy. eiri TTIVUKI 
transferunt ad fin. versus by. v. 26. +$e (postf &a) r**s. 
oo/coys S. V. 27. o paatXeus aTrotTTeiXa? d. o 
a. wireKovXaTopav c. o"7re/fovXaTO|Oa defgkoqrsy. to) 
avrov) s. v. 28. o $e a7reX$wi> wsg'we a<# TTIVUKI deest in b. 
/rat (pro o ^e) y. ei/ rr) (pvXaicri C. TOJ/ Itaavvqv (pro av- 

TOJ/) a. -avrqv (sic) u. v. 29. crwjwa n**. v. 30. avyy- 

. . . j .' 

yeiXav n. -fra yevo/neva (post iravra] C. KCU ier"i5twwi 

bdgsy. V. 31. -f/cat (posi oei/re) y. TOTTOV epquov g. 
oi secund. cgy. /cat ovoe CM^ j^?i. vers. p. evuaipovv bed 
fhklmnqrsy. v. 32. airrjKQev hkqs. +ei/ (posi TOTTOP) e. 
-Tfcj y. v. 33. -oi o^Xot abcdefghldmnopqrsy. 
(pro avrov prim.) delmnoy. -rowy. 7TjOocrijX0oj/goq*y. , 
rov n*? 5 aurois s (pro avrovs secund.). KO.I ffvvrjXQov TT 
avrov y. v. 34. :o iijaovs eioe .cdehy. otoei' r. ovXoi/ 
TroXuv p. e^oyre? q*r. tjp^avro y. avrou? ^i^ao'/ceti' de. 
v. 35. avTip adeo. -j-ayrw (posi Xe'youaii') dego. ecrrt 
TOTTO?(-O)P. KM jj wpa (~qhj secund.) h. v.36. ayopa- 
aovuiv C. ayro (j?ro eavrots) y. e^wffiv ey. v. 37. oV 
vapiwv haKOffitav abceghklmnoqruy. v. 38. \eyova-iv au- 
ra) irevre py. -hajoroys (posi irevre)y. v. 39. avrous C. 
Deest ffvfjiTrocria unum c **f**n**p. v. 40. aveireaav bdh 
p. aveireaov ava c. ava secund. s. v. 41. rjv\oyrj<jv c. 
/cXacrasy. Kaiquartum,j, oiefiepicres. V. 43. +TWI; 
irepiffffevffavTwv (ante /cXaaymraiy) c. v. 44. cJorei abc 
defghklmnopqruy. v. 45. rivayKaffev o porous e, +v- 

S. MABOI CAPP. VI. v. 45 VII. v. 13. 61 

TOV (post irpoayetv) C. ^Bffdi^a kps. ews ov cd. ctTro- 
Xixric. a-TroXt/o-et adlnpqrysemeZ. v. 47. -\-rjv (post |moi/o?) 
C. V. 48. +&(po$pa (post avrois) C. jj9e\ev avrovs Trap- 
e\0eiv S. V. 49. STTI TT/S OaXaffffW irepnrarovvra c. 
(fravraffiav g. v. 50. -Oapcreiref**. <j)ofir]<r9e p. V. 51. 
ev Tto TrXoiw S. erTai>To ei; avrots S. V. 52. roue |0- 
TOI/S s. ai/rwi/ jj KOjO^m abdef hklmnopqrsy. v. 53. eis 
(/>ro 67rt) ch. yevtffaper C. yevvrjcrapeO deho. yewr/craper 
fglpsj. v. 54. fin. +ot avfipes TOV TOTTOV eneivov C. v. 
55. tcpafiaTTois abcdf hk. Kpaflaryois o. fapetv iravras 
KCIKCOS e^ovras, irepiefpepov yap ayrows oVoy ai/ 
TOV i^ovv eivai C. v. 56. av (sic) ( U. eai/ (pro av 
jprarmm)hks. eiaeiropevovTo h. eiropeveTo p. +e<s (awie 
TroXet?) py. + ets (awie aypovi) y. TWf t/maTtwi ds. a\|/ocTe 
C. CL^/OVTCU sy. 

CAPUT VII. V, 2. aprov e. e/xe/uvl/aTO n. -e/A6/x\|/ai/ro 
bfks. V. 3. i/i\J/oimu irvy/nt) y. VI^/OVTCS C. oi//c ecr^toi/crtc 
aproi/g. Trajoa^wcrii/ (sic fere vv. 5, 8) be. v. 4. aTr' go. 
pavTifftovTo.1 g. a'yojoas oe orai/ etaeXflaxjii; eai^ M>? jSaTrn- 
<rovTC. ^aXetft)v bdhmnqr. v. 5. eirrjpiarujav y. +Xe- 

C. eaOiovpiv apTov deos. V. 6. 

f C ' ,. 

a. Trept v/xtoi' rwi' VTroKpiTwv ^cratus a. ai/- 
TOU (pro auTwi()g. v. 7. ffejSwvTcu r. v. 8. KpaTovat p. 
p. iroTripiwv KO.I ^ecrrwi/ q*. Trotetre TroXXa de. 
i h. v. 9. TrapatWti/ (pro evTok^v] y. v. 10. 
de. -oroy secundum bs**. v. 11, +<m (anie eay) 
C. +ctyroy (postf Trarept) q*r. -TJ/ n* +aurov (post (*.ri- 
rpi) do. Kop/3ai/ai/ p. v. 13. 7rapawcrei b*k*qry. -rot- 

' v .BK 

62 S. MAROI CAP. VII. vv. 1336. 

avra y. TroXXa roiavra p. V. 14. o UJGOVS (pro iravra) 
f* arravra j. v. 15. ov G, ov y (pro o). KOIVOI (pro earn 
ra Koivovvra) y. Kivovvra g. V. 17. tffv}\6ov CS. eis 
ci/cmy e. +TW (emfe oi/coi/) S. v. 18. oimos abdr, 
p. ffvveroi m*. ovTrft) (j9ro ou) Cgy. eiairopevonevov 
g. V. 19. acfraiSpwva g. enftaXXerai C, etffiropeverai y 
(^)ro eKTTOjO.). fa(?ap^wv fp}'. V. 20. -roy. ~GK rou av- 
Opcairov C. iropevofjievov y. eKTropevajj-evov GK rov avOpwirov 
oqrs. v. 22. aareXyeiat q*rsy. TTOI/^OS o00a\/wos q*r. 
P\aad>rjfJiicu hsy. V7repr)(paviai S. v. 23. rayra iravra cy. 
ra b. eKTTOpevovTai sy. v. 24. KatceiQev p. e\0(t)V (pro 
ei<re\9(tiv) a. -TJ^V bedel hklmnopqy. r}9e\^ffevcy, e9e\ev 
u. e$uvri9ri opy. v. 25. -avr^s f**s*. irpoffeireaev eis 
qr. v. 26. 'EXXti/^s b. o-y/ja' (fioiviKivaa bcghldmns, 
a' (j)oiviKrja-ffa p, (rvpa(f)oiviKiaffa dqr, GvpofyoiviKiaaa 
, crvpofyoiviKqffcra y, wppofyoiviKiaaa f. TO 'yei/o? o. 
abdhlmnoqr, e/c/3aXei cpy, e/cj8aXXet e. ~e: g. 
V. 28. 7 $e airoKpSeura. enrev avrta C. awo Kara) y. ' 
oi/cnr C. TTiTTToi/rwy (|>ro Trajotwj/) S. vl/iyta)i/ raiy 
TCOI/ aTTo Tjys TpoTre^s c. v. 29. aTTo (^ro c/c) p. v. 30. 
-fro 7rcu$ioi> j3e/3X??/xeyoj/ e?n TJ/I/ KXtM^y (posi eype) y. 
QvyarepavJ. V. 31. m'. fcaik. +o tjycrou? (po^if 
0ft>i/) abcefk**lmnq**su (initio pericopes). v. 32. 
(|)ro ai/rftj jpn'm.) c. iao<yyi\a\ov aceghlmnpqrsxy. -ay- 
TOV C. aura) (pro auTov) p. V. 33. eTrtXajSojaevos fsy. 
avrou (pro avrov) S. e/c (^ro 7ro) fpy. ^Awm?? qry. 
V. 36. avoi^9r]ffav C. O|00os c. j^w. +ajcrTe Tra.vra'S efyffra.- 
aOcuC. v. 36. ^teo-reXero X; auro? c. ai/rots ai/ro? d. 

S. MARCI CAPP. VII. v. 37 VIII. v. 19. 63 

V. 37. ^eTT\1f]TTOVTO C. TTGTrOUrjKGV O KVptOS C. TTOieiV (pTO 

CAPUT VIII. v. 1. +ira\iv (ante 7ra/x7roXXov) c. 7ra/- 
TroXov bhm*o. TO rt (f)a<yeiv y. o' Lftroi/s cey. v. 2. 
pai bcdefghkops. e^wa-tv cehy. v. 3. VJJO-TIS blmn. 
(ante OIKOV) CS. ov 0e\w ntjirore (pro eis OIKOV avTwv) y. 
+e^ (awife avroov) dkq*r. JIK.O.GIV cepr. qicovcri 
y. V. 4. rot/rots p. aprov Cgsy. epqfjucus 60. 
V. 5. +\e i ywi/ (<KM#e TTOCTOVS) c. aprovs e^ere cek. v. 6. 
#e ev^apiffrricia^) glmn. 'jrapanOtaffi y. V. 7. 
+TCivra do, +avray (ante ev\oyriffas). ev^api- 
(pro ev\.) C. TrapaOqvcu def hloqry. /rat avra TT- 
pare9ijvaic. Kaiavrag. icai tertiumty, V. 8. +irav- 
res (post e i )(opTaa9f)a'av) cdo. rtav Trepiffevfi.aTc&v KXaa- 
HarcavC. GTrvpiowvy. Jin. +7rXjjpets q*r. v. 9. -wsy. 
V. 10. e/ufias ev9eo)s C. robcmy. SanavovOa e. oaXjuov- 
vovBay. v. 11. e^X^av C. /cat vjp^avro e. oryr^TetyC. 
TreijOa^oj'Tes 1 ayroi/p. v. 12. Tig. Tavrrj (pro avrij) 
c. v. 13. -e^jSasy. -TraXive. TraXtv e/x/3as d. Trans- 
fert -jrahiv post aTrv)\Qev y. -TO primum bfghklmnqr. 
e/s TO irepavy, V. 14. +01 juLaOqrai avrov (post eiri- 
\ct9ovro) Imnqrs** (-ayTov s). aprovs Xafieiv q*. v. 15, 
+a?ro (anie TJJ? ^/x^s secund.} p. V. 16. eXajSo/uev (^>ro 
e^oniev) q*. v. 17. KOI Xe'yei awTois o t^crovs (-7^01;?) c. 
+ev Tots Kapoiats vpwv oXiyoTrurroi (post oia\oyi^ea9e) C. 
v (pro e^ere prim.} C. ffwierGj. v. 18. /ecu 
e^ovTes owe aieoueTeb. Z)e^5i interrogations nota 
ad fin. v. 18 m defgmnprsy. v. 19. <m (pro ore) c. 

64 S. MAROI CAPP. VIII. v. 19 IX. v. 3. 

+KCU (ante TTOCTOUS) y. -7rX>?/>eis h*. /cXacr/uarwi' Tr 
v. 20. -TOW? secund.g. TrXrjpw/ULaruv g. v. 21. Xe-yei 
adeflmnqr. +GI/J/ (pos 7rs)q**. OUTTW (pro ou) clmn, 
(pro TTWS ou) ey. v. 22. firjcrdiSav A. flrjQffdiSa kpqrs. 
iSa y. V. 23. -CWTOJ; pn'm. c. v. 24. etTrei' (pro 
u. OTI cy. o^oto cy. v. 25. CCVTOU d. ai>ej3Xe>^e 
cfghmprsy. ei/ej3\e\|/at q. aTreKareffraQri cefgo. V. 26. 
-rovabdefgkop. v. 27. Kaiaapias x. v. 28, +avTa> (posi 
aTreKpiOrjffav) q%. /cat g. aXXot oe ^'Xtav erepoi $e iepe- 
fjnav rj eva c. v. 29. oprim. a. atmjj c. v. 31. TroX- 
Xa ysemel. VTTO (pro airo) d. raw ap-^tepecov KCU r<av 
flvTeptov KCLI TWV rypan/jLarewv x. +TWJ; (ctnfe 
abcdghklmnosyseme?. +TOW (awie rypanimrewv) abdfghk 
Imnopqrsy6is. -roav 7 pa/unarewv c. -<ct ultimum b. 
V. 33. ini^'o o ^e t^croi/s d. V. 34. aitoXovQeiv (pro e\Qew) 
bcghlmnpxy. v. 35. 9e\ei epqy. airoXeaei (pro -y) 
ch*qrxy. TV\V eavrov ^/v^riv abdfghkopqrsuxy. 
(pro oyros) y. v. 36. +rov (ante avQpwirov) a. a 
cfx. Kep^Jjaei cy. rov KOG/JLOV o\ov Kep^cry 0. v. 37. 
y/ua cfy. v. 38. eav (pro av) cdfgklmnopy. av- 
(pro avrov) xy. -TJJ (ante 5o^)y. +CH/TOI/ (posi ay- 
v) q*. 

CAPUT IX. v. 1. afj-riv bis d. -a^v Xe^to y/xii' y. yev- 
C. yevaovrai dpsxy. v. 2. -roy (awfe Ja/cwjSoi;), 
bcdq*rsy. -TOI^ (aw^e luavvqv) bcdghkoq*rsy*. -/AO- 
i/ovs y. -fey TO irpoaevxeffQai aurov (ante neTe/nop(b(t)9)j) C. 
v, 3. -ra g*. 676yoyro cfghpqry. utcrei g**y. Ki>a<pevs 
Imn. ov ovvarai -Kvafavs em T^S ^s y. +OUTWS 

S. MARCI CAP, IX. vv. 3 -30. 65 

c. v. 4:. fiuvcrri acklmnqrs. fjLuivffei dp. 
gy. XaXoyvres c, v. 5. airoKpiOei<} $e (-kcii) h. eo-ri y. 
-/cat primum y. Troi^ffo^ev g. jatoo 1 )/ cdfgkpqrsy. /itcti;' 
t/Xtai' p. v. 6. XaXjjtro abdghklmnopqry. e^ojSoi by. 
v. 7. ctvTwi d, aurovs coy (pro aurow). -Xe^ovcra abcdh 
klmnoq**rsu(?). v. 8. e e0^? y. aXX' >/ g. v. 9. e/c (pro 

airo) f. $ir)yri<TovTe C. ^iriyriffovrai SU. avaarifjvai p*. 

v. 10. TTjOos awroDs g. V. 11. eirrjpo)Tr]ffav qi*. TT/OWTOS pi. 
v. 12. Kctflftjs (pro /cat 7Tft>s) ce. v. 13. -rat primum cgp 
q*r. + er (ante avrca) dep. v. 14. tro\\vv o^Xoi/ c. TTO- 
o^Xov uy. v. 15. t^oyresy. e^e6afi^)jdjjffavy. V. 16. 

v. 17. -&$acr/caXe p. v. 18. eav (pro ai>) dep. -av qr. 
p. e/c/3aXXft)<rw eg. v. 19. init. /cat a7ro/c/>i0ets o 
enrev ayrois C. H-ayra) (posi Xe^e^y. euw/mat TTOOS 
c. ave^w/nai q*r. v. 20. i$ov am**nopx. T^V yqv y. 
v. 21. Trocroyj xpovovs c. os (pro cos) y. eyevero p. +e/c 
(cswfe TfaioioOev) c. Tratoo^ev e. v. 22. +TO (ante 7ryp)b 
defghkoq*rsxy. e/3aXXere. aTroXecret cexy. v. 23. -to 
cp. v* 24. yuoi (pro |oy) y. v. 25. crvvrpe^ei c. +o 
(ante o^Xos) abcdelmnpqrxy. -ayt^s^ -mievnari usque 
ad TO p. eyw ffot eirira<ja(a y. v^ 26i -TroXXa c. 
TroXXa /cat q*r. +-aV ayroy (pos^ efyXOev) h. v. 27. ay- 
Toy (pro O.VTOV prim.) c. TJ/V xeipos avrov y. O.UTOV 
secundum cy. v. 28. Xe^oi/res (pro /car' t^tav) c. +tt 
(awie ort) q*r. ^art (pro ort) acdp. e/c/3aXXetv e. v. 29. 
oy/c e/CTTOjoeyerat (pro ei/ oy^ew ^yrarat e^eX^etv) y. V;30. 
em S. e^eX0o/tey KfiOet> a. eeX0a)i/ irape'/ropevero C. 


66 S. MA.RGI CAPP. IX. v. 30 X. v, I. 

r)9e\ov k. V. 31. -airoKravBeK xy. fin. eyepQtjfferai ey. 
v. 32. Deest in c. v. 33. jyX&wkp. +o iqvovs (post rj\- 
Oev) e. aurois (pro avrovs) g. * $ie\oyii[ovTo e. V. 34. 
$iei\e')(Qnffav r. V. 35. TOIS ocooe/ca g. +/ua0jjras (pos 
$&>.) C. 0eX*? ex. eo-Tw acdmnx. $ovXos (pro SICIKOVOS) g. 
v. 37. -ei> ey. ^e^erat (pro ^e^rat secund.) c. V. 38. 
-Se y. ~o abcdefgkopsxy. eK^aXovra C. -sal! Kcu\y- 
(ra/ttey c? fin. vers. c. /w. ^ae^' facM qr, v. 39. etTrey 
avrois e. ev (pro em) x. aKo\ov9rj<rai (pro KctfcoXo^jjcrai) y. 
v. 40. vn(ov bis acdfghklmnopxy. Pro primo ^wv es. 
v. 41. noTKrei ex. -r<p abdefghklmnopqry. ^poi n** 
(i.e. ypianavoi). +OTI (ante ou jm?) cd. airoXea-et cdefx. 
v. 42. eav (pro av] abcdefghklnmopqrs, ffttavSaXiffei b*c. 
aXj7<rei e. ffKavoaXtjarj h. +TovTft)j/ (^>osi fUKpaov) h. 
S. ^xaXXoj' awrw fjiv\os OVLKOS a. juwXt/cos Xi0os p. 
S*. v. 43. ovcai^aXi^ef ar. GKKO^OV y. ets r/y 
et(7eX06ip /cyXoy c. TYJV secund. y. v. 44. reXei/- 
e. +avTcov (post irup) cp. vv. 45, 46. Desunt in c. 
v. 45. o'/rai'ctatXt^ei e. +7p (pos^ raXoi/) adep. <TOI 
y. ere (pro aoi) abkop. ets rqv ^corjv eiffe\0eiv bf. ets 
^o)?7z; ct7re\9ew g. TOU? y. TJ^V secund. h, v. 46. 
avrwv p. v. 47. +o ^e^bs (awie <rfcKoaXt^) y. a/cav^a- 
iet r. imovo(f)da\fjLo^ c. etcreXfleti/ y. +TOUS (ante <W) y. 
(pro jSX^vcu) y. v. 48. -aurft)^fgklmnq**s*. 
irvp avrwv cp. v. 49. -mi Tracra aoJ j^w. wrsMs b*s. v. 50. 
at/To e. aprvOriffeTai e. eav aurois n. eip^veuffare b. 

f. eipyvevyre g*(?)- aXXj;Xoi/s (~ej/) c. 
CAPUT X. v. 1. /cat ewiQev y.' -^ta TOV cy. oj^Xos g. 

S. MARCI CAP. X. vv. 225. 67 

V. 2. -01 4befglnopqrs*u. ewripwTovv c. eirripwrovy. v. 3. 

adeg. HAOKTCTJJS cy. v. 4. JMWUCDJS aeg. 

-y. evereiXaro (pro eirerpe^/ev] C. V, 5. 

Oos) q*r. v. 6. ctTr ap^jjs (-^e)u. ^w. +/cat eiTrec e. 
v. 7. eve:a g. v. 8. OVK (pro oviceri} g. a~ap% (ua cdef Imn. 
v. 9. -o artic, e. v. 10, eis rrjv OIKIO.V y. -auTovprim.y. 
Trepi rovrov acghpy. row S. -nepi rov avrove. 
TOVV c. eTT^jOWTtoy y. v. 11. +o t^crovs (awie s)p 
eai>) y. aTroXvcrei ce. ya^ffei cef *. v. 12. a-TroXvorei ef*. 
aTToAvcraa'a y. ^afurjffrj p. v. 13. avrwv a^^rat y. v. 14. 
-KO.I (ante w] bcdefhklmnopr(?). v. 15. +TO (ante 
Trathov) y. V. 16. ras p. err avrot? C. ev\oyt)ffev ClU 
Karrjv\oyei nOeis ras \eipas eir avra (-UVTOV) y. evXo- 
yei abcdfghklmnpqrs. v. 17. iropevo/uevov f. +i$ov Tts 
TrXoi/crios- (awie irpoa^pa^wv) acdep. -ets acdep. TIS (pro 
eis) Imn. avrw (pro avrov prim.} cqr. +\eywv (ante &- 
^acrffa\e)c. -Ij/oy. v. 18. -avr^y. v. 19. ^ovei/cref? e. 
/u>/ airoffrepriaris e. jw. +CTOU C. V. 20. avry p. /w. 
+Ti en vcrrepaC&p. V. 21. avrov (pro aur^ prim.) f. 
Xe-yei (pro eiTrev) au. +et 0e\eis reXeios eim: (ante ev) 
cdpy. o-e (pro o-oi) y. -Toisacdefhldmnopqrs. fin. +eov 
cy. v. 23. etTre (pro \yet) g. Lffe\evaovTai eis TV\V 
flaa-tXeiav rov 6eov p. -s TH/P /3ac7. (^ j^w. vers. y. 
V. 24. +avrov (post (jLaQrirai) e. e9a.vii.afyv (pro e9afa- 
flovvro)C. Gitrev (pro \eyei) g. -re/ci/af**. ecrrti/ roise. 

b*. -TOW secund. abcefghklmnopqrsy. 
d. v. 25. evKoirorepov b*. +70/3 (cmte 
mnq**. Kanikov b*. -TJJS 6w cpy. -TJJS ^n'm.flmnq**s. 


68 S. MARCI CAP. X. vv. 2546. 

(pro SieXQetv) abcdefghklmnosy. wXovo-ios y. 
v. 26. Trpos avrovs p. v. 27. o lya-ovs Xe-yet ovrots e. 
e<i? (pro \eyei) g. -rip prim. abcfghklmnoq**rsy. 
-ecrrty, +T<O TTiarevovn (post e<m) q. -iravra yap ad 
fin.vers.ey. v.28. init. -/caiabdefghklmnopqcsy, +ovv.y, 
+5e deg**lmnopqr (post jjjo^aro). v. 29. init. +KCU dq* 
rs. -$e bdhkq*rs. +on (awfe oi/$e) c. i-eveKag, H-ei/e- 
-ei/ bchlinnopqy (ante TOV evayyeXtov). fin. +/*oi/ p. 
v. 30. Kai Trarepa KM fjLtjTepa acehlmnopq**y. wrepa d. 
Kcu yvvaiKa (post /ujjrejoa) p. Suaynov h**m*?y. Jin. 
+K\ypovofuaei c. v. 31. -e y. -ol abfglmhopq**y. 
v. 32. avrots (|>ro OI/TOWS) gs. Kat a/coXoi/^oui/Tes 
/Bowro e. eOafJiflovvTo (pro e<pofiovi>To) s. +o t 
(posf Tra\ti>)f. +<cot (ante jjjo^aro) es. jueXovra cy v. 33. 
a;aj3atva)Mej/ e. -TOIS seeund. abcdefhkopqrx. v. 34. 
v b*x. ai/rov (^ro awry prim.} gy. e/ttTrri/crw- 
C. ai/TOi/ (jpro awr^ ^eCMWC?.) cfgx. -mi airofCTei/ou- 
aurov f. v. 35. irpoiropevovrai C. ol bgpqr. 
0e\(i)fi.ev ady* +cre (awie eav) cdp. -eai/g. v. 36. TTOIYI- 
<rofjL<u y. -/we cy. y^w c. v. 37. KaOria-cD/uiev b*. v. 38. 
~ii}ffovs x. v. 39. /3a7TTweo$e y. V. 40. -JAOU secitnc?. 
abcdefghkopsx. jjrot/iao-0at x. v. 42. avrois (pro av- 
TOVS) e. KaTaKVpievffovffiv csy. +eOv(av (ante Kare^ov- 
o-ta^.) b*. -at/raw seeund. g. v. 43. ovV<Ms abdlmnr. 
-ey jpnm. g. OCTTIS s. ^eXei cey. eo-rw (pro ecrrat 
rs. v/iftji/ dfOKovos abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. v. 44. 
(^ro ai>) abcdefhklmnopqrsxy. 0eXet cy. yeve 
pqr. V. 46. ep^ereu 0. e/cTTOjoeuojU-ei/toi/ ayrwi' c. -KOI 

S. MARCI OAPP. X. v. 46 XI. v. 11. 69 

TW fJLa9t]T(ov avrov G. i$ov o vios c. o vioj q*ry. o 
(ante Tv<Xos) y. v. 47. vie ysemet -ttj<rov ysemel. 
v. 48. eTrertjuoi/i/ c. avTov ysemel. TroXXa d. cnwTnffei e. 
V. 49. eKKeXevtrei; (pro eiTref) c. (fiwvrjffaTe avrov (pro au- 
TOJ> (pwvridrjvai) jsemel. avrcoi (pro avrov) d. eyeipe defg 
kosy*seme?. v. 50., ai/Top (pro TOI/ irjvovv) ysemel. 
v. 51. o ujffovs \eyei avrio eo. rt (rot 0eXas iroujffa) dep 
y. Xe7 (pro 7re>') ysemel pafifiowi adef**ghkoprsy 
semel pafiovvi blmnqysemel pafiovvrj c. v. 52. /cat 
o iqffovs (-$e) ysemel. -o 5e tjjtrous etTre^ avr<p ysemel. 
yKo\ovQrj b*epq*y. ^/coXou^o-e gklmnq**s.. avrw (pro 
T^> itjaov) a. 

CAPUT XI. V. 1. rjyyiffav C. riyyiffev y. 
ad**f *ghlmnpqrsy. fiiOfftyayr] c. fli9aviav ef. -/cat 
viavy. aireereiXev y. v.2.iro\iv (pro KU)/uLrjv)y, cnrevavri 
cd. -SeSenevovy. -^ovirta (ante owlets) e. +7roTe(aw^ /ce- 
:a0J7/cej/)c. -ai/Toi/ C. fin. +|aof c. v.3. itoirjrey. -on c. 
aTroareXXei ayroy ap. aTroorreXXet beef hklmnoqrsy. aw- 
TOI/S aTrocrreXXet ysemel. iraXiv (pro wSe) y. v. 4. TOI/ 


adef hkos*y. e^w TT/JOS TJ;I/ 6vpavc. -em p. v. 5. evrwrtov 

ysemel. , V. 7. pireBqicav (pro eTrefiaXov) c. eKaOqffav b*y. 

. , 
V. 8. TOVS. YtTtoras a, TOVS v^etTwi/as u (pro T ifiana). 

ev Tqi-oowbis-d.. $e secund.y. arifiafias defg**op. 
crTyjSaoas ky. efc TWI/ d. effrpoovvovf. fin. GV rq oooa Cy. 
v. 9. -ojaai'va ad fin. vers. y. v. 10. init. +/cat deop. -w 

/ * v . . .-.** 

. , ei/ ovofJLart Kvpiov cy. v. 11. sat secund. a. 
en (pro A)g. +T>;v(an*e fiij9aviav) s**. j/w. 


S. MARCI CAP. XL vv. 1132. 


V. 12. -avrwv p. fiiQavias e. eirrivaae 1*. 
V. 13. TTO fiaKpoOev {uav ffvtcrjv C. airo/maKpoOev y. fuav crv- 
. -etpn'mwrnp. n evprfuei gpy. /catjOos }?v d. V.14. 
cy. junkets (pro ov$ei$) abcdefghklmnopqrsy. 
ei C. ^a'yr? Imnopqsy. v. 15. + TraXtv (posi ep-^ovrai) y. 
tae\6b)v) p. +TOUS (awfe a'yojoa^oi'Tas) cey. 
eks. Tpatrei^as (pro Ka0e$pas)y. v. 17. ort 
ch. eOveviQ. avrov eTrotJ/crare eqry. V. 18. rjKovov C. oi 
ajo^tejoets /cat ot ypafufiarei^ cdp. -|-Kat oi. (f)api<raioi (post 
ypannareis) hy. aTroXecrova'ti' ahlmnr. aTroXetrwqw b*ef k \ 
opsy. a7roXet7ft)crt d, avrov secund. deop. e^eTrXjycrcrovTo 
de. v. 19. oTav (^?ro ore) ep. eytyeTo?h. e^eiropevovro 
cep. V. 20. TrapaTTopevofievoi irpaJij. v. 21. i$ovS. 
e^riparai abcq*r. efypavQq S. v. 22. +o (awie o/crous) 
abdfhklnpqrsy. 0eoy; k. v. 23. -yapc. -on pri- 
mum p. eai' (|)f o ai/) o. ma-reva-ei aef *S. iricrrevij h. 
TTtcrTeuei y6*s. TTitrreyei ort 0eXei yiverai C, ocrct (pro d) C. 
v. 24. +OTI (awie Travra) q*. -Trai/ra y. eai; (pro ay) e. 
evxonevoi b. airricrOe ab**k**lmnopqrx. airto-eo-^e c. 
V. 25. ffTtjKere CSX. amjiteiTe ef *. ovpavios (pro ei> rots 
ovpavois) y. a^j^o-t y. v. 26. Deestin f * (/b&e margo) p. 

y/Mftji' (primum) h. roise. ev rots ovpavois y. +VIULIV 
(post a^j/cret) qr. v. 28. 77 (pro rat secund,} cy. Se&ioKev 
p. e^wKei; T)?K e^oiKriar rai/Ti/r cegy. ./?w. Troiets 1 cdef *hy. 
v. 29. -ojcrous p. /ca7w v/us ^- Kat 6 7 ft) beghklmnos. 

Ka'yw pq. +eay (owite airoKpiOeire) C. /cat ierfo'wm C. 
Vt 30. airoKpiOriTe ju,ot Imn. v. 31. oteXo'yi^oi'To cdp. 
-owy. v. 32. aXXach. -aXX'g. -eai; abefhklmnopq 

S. MAECI CAPP. XL v. 32 XII. v. 21. 71 

rsy. eiTrojuiei; aqs. 0oj3oi//xe0a co. -ovrm y. v. 33. 
aTTWjOiflas o irivovs de. airoKpiOeis f. 

CAPUT XII. v. 1. -avrois e. +avrov (ante <f)pay- 
fiov)c, oyn;ek. v. 2. $ovXov TOJ /catjocode. v. 3. /cat 
(pro oi oe) y. avrov y. eorjpav elmnqr. K.O.IVOV e. v. 4. 
XiOoflo\i(ravTs S. V, 5. ovs /uef, oi/s oe C. deipav TQV$ 
$e aireKreivav g. ^atjooi/reslmnqr. aTro/rrej/oi/rej acdef * 
Imnqr. aTrofcrei/voyTes hkops. airoKTGivvvvTes y. v. 6. 
-f-ucTTejOoi/ oe ( ow) c. i/ioj/ej'ak. et^eyS. e<r^aTow 
avrovs copy, -cm dkq*rs. v. 7. +06acrajU6i'ot aw- 
TOI; epypiuevov (post yeiapyoi) cy. -ot n. Trpos eayrov? 
y. ev eayrot? e. airoKreivonev S. v. 8. aTre/creti/aj/ 
y. +O.VTOV (ante e^co) cy. v. 9. +TOI? yewpyots 
' \eyovffiv avrw (ante eKevtrerai) c. +e/ceivovs C, 
+rovrovsy(post yetopyovs). V. 10. init. -f /cat Ae^et ay- 
rot? o irjffovs C. ravrqv rqv ypatyqv a. rayT 
$ft)/ct/iaow m*. eyewijO)] e. v. 11. eo"r^eos. 
v. 12. /cjoariyorat ayroi/C. -f ravrrjv (post irapafloXijv) q*r. 
V. 13. -J-e/c (jpostf rtms) g. -TOJJ/ secund. q*. -/cat TWI/ 
ypwoiavoDV c. Xoyoi; qr. v. 14. /cat (;pr0 ot 5e) c. ot <j>a|0t- 
cratot eTTJjjOWTov avrov \eyov res $i$aavcaXe C. /teXXet ab** 
cefhq*r. oi/Se (p^o ou yapyc. etire ovv rifi.iv e^onvcy. 
oovvai Kqvaov Kaiaapi cey. v. 16. aur^y. v. 17. +oui; 
(pos aTTotWe) cdq*ry. v. 18. +ot (ante Sa$$.) g. -M? 
eti/atb*. fjuj <sivai avaffracrivy. V.19. /xwycr^s deps*. avro- 
Oaveij. KaraXenrei c. /caraXeiTTJ? f **. yvvcunavprimum 
c, e%ava<TTi](ret cef*oy. v. 20. ow abdefgklmnoqrs. 
(jposf jjaav) e. v. 21. -o cievrepos usque ad 

72 S. MARCI CAP. XII. vv. 2137. 

S*, -/ecu cwre&xve y. V. 22. ct^//cej;C. 
adf *s. + $e ( postf eayarri) es. /cat j 7 wn cwre0ai/e y. V. 23. 
.-GUI' abhklmnq**s. -yvvq c. Trai/res 7ct|0 (pro 01 yap 
V. 25. ore (pro orai/) C. 'ya/uaxyiv c. eKya^i- 
e/c7aM<o-/coi/Tai q*r. -oi adeflmnpqrsy. 0eov 
ol) c. v. 26. -T)? s. juwyVews delmnp. row (pro TJ?S) 
abcdhklmnqruy. KM (pro ft5s)d- -f-ei/ut (pos? 7(0) cy. -o 
.secmd. p. djSjoa/i h. v. 27. -o ep. o 0eos 0eos veKpwy fh. 
-^eo? s&cwnd. afhmps. no\v c. TrpXXvf*. TroXXot k. 
V, 28. els 7jOa/xMaTeus C. ypaiuLfiarevs rts x, iiW (jpro 
ei^ws) C. TI (pro on) p. -ai/rois C. cureKpiOr) ayrois p. 
(pro avrov) x. iravrwv abcdefghkopq*rsuxy. ei>- 
**. V. 29. eiirev (pro aireKpiQ*]) y. iravrcov abcde 
fghkopq*rsu^y. -rwv abceprsy. ei/roX^ acepr. v/^cov 
(pro ?7)tx.)lmn**q*. -KUjOtos secimd. y. v. 30. mi. -KCU x. 

croyce. tcr^uw?x. 

X. V. 31. -KCXI SX. 
$evTpa)fx.. ayrijhx. eavrov cdeghpq*rs. /uet^wfy. V. 
32. ei7resb*?kops. Xe7etsX. ecrnv o 0eos C. -^eosabde 
hklmnopq*rsu (v. 3 in MS} xy. v. 33. -TO secundum x. 
bdf k*. oXoKavTonarcav s. TrXeioy 'Travrwi' etrTti/ 
y. -TW secwm?. bcdefhklmnopqrsuxy 
v. 34. ewW x. e^wsf*q*r. OUK (pro 1 OVKCTI) c. 
7Tp(arr}(rai avrov ovKen x. v. 35. +TOV (ante ^a/3i^) be. 
oai/ioo. V. 36. -oajStog. etTrei' ei/ Trt/ey^art a7tw" Xe7et 
acefghklmnpqr. ei/ Tri/eu/AaTi 47110 Xe7et* enrev b. 
et ev Trvevfjiari ayuai' enrev d. ev irvev^an ayu*) OS. 
-oc. v. 37. $av$. o. TroXXvse. 

S. MAROI CAPP. XII. v. 37 XIH. v. 11. 73 

^ai/roy secund. g. v. 38. avroi/s (pro aims) eg. + (fri 
T<av (ante acrTracrjtxovs) adpq*r. v. 39. 7rpoTOKa9e$pias b*. 
d. TTjOWTo/cX^irtas b*d^efs. V. 40. f-yap 
by-rot) 0. oyrw X>j>J/oi/Te C. XeivJ/oirat y. v. 41. 
airevavTig. ejSaXoi; aglmpy. eflaXwvC. v. 42. ttoopavres 
y. V. 43. +o iqaovs (post TTjOocr/caXecrajuej'os) y. eiTrei/ 
(pro Xe^et) apy. -ayrotsy. rj WTOO-XTI avryy. efiaXe (pro 
e. (3a\Xoi>T(av adefhmnoq*ry. v. 44. rot/ 
aurwv (pro avrois) y. Trepiffaeu/jLaTos u. 

CAPUT XIII. v. 1. +e/c (pos* els) e. -^t^acr/caXe c. 
v. 2. cnroKpiOeis o M/OWS dlmnp. o ey. ras /ue-yflXas 
rayrasy. -ju,e7aXasU. +w3e (a6 Xi0os) lmnq**y. eiri 
\iQov cdy. v. 3. em (pro ets) e. Karevavri (sic) u. 
v. 4. (UeXXe* cef *hy. ravra iravra bcghos. -iravra y. 
v. 5. a7ro/CjOi0ets eiTrei' (stc) u. avrots y TrXav^a-et ce. 
(pro TIS y/*a? TrXav^crjj) y. V. 6. o Kcupos rfy- 
(pro TroXXovs TrXavrjcrouffiv) e. v. 7. +/cat a/cara- 
(posi TroXe^uoys) y. 0poqa6e q*r. V. 8. -"yap y. 
CTT e^vos cey. aifffjiOL e. TOTTOI/ g. V. 9. a^j? ap. raura 
Travra cipyai oorjiHav C. ey rats: ervvaycoyat? avrvov x. /cat 
eTTi usque ad aTaOijaeaQe's.. +oe (pos ^ye/xovwi/) do. 
+e7rt (awie jSacrtXew*') y. /SacrtXetwi/ g. a^^creo-^e (pro 
ffraQriffeaOe) lmnq**u. v. 10. Dees* m x. v. 11. 0701- 
<r' clmnpq**y. aryay.wai Trapafiitxre y/xas X. (jLepifivare d 
fghkopqrsxy. XaXjyo-ere ab*cfghlmnpqr, XaX)/creiTey(p*0 
XaXrjffere). pri (pro nySe)]). XaXqreC, XaX^tfare q*, Xa- 

e x (pro XaXetre). u/ueis ecrre cq*x. 

74 S. MARCI CAP. XIII. w. 1234. 

v. 12. -oeO. v, 14. TO $ta $avirj\ rou Trpotpqrov pr)9ev 
y. effros fk. oye. ou^eis (pro oy oet)y. V. 15. /cara- 
jSatyerwd. v. 16. -cove. v. 18. -$eg. tj/xcwe. fin. +>/ 
ei> craj8/3cmo c. v, 19, ^At^et? otat ou yeyovau roiav- 
rai y. avr' a/o%js Krtcretos roiavrrj e. KTqcrews g. +TOI J KOO"- 
MOJ/ ($>os 0eos) d. v. 20. imt Kat et /u^ eKo\oft(a9r](Tav 
at qfjiepai etc. y. +o (ante icvpios) m. -KVjOtos ey, e/coAw- 
jSajtre secundum r. +e/ceti/as (<m<? OI/K ai/) cde. +o $eos e, 
+o Ki/jOtos y (post eljeXefjWo), v. 21. -rat Imnq. -j; cglm 
nq. TTiffreverai CS. Tria-Tevere ef*g*hk. v. ^2. ^wcrwo-t 
y. ct7roir\avri(rai d. v. 23. -i-yap (post icov) c. airavra 
acdhpy. v. 24. rwv ^eptav eKeti/wv (^ro e/ceti/jji/) d. 
v. 25. -f CK (anfe rov ovpavov) cd. ecrovrai e/c TOU ovpavov 
py. v. 26> /cm $oj?s TroAX^s acdep. v. 27. 
e. aurou pn'm. b (sic}. +Mera ffa\7rtyyos 


TOI/S e/cXe/croys ayroy g* (Aaftef margo). +TJ?S (aw^e 
adpy. +TOU (ante ovpavov) adpy. v. 28. mavOavere u. 
^^j; o /cXa^os awr^s Imnp. o /cXa^os ayr^s C. o /cXa^oy ayr^s 
qorjj. ^o^cuy. yGvrjTai ctTraXojey. e/f0yety. yti/wcr/cerat 
Imn. eyyvs TO g. eanv aop. v. 29. oyrajs ad. tc^re 
rayra y. yevo/meva CS. yivoneva O. v. 30. on CS*. 
rayra Trayra agpsy. v. 31. TrapeXevaerai abdeghlmnp 
uy. irapeXeva-ovTcti (pro irapeWaxri) y. V. 32. j; (pro 
/cat) bdefghklmnopqry. -T^S secund. bcefghklmnoqrs. 
-ot prim. f. -ot secund. cesy. -t-rw (a%ie ovpavco) degkl 
mnoqrs. -o ^nm. y. v. 33. -sat Imnq*. v. 34. oocr- 
irep yap c, cofftrep e (pro ws). aTro^Wf C. ypqyopet C. 

S. MARCI CAPP. XIII. v. 35 XIV. v. 25. 75 

V. 35. ypqyopqre y. yap y. neaowttriia C. V. 36. 
fpvys b*gs. evprjai C. V. 37. o (pro a) py. ypyyopyre ce. 

N.B. MS x non continet cap. xiv. 

CAPUT XIV. v. 1. rov tricrovv (pro avrov) g. ev $oXo> 
icparriffwaiv avrov f. V. 2. yevtjrai (pro carat) ap. 
v. 3. TV] dkoq*rs. aXafiaerpov ftvpov e^ot/cra c. rov 
aXa/3a<TT|Ooy (pro TO) bekop. -rqs S. V. 4. irpos eav- 
rovs ayavaKrov&res b. mi y. aTroXeta h. v. 5. eovvaro 
ap. +TO fjivpov (post rovro) dey. -rots chpy. ev 
imovvro C. avryv f. V. 6. KUJOIOS (pro tjfcrous) y. ei/ 
abcdefghldmnopqrsy. v. 7. /xe^' eauronsy. 6e\ere c. 
f. -^e e*. v. 8. ecr^ey abcdfghklmnopqrsy. 
h. /uvpyaai e*. TO crw/xa e. +juov (pos^ <ra)jua) y. 
v. 9. +$e (posi a/x.j;i') bdfghp. eai/ (pro a*') abcdefghklm 
noqrsy. -TOV s*. noffpov \a\vjQecrerai (sic) u. v. 10. 
-oprimum adfglmnop. iffKapior^ fy. v. 11. 
ey. -auT^j ce. apyvpia efgmnpqrs**y. v. 12. - 
y. 6e\risc. -airekOovres h. eroifj-aarofiev ab**dlmnpr. 
(frayeis y. V. 13. aKoXovOeurare h. v. 14. ai> (pro eai/) p. 

oVt h. v. 15. OUTOS y. oet^rj b*e. avcayecav almnp. 
avcoyaiov b*eghqsy. avoyeovf. ava p yfoi^?k. avayaiov ?o. 

fieyaj. eroinov deks. j^w. y/jni/ a. v. 16. eeX0or/T69 
(pro e^X0oi/) c. 01 paQrirat avrov /cat j;X0oi' f*. enrov y. 
v. 18. -o HJ<TOV e. V. 19. XvTreiffOe u. /cat aXXos M^T* 
ey<0 S. v. 20. irn't o ^e t^croys c. -e/c c. v. 21. eyevrjOrj S. 
v. 22. +rov (ante aprov) ep. +/cat (anfe evXoyycras) Imn 
q**. v. 23. -Toacdg. v.24. -ro secund.lofk. fin. +ei$ 

duapnwv c. v. 25. +^e (post a^v] ab*dfghk 

76 S. MARCI CAP. XIV. vv. 2544. 

oil. -ov/ceTib*. +airapTi (post TTIW) e. yevwaros abde 
fghklops. avT(a b*?f*S. v. 27. -ev epoi ev rr\ WKTI 
q abefg*hkosu. $iaaKOpiri(r9r)ffovTai cu. Jin. +rrjs 
epqr. v. 28. /uera $e (-aXXa) ranq**. v. 29. 
KaiC. +ei' aot (ante a\\'}c. v. 30. /ccuc. afj.rjv\e- 
y<a <rot r*. H-o-y (ante a^epov) abdfghklmnopqr**s. -j^ c. 
a hs C. v. 31. MM. o oe Trerjoos C. fie O. Set] 
cd. trvi/ crot a7ro0ai'en; C. cnrapvr]ff(i)iJLai abf hklninqr. u. v. 32. 'ye&nf/uaw b*gO. ryeOffquavet f **. 
Ka9t}<raT g. ecus ai> gs. +ou a7reA0ftu> (posi ews) C. irpoff- 
acdfhlmnoqrs*. v. 33. -TOI/ fo's g. -TOV se- 
abcdfhklmnoqrs. +TOV (ante Itoavvrjv) ep. laoavrjv 
n. GiSapfieiaQai /cat a/cj?otaj/ /ecu Tore aorifiovwv Xe'yei au- 
Tots c. v. 34. Xe7eti/ bghk. v. 35. 7rpocre\9a)v bcfghk 
O*?ps. eTreaey em Trpofftoirov eirt rv\v ^v C. v\ ovvarov 
<TTIV iva C. v. 36. oar e/uou TO iroTijpiov cep. TOVTO aTr' 
ejuou g. ^eXw 6710 (-rt) u. aXX' ortg. aXX' a5s <rot 
c. croi {pro ffv) b. v. 37. aypvirvrjaai (pro 
c. fin, 4-jaer' e/xou C6. V. 39. air6\9o)v ira\iv b. 
%aro f. v. 40. avr<av ol o(j)9a\fj.oi 6. Ka 
elmnp. flefiapvpevoiqr. ^t&ya'ay b*. ayrwg. 
Kpi9(ocriv dp. v. 41. KaftevSerai e. -TO secund, abdfhklm 
nq**s*u. +TO TeXos (post aire^ei) c. -j; y. ~Tas ep. 
V. 42. tiyyiKsv o 7rapct$i$ovs pe C. V. 43. +o KTKapitoTijs 
(post iov$as) adp. -von cpy. -TCOV (ante ypa/jL/jLarecov) do 
py. Kai Ttov ypajULfiaTewv S. TWV (ante Trpeffflvrepoov) 
y. v. 44. $eeW h. ayTOts ar){iiov c. arj/neiov S. avffvi(i.ov 
v. 48). ay ay ere kosy. +UTOJ> (awie a(7^)aXws) cy. 

S. MAECI CAP. XIV. vv.45 67. 77 

V. 45. TrpOffKWt]ffev avrw Kai (pro irpoaeKQwv avrip) g, 
-\eyeiy. +avrw (post \eyei) cdFgliklmaqrs. ycupe (pro 
pdflfii prim.) y. V. 46. ras ^ipa? avrtov ETT avrov p. 
avrwvc. v. 47. TrajoecrrjfKftmoyy. -ryvj. eTreae ce 
qry. -TW (sic) u. v. 48. efyXOare cy. arvXafieivJ. 
v. 49. ci$aaKW> ev rco 'tepw ce. TrXqptoOrj *i ypa<j)r] y. j?w. 
C. V. 50. Tore ol fAaO^rai (pro /cat) c, 
v. 51. t)Ko\ovOt)aev abcdefghklmnpqrsy. 
V. 52. /caraXetTTwy C6. efywyev yvfivo? y. CTT' (^>*0 a?r') p. 
V. 53. +Kdia^)av (post ap^iepea) cep. /cat ot ^pati/tareis 
KCU oi Trpeffflvrepoi dp (01 prim. p). v. 54. ecus d. 
ecus Tjfs ayX)js (-etrw ets) cy. -rjvc. -r<av\*. Bepfievofne- 
vos nsy. +TO (ante 0ws) defghklmnpy. v. 55. -^/ev^o- 
Kara row iqcrov e. ewjooi' C. yvpivKov e. v. 56. 
(post iJLaprvpiai) a. etcravli. /cat tffat usque ad 
KO.T avrov v. 57. c. v. 58. -/cat $ta rpuav ad fin. vers. y. 
XeipoTTOirjTov (pro a^etjoo.) b. V. 59. etcrt yv C. v. 60. 
-TO abcdefghklmnopq**sy. airoKpivei y. crot (pro o-oy)c. 
v. 61. aTre/CjOiyero a. eTr^jowr^crei; ayroz; e oevrepov Xeyoov 
C. Xe'ywp (pro /cat Xe^y 61 wro)) y. +TOI; 0eoy (pos^ 
epy> eyXo'yt/wei'oi/ C. v. 62. +aimo (pos^ enrev) cy, 
o~y eiTras ort e^w etjat* Kai o\\reaQai C. e/c oe^tcui/ tcaOrjimevov 
bcdefghklmnopqrsu. e/c ^e^twi/ T)j9 cWajuews KaOrj/uLevov y. 
67rt (pro juera)cp. V. 63. p^as C. e^tafiev C. V. 64. +7rai/- 


res (p0s ^/coyaare) C. +roy {rTO/xaro? auroy C, +ayroi; 
p (pos /3Xa(r0?j!Atas). V. 65. + ^ty ^tcrre C, 4-j/jtui/g 
(posi irpofyrjTevaov). pair iff /nan g. -ayro? 56CMW<iI. c. 
efiaXov cdko. e/u/3aXXoi/ p. v. 66. -/carw c. v. 67. ets 

78 S. MARCI CAPP. XIV. v. 67 XV. v. 17. 

avrov (pro avrtg} q*r. vafyapivov c. vafypivov e. v. 68. 
\-avrov (post ripvriaaro) de. ovre (pro ov$e) cdfhklmnq 
rs. %e\6u)v (pro efyXOev) e. v. 69. r) e. irapecrrtoa-iv 
dp. ypvycraro en*?, v. 70. +yap (ante v\ XctXia) c. v. 71. 
ofjivvvai abdefghk**lmnoqrs. v. 72. -feu^ews (ante GK 
Seurepov) c. o aXeKTop c. e/jLvqcrOr) q*r. TO prjua o abed 
efghklmnopqrs. TO prjua (sic) u, aTrapvjjcrei c. TJOCIS b*. 
e7rf\aj3oj(xei/os (p**o eirt/BaXwv) c. e/f\eei> h. 

CAPUT XV. v. 1. e?rt TW cd*ef *qrx. +ai/Tw (^05? ?ra- 
peow/cai') C. T(p c. Y. 2. +o irjaous (ante airoKpiOeis) q*. 
etire (pro eiirev avrta) g. V. 3. avrov y. _/iw. +OVTOS ^e oy^ey 
aireKptvaro cq%. v. 4. cnroKpcvei cy. v. 5. -ov/ceTi y. 
v. 6. rirovvro h (5^0 V. 43). v. 7. eis (pro j?v) k**. -o f. 
Xe'yojixei'os b*. j3ajoa/3as cps. eTroivjKrjorav C. 'ireiroi^Kaffi 
g. -TreTTOHjKeo'ay q*r. TreiroieiKeiffav x. v. 8. oe*(habet 
margo). avros y. v. 10. Dees^ Me versus in r. eireyiva)- 
cvce p. Trapefiwicav C. Trapeca)Kei<rai> fy. TrapeSoahffav g. 
Trapa$6$(i)KCt(nv h. TrapeoeocoKeia-av pS. v. 11. aveireiGav 
fk**. fiapafiav g*. airoXy(ri c. a9roXvffei eqrxy. v. 12; 
. ovXe'/eree. +TOJ/(a?ife/8a(TtXea)ce. v. 13. 
avaffita/nevoi VTTO rcov ap^iepeotv teat e\yov C. 
+Xe f yo!/Tes (posf eitpa^av) dp. v. 14. TrejOtcrcros c. 
ff(t)<S dp. irepifffforepov hs. irepiffGOTepos X. 
y. GKpaJgov acdp. V. 15. TO i/cayou Troirjaai r<a 
(fypayeXoxras ce. V. 16. +TOI> iriffovv (pro auroi/)x. et? 
ryv avXyv TOV Kciia(j)a (post ecr(o)xsemely. +TOV KaicKpa 
(post avXqs) p. Trperopiov C. <ryy/caXoi/cn y. V. 17. auTto 
avrov) C. TrfpireOeacriv f- <rrs<j)avov aKavBivov y. 

S. MAECI CAP. XV. vv. 1834. 79 

v, 18. \eyovres S**, KCU \eyeiv Imnqr (ante xaipe). o 
/3a<rtXei/g edefghlmnpqrsxy. v. 19. rqv K(j)a\rjv avrov 
dekpqrs. eveirroiov avrov 'S.semel. avrov (pro avrtp se- 
cund.)c. -KCII riQevres ad fin, vers. g* (habet margo). 
V. 20. eveiTG^av X. avrov (pro aur^)) y. avrov rqv irop- 
(pvpav Kai eveSvaav g* (hab. mar.), ra iota ifiaria avrov c. 
V. 21. aKyapevovffiv q?. ayKapevovcrivr. icvpivatov aefxy. 
apei xy. v. 22. +TOI/ (ante yo\yo9a) ac. yo\yo9av dpsx 
semeZ. v. 23. e^i^ou y. ecrmvpwjffnevov x. eff/uupvifffievov 
ysemel, v. 24. $ie(j,epi<pvro achxsemel. SiafnepifyvTai x 
rat befgklmnopqrsysemeZ. eKaOrjvro $ia- 
d. ^la^eoi^ovysemel. jSaXovres ehkmnox. apt 
xy. v. 25. rptr^ W|oa p. e/cT)/ (pro TjOtT?)k**. v. 26. 
] h*. ye'/joa/u^ei/^ y. /cat j/ i jriypa(pr) 
ainas avrov (ante yeypaff-evov}^ v. 27. e^evovvfji<av e. 
-ai/roy g. v. 28. Deestf m beg*hk**sxy (Aa6ei g w mar- 
grine: -/cat secund.) v. 29. avrw (jpro avrov) ex. -ei/bko. 
v. 30. /cafa/3^0i q*r. v. 31. -5e abcdefghkmnopq**sxy 
seme/. e ( u7re^oj'r6s xy. -irpos aXXyXovs S. jfin. crwcrat; fgk 
mn, v. 32. rovpriin. op. Kctraftarcot h. iriGrevao/JLevC. 
f eTr' aura) qysemeZ, +auroj bcd**efglmnrxsemeZ ysemel 
(post iriffreu')- ovethfyv achpqx. avrw (pro avrov) c. 
v. 33. 67Ti fraaav (pro (>' o\qv) x. evarqs acdef hkmnops. 
v. 34. -i-ev(posi /cai)c. -T>J topac. eyarij acdf hkmnops. 
evarrjv e. aveflorjirev U. (ptovqv /meyaXyv C. Xe'ywi/ e. eXcot 
. X(/u.a ab*cdhklmnopqrs. -\ Xet/iagx. Xet- 
aflayfiavi f *y. eafiayQavr} b**. cra/3a/cra e. <rafiax- 
QaveiC. aafiayQavei qr. -JIAOW primum cdelmnopq**y. 

80 S. MARCI CAPP. XV. v. 34 XVI. v. 10. 

C. GyKareXeures ef *. v. 35. 
r<av ex. -fort (ante i$ov) adop. etSe c. (pwvri f*x. v. 36. 
yefjujffas ex. eTroTwei/o. i^o/mevs**. v. 37. (pcovrjv a<pGt$ e. 
v. 39. KGvrvpiov hy. TrapecrTiKitis qx. owrwlmn. 0eou ;i>p. 
v. 40. -i/i/p. -KOI secund. cf*lmnoqrxy. juaySaXivri ey. 
jj TOW dp. rovprim.o. yaxrric. v. 41. m*. atcks. 
v. 42, -Gireiyvadfin. vers. c. Trapaa-icevri tjv elmn. TTOOO-- 
(ra/3aroj/ beo*qr. TTJOOS GafiflciTov f h. v. 43. m'. eX^wi/ 
(pro ;A.0e>) aeflmnpqrxy. +o(wfe two-j?^) ysemel. -o 
cr. apiua^ias y. ap;jiia0aias xseme^. V. 44. Kairvpuava 
s. -ayroi; h* (AafteZ marg.}. fin. et j^ TeOvquev c. v. 
45. 6$a>/na-aTo hxseme?. v. 46. OI;TW (pro avroi' jjrim.) 
xsemel. evetXtcrtre b**. eveiXttre foqr. evijXrja-e x. ei/jyXto-e 
y. eQv)KGv (pro KareOrjKev) y. ets fj.vrnj.etov ysemel. a> (pro 
o)d. TTjoocreKuXj/o-e efx. v. 47. nay<$a\ivr] b*eg*y. 

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c. T60eiTai o. ryOercu x. Deestpost v\ $e cZ roy (ra)3- 
jSarou cap. xvi. v. 1. mp. 

CAPUT XVI. v. 1. /maySaXivri begy. -y) TOU abcefglm 
nqrsxy. -TOV secwwdhk. aXt^wcnv exy. TOV tqaovv (pro 
avrov) b*clmnq**xy. v. 2. -roye. v. 3. 
aTTOKv\r]ffrj xseme/. a?ro (^>ro e/c) C. V. 4. a 
b*. V. 5. t^ov efy. irepifiefiXymiJievov e. v. 6. 
fiqaQe qr. i/a^wpti/oj; C. va^apivovy. ijyepQrja,. v. 8; 
-Ta^u abcdef *ghklmnopqrsuxy. v. 9. +o />/croyg (awe 
TTjOw'i) bdelmn. -Trpwis. TTJOWT^S x. aafipaTcov cdoqrx. 
<7a/3/3aTW y. fjLay$a\ivt] ef *y. e/c/3e/3Xjjfc^ 1. v. 10. TTO- 

. a7reX0oucra (pro TropevOeura) 0. /cXeoycrt 

S. MARCI CAP. XVI. w. 1120. 81 

xy. v. 11. GKeivot (pro KUKGIVOL) C. v. 13. aireiyyeiXav 
b. Xv7ro9 e. ovrey. v. 14. +oe (post varepov) C. <wi/ei- 
(ovGioiffev f. ovrjoriffG xsemel. ovetoiffe laxsemel. 
. (nriffTeiav b*exy. eyeiyep/uxvov ex. +GK i>e/e- 
pwi/ (ante OVK) c. v. 15. Tracri J. KTwcrei x. v. 17. /ceivai? 

I \ / t/ 

ak*. fcei/aisy. 761/^5 C. V.18. -Trwocrtx. iroiia&iv p. jSXa- 
A//iy abcdefghklmnopqrsxseme/J. ernQriataaiv cy. v. 19. 
Iff (pro Kvpios) e (I rubro). avrovs f*. ave\et(j)0t} ey. 
GKaBrjffev efxy. ey 5e^ta dp. ev (pro e/c) S. TraTpos (pro 
QGOV) c. ' v. 20. j3e/3euowTes e. j'in. +an^v abcdefghklm / 

SuBSCRIPTIONES. TeXo? TOW Kara MapKov evayye\iov 
J. GvayyeXiov Kara WLapKov b. TeXos TO Kara M. ey- 
^. e. Nil habent ho. TO /cTa M. (+aytov n) evayye- 
Xioi; cknpqrv. +e|;eoo0t? (+UTT' aurourv) jmeTa 
s, 6TJ7 qr) ^efca (X/3r) TJJS TOW (-TOVTV) 
ais cklmnpqrv. +hrjyopev9r] oe IITTO Merpou e/c 
qr. CodesB d multa addit e Cosmo, Indicoplenstd. 
Habet prceterea, icrrcov ori TO Kara M. evayyeXiov vtrri- 
yopcvOrj VTTO Tlerpov ev 'Pw/xj/f et mystica qucedam de 
Cherubim (Apocal. c. iv). 



EytryyeXioi; (+d ( yiovk) Kara AOVKCLV bcdeghk. evay- 
ye\iov etc rov Kara Aovmv a. icrreov on TO Kara AovKav 
evayyeXiov V7rt] r yopev9r] viro Jilav\ov ev Pwft*/ (seguuntur 
mystica qucedamjl. TO Kara \OVKCIV dyiov (dyiovp) 
eycfyyeXtoy mnpsv. 

CAPUT I. v. 1. eTre-^eipiffav g. -ev gy. -y/juv f*. 
V. 2. Ttapr^o(Tav a*, irape^axrav bel*m*xy. irapeficoKav O. 
Toy \oyov yevo/mevoij. V. 3. cry (pro ffoi) x. v. 5. 
passim gk. v. 6. -cWaioi y. +TOIS (an^e ^i 
a. V. 7. ny> v. 8. ey^fxeptas C[. evavTioy 
ceoxy. Toy p. V. 9. \epa.Tias a?x. v. 10. jyi/ rou \aou 
abdefghkpqrsxy. v. 11. Deest in g* (habet margo). -/ey- 
piov n. v. 12. GTrecrev y. v. 13. +jooy (ante v\ yvvri) q. 
v. 14. yeveaei bko. ^apicrovrai be. v. 15. Toy cefghk 
m*?qrsxy. aucaipa sy. Trtet ex. v. 17. irpoffeXevaerai p. 
cex. v. 18. 7Tjoo|3ej8>;Kva e. V. 19, 
s. -fo (awfe <yafiptY)\} g. v. 20. ecrei y. 
v. 21. eyv/pdvifyiv p. ei/ T^) j/a^j k. v. 22. eovvaro 0. 
eyvtocrav cy. eopanev bfo. oiefAGvai a. 67re/jieve g. V. 24. 
Tct? rj/mepas TayTcts c. eXtcra/BeT a. ^a^apiov (pro av- 
TOV) y. avrrjv s*y. v. 25. oyTos b. oyTtos dlmnqr. eiroivj- 
<rev p. efyifiev c. v. 26. va^ctjOeT abefgklmnopqrsy. 
v. 27. 4- KCU TraTjOtas (posi oiKoy) ag. v. 28. Ke^apiro/mevri b. 

S. LUCLE CAP. I. vv. 2880. 83 

KM ^apiTWfievr] x. trot (pro av) b. V, 29. -eirj c. v. 30. 
avrri o 0776X0? qr. v. 31. ffv\\ei\l/r] b. o^yXX^vJ/et py. 
Teet cy. v. 33. -avrov p. v. 34. +j.ot (post cerai) ef 
qrs**xy. -ecrratf*?. v. 35. airoKpiOeis $e (-/cat)c. ye- 
vofjievov aexy. yevvofjievov b. +e: <rov (post yevvw^evov) 
k**. -07101' d*. +TOU Qeov (post ayiov) y. V. 36. 0-1^7- 
yevri ex. avyyevis f. 7^/?et bdef*hklmnpqry. yrjpr) c. 
yeipei x. V. 37. aSwarrjcrr] X. Trctjoa ghp. v. 39. KCU 
avaaracra. ( <$e) 0. oprjvqvli. opivqvey. -/xera (TTrou^ysy. 
V. 41. -|-ei/ ayaXXiacrei (post flpe(pos) C. V. 42. avefioijffe 
(pro ave^oavtja-e) dy. crot (pro cry) x. v. 44. -crou y. ecr- 
Ktprrjae TO j3pe(j)os ev ayaXXicurei abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. 
v. 49. fjiya\ia }) v. 50. eis yeveav KO.I yeveav Cghs. 
v. 51. i>Trepi(f)avovs bf. vireprityavwv qr. oiavoias bcp. 
v. 53. Kaivovs e. v. 55. e<ws atwi'os (pro ets r. at.) clmnr. 
v. 57. eirXeiaOri h. eyevqcrev x. v. 58. /cat ot avyyeveis 
avrqs y. V. 59. aurw (j9fO auro) x. CTTI ro ef. v. 61. 
-ort y. +e7n (j>os /caXetrai) cp. v. 62. -TO c. 0eXj? f. 
0eXet ry. v. 63. ecrrat (pro ecrrt) Imnpy. e9av(jLa^ov g 
q*r. v. 64. -TO (rrojua avToi; b*. -jrapa-^priiJia TO aTo/ua 
avTov C. -irapa.'xprifj.a KCU v\ yXcocrffa OUTOV g. -avrou 
secund. c. -/cat secund. y. eXaX^ e. v. 65. eyeveTo $e 
(-/cat) 0. TravTO, g. a/covoi/Ta? TotVTa (pro irepioiKovvTas 
awTovs) x. auTou (pro OVTOVS) o. v. 66. a/coyo^res qr. 
v. 69. -Ty 1. v, 73, wfjLtoffev f *. v. 74. a(j)oj3o^ b. 
v. 75. -TJ?? a?s bf**. j^n. awroy (pro YHLWV) p. v. 76. 
i cy. 7r|007ropeycrei bcey. V- 77. iflawy (pro ay- 
C. V. 80. -irpos TOV lffpari\g. 


84 S. LUC^l CAP. II. TV. 136. 

CAPUT!!. v. 1. $eC. eKeivais d. /cecrctjoosx. a.iro 
ypafyecrOai ad fin. vers. p*. v. 2. j) p. Kvpiviov bs. 
V. 3. aVc^res p. airoypa\l/a(r9ai g. -e/caffTos C. V. 4. 
vafyper (sic vv. 39, 51) abeefgldmnopqrsy. tdatay q. 
j8t0\eej. e, v. 5. cnroypafyeaOai C. emw C6. eyyico p. 
eyyvw qry. v. 7. TJ? o. v. 8. ravrr) (pro ry avrrj) C. 
v. 9. Kvpiov prim. y. O.VTOVS (pro avrois) p*. neya. ax. 
v. 10. (pofleicrOai e. (poflyaBe qrx. v. 11. /jii/ y. -aniJ-^ 
povixm. -Kvpiosg. v. 12. evpricrerat abcn. -T^ abcdefg 
hklmnopqrsx (Ao&et y). v. 13. ej^wip be. -ry d*. v, 
15. eisrovovpavovg. m ayyeXoi ei's roi/ ovpavov C. ot 
avOpwiroi C. he\9o/u.ev ep. +ets (cmfe ftrjOX.} y. +rt (|?05^ 
a. ioo/mev TOVTO TO jOjyjuia g. yeyovws h*. v. 16. 
C. ey^ooy g. TJ? C. v. 17. Sieytxaprieav bexy. 
C. v. 18. afroi/oi/res C. V. 19. avverqpei irav- 
ra a. ravra a. crv/ujSaXovo-a m*x. v. 20. i)7recrTpe\|Aa' 
abcdefghldmnopqrsxy. t^oi/ (sw? v. 30) efx. v. 21. +at 
(awie wepai) de. auroc (pro TO Trcuotoi/) bchlmnoqrs. 
v. 22. ai/rwv (pro avr^s) abcdefghldranopqrs (xy wort 
habent"). /uwi/crew? abdeg. /ncoua-eos p. v. 23. havoiywv ey, 
V. 24. ey w/aoj Kvpiovf. yotfcrow f k. V. 25. evcrefiw (pro 
evXafiys) do. TW (pro TOV) xy. -/ecu irvevna aytov v\v ir 
avrov f. jyj' a7toi/ acdeghldmnopqrsxy. eir avr<a y, 
v. 26. /cat xprnu.aTia-iJi.evov x. -^ C. icJeti/ (pro t^) eo. 
TOI; p. v. 27. eiaayeiv d. rjOiff/ui.e.vov q. lOifffievov y, 
v. 28. -avTo? y. ayToi; (pro OUTO) cepsxy. ayyaXas n. 
v. 33. +o (ante ia)ar](p} ao. v. 36. TTJOO^^TJJS bef*hy. 
ju,era avopos CO. 4- TOW (cmie avopos) r. TrapQeveias e> 

S. LUC^B OAPP. II. v. 37 III. v. 11. 85 

v, 37. avrri abdgkmpqs. i]i h. afyiffrarai e. jj/nepa ay. 
v. 38. avTY) a. avrrj (pro avrri avrfj) p. avrri rr] aim/ y. 
-aim? k**. av9ono\oyetro bdfhk*. avOomoXoyriro x. 
avO(afjio\oyr]r(a y*. V. 39. iravra C. ra h**. juawtreajs 
(pro Kvpiov) c. eavrcov defhklmn^oqr. v. 40. e/cparat- 
ovTd) S. -7r\ijpov[ievov aortas c. eTT* awro) cdglpxy. 
V. 42. avaflcuvovriov G. avruov e. v. 43. TeXeioffavrcov 
b. e^eivev C. -o b**. +/XOI/0? (posi Trms) C. eyvaxrav C. 
ou^e (pro /cat iert)g. ot <yoi'ts aurov (pro iwcrj/0 /fat / 
!Ji.v)Tt]p avrov) c, V. 44. ev TJ? (Ti/vopta avTOV C. ai/roi/ 
pn'm. y. efyrovv c. crvyyevevcn cefy. ej; ^eri. ch*qr. 
v. 45. +TJ/J/ (cmie 'lepoi/o-.) g. v. 46. -K* secund. g. 
v. 47. rots (pro rats) y. v. 48. coovvw^evoi bs. oovvo- 
fj.evoi y. oouv(a/u.evoi r*. v. 49. aurois ( Trpos) c. v. 50. 
eXaXeiy. v. 51. jfXfloyh. 1\ $e /x^rj/p (-/cat) abf**qry. 
r pj^jixara rayra vrayraC. +o"t/jui/3aXXoyaa (awfe ey TJ 
:ap.) g. v. 52. +o* (awie t^trous) c. xat ^apts 0eoi/ v\v CTT 
avrco (pro ^aptrt ad fin?) y. 

CAPUT III. v. 1. -$e prim. eg. Tt/3epetoy bk. TJ/- 

y x. -$e secund. S. re (pro $e secund.) y. 

s S. ajSjjXjfVJjs bg. aj8ijXiJ/^s f. afiiXivrjs y. V. 2. 
(pro eTr') r. em ap^tepews abcdefghklmnopqsxy 
(pro 0oy) co. Trpos (pro e?n secund.) y. -row abdefghk 
Imnqrx. v. 3. -TOW g. V. 5. 0apa aeflxy. -Km nav 
usque ad rairGivtaQrifferat c. \tas def *g. v. 7. -o^Xots 1 
e. yevrinciTa e. ai^vwv g. V. 8. e^w/xec y. -Xe-yo; -yap 
ttc^yiw. vers. x. v. 9. /SaXXeref*. v. 10. mV. -/caty. 
f/cat (anie ot o^Xot) y. Trotj/crwuxei/ bcefgkl*qrsxy. v. 11. 

86 S. LTJC^l CAP. III. vv. 1130. 

e. |iA6TaoWa> dy. |meTa&$oTft) f. v. 12. yXQwv a. 
. +VTT avrov (post fiaima-Qr)va.i) cdeld 
mns**. irotvffaifjLev a*bcefgkqrsxy. v. 14. +ol (ante 
arparevofjievoi) y. iroirjatanev bcefgkqrsxy. -enre <$e ( /cat) 
y. jUJ?oei> (pro /u^oei/a) y. ffVKo(J)avTt]ffeTe C. o^/oviots fxy. 
v. 15. irpoa-SoKovTos eh. Trcti/ran/ y. TOW sec. q*ry. ei 
(pro eirj)J. v. 16. -oprim.g. avrois (pro diraa-i) C. ira- 
<Tiv o Iwavvris f. /3a7rri(^o i)/Aas ev voart C. la^upcorepos x. 
+ 07rtcrw |ixoy (arafe oy) q*r. +/cy^a9 (aw^e Aycrai) x. v. 17. 
oXova y. airoOiKqv e. V. 18. aXXa (^W ere pa) dg. rw 
Aaw Imp. v. 19. -^tXiTnrou abcdfghklmnpqrs*. TOU 
a$6\(f)ov avrov <&i\nr7rov e. TTOVY\^Y\WV C. v. 21. airavTa 
c. v. 22. crw/xaTiKti)? 0. ei^ e. ev^oKtjcra adefklmnpqr 
sy. V. 23. ws (pro cacrei) C. ap^o/uevos w<ret erwr rpia- 
Koi'ra e. cuvcosC. ytosC. +TOU (ante i(t)ffi](f)) C. +rov 
tafftoj3 (pos uaarrjcj)) g. j^Xet celmnpy**. ^'Xt gqr. v. 24. 
jiaarOav bdglmnops. /uarra^C. narOaJ. \eveice. fxeX^e: 
ce. twawa y. V. 25. parOiou cdgopy. /j.ar9aiov f. ecr- 
Xt/u ag. ecrXetjU, h. effXet ef. eXcrt y. va-y^ai d. ayyai gh. 
vv. 25, 26. -roy fjLarraOiov usque ad rov icocryfj) r. v. 26. 
Toy iJ.aTTa.9iov e. na99aOiov h. jixaT^ioy 0. /mT0eioy p. 
o-e/aeet acmpqy. two-^ g**h. toy^ b. tco^a g. v. 27. HO- 
VCII/ bhs. uavvav y. twaj/yav ef glmnqr. uoavav cdkop. aa- 
\a9arj\ C. vqpei cfp. i/jypj/ y. V. 28. /ueX^et cf. 
a$$)7 C. a^et ef. Koacrav qr. noaau. y. eX/jLtooav k. 
(?/x)qr. eXXaSai*. g. i;p k. ei/) y. v. 29. eXie^o hk. 
bcdko. /u.aTTa9 achy. ^taTafl gp. /j.aT9av f. \evei C. v. 
30. tftj^a y. twra hy. iwai^i'aj> aefqr. uaavav cd. e\iaKrj/ut. 

S. LUO^l CAPP. III. v. 30 IV. y. 14. 87 

c. eXiafcetju dhk. vv. 30, 31. TOV eXia/cei/A usque ad 
/ua'iVai/ p. Bis habet r. V. 31. fxeXe e. (iciiva y. parrciO g. 
$avei<)f. V. 32. \effvai a. tw/3^ cgh. TOV wa(rcrwi> g*. 
v. 33. ctfuvaSctfJi apqrs. ctjuj^aoa/i c. TOV ajoa/u, TOV a]U/a- 
+TOU ao/j.r]v TOV ripvt TOV icopa/m (post apa/m} e. +TOV 
a, +TOV uapafi (post apaiu.) bcdklmnopqrs. ecrpm-u) 
bkm. eepaov y?. v. 34. Oappa abcdklmnqrsy. v. 35. o-e- 
pov% cdefghklmnopqrsy. -yav (pro payav) h. pa<yaj3 1m 
n**. (paXey bcfhop. aflep a. efiep k. v. 36. apfya^ar c. 
a<pa%a$ y. V. 37. mpe0 qr. /AaXeXej? p. V. 38. ero? acd. 
CAPUT IV. v. 1. ir\i)pt]s irvev^aTo<s dyiov adglmn. 
evC. Tr]vy*. ets TT/\V epriimov ev TW TTi/ev/xaTt g. V. 2. 
f/ccu vvfcras TGo-ffapaKovra (ante Treipafo/jLevos) g. Tret- 
pa.ff9r]vai C. ovoe eTriei/ (pro ovoei') e. cryyTeXeo'^^o'toi/ fqr 
S*. TeXeaOrjffoov y. v. 4. m. -/cat p. +o (ante iqcrovs) 
cfgy. -oTiC. -o abcfghlmnpqrsy. +eKTropevo/ui6V(o Sia 
ffTOfiaTos (ante 0eoi;)gr. e/CTropevotterw (joro 0eov)y. V. 

\ / cj j * \jt / v 

5. avTov (pro auTw) C. V. 6. oocrw e. TOVTWV O, avTtoi; S 
(pro TavTj/i/). OTraffav TUVTJJV p. trapahSoTat e. Trapeze* 
n*. o (pro y) sy. v. 7. +7reo-<wj' (posi eav) d. 
be. irpoaitvvrjffeis ehy. e/tov acdefghklmnop 
qrs. aoi (pro crov) Imny. iracra abcdefghklmnopqrsy. 
v. 8. o trjcrovs eiirev cfy. +avTW (posi enrev) acdo. yap 
abdefgklmnopqrs. TrpoffKyvrjcris c. Xarpevcris c. v. 9. 
-d acdefghklmnpqrs. -evTeu^ei; f**y. v. 11. -on bd 
efghklmnopqrsy. ^jirorai p*. ^TTOTI s**. 7rjOoo-/co\|/ets p 
y. v. 12. yeypatTTai (pro etpr/Tai) C. eiprjTai y. v. 
13. a^jO^b. v. 14. V7re(rrpe\l/ev $e (~/ci)h. -d abdek 

88 S. LUCJE CAP. IV. vv. 1441. 

oqr. +J7 (ante (firmy) c. irepi^opov e. y. 15. 
/uews VTTO Travrcw (post e&tW/cef) C. irapa (pro viro) de. 
v. 16. +o Djaroys (post tjWev) -,k**. -Trjvprim.y. 
per abcfgldmnoqrsy. rf\9e (pro eto^Xfle) q. -/cai 
avayvcavcu x. v. 17. Trrt/^as g. V. 18. qveicev b. 
c. etj'e/cei' defglmnqrsxy. evayyeXiaaaOat abdefghklm 
nopqrxy. evayyeXiaaffOe CS. TJ; Kap$i.a C. v. 20. ^af 
oi o<p9a\fnoi C. emrei/t^oj/res O. ji?w.. et? awTor y. v. 21. 
. v. 22. +ot o^Xot be, +aimoy (j^osf e^ai/- 
-Tovysemel. v. 23. +KCW (anfe oo-a)cq*r. ry 
prim. p. vv. 23, 24. irarpifiri x. v. 24. jDees w p. 
etTre oe e. y/uty Xe'yw fhkqrs.. ort y. <rrt oe/cro? g. 
V. 25. -fort (cmte TroXXat) pq*ry. ^p b. +^e (pos^ ore) 
d*. -Traaacx. v. 26. apeirra adex. apefyQa g. a-ape- 
^)0ahq*ry. o-apeTrOa q**. o-t^osp. v. 27. -qcrav g* 
ev TO) la-par}\ eirt eXtcrcratoy roy irpoipriTov eg. eXia-aaiov 
k. eicciOepeiaQr] x. eKa9epiff9rj y. vee^fi-av h. v. 28. e?r- 
\eicr9tjyav a. aTrapTes cd. v. 29. ay-raw (^>ro ayroc prim.) 
n *9 _ T}?S secund, abdefghklmnopqrsxy (Amf c). e<' o 
0. KaraKprjunvriffai do. Karate piimvyaai e. KaraKpi/ 
S. KaTaKprjfjLvrjffe x. Kpiy.vri<rai y. v. 30. oee. v. 31. 
mi. :aie. +o irjGovs (post Kart]\9ev) afp. auTovy S. 
v. 32. -e^g. v. 33. oWjuowop (pTO Tri/ey/ua oatjuoftoy a^a- 
9aprov) y. V. 34. cry (j?ro croi) sy. i/a^apu/e by. v. 35. 
(^j/jtxajffyn ay. e^r)\9ev (pro e<e\9e) g. aTr' (pro e^) ag. 
-TO secund. abdfhldmnopqrsx. V. 38. +o t^croys (awte 
eiar)\9(-i>) d. ->/ bdefghldmnpqrsy. v. 40. <Wai/ros dqr. 
v. 41. /Cjoai/'ya^oi/ra bdfgkoy. -o pn'm. y? \eyetv (pro 

So LU<LE CAPP. IV. v. 41-^-V. v. 19. 89 

\a\etv) S. v. 42. eiropevero depqr. eTrefyrovv abdfhko 
q*rsy. iropeveaOe (pro iropeveaQai) p. v. 43. -raisb. 
aireaTa\(ie bhr. v. 44. ets raj arvvayco'yas y. toyocuas 
(pro 7aXtXatas) gy. 

CAPUT V. v. 1. +o iijcrovs (post ea-Tws) cf**k** ru- 
bro. irepi (pro napa) Imn. Xv/mvyv y, yevriffaper a?bmn. 
yevicmper C. V. 2. im'i. -mi ex. ecrrora x. aXtj/s b. 
ct7re7rAi;i/oi/ a. oet/cruab. ot/crotad. owTiOJ'n. fin, +avT(ov 
x. v. 3. Tr\oiapi(!0v (pro irKouav) c. ewavayriv C. v. 4. 

jj/xwi/ (j?ro v/uwi/) c. aicpav e. v. 5. 
(-/cai)p. yahavonev a. ^aXacrw/Aev p. v. 6. 
e/cXetcre x. TrX^os iyQv<ov abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. T 
bh*p. StepriyvvTog. Sieppiyvvro x. fin.+axrre fit] $vva<r- 
Oat avayayeiv avro s** m margine. v. 7. KareirXevaav 
(pro Karevevcrav) k. eXOovros gy. a/mporepoi p. ra C. 
v. 8. ywvacriv c. yovaatv irjffov (-TOV) abcdefhkhnnopqr 
sxy*. v. 10. o/xoto)? $e usque ad ry ffifj.wvi e. uaavmiv 
/cat idKcopovg. ^oypwvf. V. 11. TO TrXotoc C. ra TrXota 
67rt TJ^C yji; 0e^Te9 q* (Aa6ei marg.}. v. 12. 
vrjcrev avrco (pro eoeyOrj avrov) y. 9e\eis y. v. 13. 
p*. air' avroy airriXOev e. V. 14. avrov (pro avrit)) gp. 
aXX' f. irpoffeveyKai mn. /uwi/crjys depy. v. 15. +ot (awie 
o^Xot) d*. UTT (pro vTr}'g. V. 16. VTro^aoptov g. IITTO- 
m*. v. 17. +o ti/(roi/s (ante t\v ^tSacr.) g. (j?osi &- 
cf**k**. ^acr/caXot O. avveKqXvOoTe? S**. toy^ats 
k. v. 18. +tU> (posi a^joes)y. ( +T)?S (ante K\ivrjs) p. 
K\rjvris f*. 0J?i/ai exy. v. 19. TTW? (pro ota Trotas) almns. 
-Siaprim. bdefghkopxy. +o^oy (posi Troms) dqr. 

90 S. LU(LE CAPP. V. v. 19 VI. v. 1, 

TiovJ. KXtcJtwq. rosecund.g. v. 20. afaovrai x. a 
ovrai y. GOV y. V. 21. SiaXoyi^eaOai J. o\ (papiffcuoi 
Kai ol ypa/mnareis y. ot secund. p. eis (pro /JLOVOS) y. V. 
22. 0eos (pro irjarovs} d. ^taXofyt^effflai en*. ^taXo r y^^ecr0ai 
x. v. 23. evKoirorepov y. ct(peovrai xy. crou (pro croi) ky. 
e7etjoe bdefgkoxy. v, 24.. i^re f*y. o ylos TOU avOpwirov 
e^ovcriav e^et p. e^ k. -t-Kat (awfe eiTre) y. \eyei (pro enre) 
x. TrapctXvn-iKQ) y. ffv (pro trot) y. e76(|0e bdegkoxy. /cX^- 
v. 25. e^)' o (pro y) bdefhkopqry. v. 26. -/cat 
mo/we a6? 0eoy qry. eXa/3e Travras ah*. eTrX'ei- 

y. +a7rai/T6s (awfe 0o/3oi/) d. I^OMGJ/ py. v. 27. 
O, toev p (pro e^eacraro). Xeui bp. eirt rw e. Xe'ya 
(pro enrev) y. v. 29. -o abdefghklmnopqrxy. \evi bo. 

g. ey TW ot/cwp. vroXXw e. V. 30. -i-rcou (ante 
adelmnqrxy. -/cat a/xaprwXwv hr. v. 31. TTJOOS 

enrev o irjaovs e. etTrei/ avrovs ( TTJOOS) X. icrvi)ovT69 
(pro vytaivovre^) g. v. 33. 7roi(cva y. v. 34. ^vvaaQai 
deqr. ews (pw e^ ^)) g. v. 35. -/cat Imnp. ore (pro 
orav) y. aTTO r? vyvTevovGiv ad. vriarevawcriv C. tj/mepes 
(pro at?) C?. V. 36. e?rt t/xartw TraXatwf. (r^t^eTat C. 
<rjwet y. /cat TO TraXatoc (rvf*.(j)(avei (ov) d. ov <rv/n(f)(ai>ei 
TO 67rt/3X^a TO aTro Toy TraXatov y. e7rtj3X^/xa secwwc?. 
abc<Mghklnmopqr. v. 37. p^et y. -veos g. o otj/os o 
i/eos y. v. 38. aXX cp. veovs (pro KCUVOVS) y. fiXrjrcuov 
y. v. 39. TTotwy (pro TTUOV) y. ew^vs k. veov 9e\ei ad. 

CAPUT VI, V. 1. eTTOpeuero o HIGOVS rois o-a/3/3acriv 
. -Tn>h. -Tousb. ia0toy em*, 

S. LUCJ3 CAP. VI. vv. 122. 91 

rais%epo~ivavr<avC. V. 2. oey. Trotqred. Trotetratg. V. 3. 
o irjcrovs eiTre irpos avrovs acfopx. eirowcKrev d. eirivacrev x. 
v. 4. eKrrjXOovg. -eXa/3e /eat ep. jtxoi/occ. v. 6. -e^ei/ero 
$e usque ad o'iSaffKeivxy. c'lo'curKriv p. -/cg. v. 7. -avrov 
abcdefghklmnopqr(s/wa)xy. -ei/ Imnpq**. - 
+Kar (ante avrov) deoq*. fin. Iva 
V. 8. i$r](pro qfieijc. <~rjpa/j./jLevr]v p. ^tpav ce. 
degkoxy. /cat (jpro o ^e) c. ecrr^ g (MC v. 17). v. 9. 
awroys o t^crows dpqr. vices' TI abcdefghklmnpqx. 
/3airt x. a-TroKTeii/ai (pro aTroXecraO abcdefghklmnopqrxy. 
fin. +ot <)e eaiwTTCov dp. v. 10. ai/roi/y Trai/ras d. 7rei/ 

oi/TO) C. OWTWS dlmn. eTrotJ/cre (-oi/rw) abfghkqrx. 

(pro eiroirjffev OUTW) y. aTre/carecrTa^ cefgoxy. 

o. tocret (jpro w? *?) e. v. 11. eXaXoyi/ ep. v. 12. 
+e/cet (awie oiavvKrepevdov) r. v. 13. rots /xa^j/rats b. 

a7r')dq*ry. oyo/uaare bm*y. toVo^ao-e e. v. 14. 

bdm. irerpov ovo/macrev y. /cat secund. y. '+/cca 
m/cttf/3oc) ep. V. 15. ^aQaiov p. +/cat (p0s Oaj/wai') 
c. aKftj/3oi'd. row b. /cat secund. o. <^/Xor7/v b. vv. 
15, 16. /cat TOP /cat Kavavirrjv ffi/JLcova rov KaXovfJievov fy- 
\iorriv Kai iov$av TOV /cat XejWjSatov j;rot OaSSaiov tatcwftov 
/cat tovo. tcr/c. p. V. 16. wwY. +/cat e. tovoav KTKapidOTijv 
y. v. 17. +o t^o-ous (j?05if eo-TT?) ek** rubro. rov (pro 
roTrov) bfko. TroXXuX. Jin. avr<av k, v. 18. avro (pro 
VTTO) fgkp. fin. +VTT avrov y. V. 19. avrrata-^at h. v. 20. 
+TW irvevpan (post irrwypi) g. V. 21. Treti/oi/res b. Trt- 
e. %opraOt](re<T9e b. /cXeoj/res x. v. 22. 

92 g. LUC M CAP. VI. vv. 2242. 

aiv b. ot avOpwjroi e. a(j)oprjff(affiv dfhx. 
f*x. oveic)ia<a(riv py. e/c/3aXXwo-t 60. -TOW i/tov d 
mar.), v. 23. yaprire abcdefghklmnopqrxy. -yap prim. 
p. TGI? ovpavois y. v. 26. -iW abefghklmnopq**y. 
J7/uas c, i//ouV d(pro i/,was). enrwaiv ( iravres) abfhldmn 

t 4(;Jfc 71 / * 

oqr. enreocriv Vfnas oq . Kara ra avra d. jin. D/XOJV C, 
avrot/ p* (pro avrwv). v. 27. a\Xa acdegklmnopqry. 
Ty/Aoji' (^ro UM-) b*. v. 28. I/pas (|)ro viuv) clmnp. -/cat 
adefghklmnopqry. Trpoaev^eaOat e. eirepeafyvTCDv a*b 
f*. eirripeafyvTonv p*. V. 29. +/utai' (awie atayova) C. 
aiaywva. gl*. +o"ov (j?0s 1/iartoj/) y. wwXycrts p. V. 30. 
$e be. airaiTY) g. V. 31 . ww. KM f. y/ixcoi^ (^ro v/xti/) y. 
V.32. aycnrovTasb. -yapp*, v.33. -Kaiprim.g. ayaQo- 
C. ayaQoiroieire ef*hxy. <cai yap Kai d. v. 34. 
X. Sai/ei^ere Opy. ^avi^ere b*C. -ot bdhklmn 
opq**. +roi9 (ante a/mapTtoXois) g. Savi^wcriv c. ^ 
^oycrt e. ^avi(ov(jiv x. v. 35. a^eXTrt^ovre? C. etrre 
ecrrat) k. +ei' rots ovpavois (post TroXfs) y. TOV abcdefg 
hklmnopqrxy. -^pia-ros (pro ^JOJ/CTTOS) ef. ecrri' em n. 
v. 36. -oLKTipmcov e. v. 37. MM. -/cat p. \va (pro icai ov 
prim.) q*r. -{-/cat (j9os^ icpiQrjre) a. KaTa&Ka^jjre (jjro 
-ere)qr. V. 38. ^oOr/o-ere g. +/cat (post /caXov) e. -/cat 
(habet marg.) g*. virepeKxyvvofjievovf. avn- 
bf*p. V. 39. +/cat (post ^e) C. e/u-jreeovvTai 
cgy. v. 40. +ofoe ooiAof WTrejO TOI; Kvpiov avrov (ante 
KarrjpTKr/uLevos) g. ./?." +/cat oouXos ws o Kvpios avrov g. 
v.41. |3Xe7rj7s b. TW ev bey. v. 42. e/cj8aXXw d. TW ev 
(prim.} bef*h*p. TO /capias e/c TOV o<f)Qa\nov (pro TO ey 

S. WGM OAPP. VI, v. 42 VII. v. 12. 93 

rw orf).) C. -ffov tert. q**. &aj3Xe\J/is p. v. 43. 
favSpov KaXov TTOIOVV Kap7rot> ffcurpov (post ffcnrpov prim,) 
p. v. 44. -<yap prim. g. -Aon a. e/c flarwv GTcKpuXrjv 
y. V. 45. o TTOI^JOOS o av0|oa>7Tos y. -TO (ante 
y. -TOU (cmie irepiffffevnaTos) bf *kop. TO aro^a 
XaXet (-aim>i/) y. V. 47. row Xo^oys C. V. 48. 
OVVTI y. +Kat (aw^e ecr/ca\|/e) y. efiovOvve y. +rp 
Oe/JUsKiov) C. 7rX)?/M.vpjOas f * irpoffeppi^ev p. ot/ce/a e. ai/rq 
(pro avryv) f. V. 49. ot/coSo^oyrrt C. 4TJ/1/ (awte ot/rtai;) 
Imn. eTrt TJ^S 7-j/s g- 9ei*e\u0v y. ew^ys y. avveireaev y, 
-TO def*k. 

/ CAPUT VII. v. 1. Tavra (p"o ayToy) dg. +o i^crows 
(post ao-j?X0ei>) c****w6ro ek**rw6ro. Kcnrepwaovf*. n**. 
' v. 2. /ca/co? x. /ue\\e adfhklmnopqr. t^.eXXe e. euros 
(^?ro dur^j) y. v. 3. +^e ((arwfe TTJQOS) y. haa-covei aey. 
V. 4. irapayevafjievoi C. Trapayevtafievoi r. (TTrou^ews x. 
+OUTW (j90Si Xe'yoi/Tej) op. Trape^ cehop. Trajoe^ets g. 
TOUTW (|>ro TOUTO) f*y, v. 5. aurou (pro quTos) y. 
V. 6. -nvpie C. (TKu\ov cdekx. /wou vwo rrjv a-Te^jjc adfg 
Imnpqy. v. 7. aXX' abdfghklnoprxy. aX' c. aXXa novov 
q. v. 8. uV g. TOUTO (jpro TOUTW) bx. aXXo x. TOVTOV 
d*, TOUTW e (pr-o, TOUTO). v. 9. +OJULVIV (ante Xeyoo) c. 
H-oTi (^?05i i/|fi/) fy. OUTS bfhkoq*r. v. 10. eis TOI/ OIKOV 
ol Tre/mfyQevres dp. +auTov (post eupov) y. v. 11. TW 
(pro TJJ) bf hk. iropevecrOai p, eta"tj\9evy (proeTropevGTo). 
+o tj^crous (posi eiropevero) cef**lc**ra6ro. +TJJI/ (awfe 
7roX<f)c. i/aetyC. avrtai. -01 ac. -GIUTOU C. 7roXXi/ e. 
. +TJJS TroXews e. v. 12. TeOvrjKas ax. yr,>? %>/jOct adg 

94 S. LUC^l CAP. VII. vv. 1231. 

hklmnpx. avrtj ^np a boy. avrrj yv "xypa qr. qv abode 
fgklmnopqrxy. v. 13. -eir avry h. eir avrqv aef*py. 
V. 14. ecmjaav dg. crv (pro aoi) h. avaarr\Qi (pro eyep- 
QrjTi] c. v. 16. Trai/rae abcdfhklmnopq**xy. KU^OS (pro 
o 0eo$) f. fin. +e<s ayaOov egop. v. 17. -OUTO? e. -oXjy 
qr. ev secund. y. _/?/. +irepi rov IVJGOV y. V. 18. rcav 
Gpywv avrov (pro TOVTCOV) y. rivets CX. e/c TWV fj.a0r]T<av 
avrov $vo x. -o p. v. 19. init. +KO.I c. v. 20. Deest in 
q* (lidbet marg.} x. irapayeva.iJ.evoi C. aTrea-TeiXey p. ere- 
jooiy (pro a\\ov) e. v. 21. eKeivrj (pro avrrf) y. ~^e y. 
eOepairevaev o tr/ffovs fx. TTO\OVS x. /cat Tri/eu/uarwy TTO- 
vrjpcov g. TroXXots TV(J)\OIS p. TroXXvs (|?ro -ois) x. TO 
efgq*. V. 22. t^ere efhpx. ot^are q*. yKovffere y. -o 
y. flXeirovffiv f. ai ^oXoiy. +mi (a%te KO)(J)OI) gy, 

q*rx. eyeipwvrai x. v. 24. (jLaOrirow (pro ay 
deoxy. +o tj^o-oy? (pos# rjp^aro) x. rois o 
(-Trpos)abdfhklmnoqr. tai/vouh. ei^Xflere dop. 
rat x. ^eaoraa^e bq. v. 25. Deesif m y. ffyWere dgo. 
e^\9are x. /cat $0^77 (p?*0 ev^o^w) e. Siayovres (pro 
V7rap-)(OVTG$) p. V. 26. efyXOare x. feat (pro i/ai) y. Tre- 
piffff(t)Tepov x. irpo(j)r)r^v (pro irpo(j)^TOv) p*. V. 27. 
+7 a j (p os * OUTOS) acey. KaraffKevaffrj b. v. 28. 
ey. 7Tj000^r};s p. avcoi/ row fiaTmcrrov ev 
yvvaiKcav TTJOO^TJ?? oy/c eyetpyepre x. o oe fUKporepos 
ad fin. vers. f* (habet margo). rwv ovpavcov (pro rov Oeov) 
x. v. 29. /cat -rras o o^Xos /cat ot reXwvai aicovcravres g. 
TW flairr iff/mar i x. V. 30. qOerrjffav d. V. 31. -enre ^e 
o /cyptos abcdefghklmnopqr (Mai s: habet y irn^o perico- 

S. LUC.E CAPP. VII. v. 31 VIII. v. 5. 95 

pes). o/xotocrw b. V. 32. KaOe^ofievoK C. j/vXttrajuiej; begho. 
opyj.aa.a9e b. op^rjffaffOai e. Vfjuv secund. y*. v. 33. 
ftairTiffOeis e. Xe'yerai e. w. 33, 34. Xe^o^i (pro Xe- 
76Te) g. v. 34. 0tXo9 re\(av(ov abcdefghklmnopqry. 
V. 35. Travrwv g. V. 36. rt TWV <pa.piffa.uuv TOV tyirovv C. 
(|>ro (frapiffaitov) b. +TOI/ IVIGQVV (ante iva) e. 
e. avetcXyOt] kq*x. V. 37. +KCU (<xwie eirvyvovaa) 
bcghlmn. v. 38. rov itjaov (pro avrov prim.} op. ee- 
/taa-e g. e^aijuacrcre x. Karc(f)i\r] g. ei\tj(pe pr. ei\rj(pev 
TO fwpwv C. V. 40. TTjOos avrtovf*. ri ffoi rtf*. V. 41. 
^|Oeo0etXeTat bdfx. ^eoo^etXeTeC. %pe(o(j)i\6Tai h. oa- 
viarr] ef. o<pei\e dnx. co<pi\v f. irevriKovra b. v. 42. 
avrcov prim. dg. ajm^wTCjOots p. auroy GiTre TrXetov d. TrXe- 
oi/g. v. 43. +avTw(p0siet7rej>j}nm.)d. -ortg. +t>?o-ous 
(postoh}g. V. 44. -r^9 K(()a\t]S cp. -ayrj/se. v. 45. 
eicrrjXOev y. $te\enre dekox. V. 46. eiX^as e. /iupov C. 
TOV? Trooas /xoy abdfhkx. v. 47. \eywffi (pro \eya) croi)p. 
a(f)atovTat C. cKpaitovTcti m*. a(j)eovTai x. -^avrvj (post 
a(f>eo)vrai) y. awrj^s ai a^apriai op. qycnrqcrev f. 
secund. q. v. 48. afpaiovrai c. cHpeovrai x. v. 49. 
oi/ros c. /cat secund, eg. a&ieiaiv y. v. 50. irijTr) x. 
VTra'ye (pro iropevov) c. 

CAPUT VIII. v. 1. &o$euev bd*. v. 2. rti/at? e. +ct7ro 
voawv /cat /maa-riytDV /cat Try. (postf reQepairevfkGvai) y. jjp. 
ri bey. a^etsbey. e^eX^Xv^ bdegy. v. 3. crw- 
aceghklmnr(?) croi/cravap. +mt (awie alrti/es)g. 
avTois(pro ayr^)abcdefhkq*r, e/c (pro a-7ro)p. v. 4. crvi;- 
p. GTnirovrip6vo/u.V(t)v f. v. 5. mV. +tooy q*. row 

96 S> LTJCJi CAP. VIII. vv. 522. 

cp. eavrov af hkq*r. eneffev eirt TYJV oov a. + viro rwv 
avQpcoTTwv (post KareiraTyQ})) c. fin. avrco ex. Inter vv. 5, 
6, b inserit /cat erepov eTrecrei/ GTTI TV\V irerpav itai TO. ire- 
retva TOV ovpavov Karefpayev avro. v. 6. a/quaca C. v ( 7. 
Deest in b* (hdbet marg.}. (fyveiaaid. (pvriaaiy. fin.aurac. 
V. 8. ets (pro GTTI) abcdef hlmnopx. e/caToi/raTrXacnawa e. 
ravra Xeyaov ad fin. vers. xy (habent v. 15). v. 9. avroov 
(pro avrov) b. qv (pro iq) q*r. ~^p. V. 10. ^wraid. 
Xi/7ro/9 e. ~(jLijprim. C. v. 12. a/covcravTe? d. + TOV \oyov 
(post aKovovres) C. TCOC Kap^icovC. v. 13. -oi ^e evrt TJ?S 
C. irpoffitatpos Tno-revovrai C. /cat ei/ Katp^) vret- 

y a^icrrayrm c. v. 14. irecroov ehy. CLKOVOVTSS p. 

Xoyov (post aKovaavres) C. DITTO (jpw y?ro) x. TOW 
/cat awfe TrXxwrov) C. v. 15. _/iw. +7roXX^f. +Taura 

j' <p<avGi o E^tav cora O.KOVGIV a/cowerft) abceflmnq** 
xy. Addit Trepiaeov &. v. 16. ^ebg. KaXvimj c. +77 
UTTO roy fjLooiov (post ffaevei} C. +TJ/S (ante Xi/^ctas) q*r. 
eTt TJ;I/ Xv^yiav epx. em \vxyiavj. flXeirovffi eg, v. 17. 
(j)avep(aOr}<reTai (pro <f)avepov yevfja-erat) d. eX0et f *O. 
v. 18. eav (pro av) && abdefhlmnoq*rx. (^ro av primo] k 
(pro av secund.) c. -av secund.k. e^ibiscj. eyei prim. 
be. +KUI avro (post apOrjffGrai)j. V. 19. H-ayroy (pos 
nrjrrip)cy. -avrov (post a$eX<j!>oi) C. e^vvavro bdehklmn 
op. v. 20. cnnfyyeXei e. airr]yye\\r] fq*. cnrqyyeXOrj h. 
Xe'ywvTtoj' ort y. V. 21. >j /x^rjjjO /xov KCU ot ao. y. erti/ 
owrot c. ai^roi/acko. -/cat TTOIOVVTCOV avrov p* (habet 
marg.}. V.22. eyGvero $e(-Kai)cp. avefir, gq*ry. ei;e/3>7 
o tj/o-oyj c** rw6ro f k** rubro. +TO (awie TrXotov) eg. 

S. UJGM CAP. VIII. vv. 2242. 97 

Oopev y. X>/jiAi');s b. v. 23. XeXaxJ/- bexy. XatXajuixJ/a p. X?/- 
MVJfi/b. v. 24. /cat 7T|OocreX0oi/Tes(--$e)lmnopq**. 
c. Sujyeipovla. eirujrara semel tantumloAfy. ff 
eTrauGdTO p. yaXivq bef**x. /w. +^ya\ri p. v. 25. im. 
/cat ei-Trey (-e) y. -ecrTti/ pn'm. cp. --rrpos aXXjfXoysx. 
/cat rtf) i)oar C. v. 26. KaTeTrXevcrec o iqcrovs C. /care- 
TrXeyaei^m. aiTt7rejoaabdefhkopq*?. wepavg. yafiapivtav 
y (sic x v. 27 m'fo'o peric.). v. 27. em TJ; 7175 a. 
rrjaevf. -avripsec.([Y, -rtsy. ^aifioi>iov C. j 
g. v. 28. avrow (jpra ayr<^) p. av (pro aoi) oy. - 
y. v. 29. TrctjOj/fyeXXei/ d. iraprjyyeXXev f hp. ayra) (pro 
avTOv) g. Traces (pro Tre^ai?) exy. (pvXaTToiuevos p. ^a- 
ehp. ^lapprjfftav n. V. 30. iroXXa cai/tona C. eiff" 
C6. jftw. etcr/X0e trwy ayrtoy. v. 31. TrajoefcaXouv h. 
bcxy. v. 32. e/ceicre p. jSocrKOjtxeyjj Cgk*. op^ b. 
ko. eirirpe-^ei bcqry. eiriTpq^ei x, ayrows 
(pro avrois prim.) d. +ei (<mte et?) q. j^w. o ij/aoy? (pro 
awrots) f. v. 33. efc (pro airo) y. eifft\\Qov abdfghlmnoq 
rx. +tooy (awie wp/u.t]aev) q*. /CjOt/xvov befxy. aireirviyricfav 
g. v. 34. yeyovcos C. -yeYOfosp. yevofievov y. a?reX- 
00I/T6S abdefghklmnopqrxy. v. 35. ^e^oi/ws bhy. e^e- 
\rj\v6t] by. v. 36. avrous p*. -01 cd*. ^ai^oviaQ^ r. 
V. 37. rjpcoTrjaev p. TJ/S Trepi^fapov C. yaoaptvtov b. ow- 
y'XpvTo b. v. 38. e^eX^Xi^j? bxy. v. 39. atroffrpe^e g. 
oXti; p. Krjpvffoov bx. 0eos (pro t^aoy?) cy. v. 40. j/m. 
-TTjOos awTov ( Trarres 1 TrpocrSoKoavres) c. V. 41. t]\0ev dg. 
avOpcfiiros (pro avj/p) cxy. tattoos c. ta^os x. OWTOS (pro 
awros)g. TOW c. v. 42. wVeip. /cat ayrrjag. ej/ ^e TO 


98 S. LUCLE CAPP. VIII. v. 42 IX. v. 11. 

b. ffweirviycov p*. owe0Xi/3oi> C. avveOXyflov x. v. 43. 
+TIS (post yvvri) c. larpois (-et?) abcdefghklmnopqr 
(Mag)xy. KaravctXtoaracra g. V. 44. +$e (post 7rpoa-e\- 
Oovffa) k. oiriffOev a. qtyaro oiriaQev p. GOT*/ d. v. 45. 
Me (pTO ftov prim.) C. /cat oi /ACT' avrov p. arw 
ayra> (p>"0 /uer' avrov) c. o~vv9\i8ov(riv d. v. 46. e (pro 
a7r')f. v. 47. -$ed*. -avrysecund. ep. v. 48. imt o 
^e t^<roi/?gx. croi (pro <re) g. v. 49. OTTO (pro Tra^a) c. 

**cky. v. 51. init. e\9cav abcdefghklmnopqrxy. 

ereA0eii/ [* sat uoavvyv /cat ictKooflov abcdefghkl 
mnopq**xy. v. 52. +t)/crovs (post o 5e)c. ffXeeratp. 
K\aterai x. ov 'yap (awie cnreOavev) g. V. 53. t^ores h. 
v. 54, e/cjSaXop ex. Trai/ras ew cep. w. 55. o $e Trap- 
tiyyeikev (pro /cat oteTaei>) a**. V. 56. TrapiyyrjXevx. 

CAPUT IX. v. 1. +o wfcrous (post ^e) ek**rw6ro. -/xa- 
Qrjra'i avrov abcdf*(fta6. mar^.)gklmnopqr. -^vvafiiv /cat 
y. v. 2. tatrOex. v. 3. eperai c. -rrjvg. ireipavy. V. 4. 
+$' (awie av)f. -ai/blmn. v. 5. eai> (pro af) bdefghldm 
noqrx. Se^ovrai dy. ^e^w^rat gx. -OTTO ay. maprupuov p. 
avrois (pro eir avrovs) e. V. 6. -rasa. V. 7- $ed. re- 
. yevo/Jieva ap. -irovraf. . -roy. eyvyepTeb. 
. +TOJI/ (awi6 veKpuov) gy. v. 8. im't rtfwj/ 
^e \7oi/T(oi/ (-UTTO) c. jJXtas f k aKi passim, e^ai/et k. 
rts (pro els) y. apyewv d. ecrrtv (pro aveart]) c. v. 9. -o 
abcdefhklmnopqry. twavi/d. aTre/ce^aX^crabfky. -67(0 
seeun. k. e^reti; p (cf. v. 16). v. 10. vire^priffav g. 
ave-^fap^ffev y. eprjfjLOv roirov ac. TroXetos'g- KaXou/ue^? 
O. KCL\OV^VV\V g. (3riOffd$av abdfghp. fi&adila y. v. 11. 

S. LUC.E CAP. IX. vv. 1131. 99 

. aTro^e^a/xei/os c. aurots (pro avrous) d. +ra 
(ante irepi) egq. tacrarog. V. 12. rjp^erof*. rows o^Xoi/s 
ek. +eis (ante rovg aypous)f. v. 13. TrXeiovs g. ei /uw? 
(pro /)p. i^foes $yo abcdefghklmnopqry. ayopaaoftev 
a**blmn. aVa>Ta g. v. 14. /cXj/cnas be. Trevr^Kora p. 
v. 15. oyreos adlmnqry. Trapra? c. v. 16. +KCU (ante ava- 
/3Xe\|/as) C. r]v\o r yrjffV cf *y. e^t^oyi' p. irapaOrjvai cy. V. 
17. H-Travres (pos efyayov) c. a-Trai/res di ^0jy (pro 7|00)y) 
y. K(a(J)ivoib. StaSeKa Kwfpivoi g. V. 18. + avrov (post fjia- 
6v)rai) gy. ayrots (pro avrovs) p. avOpcoiroi (pro o^Xot) c. 
fin.eivaie. v. 19. jJXws f. jJXiavp. TrpofyrjTisa,. v. 20. 
-juiey. \eyerm ey. -o abdefhklmnoqr. v. 21. +CH/TOI? 
m-apr)<y<yei\v) p. Xe7etv (pro eiTretv) egpy. v. 22. 
iiav y. avaffrrjvai (pro eyepOijvai) p. V. 23. 0e- 
Xty C. OTTICTW ab. ep^effOai (pro e\6eiv) y. eX^etj/ OTTICTW /AOU 
g. eavrov (pro avTov)y. -Kaff ^xejoav bcdefghklmnoqry. 
aKo\ov9rjT(o bdm*. v. 24. eav (pro avprim.) abdefhkl 
mnoqr. 0e\ei hpy. cnroXearj (pro aTroXetret) q. -os ^ av 
aTToXecrj? a^ j/m, vers. d. aTroXeo-et (^ro -crj?) bch*y. 
V. 25. Tjyi; $e ^rvyviv avrov (pro eavrov $e) c. aTrwXecras r. 
^/xw^ets y. v. 26. eav (pro av) hy. /cat (j?ro TOVTOP) e. 
ayuav y. v. 27. +OTI (awfe et<ri) gop. effrorwv e. etr- 
abcghklmn**opqry. omi/es (pro oi) eo. 761;- 
aefghklmnqr. v. 28. cos cgpqr. +o iqeovs (post 
TrapaXaficov). d. -rov abcdfgklmnpq**. nai taiuaflov /cat 
uaavvrjv gr. +/cat (awie aveftrj) c. v. 29. iuaretcriuios x. 
v. 30. ^yo ai/^joes p. Mtoi/Vj/s bep. -(wwcr^s /cat jjXtas c. 
V. 31. oi axpOevres avra) ev vo^y /cat eXeyov rrjv oo^ai; 


1QP S. LTJC^E CAP. IX. vv. 31 49. 

avrou v\v e/ue\ev x. init. ot g. +KCII (ante .eXe^ov) g. 
-ayroyC. qweXe p*. v. 32. t$ou epx. -TOV? secund. S. 
v. 33. et?re TTGTJOOS (-o) abcdfhkqrs. +TravroT (ante c!e) 
gx. -/cat secund. gx. Trottycrojuei/ p**. Tjoets cr/ofras x. cry 
(pro croi) b. /xte> /uftxret abklmnoqrs. jwtaj' luwcn? cdef*g 
hx. fjiiav n<avcreip. j/Xtaj/ en*, rt (.pro o)x. eXaXei (pro 
Xeyet) q*r. v. 34. XaXoy^ro? (j)ro Xe^.) S. eireffKiafyv x. 
v eiceivovs g. eweX07i/ efceivovs x. v. 35. eyevero 
q*r. +ei/ co qvooKriaa (jpost ayctTnjTos) bgx. a/coye- 
TOI X. V. 36. o befkops. eoopaKeicrav a. ecopaitriaav C* 
eopaicacriv ef**ko. ecopaKctv x. v. 37. KareXOovn rw 
trjcrov fjiera TCOV /u.a9r)T(au avrov airo C. /careX^ovTi TO) 

IJJffOV ttTTO X. TToXXv? X. V. 38. OeO(W 6. CTTtjSXe^e g. eTTI- 

bcehkopx. /uot eari sy. v. 39. crirapaaeL n*x. 
. aTro^ojoet p. vvvrpifiuv f *k*q*y. v. 40. e^ei/Oj? 
k. <c/3aX<t)cni> abcdefghklmnpqrsx. ayrw cep*. avrov y. 
eoyv)j0^crav do. v. 41. ecreo/xeu r. ews Trore (jpro /cat 
secund.) eopy. ai/e^o/we e. ave^cofiatT. euo^ai Trpos y/xas 
KCU S* (/ia&. mar.). TOJ/ y'toy croy a5^e abcdefghklmnopqrs 
xy. v. 42. Siepprfeev q*r, eppi-^ev xy (pro epp^ev}. 
ffwecfrrape^ev n. +ayroi/ (jposi ffuyeo-jrajoa^ey) deop. $e 
secund. y. -o tijo-oysm. v. 43. fieyaXior^nfsy. v. 45. 
qyvojovv f*. ed^ovre C. aurOovTai ef. eireputrrjtyai p. 
v. 46. -TO d. v, 47. ei&t?9 aepq**s. TOW <$iaXQ<yianov<3 
a. T>ys /capias C. ayToy (pro avrcov) G. iratoiov CS. ecrTJ/- 
crev g. ayTO) (pro ayTo) b. fin. Trapeavro e. V. 48. av 
(pro ear prim.) C. -/cat secund. g. ev Tracrtv y^iwy Imn. 
p*. ecrTti/ (pro effrai)c. v. 49,. oe. ido/mev ep. 

S. LTHLE CAPP. IX. v. 49 X. v. 5. 101 

-ra abcd**efgklmnopqrsy. qtuv (pro meff ^wi) hyse- 
mel. v. 50. avrovs (pro avrov) c. KwXveTcup. +ou yap 
ear i naQ v/mcov hy,+ai>Toi' g (post /caiXvere). v^tav (pro 
yfjiwv} bis ahpry: primog. V/ULOW virepi/nwv c. fin. ear^r. 
ecrri y. v. 51. ecrTJ7|Ote TO Trpoffwirov aurov h. +/*/ (emie 
TTopeveaQai) y. iropeueti-Qe n. j^w. ei/ ^A^/*. c. v. 52. eav- 
TOV beef kl**mn. TTO\IV (pro KCO^V) cs. fcw/uii/f. eri/jua- 
aat f. v. 53. eiffiropevoimevov e. V. 54, 0eX?ys h. enro/uev 
boy. -naitertiumg. v. 55. +o t^o-ow (^os^e) adef opq* 
rs. ctyTovs (pro avrots) f. TTOIOW q*. /w. ujuiets ; S. vv. 55, 
56. /ecu eLTrev usque ad atoo-aibcfhky. v. 56. enopevOri g. 
v. 57- eKTropevofJievoov m. oKoXov^etcrw h. ea^ (pro /) acde 
opsy. cnrep'xeiy. v. 58. aXoTre/ces b. 0oXeovsxy. ireTijva 
d. /eXim eFkq**rs. fcXtvat gy. K\rjivai c. v. 59. +TOI> 
(awie erepov) sy. a.Ko\ov6r] bel*y. aTreXQeiv dep. irpwrov 
aireX9en> y. v. 60. a<7re\9ov y. $iayye\e epx. v. 61. 
irvpie(pro fjioi)y. TOI/S (proTots)y. v. 62. o irjvovs irpo<s 
avrov abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. eirifiaXXwv e. apwrpov esy. 
ffrpa(peis (pro /SXe-Trwi/) y. TWI/ ovpavtov (pro TOV deov) e. 

CAPUT X. v. 1. ijforoi/s (pro /ci/pios) S. etc TWJ' 
avrov $vo (-ai/a)x. am oyo ovo adp. eaurovf. 
b. jjjueXXei/ cdhsx. fin.ciep'xeaOaigs. iropeveaOai c. v. 2. 
ai/Tots (pro TTjOos avrous) x. TroXXus em*. TroXXots x. 0X1- 
7otf. H-aj/ (pos oVws) dp. e/cj8aXet cy. e/fj3aXXete. e/c- 
/3aX>? abdefghklmnopqrsx. v. 3. i)/*ap aTrocrreXXw c. 
7T|OO/3oTa (pro apvai) Cg. v. 4. jSacrToi^eTai S. +$e 
(awie jSaXavrtoi') d*. jSaXXaimov ak. jixijTe irrjpav pyre g. 
,u>7 (pro /x/Se)lmn. acriraffaadai c. v. 5. +7roX/ 17 

102 S. LU(LE CAP. X. vv. 522. 

oiKiav)y, etaepxeffQe cy. v. 6. -/JLGV abcefghkopq*ry. 
et (pro y) y, -o abcdefghklmnopqrsy. eTr' avro e. ava- 
Ka^ri e, v. 7. -&>e. -raps*, yapy*. -oy. vv. 
8, 9 desMwtf n g* (/ia&etf marg.). v, 8. -5' abefhkoq*rs. 
eiGepxeaOe cy. eiffep^effOai. e, oe^ovre c. ^e^oyrcu bdfp 
qrsy. v. 9. appwctrovs (pro a<r9eveis) c. +ort (cmfe ^7- 
yiKv)y. -e^)' u/xasf. v. 10. ^m. +/caig. eurep-^eiffOe x. 
y. ^e-^ovre c. ^e^ovrat bqrxy. v. 11. KO\- 
u/i/ (p-o jj/uti/) k*?y. aTro/mao-o-wjuiefla ey. +et? 
TOUS Trooas jj/xwy (awfe aTronaaao^eQa) acdop. uju^i; m*. 
TrXj/i/ ev rovTiay. TT\YIV TOVTWC. -0* i5/xasy. e^!)' ^as 
p*. V. 12. -oe adefhklmnopqrsx. -on f. v. 13. -<roi 
prim. c. -xppafyiv beo. ^Wjoa^ii' ahmn. ^opa^eiv fgpy. 
. flri0ad$av dg. -eib*. yevafnevai C. /ca0^- 
dh. v. 14. ev T^ itpiffei ye. rrjp. v. 15. 
a. u\|/o)^cra y. Ka.TafttfiaaOt)ffa y. /cara/3i/3a(T- 
d. /carajStjSacr^etcr^ fk. KctTahKaaOrja'a C. v. 16. 
CIKOVOOV p. V, 17. efioo/uiKovTct b. ^ij/ yn-OTacr- 
crera/ s. J/ati/ (^?ro jj/tii/) ceq*rx. aou c. v. 18. Trecrwra 
e/c TOI/ ovpavou c. v. 19. $I$OMI xsemely. SiSwua p*. ^o- 
(Ujy xsemeL v/neiv a. TTCITIJV xsemel. ovfjn JLsem. aSiKrjvri ad 
efghldmnpqrsx6is (a^Kjyo-ei semeZ) y. v. 20. er TOVTO xy. 
^aiperai x. i/TroTaffcreTe e. viroraaerai x. yuaXXoi/ abc 
defghklmnopqrsxy, -y^uwi/ ysemel eypafat y. v. 21. 
-f-$e (|)OSi auTj)fg. qyaXiacraTo x. 6^ofj.o\oyovine hx. trw- 
0(ov exseme^. oyro? x. enirpoa-Oe x. v. 22. im. +/ca* 
<rTjoa<^ets Trpos TOI/S /xa^^ras (+ai)roy dps) ein-e ab**cde 
fhklmnopqrs (g citm Elzev.}. enrev o /cyptos rot? eavrov 

S. LUO^E CAP. X. vv. 2242. 103 

(jt.a9riTai$ y. fioi irapeSoOn abedefghklmnoqrsy. not irap- 
a^ecWai p. eTJTytj/wcr/feihqry. eifii o wosa. o (pro $)bc 
dy. fiovXerai cy, v. 24. $e (pro yap) g. -Wf. icWe. 
a/roi/erme. v. 25. TrajOa^wc cdy. Trtjoa^awx. +aya6e 
Ka\e) Y**(forsan primd manu}. v. 26. avreo 

7T|Oos ayroi;) c. -n s. V. 27. -rrjs prim. c. -e 
o\>/9 T)/s K-ajO^tas crov /cat x. /cat e^ o\?ys TJ/S ia")(vos aov C. 
/w. eayroj; bemnpqrsy. v. 28. +o tj;<roys (aw^e 

s) g. a.7r6Kpi6eis S. ^cret cf*. aw^et S. v. 29. avrov 
(pro eavrov) c. /uot (pr-o MOW) c. +o (ante irfyaiov) q*r. 
TT\VIGUUV f*. v.. 30. et?re a. Kareflevev b. JejOt^w adhk 
Iqr. e^eoi/crai/ cfkoqr. eyuQavri sy. v. 31. /carejSevei; b. 
v. 32. yeva/uLevos c. -eX^wi/p. +avToi/ (posf towi/) df. ay- 
rnraprjWe aklmnopqrsy. v, 33. <rajuajoems e. 
(pro >7\$e) C. GffirKayyvrj^QriJ. v. 34. eAeoi/ dk. 
(awie eirifiiflaffas) d*. emfiriflaffas ef*y. eTre/ueX^^et y. 
v. 35. avpiov g. Sivapia b. TO irav^o^i, b. CITTWI/ (j?ro 

e. /uot (^?J"0 jixe) psy. V. 36. TWI/ TjOtwv TOVTWV 
c. TOVTCOV b*. vrXj/artcov d. irXj/tnoi/ oo/cet croi abdefghkl 
mnoqrsy. e/tTreawTos c. v. 37. -ouy d. crot (joro cry) 
bd*. v. 38. o tj^croi/s (sw|)ej" etarrjXOev) rubro k**. v. 39. 
TrapaKaOrjaava bef*gy. rwv \oy<av dfghlmnpqrs. v. 
40. rroXtjv x. yweXXet acefghpqxy. eyKareXenre}). eyKar- 
eX/7rek. KareXenre cd*eo. &a/cveti/p. /*)? (pro jwot) C. 
ffvvavTi\afli>)TG bx. crvi/aimXa/BoiTat y. v. 41. 6 Djcroy? 
etTrev auT)/ cdelmnopxy. rvpflafci abcf*y. Tpvflafy p. 
v. 42. yap (pro ^e) e*. afapeOriGerai ey. afapeOqffeTe x. 

104 S. IHCM CAP. XL vv. 116. 

CAPUT XL v. 1. 6761^0 $e (-/cat) qr. +KCU (ante ? 
eiraycraTo) g. CITTOZ; oi /ua^j/rat x. v. 2. irpoffev^effOe xy. 
Xe^tyTef*. -o ev rots ovpavois a. overbad*, crov prim. 
C. -TJ?S p. v. 3. $os Cg. rov (pro TO) b*. cr^epou (pro 
TO KO.& rjfjiepav) g. v. 4. a(pio^.Gv cf. a<piw/jiev S. 7rai/ TO 
c. +TW (emte ofaiKovri) q. o(f)ei\(a(ji.vw y. etcr- 
C. v. 5. ej^ b. iropeverat hq*ry?. jaecraivy/c- 
C. e^oei Cgpy, etTret fo (pro efTTJ?). ^joeicrov r. %pi<rov e 
xy. v. 6. -juoi/ bdef hklmnoqrsx. /uot (pro ^uov) eg. 
Trapayeyovev c. e^oXou y. TI (pro o) c. v. 7. ecrwOev e. 
7rei f k**o*x. /ce/cXiycrTe x. (jioveg. e/uov C. +/ioy 
(posi /COIT^X. e<7Ti/ (pro etcrti/)c. ^um/uef*. v. 8. -f-5e 
(pos^ Xe^w) bd. <j!)iXoi/ auTou y. avrov (pro avrov prim.) 
ek. oe (pro <ye) C. avaioiav e. ai/eoetai; f. aveoiav xy. oo~ov 
abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. ^p>?^ m*. ^joi^et exy. v. 9. cu- 
TeiTai b. SoOqaeTG X. eujo^creTaid. ei/purr/rey. avot'^OrjO'- 
eTatbf. avoL-^Orjaere k. aj/ofy^ffeTep. v. 10. Xa/ujSav?/ y. 
p. evprjffKei S. awt^j/aeTcu abdef hkp. v. 11. 
>i')egoq*r. -y/xw^h. Toj/dg. o yios an-^crei 
S. aireiat) c. +aiToy (pos yio?) c. j; (pro ei) abcdefghk 
Imnopsy. -/cm as. v. 1 2. atr^a^i d. air^ri abf **klmn 
.opqrs. v. 13. ?/ (pro et) c. o^Tes (pro vTrapxpvTes) cdgp. 
a7a0a CO*, ^o/nara cfyaOa abdefghklmnpqrsy. 
(post iraryp) by. fin. auroa (pro avrov) c. v. 14. 
KCU e^evero ( ^e) y. e:/3Xj?0ei>Tos (pro e^'eX^oi/Tos) y. 
v. 15. +TW (ante ap^ovTi) dgpy. e/c/3aXX; cy. jw. +o ^e 
(fcai ps) airoKpiQeis eare TT&JS ovi/aTat awavas craTai'af e/c- 
/3a\\e/ ghps. v. 16. e7re<^Tow g. e^ ovpavov 

S. LUOE CAP. XL vv. 1634. 105 

Trap avrov y. v. 17. toW (pro et$ws) C. ra 
avrwv cdp. voquara y. SiafiepicrOeia'a e(p' eavrriv y. 
laOriffa c. imepiffOeiaa fghs. e?r' (pro eiri) gp. v. 18. 
eavrtov n*. emepiaOri csy. Ta&jcreTeu y. Xe'yerat e. /ue y. 
v. 19. e/fjSaXw e. j/jtiwy (pro y/uwi> prim.) e. e/cj8aXovcri k. 
auroi Kpirai v/ntav Cgpy (Kprjrat p*). aurot JJOKOV Imn. ecrov- 
rm avrot S. v. 20. -f-rov (awfe Oeov prim.) d. H-e^w 
(awie e/f|8aXXft>) y. v. 21. i-xypos y. Ka9o7rXrja(jLevos be. 
Kadu)Tr\r]ff/u.Vos f*- Ka9oir\iff/j.evos J- <pv\acrffi def*h*ly. 
ecrrat S. v. 22. aire\6cov S. vtKrjffei cef^y. Trai/OTrXemi/ h. 
atjoet S. Cjoet y. . e^) j)s S. eTreiroiOr) 1. eireTroOr] y. aveei/)? 
(j9ro (TKi/Xa) op. j^w. oiouxriv g. otaototocri S. otaowcret y. V. 
24. +^e (post orav)cy. TW (pro ro) d. -a?rop*. eJjOtff- 
KWV cq*rsy. +TOTB (anteXeyeijy. v. 25. eXflan' bcdef 
m*qs. evpqffKGi h. Ke/cocrjui/jiei/ov b. KCU secund. y. v. 26. 
erepa evrra p. avrov (pro eavrov) be. eX0oi/ra abdefhkl 
mnq**s. -e/cet y. ^eipwva riav irpoTcav b. v. 27. ev TO 
Xe'yeiy x. e/c TOV o^Xoy (frcovqv p. 0w^ y. jSacrratra d. 
/3a<TTa<rao-6 es*. pacrOoicgy. v. 28. -aimwhko. v. 29. 

txevcoj/ TWI/ o^Xti> y. +/cai (aw^e cr^eioj/ prim.) y. 

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h. +ei> (aw^e T>j yevea) d. avVj? (pro rai/Tjy) s. 
v. 31. jSao-tXao-cra f. <ro\o(jicavos bis bdegklmnqr. secund. 
ch. aoXojuwvvos bis f*. v. 32. vivevirai adegpq*ry. v^- 
vevire C. i/tyeu?; fk. vrjvevt] h*. v. 33. oe y. Kpvirreiv y. 
q (pro ov$e) dekqr. aXX' abcdeghklmnopy. ^>w9 (pro 

mqr. TO d)ft) jSXeTrwcrt y. /BXeTrwcrt TO d>os c. 

TO 0ws d. v. 34. et (pro 77 prim.) py. -/cat 

106 S. LUCLE CAP. XI. vv.34 54. 

prim, emnpq**. (pwnvov earn y*. evrai (pro effnv se- 
cund.) gop. et (pro *? secund.) ey. cr/conpov ey. /w. -fee-rat 
adegoy. -fec-Tii; c. v. 35. ecrri y. v. 36. fywnvov oXoi>b. 
e^wvy. Me/oos rt cegpy. GKOTIVOVJ. 0amey. v. 37. 
ei/ c>e TO k. +ai/Tor (pos XaX/cra{) y. epura eg. 
cy. V. 38. o* (papicraios oe d. Trporepov af. v. 39. ij 
(pro Kvpio^G. Kaiprim.g. TrrivaKos b. TOW TTIVCIKOS /cat 
TOV iroTripiov d. ra oe eawQev y. 'ye/x/j bqy. apirasyyv h. 
apirayias y. V. 40. TO eataQev KO.I TO e^Wfev eTroirjcrev ep. 
V. 41. aVai/Tay. fin.effrmoy. V. 42. aXXa bco. v / uti' 
KO.I (fiapiaraiot viroKpirai y. cnroSeKaTovTcu e. 
. +TO (awie Trav) e. Trapep^eaOai ep*. +^e (awfe 
e$et) acgp. Trot?/ y. a(f)et.vai y. V. 43. /cat (pro oycu) k 
(K rubro). +5e (postf ouai) c. TrpoTOKaQeSpiavbf- v. 44. 
f*. -ot secund. acdefghklmnpqry. v. 45. i/Vs 
j/^as) e. v. 46. jj/ati/ (pro i)/utv) k. (poprtfyrai b. 
avOpcoTTois gy. +/3ajoea /cai (postf (jyopna) eq*r. TO) 
. v. 47. oiKoSoimeirai g. v. 48. -y^wi/b* 
. marg.), rj/^wv f*. TU /murj/Jieia avrcov C. v. 49. <ro(j)rja 
f*. Tov9eovC. KCLI tertiiimc, K$UO%OMSIV C. ^iw^oi/crti; 
dq*r. v. 50. e/c^Tt0j; b. /wexp (p ro TO) d. v. 51. 
+TOU ^iKatow (^>OSi ajSeX) dgp. -a/8eX ews TOV ai/uaTos y. 
a7roXwjuej/oy k. +TOV j/aov (posi fieTa^u) e. v. 52. /cat 
(pro oi/at) k (K ra&ro, cf. v. 43). +yap (post avroi) g. 
C. eiffrjXOare p. eiffepxecrOe (pro etor^X^eTe) d. 
etcreXOeiv (pro eto-ejO^ojoiefoi/s) p. v. 53. TTJOOS 
Tavra y. awe^eiv dlmny. aTroffTOjui^ety p. v. 54. 
-KaiabceP*ghklmnoqry. Tt ^ei/aat dp. fin.avr(a(pro 
avrov sec.)k. 

S. LIKLE CAP. XII. vv. 118. 107 

CAPUT XII. v. 1. eiriffvva'xOt)ff(0v def hkq*. 
y. eavVovs (pro aXX>?Xovs) c. vrpwrov jungunt cum prce- 
cedentibus degmo alii, avrois (pro eavrois) p. v. 2. <rvy- 
KKa\v(j.evov h. v. 3. a Koreia bh. ev TO (piarei x. Trpcos p*. 
Ta/uots b. Ta/xiewts f. Krjpv^Orjffere X. do/narcov by. v. 4. 
' adf hkop. cnroKTevovTcov bcelmnary. TG- 

-L A I/ 

irepiffffov p. v. 5. $eb. 0oj3/- 
. g. - (f)ofli)9r)T6 TOV juieTa C&Z J^w. vers. C. TO y. 
i x. e^ovTa e^oi/crtai' bpy. epflaXriv x. Xe^o x. 

V. 6. 7TWXT6 C. 7ToXeTt X. TTl\G\lfffAVOV X. V. 7. 

YipiQ^^.evai eicnv X. ^pi9/nr]VTe y. <poflriff9e cqr. -TroXXw 1. 
hcKpeperai e. ./m. +v/*ets adegpq*rxy. v. 8. o/moXoyriffei 
(pro -<rri) cex. o/uoXo'yjja-j? bly, onoKoyrjarrji d (pro -crei). 
/ca^w ofw\oyri(rn) (pro /cat o vios TOV avQftwirov o ( 
x. ym. TOV TraT^oos /xov TOV ei/ oupavois (pro TWV a 1 
TOV 0eov) xsemel. v. 9. efjurpoaQev (pro evcoinov prim.} a 
op. apvrjOrjfferai h. evwiruav secund, x. v. 10. TO $e e e 
xsemel. v. 11. irpoff^epovaiv ex. /mepifivqariTe a. 
i/OTe X. nnepifjivarai e. airokoyriGeaQe ahklmn. a 

qry. XaX/o"eTat (pro aTroXo'yO C. ? TJ cnro\oyt)- 
? x. V. 12. "yap y. ot^a^j; CG. q/mepa (pro eJjOtt) x. 
v. 13. /j.epiffaff9e b. TJ^ Kktipovopiav per C/AOV y. V. 14. 
av9panre e. (jiepiffTqv v\ oiKaffrrfV C. V. 15. TJ?S y. Tra- 
o-^s (pro T>/s)cg. effriv transfert post OVK p. -ea-Tivg. 
) (pro OVTOV prim.} abdef hkoqr. vTrap-^uvTaov d. j^w. 
i (pro avTov) defg. v. 16. rjv(f)opr}ffev cefo. v. 17. 
> x. v. 18. /ujj^oms x. fxei^toras y. +0^0^ /xov 
Km ra (ante yevtinara} p. yewi/mra abdefghklnopqrx. 

108 S. LUC^E CAP. XII. vr. 1839. 

/capTToi/s /nay (pro iravra ra yev. iotoi/)y. v. 19. en bd. 
v. 20. a<ppov adghklmnopqr. aireTovffiv x. v. 21. OVTOS x. 
eavrov x. /w. -frctim* Xeywv efywvet ( p**) o 
arra aitoveiv ctKoverw aefhk**nt&rop**rw&roq*rxy. 
jl&i. +TeXos' TetvTct Xe<yft>i/b, v, 22. Xe^w vjmtv dlmnqry. 
TO (rtofJMTi bd. + yjuiftjj; (|)os^ ffwfiart) hry. ev^vaeaQe ahlrnn 
qr. evSuffiffde p**. w. 22, 23 Jesww* m p* (habet marg.). 
v. 23. init. +oy^iry. -fyap (awie >|/y^) q. irheiaov adklm 
nq. it\iov p**. V. 24. j}s (jJJ*o oi?) y. ra/uueiov af *g. aTro- 
^fc}-/ 6. rpe(f)r) C, ^ia<peperai e. Trer^i/wi' f k. v. 25. ^e 
d. irpoffOqvcu bcdef *ky. vrtx"" 6 ' v. 26. ovrea. ovSe c. 
/uepiiJ-varai e. v. 27. vijOriC. -^el*mn. +OTI 
ou^e) gq*r. TrepieflaXXero cq*. V. 28. av^epov ev 
( rft))cg. atj/mepov GV TW crypto p. roy aypou (pro 
rep cfypfp) n*y. aUjOiov g. K\rifiavov a. fiaXopevov p. 
(pro v/Aas) e. v. 29. /cat (pro j?) agy. v. 30. 
TavraJ. -TOV Koffju.ov'p. +K<u(post$e)q*. ^pi 
fin. +airavT<av C. V. 31. (^reid. Trai/rah. v. 32. TTOI- 
votoKriaev C. vjvooKriffev f *y. +roy (awife oowcu)b. 
X. V. 33. 7roXt<7aT6 x. jSaXXavria eawrois p. eavrot/s 
y. ei/ ayrot? C. flahXavna, ac**dk. aveK\riTrrov eq*y. ^ia- 
fyQripei ax. $ia<p6etpr]f*. V. 34. -ecrraiC. j*?w. ecrre (pro 
ecrrai)p. v. 35. ecrTaxrai> h. ai ocr^)i/es u/Jtwv p. oa(j)vaiC. 
v. 36, aimtfi' (pro eavraov)y. avdXvarjy. V. 37. +at/T(ov 
(pos* KI/JOWS) y. auToty (pro avrows) p*. (Woi/wei O. aw- 
TOUS (pro aurois) cxy. v. 38. 4- cay (awfe ev r>y rpirri) 
co. -eX0j? secund. op. +eX0wy (<mte ey^op. ev priori g. 
oyrajsadlmnqr. v. 39. ytvcoffKeTai x. t; (pro et) b. ^ 

S. LUC^l CAP. XII. vv. 3958. [ 109 

ekm*. ejo^ereh. -av secund. cdgp. hwpvyqvaix. TV\V 
otKtai/Cgp. V. 40. (Werre x. v. 41. -o f. i/eoTCjOos (pro . 
?) C. /eat g. v. 42. t>/croys (pro /cypto? prim.) c. 
(pro CO-TIP) op. o (pro KOI) ef. (ppovqfjios beg. $oyyat 
y. v. 43. OVTWS n-otoyyTa y. V. 44. + $e (posi a\t]9o)s) 
e. aura) (pro ayroy) af. v, 45. +/ca/cos (aw^e oowXos) g. 
k. juoy o /ci/jOtos p. eX^eti/ (pro ep-^sffOai) gp. ecr- 
. neQvKGffOat y. jixeTa TWI/ fueOvovrtDV (pro /cat /u.e9vcr- 
Kff6ai)C. v. 46. ^/C. j/etk. ^k6is. v. 47. ayroy 
(pro eavrou) acdghlmnopqry. v. 48. o> ^e ysemel, of 
(pro <p prim.). fynjBti e. irapeOero C. airtjffiainv C. aTrm- 
rtjffovffiv ad^)q*r. v. 49. /3aX>?v b. CTTI (pro ets) ad/g'op. 
/cat rt ; 0eXw b. v\ etcy c. ei j^oetp. v. 50. oeC. j8a7r- 
reXeffOijvai (pro ^airriff^a $e e-^ca ficuricrOrivai) f. 
C. oroy acd/%p. v. 51. aXXa (pro aXX' rf) g. 
v. 52. $iaij.epicr(jivoif. Jin. rpicriv d/p. v. 53. +<yap (post 
cia(jiepia9t]ff6Tai) qr. eTrt ylco abcdeghklmnqry. 
Trarrip /cat viyeinf. e(f) v'ua Trarj/jop. fj.)jrpi (pro 
y. - T?/i/ prim.f. -*rr)v Us g. vv. 54, 55 desunt in p*(habet 
marg.), v. 54. ^rjref. Xe-yeraty. +on (ante onflpos) 
/gp**. oyrws ad/'lmnp**qry. v. 55. -/cat prim. d. 
p**. eariv (pro <TTO.I) C. ytveref. V. 56. 
TTpoffcoTTov) y. Toy ovpavov /cat TJ/S 'y^s acd/'lmnp 
q**y. Kaipof. v. 57. Kpiveraify. v. 5$. inrayqsln.. ^05 
epyacriav ev TTJ o^w a?raXXa^at yvr" ayToyC. /carao-y- 
TOV Kpirif. irapfitof. irpaKropg. 
ace/ghkopr. /3aXety. /3aX>? o-e Imn. 

110 S. LU(LE CAPP. XII. v. 58 XIII. v. 19. 

<re q**. +Tijv((mte(pv\aKriv)r. v. 59. eeX0s/. rov(pro 
TO) bce/hkpq*r. ctTro^os/. [.fito s : vid. Prolegomena], 
CAPUT XIII. v. 1. e/cawo (pro ayT<ppn*m.)/p. a-nxry- 
'yeXoi/res g. 4-Tayra *(awe TrejOi) C. avrov (pro avrcov) C. 
v. 2. on roiavra TreirovOaffiv g. ireiroOacriv O. V. 3. jtxera- 
adfgp. fueravoeicnTe C. (ueTavoeiTe y. Travreos g. 
(pro wcrauTws) y. v. 4. %'w^. oi (pro rj) qr. eicavoi 
C, avrotp (pro OVTOI), +TOI/S (ante av^peoTrous) a. ev 
secund. y. V. 5. fieTavorjvrjTe agpy. juerai/oetre C6. ?rai/- 
g. cocravTtos (pro ojwoteus) Cg. aTroXetcr^ai h. v. 6. T^I/ 
]V TCLVT^V p. TIS ei^ei; p. O.VTOV e. t^rwi' /cap- 
abc (fyrowe) def hldmnopqry. v. 7. e\7e (pro enre) 
g. +ouj/ (post eKKo\l/ov) C. KurapyY) bceo. v. 8. enrev (pro 
Xe'yet) cy. ew? ov C. Tre-jOt avrqs C. Koirpiav C. v. 9. init. 
KUI eav C. fxe (pro ju,ei/) y. Troi^uei en*, "ye C. eKKo^-^s 
bcehk, fin. +Tavra \eytav efywvei o e^oov d (sic), fin. 
+o evutv cora aKoveiv aKoverw e. Jungit utrumquef. v. 10. 
4-o tjfcroys (post SiSaffKcov) ef k**rw6ro o. v. 11. e^oi/cra 
Tryey/uaa. aeOeveias h. ertx. /cat secund. c. v. 12. 
Trpo<re(b(Dvri y. TJ? aaOeveia y. v. 13. avopOwBrj ex. V. 14. 
dpytjcrwaywyos x. TW Gafifiarov C. ro <ra/3|3aToi/ g. TO 

eq. v.15. -owi/d. -avrqty. itya-ovs (pro Kvpios) 
cf. vTTOKpirai abeghkmn. -uiroKjOtTac. otwv (pro owi/)p. 
v. 16. Qwyarepav acdegxy. oyo-ai/ aflpaafA jji/k. V. 17. 
mi. -KmO. /caTto-^vvoi/Tobe. e^epev CTT^X. v.18. effTti/ 
o/jiotag*. Ttoy ovpavwv (pro rov 0eov)C. v.19. (apouaQri (pro 

S. LTJC.ZE CAP. XIII. vv. 1934. Ill 

ojmoia eo"rt)x. ov (pro o) bcdefghklmnopqrxy. KTITTTTOV g. 
KGITTOV x. + TOV (awte KrjTTov) qr. ay-row (pro eavrov) opq*ry. 
Trerj^akx. v. 20. im'. -/cat abcdefghklmnopqr (Mat s) 
xy. v. 21. eKpv^ev acdghlmnpqr. d\evpovg. v. 22. 
TrojOiai'xy. gf (pro s)p- v. 23. -Kvpieb*(hdb. mar,), 
avrov (pro CIVTOVS) g. avrots (|?ro TTJOOS avrovs) x. v. 24. 
a r y(aw% > eaOat e. afyovt^ecr^e y. TTOI\IJSX. TroXotX. ^T^CTW- 
crti/c. ^rovo'ii'g. ^j/Tto'oyo'ti' x. e\0eiv (pro eicreXOeiv 
secund.}\). tff^i/ovffti/g. v. 25. aTro/cXrycr^ a*. aTroffXj/cro e. 
a7ro/rXeiO'6icf*qr. Trjv9vpavsecund.c. iroOev effred. fin, 
Gffraif*. v. 26. apfyff9e cefpx. e^a'ywju.ei/b. 
V. 27. +aTroKpi9eis (ante epei) d. airo-^copeiTe (pro 
re)g. -oibf. avofjiias (pro a^t/ctas) X. V. 28. o^an'Tow f*. 
(o-<raaK i h*? o\^e<r0eah**lmns, o\^iff0eb. v. 29. -curose- 
cund. abcdefghklmnopqrsxy. aya/cXij0J7croi;Tatbdef*kxy. 
v. 30. oi (pro eiffiv prim.) c. V. 31. ravrtj (pro avrri) go. 
+$e (post avrrf) e. rq S*. +avro) (post irpoffr]\0ov) ap. 
ot naOyrai (pro rtve? (f)apiffaioi) x. auTftjp. fleXi? C. 0e- 
Xjycrai (pro 0eXa <re) b. V. 32. init. o t)e (pro /cat) g. +o 
f>jcroi/s (post aurots) x. ai/rots p. aXw7re/u dh. 
f*. aXwTre/cetX. +eyco(post t^oy)q*r. e/c/3aXXob. 
CX. tacts' X. TeXtovMate. reXiovime X. VV. 32, 33. avpiov 
g. -:at Tjy rpr^ wsgwe a;^. ai//)toi/b*(^a&.?wr.)p. v. 33. 
Miii. aXXa pet /ue Trpoffev^effOat art ou/c ei/oe^eratX. /mt 
(pro fie) J. TV\ ep^ofievrj g. ew 'lejOov<raX^/i airo\ea9m X. 
v. 34. ctTroKTeyowa aclmnqrxy. cnroKrevvovcra dhks. 
avvaya'yeiv gx*. +e7rtcrwa7et (posi rpoirov) q*x. 
f*x. z/oo-mz/f*ky. ra eav r^? ^oo-<rta adgop. +avr^ (post 

112 S. LUCJ! CAPP. XIII. v. 34 XIV. v. 17. 

TTTpvya<s} c. V. 35. i$ov usque ad e/o^wosg. cu^/erebx. 
-v/uvprim. c. -eptjfios bcdef*hkop. Xeyw $e (-a/u?/i/) ab 
cdefghklmnpqrsy (x non habet). iSrjre /j.e cp. -y%y ore 
g. y%ei bcehlmny. +POI (post entire) p. 

CAPUT XIV. v. 1. eure\0eiv (pro e\0eiv) g. v. 2. yv 
avQpwnos ( rts)c. -^i/a. vfyoiriKos efl, v. 3. +TOI/S 
(ante (j)apccraiovs)g. +ev(poste%e(mv)c, TU> o-ajQ/Barorh. 
ijo'i/^ao'aj; h. v. 5. /cat eiTrey TTJOOS avrovs ( a7ro/c/)t0ei?)p. 
i/tos J/uwfj. yto? (pro oi/os) beef hldmnqrsx. irecreirai 
bop. Trecreire C. ei'pqy. v. 6. auTOf (pro aur^o) C, 
v. 7. TTjOoro/cXj/crms b. TrjOwrofcXjycrtas ef *hoxy. v. 8. 
K\rj9eis bf *s*y. /cXt0>?s q. KaraKXyOns beh*x. /carafcXi;- 
0eis y. TTjOOTo/cXtfftay b. TrpcoroicXriffiav eho*s*xy. ei/- 
Tj//uoT6|Oos f *. evTij/mcorepos x. eim/xwrepos hy. et (pro >?) 
ey. v. 9. ejoei* o-w ^os (pro crot) Iran. ^x. roi/Tobqx. 
a^ei ju.6Ta e<r^vvs C, /xera bdhox. ecr^v^s x. v. 10. 
K\rjOet<s y. ai^a-n-ea-e abcdefghldmnopxy. avaireaai qrs. 
TrpoffavaflrjOri x. avcucei/uLevGov g. v. 11. o ^e 
(Kat) cpxy. /cat o' raireivfov ad fin, vers. s. 
v. 12. -cai (j^osi ^e)bd. /ce/cXt/cort y. KeK\t]K<aT6i avroa C. 
TToteis ey. Trot^o-ei? c. ^)wc^ ag. -(juj$e rovs a$e\(f)ovs 
aov f. (rot aimfcaXeo-ovTcu C. yevrjaerai ffoi avraTro^wfia e. 
V. 13. aXXay. 7rotetsCef?y. -avcnrrjpovs ^wXovsp. ai/aTret- 
s g. v.14. e^oKni/c. ayacrTa(T>?b. v.15. 
raira) e. rayrag. ^a'yjyratS*. apiffrov 
(pro ajoroi/)abcdfghklmnopqrsy(e cumElzov,}* TOJV ovpa- 
viav (pro rov 9eov) d. v.16. iw^. o ^e irjffovsg. 
fjieyav cqry. e/caXXecree. v. 17. TOWS ^oyXoi/sC. 

S. LUOE CAPP. XIV. v. 17 XV. v. l. 

ex. VJGGI x. v. 18. m)aro s*x. TrapereufOai x. 
a. eeX$tyi/x. Trap/r^ei/crti' p*. v. 19. ^iewyei-x. Trope- 
vojj.6 x. v. 20. oWa/ue x. eeX0v C. v. 21; irapayeva- 
/xei/osC. effeii/oscp. enrev(pro airriyyeiXe) C. avcnretpovs 
by. /cat rv(j)\ov$ KUI ^wXoi/s cglmnp. ^oXoi/s cy. v. 22. 
7T|OocreTa^as cf. V. 23. ei<rG\Or)v x. V. 24. 'yevo'^re C. 
yevtretrai x. /w. +7roXXot ^qp ert (enreth**) /cX^rot 
0X^701 ^e eicXeKToi ab**cdefgh**p**re6ro sxy. v. 25. 
TW t^o-ov (jpro avT(p)f**marg. crrjoa^j/s b. v. 26. juwn/ by. 
avrov (pro eavrov primo) abcdefgklmnopqrs. -rriv 
secund. c, eivai fjLaOqns c. eivai /u.a9rjTt]S Imnop. eivai /ULOV 
jma0j/TJ^sg. V. 27. Deest ingip. jSacrracret f. eavrovcy. 
ctKo\ov9ei (pro e^erat) d. eti/at juoy abcf klmny. v. 28., 
' (ante 9e\(ov) fgk**rubro Imnqrs. irvpyov 0eXwi/p< 
v o**(n rubro). Ka^crasef. -rag. eis(pro irpos} 
cefghk. v. 29. /u;7rwTem**y. tcr^uorai'TosC. ivxycravray. 
ap^ovrai efj-Trefyv avrov C. ayrw efwai^eiv py. V. 30. 
on a. y. 31. /3acrtXeys r. iropevop.evos <rvv /3acrtXet 
erepov TOU oovvai avro TroXe/xof C. Ka9t]ffas ef. irpwrov 

v. 32. -erih. TTO/JJOW awroy abcdfghklmnopqrsy. 
ek*p*. -f-ets (aw^e Trpecrfieiav) d. irpecrfiiavy. -rap. 
eis (|9ro TTjOos) p. v. 33. aTroracrera/ y. TOIS virapyovaiv 
avrta ap. rots UTT. CWTOV g. rots ai/roy inrap%. b. eav- 
TOW S. etwxi /wow y. v. 34. a'XXas f *. +/cai (awie TO 
aXas) y. +fcai (awfe e^w) c. flaXovffiv g. auroy h*y, avrua 
\)C (pro avro). 

CAPUT XV. v. 1. init. eiaavf. avrta eyy 


114 S. liUGM CAP. XV. vv. 122. 

ot secund. deosy. V. 2. eyyoyvfyv y. Trpoa^evere b. 
V. 4. avOpcoTTos rts ( e vuwi') x. oyvt xy. 

I * ^ /V ** 

C. /caraXtTret e?l. /caraXtTroi/ X. vevt]Kovra ei/- 
i/eaadeghklmnpqrsxy. eveviKovra evveabcf. -/cat secund. 
x. eTri ra opw 7ropey0ei? u/ret TO aTroXcoXcos x. +oy (os 

I J O vx 

cos) acgpx. aura) (pro auro) bcx. v. 5. eypov x. TWI; 
:. ayroy (pro eavrov) f Imnpqrsxy. v. 6. +aurou 
OIKOV) d. o^/caXetTcu cgqr. +ayToy (pos^ ^)iXoyj) y. 
fjiovy. OTrep airokeffa (pro ro a7roXo;Xos)c. 
V. 7. oTi x. OVTWS adlmny. yiveraie, effTiv x. (pro ecr- 
rat). 77 67Tt rots ei'i/eo x. +TOIS (ante evev.}gs. evevr/Kovra 
evi/eaadefghklmnopqrsy. eveviKovra evvea be. Sed evvea 
cf. ^ptavx. e^oacrivC, v. 8. +ecrTt (pos rts) d. Spay/uas 
be. Spaynqv bx. a?rT)/C. eTri/ueXosX. eypeif*? V. 9. 
ahxy. o-u^KaXeire k. TOVS (pro ras secwwc?.) gs. 
. aTToXecrax. v. 10. oi/Tfos adlmny. 
V. 11. +o iqffovs TV\V TrapapoXyv (post 
c**rw6ro. v. 12. eTriftaXXtav ey. hy\ev y. v. 13. 
C. ffvvayayov x. SiGaKopirriaev by. acrwros x. 
V. 14. $eg. Xet/uos x. +Toy (anie varepeiffOai) b. v. 15. 
i. vrapevOeis y. ?roX)/Twi/ x. ^ypoys 6. V. 16. 
yefjujaaiy. laQiovQ. %wpoip*. 67reotooyy. 
v. 17 TTWS oi (pro TTotroi) ey. aprov g. 
x. v. 18. TTopeycrw/uaiC. -ayr^g. v. 19. -Kai 
bcfhkpx. v. 20. ayToy (pro eavrov) acdegopq*ry. i$ev 
ex. evffir\ayvi(r6ri x. CTreffec dry. T/oa^tXoi/y. -/fat 
quartumy. v. 21. -/cat secund. c. fin. +7rotj?croi/ jue ws 
ei/a TOII/ n.ia9uav croyd*q*r. v. 22. -rrjvprim. p. +ayra) 

S. LUO^J CAPP. XV. y. 22 XVI. v. 9. US 

(post (We)c. fin. + at/row dpq*s. v. 23. ei/67/coi/res q. 
e^eveyicovTes r. v. 24. o inos /xou OVTOS p. Km seewnd. 
degp. cnroXftjXos abcdefgl*oqrsxy. aTrwXwXws k. -j?c se- 
cund.f. -mi tertium c. t]vpe9ri bcex. v. 25. yyyrfev c. 
1 X a) P (av e ^*' Vf ^' <7KaXe<ra|nei;os ^r. + a " 
ej) df. ijei c, y (pro et^). TOUTO (pro raura) p. 
V. 27. eXa/3ei/ y. V. 28. opyiaOt] y. riQeK^aev f *g. 5e 
(pro oui/) f. TrapeicaXri x. v. 29. +O.VTOV (post irarpi} 
ahrx. erth. ou^eTrore ei/roXijv crou irapr]\6ov Kai e/uoi 
p. e^o/cas b. epi(f)ov e^w/cas y. v. 30. Kard^)ayov bh, 
avroi; (pro ai/ry) cq. V. 31. ra e/xa Travra y. ecrrt d. 
v. 32. Sri (pro $e) G. yapivai e. ^ (pro eSei) c. ave^crcu 
p*. -/cat secund. d. ctTroXwXos abcdef**gl*oqrgxy; -j^v 
secund.y. yvpeOyx.. 

CAPUT XVI. v. 1. -/cat pn'm. abcps. ot/covojuwi/ y. 
ciaffKopirifyv 1*. v. 2. avrov f. ffoy secund. fgkp. cW); 
cfy. Svvrjffei cry e. V. 3. a(paipeij-e b. atycupeirai j,e TJ;S 
oiKoifofuas (-air eftov) p. eTrnrTW^eiv (pro eiraireiv] n**. 
ou Suvctfjiai (pro aiff^vvofiai) d. v. 4. e'yi/oj; b. +e/c (posi 
IULeraffra9(a) gy. ^e^ofrat C. j. eavrwv y. V. 5. %peo(j)ei- 
Xerwv bfos**. ^peo^iKeTcov c. ^jpeoxpiXeroov dh. avrov 
(pro eavrov) acegh*oqry. etTrev (pro eXe7e) dgopy. o^)t- 
Xets e (sic v. 7). o^eiX^s aq*. w0eiXets cry y. v. 6. /ca- 
covs (pro jSaroi/s) b. ypa^ov renews c. irevriKovra b. 
v. 7. -/rat pn'm. eg. eivrev (pro Xe76t)p. v. 8. eiroirjffev 
(pro eiryveffev) c. +ai/roy (posf Kvpios) d. <j)povrj/jLw y. 
-ot bf. T^V yeveav ayrwi/gp. -\-ravrtjv (post yeveav) c. 
V. 9. Xe^w y'/uw g. eauroi/s (pro eaurots) d. Ivorav C. e:- 


116 S. LUC^l CAP. XVI. vv. 931. 

bekl*m*noq*y. K\enrri C. Se^ovreC. v. 10, 
secund. x. aSiKws iroXto fin. 
ecrn y. v. 11. ovv e. eyevea9<u f *. aXtjOrjvov x. v/niv 
TIS y. TriffTevfft] x. &jcref (pro Triffrevaei) d, v. 12 deest 
in d. eyivetrOe e. v. 13. at/certs e. Sware ksx. a ^"1 
f *. +TOV (aw^e ews) cgp. ovvaaOai ex. v. 14. Trai/ra 
b. +oi(ante<j)i\qp'yvpoi)y. KO.I secund. eg. epvK.TV)pi(pv 
p. 6%e/u.vKTr}peifyv x. v. 15. j^/uw" (p^O vfJitav) e. TOV (,pro 
TO) c. oypavois (pro avQpcoirois) p. eariv abdeklmnops 
y. v. 17. evKoirorepov dy. Kcupeav y. Trape\9eiv (pro 
TCffGiv) C. V. 18. a-n-wXuwi' y. jtiot^arai (pro /xot^evet) fo$ 
gy, pnmokps(^ot^arec), secundo e*k*. - yaimwv secund. 
g. v. 19. evefivfiuffKeTO p. Xa/xTrpos x. v. 20. ets 
TTjoos) c. TrvXom x. etXKOjtx.ei'os ex. ^XKOMCVOS e. 
o. v. 21. aireXi'Xpv ceqrx. eX/cetbf*x. v. 22. cnro&avrit> 
x. -TOV abcdefhkopqrsx. v. 23. a$et m*. o'joa h. /ULU- 
Kpo)9ev ex. v. 24. rov (pro TO) y. TOV (pro avrov} c. 
KaTa^v^etX. o^wo/iex. ^Xo'yjybx. v. 25. oTty. av 
prim. gp. -o/iotw? p. -oe d. w^e (pro o$e) abefghkoq* 
rsy. irapaKaXeire b. TrapaKaXtjTaiX. irapaXeiTaiy. ooy- 
vaffex. v. 26. ecrrfjpjjKTai x. ei/^ev (pro evTeu0i') bdef 
ghklmnoqrsxy (p cwm Elzev.). jj/xas (pro v/was) eq. -/*/ 
Svvcovrai usque ad ^/xas p. cvvavrai e. cwovrai x. u/xas 
(pro ^as) n. SictTrepwat y. v. 27. 7re,u^ets f*. v. 28. 
^tafjiaprvpijTef. SiapapTvpeiTaiX. v. 29. +$e (posi Xe7et) 
abdhpy. /xwi/crea d. v. 30. +TWV (awfe vGKpcov) go. ^e- 
ravoriaaMnv ex. v. 31. aKOVGovcriv f**. aKoveoxnv x. ovo 
g. a7ro (pro e/c) k. inaOrjffovTai ex. 7reicr0J7o-ftWTai m*q*r. 

S. UJCM CAP. XVII. vv. 124. 117 

CAPUT XVII. v. 1. + ayroy (post umbras) adgpy. 
+roy (ante /t^) abdefghklmnopqrsy. eicreX0etv y. v. 2. 
XvorreXj/y. -ety. -TreptKeirai b*y. TrepireGrj g. eiwu 
Xiflo? IU.V\IKOS y. /uvXws p*. epeiirrai p. eppnrre d. <TKV- 
$aXrete. -eVae. V. 3. Trpoffe^erai e. a/uLapTqarr} q*r. 
y. yweravo^crei eq*y. V. 4. a/ULaprriffri df*qr. 
67rras wsgwe a^ ets ere sat e. -f-o aoeXr 
croy (^>osi ew (re) y. +eai/ (awfe eVrafris secund.) p. 
TTiffTpe\l/ei fy. -e-ra ere abdefghklmnopqrsxy (A-iai c). 
xy. v. 6. e^ere abd. eai/ e^re g. ffVKafirjvca 
??Te e. effjOt^o^^Ti y. ets TJI' 0aXaa-(rai/ a. 
n. Vjiiwy (j9ro w/xii/) d. V. 7. apwrpuavra q 
x. eicre\9ovTa bd. ayaTrecre abdefghklmnop 
sxy. v. 8. aXXa ov^g. SenrviffwJ. +av degp, +oi)s 
(|>osi ece)?). Trtwtd. aoi (jpro cry) f. V. 9. -aim t e) abdefgjl 
klmnopqrsxy. v. 10. ovrws adlmnq**. 
ao. o(f)ei\o/uLev x. v. 11. ei> (pro ets) ek. 
rfv otejovo/xevos g. /uecrows e. V. 12. TOV tJ/trov 
TOV) k** rubro. VTnjvrriffav g. eW^crai/ dg. v. 13. 
'yovrats x. eTrtcrraTa C. v. 14. i/Trooei^aTe d. oet^are 
O. eavrots (p*0 eayrous) n. eKaOepurOtjcrav x. v. 16. TOI/ 
;<7ou (jpro ayroy)x. aa/uajOj/rjys e. v. 17. oy^ g. eKaOep^ 
x. +OI)TOI (pos^ ^ea) dp* -^e secund. cy. v. 20'. 
bfhs. V. 21. ; bn. ev rots (j9"0 ewros) c. 
ecrri s. v. 22. +ayroy (post juaflj/ras) cfgh. eTre9vff.ti<re- 
roue. eTre9vfjLV}(TTe k. eTriOvfjujffiiTeS*. -rov viou py. 
v. 23. -?/ abcpy. /cat (p*o t/ t^oy) g. +o xpia-ros (post e/cei) 
gop. ^iw^Tatgh*. v. 24. -jj secund. cfpy. +TOI' (awfe 
ovpavov) bisc. ~ei9 TI^I; 1)?^' ovpavov egy, oyrw ra{ (-e<r- 

11:8 S. LUOE CAPP. XVII. v. 24 XVIII. v. 5. 

rat)g. gored. -KCU abdefhklmnopqrsy. v. 25. TroXXa 
jraOeiv avrov p. v. 26. eyevovro c. rov prim, abcdef 
hklmnopqry (Mat s, gcumElzev.). -ovrtos usque ad Jin. 
versus g. +TOV (ante vlov) aedefhklmnopqry. v. 27. 
v d. +/fctt (ante eirivov) y. eya/uLtfyvro gin. +/cat (ante 
.) h. aTroXecrej/ y*. ypev (pro cnrcoX.) g. v. 28. cos 
y. eyevovro d. yywpafyv a*, etyurevcov h. v. 29. +o 
(aw^ Xwr) c. +KUI (ante eflpe^e) ek, ^etoi/ /cat TTV/O cgp. 
-/cat ^e/ovf*. aTroXecrej/ eP. V. 30. Kara ra aura apy. 
q/mepa) 6. V, 31. ^ojuaros e. fffceuei e. Ka- 
V. 33. ^rjja-ei ce. airoXearj (pro airo\e- 
dky. os av aTroXecrei f. a^oXecret (pro aTroXea^) eh 
qr. auroi/ (pro avrqv secund.) f**. KCU os ea 

. vers. c. ^iwo^oviaei e. fyyovrjffei k*. awcre 
V. 34. +yap f, +^egqr (^osi Xe^w). ev 
c. 5vo effovre c. 5i/o GffovTcu glmnpq**y. 
$vo d. -o primum abcdeghklmnopy. -o se- 
cund. 0*. napaXaMflaveTai f. 7rapa\a<p9r}fferat q*. v. 35. 
a\t]9v(rcu e. e?rt TCD aurw c. >J &wb. ffprim. acdefg 
hklmnopqry. 7rapa\ei(f)9ri<reTai b. v. 36. Deest in ab 
cdefgklmnopqr(s Mat, x wow /ics&etf) y. -etrovTcuh. -o 
'm. h. v. 37. eiirov (pro Xeyovviv) g. irrto/uLa (pro 
) f**g. +KUI (ante ol aeroi) Imny. /cat oi aero: avv- 
rjffovrai y. 
CAPUT XVIII v. 1. -&j ratg. ^ete. +avroys (p0s 

Trpoaev)(ea6ai) abcdfhopq*r. V. 2. -TIS c*o. -n-oX^ x. 

v. 3. -TIS abcdeghklmnopqrxy. ^eroy. -royp 

. v. 4. eiOeXetffei/x.. jy0eXei/cfmn. ei/ny. 
et /cat) x. v. 5. /we (pro <uot) c. KOTFOVS cfs*y. 

S. LUCJE CAP. XVin. vv. 5 25. 119 

pxy. vtroTriafy] abdefghm*ps*xy. i/TroTrtef^ ckoqr*?. 
(pro JUG) c. v. 6. viKovaare f*y. rrj (pro TI) x, a(Wets x, 
v. 7. iroiijffr] adfgklmnqr. K$iKeuriv x. floovroov e. I/I//CTOS 
KUI qfiepas c. natcpoOvmi c, /maKpcoOvfjicov x. v. 8, m'tf. 
fratg. oVtf*. Troietcri C. ayToi/ (pro aurwj/) h. av- 
Opoairovr. v. 9. -Kcuprim. adefklmnoqrs. e0* eavroy? 
a. e0' ectuTj/s p. -/cat secund. g. eoiy0ei/ovi>res dg. rots 

XotTTOtSp. TY\V TTttjOajSoXj/I/ TttVTIJV C. V. 10, O 

g. V. 11. irpoffrfv^aro p. W9 (jpw wffTre 

avOpwirov x. /xy^ot h. o reXwy^s oyros aop. V. 13. o* oe 

(-/cat) f. -\-airo (ante fnaKpoQev) p. fiaKpcoOev x. 

. eri/7rTe( ets)ap. (rrt^offp. avroi/y. V. 14. 
+7 a j (post \eyio} d. +drt (awf6 /caTe/3>/)dp. 
osd. f'ya/) (postv)} acdefghklmnopqrsxy. 
p*. -o ^e raTretvoJi/ ad /w. vers. g* (Aa6. marg.). v. 15. 
/cat t$oi/Tes(-$e)y. +ayroy (posi /Aa0);Tat)dgpi eTratrt/i- 
jfcraj; b. eweri/ncav f. V. 18, av9pa)7ro$ rts irpoffqXOev TO) 
irjcrov Treipafyvv avrov /cat Xe^coi/x. GTreptoTrjffe S. rtsf, 
rts avrov T<DV apypvrwv ireipa^ov avrov /cat Xe^ftwC. 
4-a7a0oi/ (^osi rt) x. :Xj/jOoi/o/xet<rw X. V. 19. et /xt f. V. 
20. juot^ewreis e. (frovevvei'S e. ^ei/^o/tajOTVjOj/crets e. 
x. -<roy secwn^. cdfg. v. 21. Travra ravra p. 
x. /w. +rt ert vo-Te/Jco; x. V. 22. -$ey. oVt (pro ert)k. 
o-i/XiTretx. XeiTn/q*. +vira<ye (post Xet7ret)d. 7ro\r)ffovx. 
$os bgosy. +Tot? (awie TFTW^OIS) f. e'j^s desy. ^ei/jowfxy. 
. v, 23. jyi/ yajO TrXowtos cr^)oopah. v. 24. 
. irepi\onrov C. etoreXei/ffwi'Tat X. TWO ovpavwv 
(pro TOV 0eov)g. v. 25. ev/coTrore/w xy. 

120 S. UJGM CAPP. XVIII. v. 25 XIX. v. 4. 

(pro eiae\Qeiv prim.) cfqrx. TrXowrtos y. 
Xtavl*. eiffe\6f]vx. v. 27. init. o $e 7<rousy. 
ryf. v. 28, -o abcdefghklmnopqrsy. fin. +n apa 
ecrTCu Vf/Jiiv', ce. V. 29. +ori V/J.GIS ol afroXov^crayres /uot 
.(ante on oycW) e. +17 aoeX^as (pos a<5eX<oys) fs. ei>e/ca 
g. eve/re y. v. 30. Xa/3j c. airdXaflet y. -TroXctTrXacnoi/a 
y. iro\\u)7r\affiova p. e/caTocraTrXacrioya c. TOI/TO (pro 
TovTif) b. 7T6j0^o/Jiei;aj C. v. 31. IX^jU. y. reXe 
y. V. 32. +ev (post yap)]). efj.Tre^OrjvaL C. -/cat 
Orjfferai dsy. V. 33. jma<TT/ i yo)craj'Tes e. avrov 
VQVGI S. TJ; rpiTV] rtfiepa cdefgq*rsy. eyepOrja-erai (pro 
amo'T/jo'eTai) y. V. 34. KeKa\ TrapaKeKaXvfj.ev-' 
ovh. eyivwcrKwvh. v. 35. $e d. TOV iqcrovv (pro au- 
rov) ok** supra, rubro. 'tepi^o) abdfhkloqrs. +^e (ante 
Tts)b. TrpoGeroov x. v. 36. +ai' (awie ew?) cdfp. j/etc. 
rayra ey. v. 37. vafyopmoK p*. v. 39. Deest in s. 

atwTTtcrj; be. aiwTrwei c. aye/Cjoa^e 
rXe'ywi'gx, +nj<7ov (ante v'le) e. oayto o. v. 40. 
>x. v. 41. m#. +o iqcrovs (ante \eywv) y. 
V. 42. ava(3i\e\l/a)V p*. TrtffT^s 6. V. 43. rjKoXovOrjbj. 
ovXos ( j?**o Xaos) xy. /rat Tras o Xaos usque ad fin. g. 

CAPUT XIX. V.I. o irjffovs Strip^ero ets tejOt^w( rrjv)g. 
4-0 t^croys (pos* ^tj/|0^eTo)cek**r't66rox. 'lepiftw abdghkloq 
rs. v. 2. oyros (jp?*o ayros)f. ayro? (pyo OI/TOS) fp. tjv 
.secund.fip. v. 3. e^j/r^b. e^waroaop. royg. r;g*. 
v. 4. Spa/uwv kq*rsy. Trpo(ropafj.wv fxy. +et? TO (GWI&J ejtt- 
irpoffOev) f. ffvKOiJ.(apaiav adgprs**x. yvKo^opatav bef Imn 
oy. avKouwpeav hkq (c cwm Elzev.}. \v f*. i^et y. TOI/ ;- 

S. LTKLE CAP, XIX. w. 423. 121 

<rovv (pro avrov) f. -&' abcef *hklmnopqsxy. e,ueXXe adg 
hopq*ry. ^ujp^ea-Oatn. v. 5. tfieve. /carajS^x. &/(pro 
$)b. fJiaiJ, V. 6. KttTaifiri p*. yaipoVZ. V. 7. +aim>v 
(post i$ovres)fg. Tracree abcehklmnoqrsx. ^67707^01^. 
dfjLaprdXa) e. v. 8. +o (orate Za/c^aios 1 ) gy. iqeow (pro 
Kvptov) adghops. ra ^/uitry g. /uot (jpro juoy) hqrsxy. &- 

()OfJit]X. $t$0(JiCy, TOijg'. 6ffVKO(f)aVTlffa S. V. 9. OTlg. 

TOI/TO (j?ro Tovr^)bx. v. 10. ^retcrath. v. 11. ctv- 
Ta>i/def. TOLVTO. g. +ets (w^ ^lepova-aXtj/u.} g. avrois 
(pro avrovs) dp. rrapa^ptj/uLad. jme\\t] C. ava^)eveff9at 
tj fiaffiXeta rov Qeov C. v, 12. +ey (dWite eavrw) S. v. 13. 
oe C. ayroi/ b*e. eat/row (pw) ai/roiy) y. avrois (pro irpos 
avrovs) c. TrpayfjiareveaOat ce. TrpcfyfuaTeveffOeg. +eav- 
TOIS (j?05i 7Tjoa7/uaT.) y. ew? ej/ <y p. ec ft) (>?"0 ewf) fy. 
ev o c. ejo^Wjttate. v. 14. /catd. oTrwaib. 0eXa|ej/ cy. 
V. 15. Aa/3eii/ avrov (pro eiraveXOeiv avrov \aflovra) g. 
-/cat secund. ehklmnqrsy. ai/rov (pro TOWTOW) d. oyy 
(pro ois) C. oeow:e fgsy. cieirpa^arevcraro n. V. 16. ^ 
(was trou (sc vv. 18, 20) cefghpqry. Trpoo-rjpyaa-aro dy. 
eiroiri(pro TTjOocreijcry.) g. V. 17. avnpj. .$OV\E ayaOe 
gkq*r. jycrot (pro iff9i)y. v. 19. royro (pro rovry) g. 
e^wi/ (pro 7/ov) q*r. v. 20. +o (awte 
. ffovfiapeua ef *. v. 21. e|0e*s y. eow/ca? (pro 
e0?Kas) g. Qepifys y. ./?. +/cat ffuvayets oQev ov $te<rKop- 
hy. y. 22. -$ecfgy. - crov (pro o-e) p. /cpi/w cratf. 
y. v\ et^s c. /w, +/cai crvvcfycov oQev ov cieffKopiria'ci 
hy. v. 23. init. KCU C. fjiou ro apyvptov f. eTrt rpa- 
. -r>;vabdefghkopqrsy. eX^wj/ e7o> eq*ry. 

122 S. LUCJ3 CAP. XIX. vv. 2348. 

(pro VTo)by. fin. e\Q<av GKofuffanyv av TO e/xoi; aw ro/cwf. 
v. 24. oojTe n*. TO ras b. r<a e^oim ras oe/ca juvas y. 
Ta? g. V. 25. enrav g. v. 26. TW e^oi>Ti TTCH/TI y. , 
cWet e^ai/ (pro e^et) b. v. 27. TOVTOVS (pro e/carovs) 
gp. OeXovTas bm. +avrovs (post Karaff^a^are) y. V. 28. 
e/A7T|Ooc70ei> joi(!) y. avaflcuvov h. v. 29. wp (pro ets)k** 
rubro. j3^0<r0a7j?adghlmnpqrs. fliQatyayqvC. prjOfffyay- 
yv f *. +TO>I> (awfe eXaiwv) d. v. 30. aTreiwri d. TTO\IV 
(pro Kw/jirjv} g. e<|) w f. TTMTG C. av^jOWTrtop TrtoTrore g. 
Ka9r]<rev b. a'yayere avrov dp. avrov e. j^n. -fjuoi ef. 
v. 31. yj!Aii/q*r. v/uv enrri (pro y/xas ejowrct) C. OUT-COS & 
V. 33. avTtav (pro avrov} g. V. 34. +<m (pos^ etTroi/) 
cdgp. v. 35. CTripi^avTes 0. ra t/aana avrwy C. avrwv 
(pro eavTiav} efh. cTrt/B^jSacrai/ a*h. v. 36. vireffrpaov 
viov a. DTreo'Tjowi'i'uwi' p. V. 37. rjotj g. rjp/^aro ao. 
vaipcoi^res h. ")(cupov y. iSov e. V. 38. -/SacriXei/s f *. 
(pro ei/ oujoai/fj)) d. v. 39. etTray f. aura) (pro 
y. ,/?** +ti>a fficoTrrjacoffiv q. V. 40. ortac. crtw- 
d. crKaTrrjaovffiv q. Kpa^ovrai b. neKpa^wvTai 
pqr. V. 41. t$e; C. CTT' ayr^v Cgoy. v. 42. -et c. -<roy 
pn'm. cgy. v. 43. o-oj' (pro aw) y. -o-e tertium e. v. 44. 
e$a(biovv y. afyqawffiv c. a(f)iffovffii> df. a^ffovai y. eTri 
Xi0oy cp. XiOoy eTri Xi0ov ei; trot y. v. 45. yp^avro k*. 
K/3aXeti/ de. V. 46. +OTI (posi yeypcnrrai) gp. K\t]9rj- 
aerat (pro ecrrti/) cf. eTrotqcraTe aurov afy. airv)\aut)v k*. 
\riffTwv ; k. v. 47. -TO g. -oi secund. d. aTrtoXfecrat y. 
v. 48, qvpiffKov c. -TO ac. Troujaovcriv aghlmnopqrs. 
C. e^GKjOe/ajuiaTo y. ctKoveiv g. cucovtov avrov y. 

S. LUC^B CAP. XX. vv. 119, 123 

CAPUT XX. v. 1. -ev ry lepip g. +avr(a (post GTTG- 
arqaav) c. tenets (pro ap^iepet^) abcdehklmnopqrs (fgy 
cumElzev.}. -o\ secund. f. v. 2. -ecrrtyy. v. 3. enrev 
( TTjOos) c. epiarifftay. K cvya) V/ULIV C. Kayo) i)/xaspy, 
era gp. j^w. + /ca ( yfc> y/u<y epw ev Trota e^ovaia ravra 
v. 4. +^006^ ijv' t (post i(aavvov)f. V. 5. oeh*. 
avro be. ^teXoYtcravTo y. oteXo'yi^oi'ro C. ei' 
eaurois (pro TT/OOS eaurovs) y. (XVTOUS e. OTI h. enro/Jiev 
(sicv.6)f*sy. at/jeie. -oui/befghklmnoq*s. v. 6. /cara- 
\i9afftj c, TreTrto'Mei'os fsy. TreirLafjievoi yap eiffiv c. v. 8. 
m. o $e (-/cat) g. V. 9. /cat j^aro (-^e) C. -rts abcefg 
hklmnopqrs. v. 10. +TW (ante Kcupto) f *y. a?ro rove /cajO- 
Troys y. ^wcrete, owtrovati' cf*y (pro owffti'). ii/a \aflr] airo 
rov Kapirov TOV a/u.ire\<avos (ocoaiv avr<p) g. cypavres ch* 
Imnqry. Kaivovf. v. 11. +ayrots (post we^ai}^- $ov- 
Aoi/p. Srjpavres celmnqr. /cati/ofbf. Post$ov\ovhabety: 
ol $e /cat TOVTOV Tpav/xartcrai/Tes ee/3aXoi/, eif po*# rpirov 
V. 12, Kcuceivov ^joai/res /cat aTt/xacrai/Tes 
/cei/oi/, clausulas transponendo. v. 12. rpirov 
^ouXoi/f. KdKeivov (pro /cat TOUTOV) dp. 
f*. v. 13. TTOt^crcot d. toofTes e. evrpaTrriffcavrai q. 
V. 14. ayTov prim. S. $ieXo ( yto'ai'To p. aXX^Xows (pro eay- 
TOI/S) f. oei/re acf *p. airoK.reivop.ev f *p. v. 15. e/cj8aX- 
Xoyrese. awroy clmnq**. avrotsg. avrows (pro ai/rots) 
d. v. 16. aTrwXecret by. TOWS yeoopyovs g. <yevoiraiy. 
V. 17. aTre^wKifiaffav f. yoveias b. y oi;ta s PJ- v - 18. 
BTTI TOV \i9ov exeivovy. Trecrejcy. v. .19. ^ ot 
KCU 01 ( ot g) ap^iepeis cfg. eTrtjSaXXeTc d. ras 

S. LTJC^l CAP. XX. vv. 1946. 

67r' avrov d. roi/Xaoi/abdehklmnoqrs. eiirev rtjv irapa- 
flo\riv ravrqv f. v. 20. emXaflovrcu bdy. \oyov dfy. 
coo-re (pro eis ro)y. qyenowos e. V. 21. eTn/jOwrwat/ y. 
Xa/u/3avi?s h. v. 22. (^Ojoousliy. v. 23. irovrjpiav (pro 
iravovpyiav) q*? V. 24. ^et^are afgy. -f ot $e e$ei%av' 
Kai i7T6 (post oyvapiov) adfgq*y. eiriypafaiv b. ^at airo- 
KpiOevres (~oe) f. V. 25. init. o oe iriffows etirev TT^OS au- 


TOUS f. ovv (pro TOIVVV) f. v. 26. cnroKpurr] y. v. 27. 

\eyovTs y. eTTtipwrivav y. v. 28. yuawo^s aefghkoqrs. 

Tip ($>r0 Tfi/op) gq*r. airoBavei bis in versu b. e^o)v yv- 

vaiKd KO.I OI/TO? are/cvos aTroOavtj dp* (p** habet 

are/fw?). oyrose. /catai/ro? ?? areKvos( airoQavri 

f. atroOavei secund. k. o a$e\0os avrov Xaflq Imnq**. 

Xa/3et y. avaa-rqa-t] g. e^ai/acrrj/cret ef*h*oy. v. 29. 

4-Trap' j)jU'f (_posf jjcraf) g. V. 30. o oevrepos e\aj3ey. 

V. 31. wcravTws' ftJcrayrw? $e /rai bkqrs. -/cat tertium ab 

efhklmnq**sy. TG/CJ'OV f. v. 32. -&? efhks. -Travrcov a. 

V. 33. ctvroi/ (j?ro ctyrwi/) e. eo-rat (^W 'yii/erat) g. v. 34. 

o tr^crous eiTrey aurois n. ya/uL^ffKovrai (sic v. 35)y. Kya/m- 
adp. v. 35. e7rtrv^e/h. /cat TJ/? ai/cwTGwews 
eK veKpwv h. raw (pro Tijs e/c) y. Kya(ju%pvrai abdef 

hklmnopqrs. v. 36. ou^e y. -yap f. oi uiot bisy. -eitri 

secund. ftp. v. 37. -&?d. ^wt/o-^s abdfghlmnpy. v. 38. 

imV. o ^eo? ^e f. o 9eos ( oe) y. ^oi/rcoi/ d. avrwv (pro 
ip) e. v. 39. ypa/utfJLaraiwv (sic v. 46) ey. v. 40. au- 
eTrepcDTav y. avrov Q- v. 41. +rtve$ (post "bey owi) 

adgp. (WSo? v. 42. +TWI' (awsfe tyaXfitov) gy. v. 44. 

-oyyb*. cturoi/ /cyptoi' Cgpy. /caX)/ C. avrov t/to^p. V. 46. 

S. LUC.E CAPP. XX. v. 46 XXL v, 17. 125 

+KO.I (ante rwv 9e\ovrwv) o. 6e\<)VT(av nx. ev oroXais 1 
cfh. irpcoToKaOeSpiais qry. Tr/WTo/cXta tats q?ry.- 
abeg, v, 47. +/cat (postf o'i) y. ^et/)a)cb*c. 
a q. Trjoocreu^o^ei/oi (pro Trpoffev^ovrai) cf. 
CAPUT XXI. v. 1. -et$ey. t^eex. -rap. ya^o<pv- 
Xa/ceioi/b. V. 2. itW ex. oi$evy. -5e /cm C. -Katxy. 
rti/a /cat abdefghklmnopqrs. Ttevrj^pav bhxy. fia\ov<rav c. 
V. 3. TrXeiw qr. v. 4. irepiffa-evfiaros g. e/3aXXoi' b. ^w. 
-J-ravra Xeyoov etycovei (efycovi] g**x) abfg**xy. +o e^wi/ 
WTO aKoveiv ctKoverto abefg**p**xy. V. 5. Xeyovrwv n- 
vtov y. v. 6. afyaiOqcreTai r. CTTI Xt^oc clmns. V. 7. eTre- 
S. ,ueXXet ar. /teXet c. yeveadai y. V. 8. +au- 
(post enrev) C. TrXavqOeire ysemel. +7r^ocre^eT $e 
avro TWJ/ avQpwtrtdv (post TrXav^^^re) S. ev (pro eTTt) p. 
Trkavij&riTe X, -jrXavqOeiTe (pro TropevOqTe) jsemel. V. 9. 
ovj/ (pro $e) m. -Trrwj/^re em*x. TTT(OI$IT y. ^ 
^et) y. V. 10. eyepOqa-ere yap ysem. GTT' e^i/os y5em 

v. 11. aifffioi c. reef. Kaiprim.f. tccuXoi- 
y. V. 12. m&. irpcoTov $G TOVTWV iravriav C. aVai'- 
d. Travrtav abefghkopqry. Trpoffe^eraL airo rtav av- 
Qpunruv eTrtjSaXoyfft ^a/jx (initio pericopes). 
ffiv f. +ya|0 (posi eirifiaXovcriv) e. otaj^wcrt y. 
resx. -f-ras (anfe auvaywyas) d*. aYw/*evoi/s qy. eWcag 
v. 13. -v/nivysem. v. 14. 0erep. -etsdgp. 
ysem. v. 15. cWwe. acTivreiyey. jy (pro ovoe)lninp. u^ 
secund. ysem. v. 16. irapaSiaOriffeffOe x. -/fat a$e\<j)(av h. 
/cat crvyyevwv /cat (f)i\cov /cat a$eX<^wi> abcdegklmnoqrsxy 
(p cwm Elzev.). v, 17. ~^ta TO ow^a juoy k. ^ta TO ovojua 

126 S. LUCJE CAP. XXI. vv. 1737. 

jtxou VTTO iravrtav 0. V. 18. JUJMV p*. airuiXwrat q. 
ratc. ctTrwXerrat f. V. 19. KriffacrBe xy. -vfitoi; secund. 
C. jjjuftw C. V, 20. jj^re b. T>?I/ \epovaa\yiu. viro ffrparo- 
TrcucW y. a"rpaT07rai<W h?. +TWI; (omte <TTjoaro7r.) qr. 
eprjfjLoa^ b. eprujLoaat]^ h. v. 21. GK-^topirtaaav bfy. -:ai 
01 ei> /xetry OWTTJ? eK^fapeiTucrav a. V. 22. e/coij/ucrews b. 
K Strews ^Mepai f. 7r\rjff6r}vai ab*ehkoq*rs*. v. 23. 
+ TOTS (ante avo7<j) y. -T)?sd?k. -ei/ tertium gpy. v. 
24. +ei'(<mtea > To/ucm)ce. ffrojuaraO. a^/otsoufg. a^pt 
adl /w. vers. s. v. 25. +ev (anfe (re\r]vq et affrpois) c. 
T^S c. ffvvo-^ai g. -f-e^ (an^e eflvan;) 0. v. 26. aTro^v^- 
COVTWV f *h. V. 27. ve(f)e\ai<$ ck. 6 l 7^^ TWI' vetpeXwv rov 
ovpavov f. ^wa/ueeo? TroXX^s /cat ^o^s q. v. 28. yevea-Qai 
c. TOVS o(p9a\fi.ov'S (pro ras Ke^aXas) h, aTroXi/rpwcr^s h. 
V. 29. TraXit/ (|>ro irapaflo\r)v} h. ic!e d. V. 30, 7TjOoj3aX- 
Xwtrti' dk*lmnqr. +TOV icapirov avrcov (post ^rj prim.) s. 
e<|)' eaurwvb. a(j> eavrcaj. ytyvtaffKerelo. on 8, ycy 
secund. ap. v. 31. OVTWS ab. yivcoffKere on d. v. 32. 
on g. Trai/ y. +ravra (post travra) q. v. 33. irape- 
\evcrerai lp. jmot (pro jnov) d. irapOcoffiv c. v. 34. ^e f. 
(pro eavrots) e. fiaprfiuxnv aef hklmnpqrs. Kpeira- 
at0^t^ftjsadk*pqr. e^w^ws c. e$wcUs efns. e0t^- 

l/0b. CTTlffTJ] (f) VfittS a. 7Tt TJJV Vj/JLepttV KeiVr]V ( 67Tt- 

<rr^) C. V. 35. eXevfferai p. ~7rt Trayras TOUS 

dg. Ka9iiJ.ei>ov<} q. TJ?S 7^9 Travis p. v. 36. 

C. Kara^ioaOeiTG S. Travra ravrab. -raura acdefgklm 

npqrs. ret h*. yeveffOai c. v. 37. m. /p $e o iri<rovs 

ds. ret? ^juejoas d*. ev rw te/?a> ras- )Jjwejoas y. TT^OOS 

S. LUdE CAPP..XXI. v. 37 XXII. v. 21. 127 

s) y. -TO seeundum c. v. 38. o^Xos (pro Xctos) c. o/>- 
9pi^e de. (ap9poi%ev p. o/)j? (pro uptp) y. 

CAPUT XXII. v. 2. rwv Xaoi/y**. v. 3. -o abdefg 
kopy. Xe'yojtxei'ov (pro eTri/caX.) g. eiffKapuaryv x. v. 4. 
-rots secund. abcegklmnpqrsx. <rrpariyois s*. avrow 
Trapaoa) avrov depx. ctvrois b*. V. 5. e-^apiorav gxy. 
(pro awry) ex. apyvpia adglmnopqrxy. V..6. 
e dehqrsxy. e^T< x. avrots e. are^o d. 
~arep o^Xowg. V. 7. -}Jf*. TCO Traa-^a d. v. 8. aTrecr- 
reiXev 6 irjcrowi g. eiirov x. erv^aoarai x. (fiayo/mev cy. 
v. 9. -awry p. ^eXjjsq. eToj^uacrojuei/ bhlm**nqrs*. v. 10. 
i<re\0(i)vra)v xy. 7ro\r)v ffvvavrtjffr] rifjuv x. avvavTiaei y. 
airavrqcTGi g. Kepa/jLCov x. /Bacrra^oi'Ta y. aKoXou^eiaare 
h. -f eav cdf*px, +ay S (posi ov). eiffTropevrjrai dx. V. 
11. ejOJ^re bx. epet p. oiKooecnroTei Y. ot/cetas f. crot h. 
v. 12. $ei>7 cey. ai/a'yeoi/ bk. avayatov flmno. avoyaiov 
e. avcoyatov pqsy. avioyeuav g. p.eya e. ecrrpo/mevov y. 
V. 13. aTreX^ftJVTcs ( oe) x. +KCU (ante evpov} c. enrev 
(pro eiprjKev) gx. TW Tracr^a X. V. 14. jy g. aveirecrov e. 
V. 15. -TOUTO g. Tra^V x. v, 16. o (pro drt) x. v. 17. 

+ TO (ante iroTvjpiov) cgp. +/cai (aw^e ev^apiffrviaa^) dx. 

(liafAepqo'aTe X. eis eavrovs (pro eawrofp) fp. v. 18. +OTTO 

TOI/ iwv (posi Trio)) efgo. yevq[f.aTo$ abdfghkloprsxy. v. 

19. \afloi> x. +TOV (ante aprov) c. jj/xwi/ (pro V/JLCOV) ce. 

$i$a)/JiVov h. V. 20. waavros x. /xera TO Senrvriffai 

usque ad Trorypiov x. ^etTrwcrat y. Kei^^ x. SictQiKq e. 

+0 > T' (posi <)ia6r]Kri) eq*rx. oj/o^uari (pro ai^art) Py. 

TO virepeicxyvvoiJievov (vfj.<ov)g, eK-^vvvo/nevov O. v. 21. 

128 S. LUCJ! CAP. XXII. vv. 2142. 

i$oi/ g. CTnj Ttys TjOttTre^etv x. v. 22. iropevere x. w 
/Aet>oi>d. opur/uevov e. 0|oei<r/ueiw x. (apianevcov]). 
(wvov (pro wpiffp.) C. Trapaoioore dx. Trctpaoiowrai f *. 
V. 23. ^Tew y. e ay-row eiry a. j; C, etrrii/ f *, j/i/ qr (j?ro 
)?). /ueXXwy TOVTO e. v. 24. /caif. 0tXow/cmey. 
veiKeia n. (pikwiKia, x. V. 25. KaXowre x. v. 26. u 
yivecrOto eh. i/eorejoo? ny. ^afcovov x (sic v. 27 fo's). y. 27. 
ovv cdl. oy^' n. V. 28. ^la/iejui/fore? e. 
hr. -fiovg. v. 29. SiaTiOriiuLoi c. tWri0ejme x. -/ 
juov g. v. 30. effOiere p. e^ T/ flaaih.^ fnou bhko 
q*rsy. KaQiaevOe abdefghlmnpqrsx. KaQqa-eaOe ckoy. 
-f cWWa (aw*e Opovcov) ceg. v. 31. rov g. +cre 
crwacrcu) sx (trat). V, 32. init.Kayw ( $e)y. c^eet 
K\iirif) ahlm**npqrs. e/cXt7r?jt d. e<cXj7r^ x. e/cXiTrei y. 
v. 34. eiTrev aurw g. (frwvriffrj afghklmnqrsx. <f)u)vriffr]t d. 
aXXeKTwp d*. a\KT(ap g. ecos 01) (pro TTJOII/ >;) opx. rpetj 
es*y. aTrapvricret cxy. ct-irapviaei e. v. 35. aTrecrri- 
Xa x. arep g. fia\\avriov ad**gk. -/cat viro^fJLarwv 
bg. ucrTepeicraTe x. ovQevos adfhq*ry. v. 36. -enrev 
ovv at/rots C. eyov X. j8aXXai/TiOf adgkps. x. 
TrwXtyo-eibeghklmnoqrsy. TroXjycretc. TroX^craTco x. a^op- 
bcfhklmnoqrs. aytopaaei ey. ayoparca p. ayopa- 
X. V. 37. o^ reXeiaOqvai X. TrXrjptadrivat p. V. 38. 
ai/rw c. jua^cupe b. v. 39. 4-0 triaovs (post e^eX- 
qr. e0a>s x. o/jws n*. -/ecu secund. bck. v. 40. 
p*0 TOTTOV) y. irpoffev^eff6ai ex. de /u?j 'eureXOyre 
y. Trrjpafffjiov x. v. 41. aireffTraOri n. w? a? g, ws ; x 
wcret). f y a " /ctTa ^ Vt ^2. 17 fiovXq ex. 

S. LUOE CAP. XXII. vv. 4256. 129 

cdgpx. Trapeveyitat e. irape\0eiv qr. yivevQfo bdhkop. 
w. 43, 44 obek notantur in d (rubro)o. v. 43, -au- 
T(p y. ay\os f. +nuptov (post ctyye\os) q*r. e (pro 
air ) y. eiuo^voi/ xy. eviff^vovra 0. V. 44. ayovia sx 
seme?. KCU eyevero c. oe cd. TO tfyios c. t^os qxy. 
Karaflaivovrais xsemel. v. 45. avrov abcdfghklmnop 
qrsy. qvpev y. Koipovnevovs x. v. 46. \eyei (pro enrev) 
g. +TO AoiTroy (post KaOevoere) f. TrpoaevyGaBai e. tva 
/t e? TTipafffLov x. v. 47. 5e apy. +o (ante o^Xos) y. 
TTjOfM/'yei'dpx, TTjOOffj/jO^erof*. at/row abdeghklmnopqrsx, 
aurois cfy (pro avrtav). <j)i\i<rat y. -/cat ijyyure ad fin. 
vers- g. fin. +royro ya/) (rrjfjiGiov SeSwuei (SeScoicev y) avrots 
ov ai' (j)i\t](ra) ((j)i\uF<a y) avros earTti/ f** (marg.) hlmnsy. 
V. 49. -o! irepi p. -TO effopevov g. -avr^)g. j/(^ro)c. 
ju,ei; cefghqr. v. 50. -TK eg. afyiXev xy. +a7r 
a<pei\ev) g. TO ovs auTov f. v. 51. onov x. v. 52. 
oiqcrovsC. Kvpios (pro ti/trovs) S. irapayivo/jiGvovs e. Trpos 
') defglmnpqry. Xto-Tti/x. Xttmfi/y. efj/X0aTecx. 
e%r)\9ere dgpq*. /w. tovXXajSai' /ze c. v. 53. OVTWS p. 
ei; TWI tejow (teQ v^wwi/h. +/cai (awie ov/c)y. e^erti/arex. 
aXXa abchklmnqry. eo'Tti' i/juwi/ py. ecrnv tj topa vfitav c. 
-77 secund. g. v. 54. qyayov b (sic xxiii, 1). -/cat et- 
crijyayov eg. avTov secund. aclmnpq**. T^J ot/rtai; p. 
V. 55. tjKoXovOrj auTtoCef*. ijKo\ov9ijffV auTwg. j)/coXou- 
0j/ fj.aitp<a9ev x. +OTTO (aw#e jua/cpo^ei;) Cg. 4-auTwi/ (awfe 
Tryp) eg. ffvyKa9rjffavT(av bsx (crvw. x). -eKoBrjTo ad Jin. 
vers. x. v. 56. aurwv (pro avrov) 1. Tre^ttr/cj; b. ets Q)*o 
c. ei> /xecrw (jpro TT/OOS TO 0a>s) g. -at jpnm. oq*r> 


130 S. LUOE CAPP. XXII. v. 66 XXHI. v. 2. 

arevqffaffa e. avrov (pro avry) x. e/cet /cat ovros x. 
+T(DV (ante GVV) f. v. 57. -avrov prim, acgopx. n \ey- 
6is (pro avrov secundum) e. v. 58. e(pr] (pro enrev) 
cpx. v. 59. -5<re< h. aXX' oorts bdfs. to^VjOi^ero C. 
per avrov c. v. 60. ov (pro o) f *. en c. TOW irerpov 
(pro avrov) cdgpx. -o (ante a\eKT(ap) abcdefghklmnop 
qrsx (y non habet). v. 61. irja-ovs (pro Kvpios) ch. ave- 
j3Ae>j/e acg. -rou secwnof. g. irjcrov (pro Kvpiov) c. +cn/- 
fjLepov (post (pwvtiffai) adfgopx. mra^vnaei c. Tjoe bs. j^w. 
+M eleven g. V. 62. -o irerpos acdglmnopq**. ' 
C. v. 63. oi o'wi'e^oyres avopes y. eve7r6y)i/ bx. 
h*? avrov (pro avrqi) y. Saipovre*} Imnqr. v. 64. avrov 
ervirrov p. avrov (pro avrov prim.) x. -/cat secund. p. 
eTrrjpiarov b. eirepmrov x. auroi/ secwwd. p. +ot ovXot 
(awie Xe^ovres) X. +^ju.ty (posi i jroo<^rirevaov} Cg. TJ^J 
6crTii> o Tratcrcros trat x. V. 65. TroXXay. CH/TW (p^o ety 
avroi')s?y. v. 66. +J (anie jjjuejoa) S. avvi-^Bij e. -reab 
eghkoqrsx(semeZ). anyayov xsemel. aTryyayov Imnq**. 
TOI/ itjffovv (pro avrov) gxsemel, eavrwv fy. avrcov (pro 
eavrtav) abcdeghklmnopqrsx. V. 67. eiire yfuv ei aoi c. 
iricrrevcreire C. V. 68. init. /cat eaj' epwrija-oa v/xas (-^e)f. 
/cat dg. e7rep(art](ra) d. epwriata y. aTroXycrerat C. v. 70. 
etTravf. CITTOV ovv (pro $e) gp. -ouj/bs. Xe7eratX. v. 7L 
-ert x. e^wftei/ %peiav y. ^ptai/ x. /naprvpcov cdq*r. 
rvpiav q**. 

CAPUT XXIII. v. 1. e0i;os (prOTrX^^os) ysem. 
abef hklmnpxy. et? c, TTJOOS jsem. (pro em), irrjkarov b. 
v. 2. +^jtxa)i/(^os60j;os)acdefl**pqry. ncoXvovng. KO\V- 

S. LUC^J CAP. XXIII, vv. 225. 131 

omix. (fiopov ep. oovvai c, V. 3. eirip(artjffev f. o se- 
cund.x.. v. 4. evpeiffKo x. v. 5. avacrieiex. ai/a<ret^q. 
$i$aawl*X. fyaX^Xams X. V. 6. ;(proei)c. -oCS. 
v. 7. 'yroys x. rats jjjwepais rayrats ( ei/)f. Trcwms (pro 
Tayrais) g. V. 8. e ifcai/ou ypovov Oe\(av y. +^jOoi/oy (posi 
i:ai;oy) afgp. aKovrjv'X.. yivofjiGvovy. V. 9. avrovy. 
OVK (pro ovoev) p. ctyroi' (pro avT(p) x. v. 10. ei/rovos x. 
V. 11. o C. e[nre<gas 7repifia\ov x. avrov secund. b*. 
aurftjt (pro ai/Toi/ sec.) f. ecrOtjTa df hk. eirep-^ev c. T^> 
cp. TTjOos TrtXarov g. V. 12. <prj\oi x. ravrt] (pro a 
a>jOa (pro wepq) 0. ei' avr?y T^ ii/uepa ore TriXaros /cat j/ 
5qs c. ore o TrtXaros y. -o secund. ckqrsy. /uera f. 

. yap e. avroi/s (p*o eayrovs) y. v, 14. irpoar-? 
c. oiaa-rpec^ovTa dq*ry. ainov ev TOO avOpw- 
TTW Toyrw f. TOVTO (pro TOUT^) b. atrmi/ y. ov (pro wv) 
x. Karjjyopeirai e. v. 15. j/pw^et? x. aveire^e yap av- 
TOV TT^OOS j//xas adgp. avrov (pro i//ucts) x. t^ow e. +ej/ 
(ante avTco) cqrx. v. 17. yap (pro $e) c. et^e Kara eop- 
rrjv airo\veiv avrois era Sefffuov eg. +01; r]9e\(av(post $ecr- 


fuov)c. avrots /car' evtavrov eva ceffiuov(eopTr]v)Tt. av- 
roi?q*. ewjor^i/x. V. 18. TrapTrXriOri ex. irafJLTr\ri6if. irav 
TO irXjy^os C. -TOI; abcdefghklmnopqrxy. fiapaflav g*. 
v. 19. 05 (pro oo"Tts) a. yivomevyv h*?. TroXj? x. j8e/3Xj7/ie- 
voi/d. +T7i;(awfe<vXaK:j7i;)fk. v. 20. aTroXvo-e x. v. 21. 
efywvovv g. atavppwaov n*. v. 22. etTre oe TTJOOS ayroys 
(-0 ei TpiTov) y. Tty (j?ro rt) x. v. 23. ap-^iepauov x. -/cat 
Karicryyov ad Jin. vers. y. v. 24. aireicpive p. eireicpivai rx. 
76i/ea-0e b. am/mx, v. 25. -ayrots bcehklmnoqrsxy. 


132 S. LUOZE CAP. XXIII. vv. 2539. 

+TOV fiapafifiav (ante rov &a)dfg (j3apaj3av g*). ei/ rq 
(f)v\aicriy. -r^vh. JTovvro(vid.V. 52)h. TO 0eX//waTt be. 
0\riima.Ttj x. v. 26. aTrtjyov cf. (rt/xovos b. fftjtJicovos d. rts 
(pro -HI/OS) o. Kvpivaiov bef l*xy. -Toypn'm.abcdefhklmn 
opqrsxy. epypnevov dy. faptavy. O7rta0ex. -rovsecund. 
f. v. 27. rjKo\ovOr] qrxy. TW ?crov (pro ayr^) g. TroXXv 
x. -rat secund. cf*. a&pvivovv e. -/cat eOpqvovv d. v. 28. 
o irjvovs enrev irpos avras C. o 2(roys Trpos ayras etTrei/ y. 
67r' e/xotgx. /cXaycrare (pro /cXaiere secund.) x. CTTI TOW 
v, 29. i^oyh. t)jU6joat ep^oi/Taig. +ai (twite 
i) y. ffrtipai a. ai /f yXmt f. at /cotXtat S. e/cotXtat y. 
i C. v. 30. ap^wvrai r. Trecrare g. Trecrerat q. V. 
31. etxy. ot(proet)s. yevijaercu g. 'yei/eratp. yiverai 
y. TTotoyo'tv ad fin. vers. c. v. 32. +eryy TW t^croy (pos? 
oe)e. (Ti/i/ ayrwk. (ryfro tqaou avepeQrjvai'Ksem. v. 33. 
Tore (pro ore) y. airrjXOev e. \eyo(j.evov (pro 

L ov /nev (pro ov oe) c. e^apeiGrepotv xsem. 
py?. ./?. +ti/a >; ypafyri TrXypwOij TO /xera avofuav eXo- 
s**mar#. v. 34. etTre (pro eXe7e) dp. awroys (pro 
v C. ha/ueprifyfjLevoi'X.sem. ej3aXXovdfhx 
semel. K\tjpov$ c. v. 35. target e (ttr.) k. e^efjLoiKTijptfyv 
xsemel. efy/mvKTeipifyv y. -fayroi/ (posi $e) d. /cat se- 
cwwd. p. apxpvTais s. ffeffcoite ap. ffwcraro xsemel. oyrws 
xseme?. +uios (atife TOU 0eov) c. v. 36. ei/eTre^oi/ cxy*. 
avrov (pro avrtp prim.) c. v. 37. -ety. v. 38. +j(ante 
iypa^) doqrxy. -ypa^affiv f. -/cat secund. et tert. f. 
eo-rti/) xsemel. v. 39. +rts (pos* els $e) k. 
ysem. efiXafffaur] cgxsem. ysem. avrw 

S. LU<LE CAPP. XXIII. v. 39 XXIF. v. 1. 133 

(pro avrov) ckysem. avrov (pro <reavrov) xsemeZ. w. 39, 
40, 41 obelo notantur in c marg. rubro. v. 40. ewer^/mx 
seme?. ov$ev qrysem. fyoflei s. -r^ysem. v. 41. cWews x 
semel. -a>vy*sem. a7roXajuj3awo,uej' xsemel. v. 42. -/rv- 
jOtep. OTCU/ eX0>js c. eX0eis xsemel. v. 43. aji/i/ Xe'yw 
croi ysm. eo-et y. v. 44. ws ; oJjoa C. -awrei y. evarjjs ab 
cdef**kmnopsxsem. erarjjs h. v. 45. eaxorrjaQri x. TO 
KaTct7reTao7* TOU "aov ea^ioify f. juecrwva. v. 46. <j)(a- 
vjb. otj/croi/se. ap. TrapariOrj/uuCgy. irapa- 
0ri<rw/ue et Trapa9t](r< x. TOWTO ^e (^)ro /cat ravra) g. 
TOVTO p. etTTovxsewt. e^eTryevcre r. v. 48. avuTrapairopevo- 
ftevoig. ffvfnrapa'yivonevoi qr. ffwirapayevomevoiy. Beta- 
powrcs ra 'yevojjieva x. yivofieva ks. aurwv (pro eaurtov) 
chxy. v7roffTp6<p(ov x. v. 49. e'urrrjitriaav y. fiatcpcoOev x. 
f. ffvvaKo\ovOtjaai b. V. 51. <rvvKaTari9e- 
C. avyKarareOritJievos q*r. aurwi; /cat T); Trpa^et e. 
os /cat ayros TTjOocreoe^ero (/fat semel) aegop. -/rat (/?os# 
o's) df Imnqr. v. 52. OWTWSC. -T^JC. ^T^ffaroh. v. 53. 
avTw (^ro aurojpn'm.)b. (pro fer^'o)p. nvrov (pro avro 
prim, et secund.) e. (pro prim, et tert.)f. (pro secund.) s. 
avrosecund. fp. ei/eri/X^ei; e. fft^ovaf. ju^jaejw eg. ei/ 
5 (pro oJ)g. oy^ets ov^eTrwp. -owWwd. v. 54. -irat 
secund. abcdefghklmnopqrs(xy non habent). v. 55. -m 
_prm. abcdefghklmnoqrs*. 5at ai yvvatKes p. TOM t^o-ou 
(pro avrov) fg. v. 56. VTroffrpe\l/a<re b. at jui/joa C. 
-/tei' S. rfffv^aaav d. 

CAPUT XXIV. v. 1. Te (pro 5e) e (T rw&ro). jSa^ewj 
b*cdefn*p*xy. +yvvaiices (post tj\0ov)loe. nvn^eiov c. 

134 LUC.& CAP. XXIV. vv. 2 36. 

v. 2. a.7roKGKv\eifftJLevov x, aTroKKoi\ifffJLVov y. v. 4. ota- " 
Tropia9ai e. -KOI secund. y. ^ov p. avfipes <$vo abcdefghkl 
mnpqrsxy. eaOqcreaiv dhk. v. 5. ev (poflcovx. evtpoflooy. 
K\rjvovff(iov x. ra Trpoffwrra adp. 7re (pro enrov) ey. v. 6. 
qyepOq ds. -y/uj/ h*. -en coy y. v. 7. ^ (pro Set) y. 
(sic V. 44). v. 9. VTroffrpe^acra e. Trai/ra ravra bfhko 
X. ravra e. evfieica h. v. 10. m& j/j/ df*. rja-av $e 
ghxy. pa'y$a\ivri eg*y. ^awaS. -fj] (awfe mfcw^ov) elno. 
XyTratef. -at f **ghoxy. v. 11. qiriarovv a. v. 12. 7im- 
^'i airrjXOev -n-pos eavrov p. yeyovcas hy. v. 13. erai/ b. 
e^jy/covrah. v. 14. w/jLrjXovv f *. o/xiAovi/y. V. 15. ofirjXriv 
x. eyyrjaas X. V. 17. ai'T^jSaXere x. ecrrat ffKoi9pa)iro x. 
v. 18. /cXewTras bcdg. -evprim. abcdef**hklmnoqrs*xy 
(g eum Elzev.}. ev ravrais rats jj/xejoais m. v. 19. ra^o- 

b. w? (^ro o's) admnqr. v. 20. ap-^epe^ x, v. 21. 
jyXTr^o/uev x. eXirifafJiGV y. /ueXXoi/x. rav- 

. e^yei/airox. v. 22. e UJIAWI; m. e^eaTto-ay x. j/,uae 
y. yevafievai f. TW fivrjineiov x. v. 23. eopaicevai beko. 
v. 24. aTT^X^cui/ x. -CTTI TO nvqiieiov ck. OUTW? adlmnqry. 
oyrojx. -avToi/ ^e ou/c ei^oi/k. v. 26. Tra^i/x. v. 27. 
fA&wffews p. oiep/uiivevev C, StepiMjvGvevxy. raj. eavrov 
(pro avrov) abdef hklmnopq**?rx (g cwm Elzev.). v. 28. 
: KO(JH]V m*. TrpocreTTOt^TO b. TrpocreTroieiTou fs. Tropporepvo b. 
v. 29. KeK\rjKw bceqr*xy. v. 30. /fara/cXrj^i/ai f *xy. 
v. 32. eXaX>/ exy. Siijvvyev cy. /. jJmctfi; TOI/ vowi/ TOU 
awterat ras ypa(j)as (rnuv)C. V. 33. eVoe/cadh. ym. /cat 
rots ffuy ayrots ef. v. 34. oi/ro? y. (n/j-covr) p*. v. 36. $e 
jp (im'fo'o pericopes). avrov XaXoyvros g. Supra avrtov 

S. IHCM CAP. XXIV. vv. 3651. 135 

habet TCOV (naOijTtw avrov krw&ro. \e<yovTQ)v avrois (pro 
\a\ovvroav) c. +KUI (ante avros) ehklmnoqrs. ecrri/ dg. 
fin.vjiJLivS. v. 37. TTTftfJjflej'Tes xy. v. 38. facou (pro v/moov) 
e. v. 39. /nov prim. s. ei/my x. ^^ka^icrare d. \|//Xa- 

p. v. 40. etTroi/ p*. e$ei%ev acgpq*rx. v. 41. 

ovTcov y. V. 42. aTreoeoKav y. ftepovs S. /xeXtcro'eioy 
adhlmnqr*. Ktjpiov o. v. 44. T/JM^ (pro vfj.iv) cdeps. OTJ; 
x. fjLOjvcrecas dp. juwcrawys x. /xw^uwcrews y. v. 45. avrcav c. 
v. 46. oyrws 6zs dlmnqry. -e/c veKp&v g. v. 47. TO (pro 
TYJJ) b. v. 49. aTTOo-TeXw cky. /ca^a-are gy. TroXi? X. 
v. 50. fiiQaviav b. v. 51. avefape ( ets) x. 

SUBSCRIPTIONE. TeXos TO /caTct Aov/cai' evayyeXiov 
ae (TOU ^)ro TO e). vayye\iov Kara AOVKUV (TO Kara A. 
evay. kps) e^e^o^i? (e^e^w^j; ^e c) /xeTa xpovovs (%povov p) 
TOW ( TOV pv) XjOtcrTov ai/aX?>|/eft)s ckpsv. (+Kvpiov 
Itjffov ante Xpicrrov s). <Si'c fere Imn (gm addunt 
/3w) qr (+07 toy). Nil habet g. Legit d Koa/jia ivcti- 
KOTrXevcrrou et? Aoy/cau vrapaypafyr)' urreov on TO /caTa 
Xoy/cav eya'yy. VTrriyopevOt] VTTO Tierpov ev 'Pai/i)/' aTe ^e 
lepartKov "^apaKT^pos vjrap^ovTo^ airo 'Layapiov TOV 



To Kara Itoavvrjv (+ct'yH'mnqv) eva/yyeXiov a (TO) 
Imnopqsv. evayye\iov Kara Iwavvnv bdghy. evayye\iov 
ayiov Kara \<aavwiv k. TO Kara Itaavvrfv va i yye\iov ayiov 
t. Nil nisi /ce^aXaia ef . 

CAPUT I. v. 3. ^copeis x. ovSev (pro ov$e ev) g. v. 5. 
/careXajSe y, V. 6. ovofJiari (pro ovona avrcp) f **. V. 7. 
fiaprvpiovj. fJLapTvprjffei ce. fiapTvpiffeiJ. fJLapTt)pr)ffij t 
(sicv. 8). v. 8. fiapTvptjirei c. fiaprvpurei ey. v. 9. aX^- 
Bqvovx. v. 12. yeveeOey. ev Tip ovo/ua.Ti(sic)y. v. 13. 
ovoe e/f 9e\t]fjLaros avSpos ovfie EK OeXquctTos crap/cos 6. V. 
14. fiovoyevovx. v. 15. +os (awfe efnrpo<T0ev) y. v. 18. 
ko. Tro-TroreX. ev rots fcoXTrot? y. V. 19. Toy C. 
ai/TOi' (pos< XeuiTas) cdp. eptaTifftacriv y. v. 20. 
o/u.o\o l yijcret> ybis. ofj.o\oyr]<rev (prim.) x. v. 21. ypwriffav 
xy. ^Xias f kpy (^'c v. 25). et/x^ x. v. 24. <j)api<r<raiw d. 
V. 25. ripwriffavy* /3a7TTt<^s c. ov/c c. ovSebisc. ovre 

Msf. V. 26. -OC. +V/*aS (pOS* jSttTTTt^ft)) C. jSaTTT 

b. v. 27. 'yeytavev x. i:ai/op (^?*o a^os) c. 
j^w. +6Ketvos v/uas ficnrTiffei ev 

irvpi f **g. v. 28. +ju.ei/ (#>os< TOUTO) d*p. 
wa abd*efghk*oprsxy. fiiBavia cl*. fiiOaflapa l**mnt 
(q citm Elsev.}. eyevovroc. +o (ante j8 

v. 29. +5 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. I. vv. 2949. 137 

-o uoavvw c*dehkopqrs. i/tos (pro amvos) x. aipov x. v. 
30. eiirtav p*. +vmv (post eiirov)y. v. 31. eiSeti/X. t$eny. 
-rip secund. sx. /3ao-Taw> (pro j3cMrTtft>i/) t. V. 32. e/uap- 
Tvpurev xy. -fo (<me uaavvris) emqrx. reflea/xebx. /cara- 
flaivcov by. ws (pro oxrei) bdf hkmnot. irepeiffrepav x. 
aura) (pro auroi') c. v. 33. etoetp x. fdeti/ y. ideis (pro to^s) 
x. Karaflaivow y. /uecwy y. /ca/ juevoi' k. fiairTrfetov x. 
v. 34. eojoa/ca fko. luLe/maprvpiKa bfy. <m t*. 
ev Tn/ey/xart a'yiw (^pro o vtos TOW 0eoi>) y. fin>+Tov 
v. 35. TraXti'p. e!<7T^K6tb. to"T/fC6tni. \.3T.init.-Kai 
C. 01 $t/o fjLaOrjTai CIVTOV c. jJKo\oy0)?(ray a. v. 38. $efk. 
-a/coXoyflowTcts q*r. v. 39. ep/MjvevofifjLevov a. 
VGVOV.GVOV C. /mei'^s cxsemeZ. /uews "Ksemel. v. 40. 
xsewi. +ovi/ (posi ;X0oi') c. t^oi/ef. ifitavxsem. 
-^e abcdefghklmnopqrstxy. wo-ei (^ro ws) y. v. 41. + oe 
(postqv)s. apSpeasC. fft]iuL<avos'X.sem. uaavovl. avrwv(pro 
avrqi) p. v. 42. GvpeiffKt] xsem. +oi/j> (pos^ evpurKei) g. 
OUTOJS a*xsem. TTJOWTOI/ ac. TT/OWTOS k. /ueami/ abcdefgh 
klmnpqrstx. KrujCHoi/ (pro Mecrcriai/) y. -o (aw^ 
abcdefhklmnopqrstxy (g cumElzev.). v. 43. oi/i/ (pro 
c. -^edeghklmnopstx. -o secwwd. c. K\rfttiaei cy. GJ 
i/eyere x. V. 44. rrj eiravpiov C. o irjarovs (post tjOeXt]- 
aev) abc*df k*lmnpqrt. e^eXOqv eis nv xsem. wpeia-icei x 
sem. +o tqaovs (ante aKo\ov9ei)abcde*gkoipq*rsxsem. 
aKo\ov0T] xsem. y. v. 45. -o be. fliO<rcu$a b. v. 46. eu- 
peiffKi xsem. MWVCTJ/S ehp. Touaclmnt. evpiKa^ev b. vv. 
46, 47. va^ctjoeT abcfgklmnop (v. 47) qrstx(a cwm "feev. 
semetyy. ' v. 47. m'. -tcai g. v. 48. m'. W eq. et^e 
<Vjoa>;XiT);s y. eicrpaqKirns xsem. v. 49. -o 

138 S. JOHANNIS CAEP. I. v. 4911. v. 17. 

abdfhklmnopqrstxy. -aur^e. 

y. i$oi/ep. v. 50. lfj\. y. v. 51. 

sem. +on (ante ei$ov) qr. itiov ep. yVo 

ces (c ii, 10 ; v, 36). peifyv rovrov xsem. o\J/j bekxsem, 

v. 52. fern Xe^ef aynwa. v/w^i/h. airapn abdefghklmn 

opqstxy. airaprri c. o^/ea9e h. o^effOai xsem. aveoyoa- 

ra xsewt. avaput ft>cTas?h. /cat /cara/3ati/oi/ras e. 

CAPUT II. v. 1. +ei> (awfe r>/ j//ue/)a) q*r. <ya\)/Xatas 
x. v. 3. e^axnv c. v. 4, 4-Kcu (awfe Xe7et) adep. crv (pro 
<roi) begPqrsy, oi/Trcoky. 1707 c. v. 5. -avroyt. o (pro 
ort)y. eai' (pro av) d. Xeyet (pro \eyrj) beef *hqrsxy. v. 
6. vfyeiai b. \i6qvac x, Xtdtvai g. Kara TWV x. /ueTpiras 
befxy. V. 7. ayroys (^ro avrots) n*. ye/wrja-are ef *xy. 
vftpeias b. ify)me y. eye^ffav xy. v, 8. ot ^e (pro sat 
tert.}Ap. v. 9. TW v^WjO f. 
e^orai/y. 01 secund. p. ei/rX>//coTes y. 
K\IVO<; secund.x. v. 10. -TOI> j9nm. p. rrjOrja-i x. eXacr- 
o'WJ'Ce. 4-^eac, +ovvy (^)OS^ o"y). eTtjprjKasC 
y. v. 11. TavTqv ryv apyyv TCDV aqpeuav 

. TftJi/ <rt]fJii&}v rrjv ap^rjv p. crineuav x. V. 12. +$e 
eTtt) h. jwera rovrov S. ^Xfle? (j?ro KaTej3>j) y. /cat 
oi maOqrai avrov Kai ol aoe\(j)oi avrov p. feat oi fi.a6r)Tai 
awroyeq*r. v. 13. o itiffovs ets lepoa-oXvfLa, x. v. 14. ei/ 
TW i/o^)C. /cat TrepiGTepas d. v. 15. <ppayye\\iov dp. 
(bpayyeXiovgi. (ppayeXiovx* ff^vvitovex. ff^oiviovg. e^e- 
jSaXXev p. -/cat (^05i /3oas) t. Ko\vfii<sr(av eky. averpe\l/e 
qr. v. 16. TrejOewTejoasX. Tro\ovaivJ- ravQai. +Kai(mte 
TTOt^TeO. e/uTTOjOewyX. v.17. -ayroyeg. +ort 
o ^>jXos) t. TOU owoy g. Karafyayerai abdefg**hkl 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. II. v. 17 III. v. 16. 139 

v.18. - 

mqr. v. 19. -o abdefhklmnopqrstxy, v. 20. OUTOS y. 
v. 22. eyepOyk. airo (pro e/c) c. +TWI/ (ante veitpoov) cm*. 
eXe'ye ( - avrots) abcefghklmnoqrstx. eXe^/ov ( - CCWTOIS) y . 
o (pro y) y. v. 23. +rot? (emte lepoffoXvpots) abcdefghk 
Imnopqrst. iepoa-coXoiinois c. ev TO iraff^a q. ei' TW 
iraaya c. +/CGK (^o^ iracf^a] e. -avrov secund. q*r. v. 
24. eTTHTTevo'ei' f *p. aTravrasC. Trai/ra dgq*r. V. 25. 
cde. TrejOi awroy (pw TrejOt TOU) f *. ai/ros 

a^ fin. vers. s* (^a6ei margo). 

CAPUT III. v. 1. avQpwtros TIS )?v y. v. 2. avrov (pro 
TOV Mfcrovi;) abcdekopqr. TotavTa (pro ravra T) g. crt- 
/uetax, -^a*. et (pro ^)besy. v. 3. -o ahlmnpq*stxy. 
/cat eiTrev auTy e. a^v a/jirjv \eya) <TOI d. +<m (ante 

v. 4. o'aflmnpt. VIKO$I/U.OS x. + 
C. hvrepov y. V. 5. a7ro/cpi0eis ^e o 
avr<a c. o adeghklmnopsty. +/cat etirev avrco (ante 
a(j.rjv) op. v/jiiv (pro croi) y. TWI; ovpavcov (pro TOV 0eov) C. 
v. 6. yeyevvq/mevov bis abcdefghklmnptxy (q cum JElzev.). 
v. 7. 9avfjLa(rets ey. v. 8. OeXtjcx. TTVJJC. t](pro KCU se- 
cund.}c, virayrjc. OVTW ad fin. vers. c. v. 10. o 
prim, abdefghklmnoqrstxy. v. 11. -o secund. y. eopa- 
Ka/jLev efk. V. 12. OVK eiriffrevaare (pro ov 
f*g. -vniv secund. g. fin. Triffrevcreire c. 
bdefkqsxy. v. 14. power)?? e. o(f)rjvx. ovrosxsem. 
(pro ^et)y. v. 15. Trurrevov x sem. aTroXeiTatC. 
Tate. a7rwX)yTat fpqs*y5ewi. e^et beef koqrsxy. v. 16. 
ovrtos adlmnqrtxy. yap y (initio pericopes"). jmovoyevvy 
g. TTiffrevov px. a-TroXetTatC. aTrwX^Tat fs*y5em. e^etbc 

140 S. JOHANN1S CAPP. III. v. 16 IV. v. 5. 

efsxy, v. 17. icpiveicey. -Ira Kptvq TOV Ko<?fjiovty*sem. 
fin. + aXX ii/a craxrec TOV Kofffiovysem, v. 18. Trurrevov 
prim. X. KeKpyrai q. o $ fit} iruTTevcov rjfUt} KCKpirai t. 
(pro ireiriffTevKev) x, v. 19. avrtj $e usque ad 
-TO prim. c. avrwv irovripaep. v. 20. trpaa- 
(rovf. sphere's.. eXe^^y. aurou ra epyaahpr. Jin. +6n 
irovrjpa effrivCB**. v.21. vrotoi/X. Trjvd*. ep^erex. +T<U 
(nfe ^ew) m*q*rsy. eiaiv c. epyaa-neva cy. epyacr/mevai t. 
V. 22. /xera rayrae. -ohkp. e/3a7rTjj^si/ x. v. 23. /cat 
prim.g. /3a'7rT^aJi/ x. ei'wvg*. -row p. araXijfjL aceghkl 
mnoq*txy. jyy e/ret yoara TroXXa p. irapeyevovro defq*r. 
o x. v. 24. -r^t/ gp. -op. uaavri<sy. V. 25. 
/ abcdefhklmnoqrstxy (gp cwm Ekw.}. v. 26. - roy 
S. -jOa/3/3iC. ov(pro (p)y. pefjLapTvpiKasby. /BaTr-n/^x. 
v. 27. Xa/u flavqv ex. a^)' eavrou oy^e ev (pP0 ov$v] c. et 

j?) sy. SeSwuevov y. v. 28. -jot abedf**ghky. 
. +OTI (ante OVK) S. v. 29. ecrr^Kosp. Tr 
owre x. v. 30. $e (^)ro 5et) p. av^avrjv x. e/xep (pro 
c. v. 31. -o cov GK rrjs yqs ad Jin. vers. c. XaX^x. fin. 
e an almnqrst. v.32. -oo. eopcutev efko. +o (ante TJKOV- 
<rev) C. fjiaprvpr] x, \aimflavri h. v. 33. \a/mfiavoi> (pro 
Xa/3ft)v)c. eatypayriaev a. aXyOetsy. v. 34. -TO 
h*? v. 36. +TJ7V (ctwfe ^i' secund.) afghlmnqrst. 

CAPUT IV. v. 1. j<rous (pro icvpios) clmnt. -o 
q**. -ii^crovsc. -KOI /3a7rnetg. -^f*. 'o(pro^)c. 
v. 2. ayros o i^troi/s c. avros t^croyj p. e^aTTT^oi/ 1*?. V. 
3. +'y;i/ (po^i loy^ami/) dekq*rs. aTrrrj\9ev t. atrt^Qev 
(-7raXtJ')abcdefghklmnopqrst(xywi habent). v. 5. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. IV. vv. 5-32. 141 

o irjeovs y. sphere x. +o IVIGOVS (post ovv) C rubro 
ef rubro gk**rubro qr. 7roX/i;x. crajwapias x. ai/^ajoabc 
defghklmnopqrstxy. o> f, ou clmnt (pro o). v. 6. e 
(pro ow) bf *. /ceu/roTTicucos x, oootTropeias p. owTrojotas x. 
OVTOS (pro o/Tft>?)ex. ej/ (pw eirt) 1. cityx. Triyr] (se- 
cund.} e. CTTI TJ? ^j/ (pro eiri TJJ tnjyri) t. ws (/>*o cocret) 

b. v. 7. cra/j.apias x. +/cai (aw^e Xe^ei) c, jin.+v$(apc. 
V. 8. a7re\)7\v07<raj> bf l*sx. ecrai'g. CKTWC. aywpa- 
o-cocn dl*. v. 9. aafiapeinjs eg. ffa/mapriTK x. o-ot 
<n/)b. V. 10. +o (awie w/trous) C. t5j;sc. Sopeavf. V\ 
cras h. yTi<ra$ xy. j^retaas awrw c. avrcov a. av secwne?. c. 
v.ll. ovreh. owe. v.12. +Toyro(jposf (f)peap)c. v.13. 
-opn'm. abdefghklmnopqrstxy. v.14. 

bdep. +e f yo)(awfe ^wcrw secMidI.)c. ooa- 

aXXoiueyov aqry. dXonevou d. v. 15. ep%p/ue x. 

cdefgq*rsty. v. 16. o-ov TOI> avfym g. V. 17. +auTa> 
*) bcfgxy. KaXosX. v. 18. eo-Tjji/ (pro e<TTt)x. 
. v. 20. ei> TO> Ojoet rovrto abcdefhklmnopqrst 

xy. (opeip. Toi/robx). v. 21. +ovv (post Xe7et)eq*r. 
fioi 'yvvat g. on (pro ore) txy. TOVTO x. irpoff~ 
. irpoffKvvqaeaOelp. v. 22. v/tets (pro j^uets) m*. 

<rrtS**. V. 23. aXi/^cot X. irpoffKvvnffavTO.s'p*. V. 24. 

feffTii/ (jposi Tri/evnia) e. +a (aw^e $) c. v. 25. jaecreta? 

c. jueo-tas- adefghklmnpqrstxy. avayyeiXei c. v. 27. e7r 
TOVTO ex. edai^ua^ov p. XaXet (pro eXaXet) t. -f/cat (ante 
owlets) k. v. 28. vfyeiav b. TroXqi/ x. v. 29. etSere c. 
t^eTat e. v. 30. -ovv abcdfhlmnptx. v. 31. ev ce TO f 
xy. Yipwrov x. +auToi; (post ^aQnrai] acelmnqst. v. 32.. 

142 S. JOHANNIS CAP. IV. vv. 3253. 

v. 34. o ij/croysg. ol*. iroujffcop. v. 35. ouyg. 
\eyeraie. -ertalmot. rer|oajuj;i/osbcdefghklmnoqrstxy 
(cum Elzev.p). eiraperex. OeavaaBaip. XOjOasy*. fin.etSii 
x. v. 36. o-7ri|0ovx, ^atpetbdefhkm*q*rstx, v.ST.Deest 
in q* (habet marg.) rt. ev yap rouro h. eanv o \oyos p. 
osecund. ab. aXt0ii>osf*. airetpov x. v. 38. ct7re<mAax. 
aireffreiXav f *? aXX (jpro o) C. KatKOTrtaKarai x. /cawo- 
TriaKacri x. avroi; Gicrekvi^vBarai x. v. 39. TroXeos x. eis 
avroi/p. ffafiapiTcav x. (jiapTvpovfffisx.. V. 40. qpwrov X. 
Trap' avrois ( e/cet) g. v. 41. TrXiovs X. , V. 42. $e 

re) eg. oi//cerj/ x. <r/ (pro a^y) ex. marevwuGv h. 

eyvwKa/mev (post oi^afj.ev) p. aXyOws g. o secund, 
g. v. 43. rawras (pro ras)b*? qfjiepas C. v. 44. o 
. oabcefp. efiaprvpiffevf*. v. 45. e$earoC. 
cf. eopa/coresek. v.46. -ovi;b*m. Transfert 
c o i^crous ^ focwmpost ^aXiXatas-. -7raXti/e. TraXti; o 
tjforovs abdfghklnopqrst. eia^ei*^ x. eis (pro et>) ct. v.47. 
OI)TO)?C. +o (ante i^cr6vs)cy. Transfert y t^o-ovs *n focwm 
post ya\i\aiav. eticeix. +ei(post $Kei}c. laaeraib. taaet- 
x. TOV yioi' avrov p. e/teXXe cefhkopqrsx. aTro^i/);- 

x. v. 48. etTrej; owi/ wsg'Me tt6? avrov rubro c. ayrovs 
d. et^rex. V.49. Deest .int. jSao-tXicrKo? y. /carajS^b. 
airoOaveiy. v. 50. -o iri<rov$prim. C. ema-revee ^e (-/cat) 
s. o (pro ^5) y. -J-o (ae ^croy? secund.) abcdefghlmnop 
qrstxy. e7rojOeyeTft>p*x. V.51. VTr^vrrjiravpy. avqyyei\av 
p. uios (pro TTOIS) adps. v. 52. eTryi/^aj/erO b. eTroi^ero 
y. TJJJ/ w'pai/ imp' aimorp. e^o/nrjv b. v. 53. -f taffy (p05* 
ft5jOa)st. +,rayra (pos^ ?croi/s) g. KCU (pnm.. ? ) y. Ka 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. IV. v. 53-^-V. v. 19. 

eiriarevaev ad fin. vers. c. ei (pro q ante OIKIO.) b. -oX>? g. 
V. 54. +$e (post TOUTO) gs. 7raXj/y x. e TJJI; ya\i\cuav 
\0a)i> eK TJ?S toi/ocuas 1 g. 

CAPUT Y. v, 1. +$e (post /nera) bdqr. +>j (ante e 
iadef**hmnpqr. -o afp. v. 2. TrpofiarvjKV) x. e 
bef*k*sy, pliOeaSa g. pr)0ai<r$a x. ^Oeff^av j. v, 3. 
Kewriffiv b. v. 4. O&efo notatur in dk primd manu. +KV- 
piov (post yap) acdp. Karafiaivev g*. erapaffffero abdef 
kpqx. erajoacreh. /werat*. e7eti/eroC. eyevero bqrtxy. 
bfy. /caTt^ero x. vofffftjuan y. v. 5, mV. +/cat 
fe O/CTW) abdef**gkopqrsx. j^n. +airov s. 
v, 6. 7roX\yi/x. ^poi/oi/^p. 0eXjs bcd*f *. v. 7, -Kvpie 
f*. +vat (aw^e Ki/jOie) cf**g. /3aX?y abdfghklmnoprstxy. 
/3aXXet c. jSaXet e, ep^^ai c. ep^ofie x. w. 8, 9, 10, 
11, 12. /CjoajSaTToi/ abcdf hko (nisi forte legendum ry : vid. 
Me. n, 12) px : a Kpafiarov c n vv. 9, 10, 11 ; f * in v. 11; 
x MZ v. 12. v. 8. eyeipe befgkox. aov TOV 
aov y. irepnraTri (sic vv. 9, 11, 12) b. V. 9. 
aafiarov x. v. 10* ovv b. eari adprs**. +/cat (ante OVK) 
abpqr. fin. + aov p. v. 11. mit. +o ^epy. V. 12. ovvip. 
+/ceu (ante rts)f. etTroi/b. Ojowj'b. v. 13. j$/l* et^>/x 
i^i y. ovrws ey. v. 14. Xeyet (post eiirev) ce. i^ovlo. 
MKBTII x. -^eipwv h*. aoif*. <rot Tt cf **hkoxy. yevtjre 
x. v. 15. +01^^ (posi cwrtyXflev) as. aTryyyeiXe OX. avyy- 
'yeiXeuq. avqyye\ey. enrev (pro avtjyy.) S. v. 16. 
(pro TOVTO) d. 01 (oi/oatot roy irjaovv S. +ot tovoaioi 
aTTo/cretj/ai) t*. _/&. +ra tajmaro Cg. V. 18. aurov C. 
V. 19. -ow y. -o i^aovs* C, Xe7et (p*0 etTrev) p. ^i/vare y. 

144 S. JOHANNIS CAP. V. vv. 1945. 

a<f> ecu/Toy iroieiy p. Trowjyx. TI c. jSXeTrei bcdef *pqrsx 
y. -ay a. 7rotei(^ro7roe/)bdef*hqstxy. -a yap av e/ceii>o9 
adfin.vers.c. v. 20. p.rf(iava x. /meifyovay. ^et^ce. av- 
TW secund. c. Bavaa^eirai c. Oav/na^erai e. Qavnafare y. 

L O O O *^ 

V. 21. -o irarrip p. eyetptj ce. oyrws alty. OI/TOS d*. -o 
secund.y*. ^eX)?bcx. v. 22. Kpivtj c. iraa-avr^vKpiffivt*. 
v. 24. irtffreuov 's.semel. TO iren^/avTi b. Trpos (^pro ets se- 
cund.) t. V. 25, eo-rt S**. aKovGovre b. ^o-wyrai c. v. 
26. OUTOJS oeotoffe y. v. 27. TTOIWU x. v. 28. Qav/JiaXnTe d. 


aKouawyrai c. aKovcrovre x. rts (^w rjys) p. V. 29. e/f7ro- 
C. jrotetcrai'Tes x. v. 30. oyyajuex. 7roety e^wt. 
rwtC. Trarpos hop. v. 31. + yap (post eav) 
gt. aXyOeis (sic v. 32) y. v. 32. a\t)9ivr)S. +UVTOV (post 
fnaprvpia} y. fnaprvpi x. v. 33. j//Aeis t. fteftaprvptKe y. 
v. 34. Transfert y ou w locum post fiaprvpiav. uaavvov (pro 

fievosx. ^aivoyb. rf)eywyy. TTJOOS w/octy ccyaXX. ens. a'yaX- 
\ia9rjvai a**bcdefghklmnopqrsxy. ^WTJ/ x. v. 36. /*- 
^wj/ey. -royy. ^w/ceesxy. reXtwo-wx. TT? 
TeXettycrw) qr. eyoa secund. st*. napTvpij x. 
Cgx. V. 37. meftaprvpiKe y. oyre 6w y. 7ra>7rore 
p. TTOTrore bx. eopa/care efk. v. 38. /xoy (_pro avrov) y. 
ei' yfxty fieyovra y. ijfxty t*. o7re(TTtXey x. TOI/TO px, TOU- 
TOV y (pro TOUTW). v. 39. auaviov ag. v. 40. OeXerat 
X. e\9r}V x. e^trai ex. V. 41. av9p<airov p. V. 42. 
everatc. v. 43. X^eor^at ex. Xet\|/(r0e y. v. 44, $y- 
vaa9ai e. avQpwirwv (pro aX\r)\oov) mnt. Xa/ujSaywyres x. 
v. 45. -eyft) py. v/was (pro viuav) bis c. vpiv (pro v t 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. V. v. 46 VI. v. 15. 145 

prim.} sy. /uwi/o-jjs ep. viKiriKare i/Vets p. jjVs t. v. 46. 
ETriffTGvffaTG bis y : (pro eiricrTeveTe secund.} o. jmcoem af * 
hlmnoqrt. fuai)ffij e. fuavffei p. Trep CJIAOV 70^0 Imnt. v. 47. 
ypapiuaffi ny (pro ov) t. Trio-reueTcu e, Tno-reyeiTe x (pro 
Triffrevere). mffTevffeTai C, jrto'TeueTe t, Triffrevcr^Te eks 
y, Trurrevffeire x (^*0 vriffreuffere), 

CAPUT VI. v. 1. -T?9 TaXiXatos y. v. 2. JKovXovOt} e. 
t)Ko\ovOt] xy. TroXXvp x, errjpwv (pro ewptov) c? avrov 
cp. v. 3. -e/cei g. eKdOrjro efcet q*r. v. 4. 06eZo notatur 
rubro in marg. c. v. 5. -GUI; ad*y. ^e (pro ovv) p. TOW 
o^^aXjUov? o /oroi/s hop. +ai/rot/ (^>o^ o(j)0a\fjiovs) d**y. 
TroXXys f *x. a'yopcurwiu.ev cefgkpqrstx. v. 6. rj^rj q. yueX- 
Xe bcdlmnst. jy/ueXXei; f. ^eXe X. v. 7. hvapuav X. av- 
TOV9 (^^o ayrots) c. XajSei f*? v. 9. w$e iraiSapiov (ev) 
c. os (>ro o) bdy. tcpiOrjvovs bx. +roi/9 (aw^e KpiOivovs) y. 
rt ecmi' rauT d*. v. 10. avairecriv (pro -eiv) x. +Kat 
(ante aveTrevav) C. aveireffav bcfhx. avcurevovy. ovv 
bcfghkx. ^e (pro ovv) s. -oty. +av9p<DTroi (ante ai/fyjes) 
ap. aptj9fj.ov x. v. 11. $etWe apq*r. e^w/fe g. rois 
fj.a.9r]Tais ol oe /na9r)Tcu p. +TOJS 0^X019 (awie TOIS am/cet- 
d. ocrwi/ f*. V. 12. Tr\r)a9r)ffav S. ffwayayerai e. 
TWJ/ /eXaoYmTcov glmnt. /cXaffjuarwi; q**. 
aTToXetrat c. a7Tft>X>?TCU fq*s*. v. 13. eye^ffav f*x. fcto- 
<f)ivov$ k. +7rXj7|0)js (pos^ K0(f)ivovs) p. KpiOrjvcov X. wi/ (pm 
a) d. Trepieffevffev f. irepiffffevffG t. V. 14. oiw ysem. 
imV. p&ric. t^oyres ol av9p(airoi ysem. eioWes ct*. et^oi/res 
f*. ffrifietov 7roiJ/crei> g. OTI h. CTTI (p"0 ets) ysem. v. 
15. +oi 0^X01 (^905^ yueXXoycriv) y. TrpoepyeaQai c. ai/a/>- 


146 S, JOHANNIS CAP. VI. vv. 1530. 

x, apiraei O. nxuewftxriv x. - 
abcefghkoq*rsx (ave^wpriffe tameri aq*). -avro? 
d. v. 17. qpyovro d. +$ TO (fflwte Trepav) y. ots 
GIS secwnd.) p. Ka(f)apvaov[L y. ffKoret p. ?oi x. 
ero (pro eyeyovei) y. e\rj\vOt] l*y. +e TO TrXotoy 
o ujffovs) p, (^?05i? irjaroi/s) do. v. 18. Sieyeipero S*t. V. 
19. crTaffiOvs ekocrtTrei/Te t. +/cat (^05i ^) b. yevojjievov Cg 
ho*sy. -mi secwwcZ. c. v. 20. (poftrjaQai c. ^>oj3^o-06 r. 
V. 21. XajSj/i/x. e'yei'GTo TO TrXotovy. ets >yv virqyov C. 
vireiyov S. vmyov x. v. 22. o secund. c. effrqKcos d. 
x. loey y? aXXo TrKoiapiov d. et/xt f. e/cetyo y. 
. on secund. y. ffvvqXQevlos. ffvvqffetXOe e. 
avw]crrj\,6evf*. -o t^o-ov? cy. -ets secund. d*. TrXoiov (j^o 
ir\oiapiov secund.) py. ey TW irKoiapua C. cnrriXQov o'l M- 
OUTOU y. V. 23. j?X0ov gy. +T>JS (cmte Ttj3e|0ta^os) g. 
iaoos x. ou (jpro OTTOI;) y. tj?trov (pro Kvpiov) 0. ITOI/ 
(pro TOW Kvpiov) p. v. 24. t$ei> egpy. -OVK t*. ot ^e (pro 
ouSe 01) g. aveflqffav st. -/cat prim, abedefghklmnopqrt 
xy. avrov (pro rov itjeovv) ap. v. 26. -itat eiirev y. 
i^eTe defhopxy. e/r TWI; aprovi. v. 27. ej07a^eo-0at ex. 
T^y jSjOwcrti; secund. f **g. cWei i/juti/ x 
k. TOUTO (pro TOUTOJ/) ysemel. o irarrip t. 
eff(ppayr)av abexyseme?. v. 28. irotov/uiev hqr. 
a bcersx. v. 29. -aireKpiQri usque ad Beov c. - 
rj usque ad auTois b*. -o ab**defhklnop*qrstxy. TTI- 
iriffrevffeire ex. TTWTevo^Tcu e. irt crrevrjTe g. 
et? o c. V. 30. -ovvg. TTotJ/sc. -o-ycgmq*r. eifiopevs. 
Kai TTurrEVffonev (cf. v. 29) y. iriffrevcfo^ev c. epya- 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. VI. vv. 3054. 147 

by. v. 31. e(j)ayov ro pawa p. Ka9' ws k. v. 32, 
Xe'yof*. fjuovaqs etWeer p. e<WevC. yfuv (secund.) e. e/c 
TOW ovpavov prim. ch. -ctXX' wsg'W ad ovpavov b*e. $i5o<r/ 
n. a\v)By)vov x. y. 33. Karafiaivov sxy. ot^ous <^D;V p. 
y. 34. T,OUTOI/ Tov aprov t, v. 35. eiTrej/ ouf (j?ro $e) ce. 
Treivaarei adpy. Triyao-ei e. mvacrr) k. ^i^a-et cdepy. v. 
36. -mi prim. g. eopaKare ef **k. v. 37. e^e bis k. me 
bis p. v}fyie. e/c/3aX\es. v. 38. -ToOekynaprim.y*. 
fin. H-Trar/oos eg. vv. 38, 39. -TO 9e\jj/a.a rov usque ad 
rovrp $e ecm b* (habet marg.}. v. 39. -TOVTO usque ad 
Trarpos g. aTrwXeo-w t. aXX' adfs. qwr.ov (pro avro) befxy. 
CLVTOV avQffTqffio s. -ev befghkqr. v. 40. -^e y init. pe- 
ric. yap (pro ^e) aops. +7raTjOos (post /*e) bxy. Trurrevov 
x. ej^ei bcef*qxy. +ev (ante rrj eo-^aTj?) ahoqr. v. 41. 
+KCU ekeyov (ante on) t*. +rri$ ^ft))/s (post apros) c. o 
e/c rov ovpavov KarajSas st. v. 42. wfcrovs bchq*r. o 
s*. +^ (post iw0->70) x**. -OVTOS secwwcZ. ct. v. 43. -ovv 
p. v. 44. Sware gy. e/xe (pro jtxepn'm.) g. -oTrar^qr. 
+ev (awfe TJJ eo-^arj;) acdefghklmnopqrs**txy. y. 45. 
-TOW jpnm. abdefghklmnopqrst**. rew Oew c. oyoj/ c. 
ttKovvv abdefghklmnqrst. +/xoy (^)05f Trarpos) s. v. 46. 
am f *. eopaff ev ef **k*. ei/uu f. TO 0eou b. avTos (pro 
g. eopaKG ek. v. 49. j/iuwi/ m*. v. 50. djOTop. 
. Karaflaivov xy. KaraflaivvcDv t. (fiayeic. v. 
51. T(S c. ^j/(reTea. oet. j|y e^w oojcrw ad fin. vers.Q. 
rov (ante Kofffiov) s. v. 52. ol toyoawt TTJOO? aXXj/Xoyy 
bg. TTjOos aXXjyXows S. {WaTef*. J/HA' OI/TOS t. ryv capita 
. v. 53. -apyv semelh. mereg. V. 54, rpwyov 


148 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. VI. v. 54 VII. r. 12. 

x. e^k*. Kaycop. +ei/(aw^T^eo-^aT^)adgpst. v. 55. 
yap e. a\q9ri$ bis. ag**ps. V. 56. rpoywv x. -irtvov x. 
'V. 57. airearakKG s. rpoytov x. ^<rtp. v. 58. 
aseKTovovpavovSi. ijfjLcwQ. nov(prorovTov)f. +HJLOV 
(post rpcaytav) aglmnt. ^jaei afkoqr. v. 59. SiSavKov 
x. v. 60. o Xoyos ovros op. ovvare g. aKovijv x. v. 61. 
t^ws y. v. 62. Oecopeire dehqrstxy. nevovra (pro ava- 
fiaivovraji' Trpwrepov m*. v. 63. -TO secM%d?p. 4- yap 
(ante crapQ s. o(p\ei r. Xe\a\7/:a J/ati/ p. v. 64. iriffTev- 
ffovffiv t. j/^jy q. etc?? X. e^ajO^jys beflot. _/m. eavrov e. 
V. 65. ^e^w/txei/oi' fy. v. 66. TOJI' paQijTcav avrov air)j\0ov 
pt. +/c (post a7rrj\9ov) x. ai/royx. -avrov jpn'm. P. owe 
ert dhk. v. 68. ovv aep. avry q*r. aTreXeyawjoie^a 
fkx. v. 69. GyvcoicafJLev /cat Tre-TTicrrey/ca/xei; e. /cat 67- 
vwKajuiei/ a. TOU ^WVTOS hx. TOU secund. p*. v. 70. 
imt +/cat f. -o t>/o-oys bdefhklmnqrt. v. 71. -5e t. 
ffrjfjiwvos 'p*. ejueXXev aefgklmnpqrfc^. CiueXXe irapaStSovai 
avrov O. TrajoaSt^wpai f*. erc d. 

CAPUT VII. v. 1. -at ^uera rayra TrepieTrarei o iqcrovs 
p. Trepieirarr) bex. -/xera rayra y. ore (pro OTI) e. 
aTTo/CT^vat x. V. 2. ewjOTj; x*. v. 3. /jLera^rjOtj x. troy 
secund. klmnq**s. +o-y s, +ayros g (aw^e -rrojets). v. 4. 
-oy^ets wsg'we ad Trotei f *. TI ev KpuTrra) pt. v. 6. irap- 
ea-TtS**. ert/aost. v. 7. MW> (p ro picreiv) x. -on prim. 
y*. v. 8. -TavTjjv prim. ab**p. -e^w wsg'we c2 ray- 
T^I/ b*. oy/c (pro oyTrft)) p. V. 9. oe apt. et7roi/X. ayros 
(pro ayrots) apt. 'yaX^Xata x. V. 10. ayroy x. Tore eis 

eoprrjv KO.I auros ayej3)? apt. (f)avepo$ x. V. 12. TroX- 

S. JOHANNIS GAP. VII. vv. 1238. 149 

Xv? x. +yap (post ol /xei>) o. -oV ab (Mat c in hoc capite) 

defghklmnopqrstxy. ov%i dpi v. 13. irapp^ffiav p* eXa- 

\rj y. ha Twv 0o/3oi;f. r v. 14. tjhi la. -^ X. -ySq 5e y 

initio peric. v. 15. oi$e ypa^ara s. v. 16. +oui; (pos 

aireicpiOr)) abdefhklmnopqrs**xy. -ai/rois ps*. v. 17. 

avrov d*. -TTOHJI/ x. 'yi/awrere x. irporepov p**. V. 18. 

<^/T7 x. oo^av avrov (pro ooi;. roy) f *. V. 19. juwytr^s p. 

v. 20. Deest in y. cureicpiOriaav ot loufiaioi Kat eiirov avrta 

pt. v. 21. -o abdefghklmnoqrstxy. v. 22. /xwi/o-j/s dp. 

TrepirefJiveTai gx. avOpwiros gs. v. 23. +o (awie avOpco- 

TTOS) p. nAwv'(rea>s pt. eirotetfra x. v. 24. /*>/ Kpiverai e. 

V. 25. eXeyoav x. ovj; f. 'lepoaoXv/nijTwv bex. aironTrivai 

x. v. 26. -KCU prim. g. Xa\>/x. -a\vftw prim. d. se- 

CMW^.p. ap^tepeis (py'O ap^oj/res) g. v. 27. oloafjiev h. 

ecrrt ^?nm. s**. -o 5e ^ptaros ad! ym. veJ'S. b*. epyyrai a 

b**defhklmnopqrs(txy cwm EUev. ep^erat). e\Qq g. v. 

28. e/cpa^ej' e (ro&r0)s. aXj/0^i/os x. jn. ot&mu x. 

v. 29. -5e abdefhklmnoqrsxy. v. 30. Trtacrex. OWTTW 

ks. e\r)\vOrj bs. eX^Xu^ev gy. v. 31. e/c row o^Xov ovv 

TToXXot (-5e) pt. j(i)/ (pro M?T() pq**r. TOVTWV cnjfjLeicL ds. 

-TOUTWV hlmnopq**t. eTrotJ/o-e o. v. 32. +ouy (^osi 

t]Kov<rav) eg**pqr. oi ap^tepets feat oi 0apicraioi apt. ol 

iepets >cai oi 0ap. S. VTD/peras (^7r?peTa9 k*) oi (papuraioi 

KM oi ap^tepets bdefghklmnoqr. v. 33. -aurois abd 

efghklmnopqrst. v. 34. ^T^o-are t*. -^r/creTe /we 

q*r. SwaffOat f*. v. 35. evptjfftofjLev s*? v. 36. o Xo- 

70? OI)TOJ p. SvvaaQai ef*. v. 37. -ep ^ey. etcrr^fcei o. 

v. 38. Triarevov x. pevcrovo-iv abdefghklmnopqrstx. TTOT- 

150 S. JOHANNIS CAP. VII. vv. 3853. 

afioi pevffovrai etc T^S /coiXicts avrou fyovros (-yoarosjr 
y. v. 39. o (pro oy) bl. wieXXoi' bf Imnqsy. ipeXXov x. 
v\ (pro nv) y. -o (ante tjyo-ovs) abdefhklmnopqrstxy. 
V, 40. rtav \oytov def**hopx. +TOVTOV q*r, 4-ai/roy 
dpt (awte 6X6701*). \ey(av x. vv. 40, 41. -oyros eo-Tii/ 
a\i]6a)S o Trpo(pijTris usque ad aXXot ^e eXe^yov g*y. v. 
41. +^e (j?05if aXXot prim.} h. +aX*/0ws (anie o ^picrro^)x. 
-$e abdefg**hklmnopqrx. v. 42. -O'TI gt. $avi$ bis o. 
fly&Keev x. OTTOV d. v. 43. rots o^Xots d. v. 44. -rives 
usque ad Triatrai OVTOV y*. e^ aurwy j^^eXoy S. Trtacre x. 
V. 45. virypere b. (f)api<rffaiov$ X. TT^OOS avrous (p**0 aw- 
TOIS) y- V. 46. aireicpvOrjcrav t. ovoets (pro ov^eirore) g. 
OJ/TWS etoojuiey rti/a XaX^cravro (jpro eXaX^trei/ avOpwjros) 
y*. v. 47;. 7r67rXai/et<r0e x. v. 48. apxpvrov ?h. V. 49. 
-o (secundum?} e*. v. 50. TT/OOS awrous viKofirmos d. -o 
eXOwv t*. Trpos aurov VUKTOS p. Toy wjaoyy (pro ayrou) y. 
els Q)V e^ avrtov g. v. 51. yftiav S*. /cptyj? bkx. aitovffei 
ey. TTjOwroi/pt. 7rot7gqr. v. 52. ayrw /cat enrovy. ffoi 
(pro ffv) x. eyetperat aeko. eyetyeprai f*px. eyetpyep- 
rai h. [v. 53. eiropevOrjffav fv. cnrqWev delmnqrs. 

Pericope de adultera. Cap. vn. 53 vm. 11. Habent 
sine ulld suspicionis nota : c (w videtur) defgh*opqrst. 
Omnino omittunt a*bxy (quamvis in media pericope). 
Obelo notant klmn. In marg. a habet fyjrrja-ov Ke(f>. ets 
reXos *rov j3t/3Xtoy w&i legitur manu recenti, etparum ac- 
curata. In marg. c. vn. v. 53 h citat c. vm. v. 12 ma- 
nu secundd. In t jce^aXaia non leguntur. In q desunt sec- 
Ammoniance : in magine ets ras eopras 

S. JOHANIJIS CAPP. VII. 53 VIII. v. 7. 151 
aiyvirTwv evooKias /cat Qeoowpov, rubro. rov 

. a**. 

CAPUT VIII. v. 1. init. /cat o irjyovs (-$e) deqrs. 
eiropevero eks. fin. +(JLOVOS f. v. 2, op9pov j3a0ea>s TraXtv 
Trapeyevero (-$e) c. TraXiv fia9eos (j3a0ea)s ef ) vjhBev o 
H7<7oy9 eis TO \epov defs. eiropevero eis q**. o^Xos (pro 
Xaop)k. vrpos ayrovacgp. yTotsC ? ayroi/k(pro av- 

v. 3. -$eg. -TTjOos- ay TO*' ef*kq*rsv*. 

ei/)defhklmnoqrsv(gp cumElsev.}. 
f. KaTaXeiffleKrav. a. Kara\ei^)9riffav C. 
egpt. H-ra; (aw#e laeo-w) dest. y. 4. eiTrov (pro 
deq*r. +Tripa^ovres (ante $i$aaKa\e) acf **ghopt. /care- 
\ei^)9t] acf **t. KaTe\r](p9rj gp. ei\r)Trrai f *hko. eTravro- 
(bopto acgkpt. eiravTocbopcos f. JPo^i otoao'/caXe 5c leqituv 

Ft *- II *> 

in delmnqrsv : ravrviv evpofiev eiravrofyopta (eiravTo^xapta 
l*mn, 7rayTo0ft)|OWs e) noi^evofji.ei>t]v. v. 5. +ij/u.(0v (post 
vo(ji(a) def*klmnqrsv. /uwytrj/s defpq*. /awo-i/s t. everetX- 
aro jj/Ai^ fs. -jjjutv deklmnqrv. yjotti/ p. Xt^a^etj/ defkq* 
rsv. ^w. +7re/3t ayr^s defhkl**oq*rsv. v. 6. eiirov (pro 
eXeyov) f k. e/c-jrei/ja^oj/res k. -cwrov ho. ay-ny (pro ay- 
TOI/) c. aywai kv. Karriyopiav /car' ayroy def klmnqrsv. 
ayroyt. iwcroyse. /cy/tv^a? c. Kareypacbev acff. ??w. 

* J 'If- *^ " 

+/; Tr/ooq-TrotoVjuei/os acdfghlranopqtv. +7rjdoo g 7rotoy/tJi6j'05 
r?. v. 7. eTrepeoTftji'Tes defq*rtv. -avrovg. 
oi;aj8Xe>|/a9 eq*rsv. etTrei; ayrots (7T/)os) ef *kq 51 
f*. TOI/V. irpwrov (TTJOOJTOS hko) err' avrijv (-f-Toi/ a) 
Xt^oi/ jSaXerw (jSaXXero a, jSaXatrw c)achko. TT/OWTOJ 
(+T<W q**) Xt^oi/ /BaXerw (jSaXXerw df*) eir' ayr>?i; defq* 

152 S. JOHANNIS CAP. VIII. vv. 720. 

IS. TT aVTYIV TOV \l9of gp. TT ttVTt]V TTjOWTOJ TOV \lOoV 

pa\6T(at, V. 8. -/caret) k. /cy/ux^as C. /cyv|/as /carto f. 
v. 9. KCU VTTO T?S tryi/et&yaews eXeyxofievoi ekq. avro 
o VTTO)S. eXe^ojuevot V. +efos <ca<rTou ras 

eXeyxp/mevoi) S**. /carets Imnoqr. 
e. ews TWJ> eayaTwv acghkopt. 
av. o t)/crous iuoi/os ef kq*r. oytra (j?ro ecrrwo-a) acdefghk 
Imnopqrstv. v. 10. +ei$ei/ ayryv at enrev e (i^ey) qr 
(^josi HJCTOVS). /cai nqfieva 9eaffatJLevos TrXqv T)?S f yi/vai/cos 
ef*kqr, -ayT?eqr. ->J ^i/j^ aedglmnpt. 71/1/01 (-ij) 
efhkoqrsv. eKeivoiolKarrjyopoi trowek. e/cetj/ot fhqrv. 
of KdTrjyopoi GOV f*. V. 11. avry acgpt. Kpivu) c. 
/fjOti/w af**gpt. -/cat C. +a7ro TOW i/vi/ (awie /ujy/cert) def* 

CAPUT VIII. v. 12. avrots o ;ffovs abdefghlmnopt 
xy. o i^(70is C. ayrois eXaXj/crej' o tJjcroy? k. eXaXi/crej' o 
ayrots)s. eXaXj/tref ayrois XeYO)vq*r. ayro 
XaXrjaev q**. ireptTrarria-r] abdfghklranqrxx(2)y. 
gy. v. 13. papTvpeis ; dk. v. 14. +d (aw^e 
C. #0170) (/)J"0 /cay 70)) C. oicW TTO^SI/ >/X0a t. 
^e ac? /n. vers. bef*hkxx(2)y. -5e f**pst. ^ -TTOU 
(pro /cat Troy secund.) dlmn**opqrt. v. 15. +$e (post 

V. 16. eav 3e Kpivo)(~ /cat)g. /cjoicnfs 
(pro aX^s)c. V. 17. -$eg. V. 18. 

. v. 19. -oyi/t*. -o tjycroys x(2). -oabdefhkl 
mnopqrtxy. ovrejbis. eifyrebise. y^re prim. x(2), e- 
. g. 6^s m*. fin. oifiare av t. -ai/r. v. 20. +a 
e. -r^pnm.y*. yafy(j)v\aKeiw fy. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. VIII. vv. 20-44. 153 

e\rj\v0ev y. eX^Xi^x. v. 21. juot (pro 
e. -{-/cat ou^ evpt]<rere (post pe) r. y. 22. Deesi w 
x(2). +ort (ante OTTOI;)CX, SuvaaOcu e. v. 23. -e<rre 
secund. y. v. 24. cnroOavtcr&e prim. x. -<yapk. -ecu/ 

<# /w. vm. g. TrurrevcreiTe C. ei/xij p. 

. v. 25. -owt*. -oh*, on ab. v. 26. 
XaXeii/) q*r. ij/couo-a (sic v. 40) h. XaXw (pro 
aopqrt. v. 27. +5e (aw#e on) fg. aurov (pro 
CCUTOK) ghkr. v. 28. fyooffqTai x. TTOIW d, Xe7w g 
(pro XctXw). V. 32. yvaxredOai x. v. 33. +/cat enrov 
(post aTreKpiOtjaav) Imnqty. TroTrore x. +:at (afe TTW?) 
d. ovv (pro av) h. 'yevrjaQai C. V. 34. a.ireKpvQ^ (sic 
v. 54, passim) t. TTOWJ/ x. v. 35. /uepj; secund. x. -o 
vios /xeyet eis TOV atcava b*t. V. 36. o vlos C. ?//ua9 
e\ev9epcaarei e. e<rea-0ai x. v. 37. +rov (ante ajSpaafx) f. 
v. 38. eOjO/f ek. oyv C. vvv (pro ovv) g. a riKovffare 
(pro o ecopatiare) dp. eopa/care ef **k. Trajoa TO secund. 
x. Tra/oa rou irarpos secund. dp. Trot^re c. v. 39. TOV 
prim.?f. Tto (pro TOV prim.) y. -av abcehklmnq**xy. 
v. 40. airoKTtjvat x. <as(pro op)f*. tj v)Kovaa (pro tjv t]n.)y. 
TTttT^oos (pro Oeov) b. V. 41. Trotj/re y. V|ae<s (pro j^/xets) y. 
Tropvias ax. yeyevrjfJieOa f *px. yewy/ieOa t. V. 42. ovi> 
aceghkop. ^wi' (pro v/mcov) cy. ^^aTrarat x. aXXa ck. 
/ x. v. 43. OVK eyivtocrKGTe e. yivoffKeTe x. 

. Twy \oy<av TUOV e/uuov&y- v. 44. + TOV (ante 

prim.) abcdefghkmnptx. +t5juiwi; (posJ Trarpos 
prim.) bd**. TTOC^I/ x. aTrap^s abeklot. ou^' effTijKw g. 

OVK eoru/fk. XaXei (^>ro XaX??) cdef *qry. iou- 

154 S. JQHANNIS CAPP. VIII. V. 44 IX. v. 7. 

Sauav (pro iSuav) x. \a\y (pro XaXei) be. v. 45. a (pro 
OTI) c. v. 46. eXe^a/ ex. -$e gp. +TIJV (ante a\tj- 
0iav)C. -v/xeisg. v. 47. ra p//ua e. &a n (pro Sia 
rovro) g. ciKovETai x. v. 48. ovv b. lovSctioi h. Xe'yoj'Tes 
(jW0Kce oj' ai/r^)c. /caXosX. eXe^o/xevg. cra/xajoeirts e. 
v. 49. +o (ante irjvovs) c. v. 50. fyyrov x. -/cat y. +o 
(aw#e Kpivcov) y. v, 51. -TOI/ \oyovy. /uov (pro TOI/ e^ov) 
ep. Trjprjffeie. OetapriaeicAxsemel. QeoprjffqTisemel. v. 52. 
rqpriGei ce. 'yevutjTcu abdhklmnopqrtxy. yeycr^re ef. 
v. 53. +KXU (posi /tjy)t. juet^ovb. j/(proel)x. /catoi 
Trpotpqrai aireOavov g. Troiet? cry d. -C7i/ secwwdafghpq*r. 
V. 54. +o (anie tjjcrovs) C. +/caiet7rei'(posi7aroi;5)b. jj 
(pro v/u.cov) acdefghklmnoptxy. v. 55. ov 
-eyw $e oi$a avrovg- \^ecrT>jsX. aX'ck. v. 56. q 
taa-aroX. t^ei/ep, t^e ({(pro etoe). V. 57. 
(posi ouv) c ( Trpo? ai/Toy?). ouoatotp. oi/Trcoh, e 
ef**k. v. 58. mt. +/cat d. enre 5eg. +GI/ 
hpqrty. -oe*. -a^v semel e. v. 59. jSaXXwcrtv c. 
eKpifir] y. ^e (^>rp &a) t. irapeiyev ovros x. (Deficit s a 
cap. vin. v. 14). 

CAPUT IX. v. 1. -/ccuy (init. peric.). irapayov ex.. +o 
(ewfc ei^ei/) cef**?"M6rogk**rM6foy. t^ei/ e. yevve- 

b. yei/jT)js ex. yei/i^Tjfs f ho. ^CJ/I/JJTOIS egy. v. 2. 
ypwrurav y. Xe^orres y. yevriOr] c. v. 3. aTreKpvOtj t 
passim, -oabdefhklmnopqrtxy. +tm ri/0Xos <yevvri0ri 
(ante aXX') y. v. 4. &/ (^ro ^et) xy. -ra ep7a ac2 ,/2w. 

. \>*(habet mctrg.). v. 5. cot d. to k. et|U^ x. v. 6. 
be. TriXoj' seeund. dx. -TOJ/ 7r>?Xoi; y. v. 7. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. IX. vv. 727. 155 

w\|/el. -rtjv KoXv/ufirjOpav c. ortXoct/t y. \eyerai (pro ep- 
P.VIV eyereu) p. ev^arpx. V. 8. proves ex. Oeopovvres x. 
TO irporoVK. irpoffertov x. v. 9. <m prim, a. efceti/os 
(prooyVos)y. aKXoi e\eyov (pro a\\oi $e) g. -$et. -<m 
secund. y. avrov (pro avnp) c. +$e (post exeivos) axy, ^w. 
etM'" P- v. 10. jju/ew^^crav cefkx(^j/eft)^.)y. orou 
o-oi) bcdefghklmnpqrtxy. v. 11. eirexprjcrev bx. 
p. VTra'ye vnjmi ets (feat) p. (r^Xwafi, x. crtXoajui y. 
^e f. v. 12. ow t. v. 13. (j)apicr<raiovs x. ro (pro 
TOV) c. TvfpXcDV x. v. 14. eTToiqtre TOV TTjyXoj; m*. 
ai/eo^eyx. v. 15. j/joa)T)jcraydfgx. ypaTurav y. -/cat 
prim. gy. eTre&f/ce (eireOrjKev cey) juow CTTI TOWS o00aX- 
MOVS abcdefghklmnopqrtxy. v. 16. fyapiaaauavx.. e^rtv 
K (pro 7T|(?a)y. royagpx*. avQpwiros a/xajorwXos ov- 
varai y. V. 17. wwi. \eyovffiv ovv lmnq**t. TrejOt ffeai;- 
roi/y. a^ew^ep. j/vew^eqr. jjvew^ey. V. 18. ovvby. 
Trepi avrov c. ewcrorov lq. Y. 19. jjjOWTwyd. aurwv 
(pro avrovs) d. j/jtiwi/ e. o (pro ov) e. eXeY 67 " 6 ^ v. 20. 
+5e (joos^ aTreK/o^^cra^abcdefghklmnqrtxy. -aurots 
bey. vjmtoyk*. v. 21. epwrurarey. +ra (ante 7repi)y. 
nepi eavrov abcdef hklmnop**qrtx. v. 22. $ei eqr. <rw- 
GTiOovro f. ffvveriOevTO ky. ffvvereOrjvTo x. avrov y. 
ofjLo\oyrj<7ei by. ofioKoyeurij x. ofJioXoyrjaei avrov C. o/xo- 
\oyqffr) avrov p. V. 23. eptoriffare y. v. 24. ovros o av0p(a- 
iros q*. v. 25. -oyv aehpx. -KCU etTrev p. v. 26. oyp (pro 
eTrotetcrev x. orov (pro trot) C. n eTroiyffe 
c. ai/ew^ecdy. arew^e Imnpt. v. 27. +oi/y 
7ro>)-k. eTTta-Tei/o-aTe ac, (oy) TriaTeyere y (pro r]KOv- 

156 S. JOHANNIS OAPP. IX. v. 27 X. v. 9. 

a-crre). padqrai avrov bcfgkpq*ry. V. 28. eXoiSwpriffav bty. 
eXoiSopeiaav x. -ovv abcdefghklmnopqrtx. yapt,imevy 
(pro Se).- /iwo-eos x. v. 29. tuaffei abdf **hlmnoqrtx. Xe- 
\a.K6i> x. v. 30. ev yap rovro em*q*y. v. 31. amapro)- 
Xoi/b*cego. Beoeefievs px. e* (pro ^) y. -iroiet bef *hoxy, 
TOVTOV c. v. 32. 7j>y|;6i> C. rjvew^e t. yeyevrjfjievov C. 
V. 33. j; (pro ei) x. eowaro aop. eifivvaro X. iroiqv x. 
v. 34, aireKprjQqarav h. a/uiapTeiais h. eyevqOeis x. 
^j?sf**. oAws Imnq**. avofjLiaK cry oXws 
y. v. 35. mV. rJKovffev oe e. riKovcrev usque ad e^w t. 
ei/jaocx*. v. 36. +auT) (posf t7rei/)c. +/cat (aw^e rts) 
abcdefghklmnopqrtxy. v. 37. eopct/cas ef **k. XaXoy x. 
V. 38. TrpoeKvvrjGGvJ. avrov (pro avTip) e. V. 39. -fayrw 
(post enrev) t. yevovrai be. v. 40. y/xs (pro jjVets) eqx. 
v. 41. mt +/cai q*r, +^efgk, +ovv y (p05 enrei/. eiTre 
g). jytre d. efre e. ai/dp. ei^eratC. ^eree. Xe^erat 
C. rjfjLuav (pro yfAWv) b. /tev^ be. 

CAPUT X. v. 1. u/A^v f*. aXa avafiaivov xsem. \icr- 
TJ^S xsew. v. 3. rovro (pro rovrq)) bexsem. avoiytj c. 
icaXei t. ^aX^ X. /cara ovojmaC. Karovo[*.a.l. G^ayy h. 
v. 4. +$e (po^ or'a')d*p(- > afp). 6K/3aXXi7 abehlmn 
qrt. 6/cj8ctX C. -frqs (JMavrjs avrov O.KOVGI (post mi ra 
trpofiara) t*. afcoXoy0>; xsem. y^affty b. oice g. v. 5. 
aKo\ovQrjffovffiv dfp. aKO\ovQr]ff<a(n O. aKoXovBrjffao'iv y. 
v. 6. Tj?j>a (pro Tii/a) xsew?. eXaX? bx. /w. +o t^crovs c. 
v. 7. avrois TTO\IV op. -ort agp. v. 8. Deest in p*. 
-TTjOo ejtioy cefhkoqrxy. jjX^wv xsem. q\0ov irpo e/xoy 
abdglmnp**t. jjcrav (pro etcri) g. v. 9. -eyio 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. X. TV. 936. 157 

Ovpa p. ei/ui.t] xsemel -KM e%e\evfferai 1*. v. 10. /cXe^et 
xy. Qvffei em*xy. cnroXeaet exy. fin. e^wo-t k. v. 11. -o 
quartum 1. o TOIJULJJV o KO\OS ter t. njOqaiv x. v. 12. 
a<f>eit]ffi y. jw. -ra Tr/oojSara p. V. 13. /mewflwros prim- 
um x. |eXX adef hpqy. v. 14. yivtaffKcofjie x. v. 15. 
yivoffKei p. v. 16. ^ (pro e5ei) y. aicovfftoffiv be. d/cou- 
(ro)(rt e. aKovff<acri qty. v. 18. TJ^U* x. -TraXiv b. 
V. 18. e/xoi/Tou (pro e^tov) a. (tyyeu ieglx. BGivai avrrfv 
KO.I e^ovcriav e^w y. -/cat e^ouctav ejfta TraXtr \afiew 
avryv e* (/w&. marg.). \afir\v x. v. 19. Gyevero 7TX- 
tj; c. v. 20. TrwXXot p. TroXXet x. /uei/ereu ahx. /coi/- 
erat ef *. tuceere y*. v. 21. SaifjLovuav g. v. 22. -rots 
abcdefghklmnopqrtxy. v. 23. -ev T^> lepy f. -rov 
acdefghklmnoqrx(pcwm.Bfeew.). o-oXo/ioi/os b. (roXo/uww 
.defghklmnqrtx. v. 24. eepeis (pro aipeis)y. v. 25. 
avTh) (pro ayroi?) y. OVK eiriorevaa-Te g. v. 26. aXXa 
C. TTicrreyeTai f. v/nwv (pro ejutcov) p. v. 27. a.Ko\ov9ov- 
ffiv e (c^ v. 16). V. 28. Sj&tyuexy. ow/xtx. 
c. aTToXovre x. aTroXoyj'Tat y. aTrwXawTcu fqr. 
Xovrat pt. oy/c apiraaei b. ap7racrj;gq. v. 29. eoa)/cei> C. 
^eSw/cei; /*ot T)jy eov<rti>y. /uei^iwf. +avra (posi apira- 
eit>) df*? v. 30. +jt*oy (post Trarnp} g- v. 31. -TraXti; 
f *p*xy. fla\<aaiv CTT' (pro \i9affcoaiv) y. v. 32. e/o^a 
KctXa cp. Trotwf (^)ro TTOWZ/) be. epywv (pro epyov) bf *txy. 
epyov avrwv g. v. 33. Xe^oi/resp. Xt^a^iwjuey m*. 
aXa 7T6|0 jSXatr^^etas x. -o-y acpy. aov (pro av) x. 
eavrov (pro veavTov) hy. v. 34. eiTroi; bh*?x. v. 35. ?y 
(proei)o. V.36. yyiaffeve. v(iei$ p. etTref C. roy e, 

158 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. X. v. 38 XL v. 21. 

V. 38. TrtffTeuere C, irioTeyetTe x (pro iriffrevqTe). Tots 
epyois iriffTevaare C. -t-^ou (post ejcvyoi?) d. irioreveTe p, 
TTttrrei/orj/Te y (pro 7o'Tey<rate). 'yi/w p. o irarrip ev 
p. icat eyco g. V..39. owabdefk. ayroi; -TraXtv p. 
o-cti ayroz/ clmnt. v. 40. -iraXiv o. jSaTrrt^wi/ TO 

(--rop). -TO trpwrov CO*?. V. 41. 7rott}ffev GV\- 
(eTrot^cre p). -^ed. v. 42, e/cei TroAAoia. e 
TOJ/ eKeiCp, 

CAPUT XI, v. 1. -acrOevwv b. /3i0awaeb. v. 2. 
/e. eai/T?js bdglmnt. V. 3. TTJOS auTov .at a$e\(pai C. 
+yroy (jf>05^ ao*eX0at)gqr. TTJOOS UUTOV g. -t5e g. V. 4. 
-Toy 0eoy secundum f*. v. 6. -ey C. ^e/oas ^i/o p. v. 7. 
eirira x. fiera rovro b*. +ayToy (po^? /ua^Tts) acdop. 
irdXiv (pro Tra\iv) y. V. 8. 4-ayTou (p0s jua&fTat) e. Xt- 
Oacre b. v. 9. -o abcdghlmnopqrtx. $yo (pro ^w^e/ca) Ci 
wpai etffi achlmnopq**txy. w^at eto-ip bd. irepnrarei dh 
l*m*xy. irjOoa-KoirT^ x. v. 10. irepmara dpy. v. 11. 
cnrep-xpiJLai (pro iropevo^ai) C. e^virvrjffa) hoptx. V. 12. 
+yrw (post ovv) d**op. -avrov op. v, 13. - 
TrejOj/ secund. x. v. 14. -avrois h. v. 15. 
dt. ?]iJLiv(pro ^j/i/)x. aXAa abdfklmnopqrtxy. v. 16. 
Xe7Wjixei/osX. airoQa.vop.ev x. cryi> OUTW (proper avrov) op. 
V. 17. ^ ^juejoas C. e^ftWTtt x. V. 18. .(3ii9avia-}). <$CK- 
airevra b. ^e/caTrei'Tes y. V. .1.9. eXrjXvBflffav bl*p*x 
(eX^XyOotaai' p**). eAtjXvfleffai; g. e\y\vOa<nv C. ets (pro 
7rpo?)t. TrapanvOqcrovTat bckty. v. 20. -d abpdfgklnm 
opqrtxy (Mawi? he). ayToi/ (pro wry) b. v. 21. -j? abfg 
.klmnqrtxy. wpiov(pro iriaovv) y. a$e d. reOvrfKei c. ct-Tre- 

S. JOHAJSNIS CAP. XI. TV. 2148. 159 

Oavev p. V. 22. airqffei rx. - croi y. V. 24. 
cdopy. v. 25. +$e cy, -few q (pos enrev). curoOavei 
bx. -/eav UTroQavy usque ad e e/xe v. 26, g. v. 26. 
revov X. airoQavei by. V. 27. -a /ri>|0ie C 
(pro irefriffTevKa) ct. + rov wro? (post Oeov) g. v. 28. 
o C. (powri x. <p(avr)ffai (pvo (fiwvei ffe) t*?y. V. 29. 
eiKOVcrev x. e^erex. v. 30. eXj/Xv&f bxy. oO. 17 
c. v. 31t ot ovv ol lov^aioi ty. oi secund. cy. i>ira<ytj 
n*?. /cXavtret r. V. 32. evrt (;pj"0 ets) y. CLVTOV etp TOWS 
TroSas acdeglmnopqrtx. nai \eyei (pro \eyovcra) y. av- 
ry f. v. 33. init. cos oi/i/ eicev ( t^trovs) C. toey py. eve- 
fipq/u.ria'aTO ex. eve^pifiviaa.vro y*. TO irvev^ari x. 
j^w. avrovy. V. 34. re9t}Kcire f*xy. v. 37. e\e<yov (pro 
eiirov) dp. e^vvaro acop. 7/oyyarw b. j/cJwro y. 

Ira) y. cnroQavei b. , v. 38. ?raXj;p x. 

t. eTravo) (pro eir') C. eir'f. fin. avrovx. v. 39. 
+avrois (posi Xe'yei) y. ayrou (jpro avrw) q*?. ySei ofy] 
e. v. 40. TTiorTGveK e*. Trta-reva-eis e**p*y. o^befkm*? 
x. V. 41. OTTOV (pro ov) c. re9vt]Kos kq*x. oredvtj- 
KWS /cet/uei/os cp. +auTou eis TOI/ ovpavov (ante avw) dpqr 
(-ayrow dpq**). v. 42. rjfiijv e. <5?;i/ y. aTreo-rtXas x. 
V. 43. Sevpw x, v. 44. reOvrjicos x. oeoe/ixei'ots 1*. ras 
/cat TOWS TTO&XS act. Ktiptais efk*xy. o>|/>;s b. J^K. 
x. v. 45. -ot hp. ocra (pro ct) d. Transfert 
y GTriarevffov eis avrovafine vers&s in locum post lovfiai- 
a)v. v. 46. oVa (pro a) Imnpt. v. 47. -owy(initio 
pericopes). +aara TOO irjffov (post crvveopiov) by. Troicofiev 
g. o avOpwiros OVTOS e. v. 48. OVTWS abdlmnqrty. ovros 

160 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XL v. 48 XII. v. 14. 

ex. Trto'reva'ftjcrii; bcdxy. eXevcrwvrat ex. apovcri b*, /cat 
tertium op. v. 49. -cov y. v. 50. &aXo7teo-0at x. i>fuv 
(pro ^fjnv) eftxy. airo9aveiy. aTroXetratey. aTrwX^rat f*. 
v. 51. aXX' df. ap%iepea)v y. eTrpcxfiyTeuffev a. Trpoe(j)v- 
revcrev y. e/ueXei/ k. rjfjieXXev y. -o bcdefghkopqrx. 
VTrejO TOV e9vov$ airoQwiffKeiv y. V. 52. Siaa-KopirurfJi.eva 
t. avvayn t. ffvvayayei y. ets y. V. 54. ov/cert k. 
eirepieTrarei y. aXX' dfp. -eKeiflec efk. 6?rt (pro eisprim.) 
p. -avTou hk. v. 56. i),iui; ^o^et Imnt. eX0ot qr. v. 57. 
$e$ftMcecrai> g. -/cat ^>nm. apq*r. -ot secund. p. ii/a (j?ro 


CAPUT XII. v. 1. o t^o-ovs rworo super ri\9ev k**. 
is dubium f*. fti9aviav be. j^w. +o irjffovs cp. v. 2. 
avaKei(*.ev(t)v abcdef hkl**mnopqrtxy(g cum Elzev). +CTVV 
(ante avrw secund.) abcdehklmnopqrtxy (non ita fg), 
V. 3. Xqrpav x. j)Xet\|/e g. etX^eX. rows Trooas avrov 
rats 9pi%iv avrrjs C. v. 4. tov^as C. atjtiftjy cfy. +o 
(anfe iffKap.) cgy. taKapiorijs y. avrwv (pro avrov) x. 
v. 5. oivapuov xy. v. 6. or?/ x. e/*eXXev acdefhl*opqrty. 
yXitiffoKo/mov y. v. 7. rerijpiKev y. J#M, avrw b. v. 9. 
TroXvj 0^X09 1. froXXi/s e. TroXXotsx. eKprim.y. tf\.9ev 
f *. ^X0a>r x. v. 10. ovi/ (pro ^e) a. aTroKT^vaxnv x. v. 
11. ot' avrwv x. avrov (pro TOV irjcrovv) ac. v. 12. eirap- 
lov p*. TroXXvs x. tjycrovs epftercu q. o t^trovs y. o 
secund. bcdfghkopqrx. v. 13. eXajSwv x. crvvavrriffiv a. 
airavTrjffiv d. cnravTrjcriv glmnpty. avrov (pro avroj) fo. 
eXeyov (pro eKaa(pv) ax. +Xe r y' ; ' re s (^?05i e/CjOa^ov) p. 
wuavva efghlmp. -o secund. abcdefghklmnoqrtxy. v. 14. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. XII. vv. 1431. 161 

Qyaev abexy. eTr* aorta af*lmntx, v, 15. +<rot(post 
q*r. TroXoy (pro 7ra)\ov)y. V. 16. aXX' ore 
o iqcrovs e. orav g, on t (pro ore), -obdf** 
hopx. eTr' avT(py. v. 17. e^aprvpi xsemel. ooy\o$bis 
k*t. -owvt. ore (pro on) bcdefghklmnopqrtxy. v. 18. 
/rat be. yKoucrav agpx. avrov rovToy. avro e, avrwv 
xsem (pro avrov). TreiroiriKeve xsem. v. 19. init. ffv/m- 
povXiov eirowaav oi (papiffaioi Kara C (+TOI/ ij/croy /cat 
e\eyov TTJOOS eayroi/s C zw margine). $e (pro ouv) g. (frapi- 

creot xsemeL eXeycov (pro enrov) xsem. irpos at/roy? g. 0eo- 

peire C. Oeopqre xsem. to^eXetrat ao. o^eXetre xy, oTrtcrw 

d. -O7rt(rwt. v. 20. rti/es xsemel. eXX^ves &t eXXives y. 
-e/ce. avafiaivcovTwvy. rt (pro rrf)xsemel. v. 21. /3t0- 
cratoab. qpuoTYjaavx.. vipioTivav ysem. 0eXwjtneyy. v. 22. 
6 lX eTe xsem< ^)tXt7r7ros Kat ai/^pea? ysem. Xeyovec g. 
v. 23. -avrois e. v. 24. KO/COS h*xseme?. vrecroi/ xsem. 
ctTToOavei bis bf *gy. /ue^ b. auros JULOPOS /xei'et eai; $e 
airoOavy t. v. 25. <pei\ov xsem. aTroXear^ h. aTrwXecret t*. 
nycrcov xsem. aTroXeaas (pro fiiffwv) ysem. rovro (pro TOV- 
rio) loxsemel v. 26. Staicovei bis aexsem.y : secundum qr. 
TIS haKovy pxsem. (-i/et x). a/coXov^j/rw ntxy. et// 
xsemeZ. ecrre xsemeZ, earw dtxsem.ysem. (pro eo-rat). 
-Kat (awfe eav secund.) xsemel. ripiaei f*xsem. v. 27. 
-/ite d. v. 28. +0716 (postf Trarep) dg** rubro op. rwy 
ovpavwv g. v. 29. -o secundum exsem. eo-r^/cws pysem. 
ecrrtKos xsemel. eXeyov (pro eXeye) g. flpovrr} y*semel. 
yeyoveve xsem. yeyowevai ysem. v. 30. o ahlmnoqrty. 
/ (jf)ft)i'^ atJTj; r. yeyiavev ysem. v. 31. Kpurys xsemel 


162 S. JOHAHNIS CAP. XII. vv. 3148. 

-rovrovprim. gp. ap-^pv x. e/cjSX^o-ere xsemel v. 32. 
f^e (post Kayo)} y$em. v. 33. ffy/nevov 's.semel. ffijfuatvov 
ysem. e^ueXXei/ adefkopqry. j^ueXeox. airoQviaKtiv et -yar- 
v. 34. +ouv (post aireKpiQri) exsem. -ctur^xsem. 

<rv d. -on secund. abefhklmnoqrxsem. y. $tj yse- 
mel, Si -sLs&m. (pro &H). -rt? wrivadfin. vers. gysem. v. 
35. ovv a. [ie9 VJULWV eari TrepiTrareire ewe TO <^>ct>s p. 
-l-e(7Ttv (ante ews) f*. ei/ aurw (pro ews TO d)ws evere) 
meL iva fju'zsem. +$ (ante citona) doxsemel. (r/coretab 
m*ysem. KaraXafleixsemelysem. irepnraToVKsem. ev TV 
ffKoreia jsem. v. 36, ws (pro ews) O. Trepnrareire etas 
(pro Trio-revere ets) ysemel, yevvr-aOe e. ^ev^Bai xsem. 
V. 37. ffrifmeia avTou.ysem. TreTroiei/coros xsem. 7rt(rTeu- 
o-m>adq*r. -etsg- v. 38. -rou Trpofarov ysem. o (pro 
oi/) e. TI (pro Ty) xsem. v/xwv (pro rjfjuav) xsein. (^pa-^iov 
xsem. y. TIVY) xsem. v. 39. e^y^avro ado. jjcWaro e*. 
et^vi/ai/ro xsewi. v. 40. Teru^Xo/cev bxsem. row? o(p- 
0a\fj.ovs Kat TrGTrtapuKev avrtov p*. ireiropoKev xsem. TTG- 
ysem. esn^axrev p**. rq Kapha ffvvwffiv (pro 
ioex^ttJcrt ep. eTnffrpe^ovffiv xsemel. m- 

bdeopy. mo-Wjwe x. V. 41. ort (pro ore) C. t^e fy 
semel. V. 42. ap^vTcav xsem. (papurffaiovs xsem. o/uo- 
\oyovv xsem. y. ywovTai c. 'yevoyrai xsem. y. v. 43. 
i7re/) f *y. v. 44. eKeKpa^ev C. eKpa^e ( rubro) f. TT*- 
ffrevov x (we v. 46). v. 45. Zteestf m cey. Oeopi xsem. 
aTToo-reiXavra (pro 7rejU>|/ai/ra) dxsem. v. 46. eXiXw^a x. 
fin, nqvei X. V. 47. cucovvei y. -/wJ? eg. Trtcrret/o-et cey. 
)? 7rtorrevcr?) X, v. 48. afleroy. Xa/i- 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XII. v. 48 Xffl. v. 18. 163 

fiavov. e^t x. icpivtj (pro Kptvet) ex. v. 49. o (pro on) x. 
eyco b. /mot (pro jue) h. $e$wK6 emx. v, 50. e-yo) XaXw 
ex. etTre (pro eipriKe) g. +M<W (pos warr/p) d. ourw? ab 
dlmnqr. ovros (pro OVTW) tx. 

CAPUT XIII. v. 1. +5e (pos eta>s) b. OTJ; x. ?jX0ei/ 
(pro e\t]\v9ev) aepx. */ wpa avrov e. v. 2. -j 
iov$a x. ';' c. KapSiav iov$a TrapaSco avrov lovoas 
vos eiGKctpiovrov (sic) e. v. 3. init. +KCII g. tows f. 
+^e (post 6t^ws)k** rubro usemel v. 4. TqOrjffixsemeL 
v. 5. jSaXet e*. e/3aXev g. vriirrvipa h. \evno xsemel, 
TO \Gvrua xsemel o (pro y) by. v. 6. I/ITTTJ;? xsem. v. 
7. +o(w^e t^troi/s) d. cnreitpiOri avro) o t^crofs (/cat 
y. -rcat etTrei/ avrw h. yvwaei hn*xsem. y. v. 8. 
(postXeyei^j. +o (arate Trerjoos) cegqry. y^etsc. v 
dfty. /wow TOWS 7ro$as e. avnp secund. ~z.semel. o (ante 
it]<rovs) gxsemel. V. 9. -n-eTjOOsC. /touCg. TTJV Ke(j)a\r}v 

/cat TS X et / as ^ oy c> v * ^^' X/ tai; e X^ x ' ~^ c> w ^^^e 
xsem. oXws b. v. 11. 17^ f*l*qy. TrapaSio'ovvTa fxy. 
V. 12. evi^rev o t^crovs TOU? Trooa? raw paOyTCDv ayroyb. 
Gvtffyev xsemel. rcov /uaOriTcov (pro avTow) dfkqr. KO.I 
(ante eXajSe) y. +/cat (ante avcnreawv) y. avairecrov xsemel. 
y. 13. (frwvriTe ~s.s&mel. o Kvpio<s /cat o ^t^acr/caXos cfg. /ca- 
Xos hx. v. 14. aXXtXwy xsem. v. 15. vTro^fy/ua xsemeL 
yapC. O6ow/ca dlmnptxy. e'ywflmnt. TTOIW (pro GTTOI- 
j/cra)d. -u/iti/ secund. a. /w. Trotetre dfghknpxsem. y. v. 
17. ecrrat x. Trotetre xy. raura (pro avra) cy. v. 18. 
(pro vfiiov) m*. +yap (post eyto) adpqr. yov (pro 
e/uiov) b. -rov c. irrepva (pro rtjv irrepvav) g. v. 


164 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XIII. v. 19 XIV. v. 3. 

19. airapn adfhklopqt. irpoTov yeveaQaig. Tncrreu- 
ffrjTai 1. v. 20. Xa/jiflavcov secund. bis scriptum t, v. 22. 
$e (pro ovv) mnt. -ovv q**. TT/OOS (pro eis) Imnt. v. 23. 
-oef. +e/c (post e is) ad. row f*k. ev rta KO\TT(ID rov 
tijcroy els e/c TCOI> fiaOijrwv avrov p. v. 24. ai/euet p. TOU- 
TO b, avrw p (p*o rovTb)}. v. 25. avcnreacov p. +oi)rws 
(^05# eiceivos) abcfgh(oi/ro?)koq*r. j?w. +o irapa$i$ovs 
ere C. v. 26. cnreKpivaro b. gjtxjSa^as (pro /3av|/as) dp. 
v. 27. Troths C. rayeiov fh*. v. 28. crvvavaKei^evcav q*r. 
7T|Oos rti/a c**. etTToi/ 1. v. 29. ^e (p*o ^yajo) t. +o (aw^e 
ci^ev) C. o (awie lot/oas) gt. aytopacrov t. V. 30. e%ij\.9e 
(pro -ev) et -rjv fie usque ad efyXOe v. 31. g. Jungunt 
t]v ^e vu% ore e%tj\0e (-ovv) abcfklmnopqrt. v. 31. -ovv 
tantum dh. -o prim. bh. v. 32. et o 9eos efio^aaOr) 
evavT<pGQ. &>a<yij (pro ^acrei prim.} y. ^o^aaa) (pro 
secund.} y. v. 33. +^povov (post /miKpov) by. 
r. K^T^craTe y. eyw VTrayca agopqr. v. 34. 
-/cantos yyairriva ad fin. vers. d. \va secund. 
p. ^ets (|)ro i/jtxets) t. v. 35. e^ere bfgy. v. 36. +eyw 
(ante virayui) dflmnpqrt. v. 37. -o bcdfghklmnopqrt. 
vvv a.Ko\ovQr}ffai (-apri) d. v. 38. a.vT(p a. o a, pov 
(prOffovjt. fpcwrja-ri afghldmnqrt. ecoarovl. aTrapvrjvei CJ. 
rpeis c. (Hie aXeKTwp g, contra morem). 

CAPUT XIV. v. 1. TrapaaeaOco ntysem. v. 2. oiKeiaJ. 
semel. TroXXai jmoyai g. etcri y. +on (ante iropevofiai) 
dp. TTOjoevo/aej. eroz/Jiao'ej. v. 3. erot/xacrai (j5rp /cat erot- 
cgpqrxy. -/cat seeund. d**f hko. TOTTOV V/MV fjp. 
j. 7rapa\v}p^fOfjie j. 7rctjOaXet\|/Ojuiat y. et/wjy p. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. XIV. vv. 3 21. 165 

f GKGI (post eyw) ad. vfjus j. re (pro rjre) y. v. 4. - 
ag. VTraya) eyio cysem. /rat T^V oooy oi&rre c. V. 5. 
4-o (ante Q<a/na<i) c. i/Tra'/'SJ- ovvone9aj. v. 6. ei/ueij. 
a\r)6iaj. ov$is j. V. 7. eyvwKqre bis y. cnrapn abdf 
hklpqty. yivcoffKercu j. -/cat ewpanare avrov d. e 
c. eojoafrerej. eopaKare f **k. v. 8. 
sem. v. 9. aireKpidr) (pro Xe7ei)j. et/i.etj. e 
. eofiaKev cf**k. ewpaicev j. aoi (pro cri/)j. 
(jpro >J/uv) ysem. v. 10. eo-Tii' fjpx. -ea-rt 

(pro XaXw prim,} j. afanavTov j. /.xecoybx. v. 11. 
ei/ e/xot ; h. -ea-ru' acdfghklmnopqrtx6is y6i5. v. 12. 
iriffrevov x. eis ysew*- a TTOIW e^to g. iroirjvri prim. c. 
af*y. Troieiffjj secund. xsemel. Tropevwfie c. v. 13. 
y**semel ainja-eire ysemel. +KCII (ante TOVTO) c. 
7roijcrei (pro iroiri<r(a) ysem. So^aaOei ysemel W. 13, 14. 
TOI/TO Troijjo-ft) ws^we ad ey TO> ovofian /ULOV q* (/ia6. man/.). 
v. 14. TJ (^ro TI) xsem. -rt ysemel. airtcreiTat c. mr^- 
aeire ysemel: at ei n av airtffrjre ysemel. +/j.e(post o.nv\- 
ffjjre) locftikysem. Troieicrw xsem. v. 15. -e^as y*semel n- 
jojjcnjre ysemel, at Ttipqcrtire semel. v. 16. /cayta f. epooTtato 
y. ^ocrei xsem. ^6(9' i)/uwv /xe^ei ysemel. /uevei qry. v. 17. 
. avTwprim. f*:secund. xsemel: tert. xsemel. -ovh 
avrocy semel. yivcoffKq'zsem. -^ea. yiveaKere t. 
b. /uej'j; cxsem. j^w. /cat yjwii' ecrre ( ey) ysem. 
v. 19. oweril. v^jys (j?ro v/i. prim.} 1*? -a>ty*sme/L 
(pro V/A. secund.) ysem. v. 20. /cat e^w bxsem. v. 

. rqpov xsemel. o $e ayaTruv /ue a 



semel, e/u^a^crft) xy. ^w. auroi/ e/uafTcoy: ai semeZ aurw 

166 S. JOHAOTS OAPP. XIV. v. 21 XV. v. 10. 

en' avrov. v. 22. +/CCH (ante TI) abcdfghklmnopqrtxy. 
meXXj?s c. /xeXeis x. v. 23. -o prim, abdfghklmnopqrt 
xy. rrjprjfft] fkl*. -juiot/ secund. g. ayairtjffti f. eXetfow- 
peOa qr. eTreXewcrw/Kefla y. Trap' (pro ev) y. Trot^orftj/xev bd 
f *rxy. v. 24. aycnrov x. TOP Xo'yov y. -irarpos bey. 
V. 25. V/JLIV prim, p. yuei/oi/x. /tewy. V. 26. ^a^ei 
v. 27 ac^iei/xi jsemel. eipqvrjv rrjv e/uiji/ ^t- 
. oioofu xy(fo's). ou Ka0ft)? usque ad eyo) 
vtuv g. <$i$ocriv ysemel, ^Xtarto xsemel. v. .28. 
cryctTrare t. eiy aware xsem. avysem. enrov secund. o. 
Kopevo/ne xsem. ontertiumfd*. je^oi/b. -/uou secund. 
y*sem. v. 29. ^evecr^eb. yevrjreysem. v. 30. ou/cert 1. 
-TOVTOV abdfghklmriopqrtxy (/wa c). -ho (awie apywv) 
n. ajO^oj'X. evptjffei (pro OVK e^ei)dp. OVK e^ei rubroy** 
sem. v. 31. +jwov (posi irarrip) d. OUTWS abdlmnqty. 
ayopev ysem. 

CAPUT XV. V.I. aX^^x. -/uoyf*. v. 2. ^wy 
&Z5 y. |3nm. opq. secimd!. a*, ai/rw (|?ro ayro) fo's xsem. 
KaOepei X&Z5. j 1 ?^. <qoei dy. V. 3. ^^et ysm. V. 4. Svvare 
sem, (pepei (pro fapeiv) ysem, TW (pro TJ?) t. /cat (pro 
oi;$e) y. /w. wvvire xbis. V, 5. jmei/oi/ bx6is. ourw? p*y. 
TroXXw JisemeL "Xfapeis x6z*5. SuvaaOai xsemel. iroiqv x6is. 
V. 6. eis (p"0 ws)t. awroag, avrtaysem. (pro aura]. +ro 
(awie vryjo) adfhklmnopqrtxy. miere h*. Keerai ysemel. 
V. 7. ev fiot y*. 9e\y<rr)re f. ^eXetre usemel. airricraffOe f 
hoqr. airqfffcrOai xsem. v. 8. en TOUTO bxsemeZ. TroXXyv 
xsemel. (peprjrai t*. yevrjaOe ap. juot (I'J'O G/AOJ) xsem. v. 
9. nyvare xsemel v. 10. /.lei^re bx. /uiej'co bf hkqr. -T>/ 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XV. v. 10 XVI. v. 4. 167 

secund. y. v. 11. privy xsemeL v. 13. neifyva f *. /uq- 
fyva xsem. v. 14. eo-Ttu x. iroieire xsem. y. a (pro oara) 
q**. v. 15. OVK en k. /cat TI (pro ovKeri) C. oi$ev fjkpx. 
eioet. irotrjC, o Kvptos avrov dj. ocra (j9^0 a) h. 
bx. v. 16. ee\e|;acr0cuj. e^aiXe^ao-0e Jisemel. 
/uti/ xsemel. V/JLIS secund. j. virayr]rat jxsem. 
(pepetrex. /neivt] apq*r. juet^t d. |uei/ei bfjtxy. 
yasem. ovoparr] xsemel. ^w^ a**bcf**gjlmnqrtx5eme?. 
^wo-jy f *oxseme. ^wo-et d**y. v. 17. a7a7remw xsem. 
v, 18. jutcrei y/uasj. ^cret "Ksemel. yivwffKeraij. fin. e/xtcr^- 
c-ei/j. fj.e/nriffr)Kei> xsemel. v. 19. j/t d*, etre x^em. ysemel 
(pro jjre). e(j)i\r) xsemel. ecrrat j. jutcrei xsemeZ. >y/uas t. 
V. 20. juu/^/uoi/ere y*. +fi.ov (post \oyov) \)k. ~ey(o*t. ecr- 
Tti/jpxsem. /ui^wyj. -jm^wvt. jj (^ro et secund.) xsemeZ. 
/ov y*. tjfLGTepov t. rrjptjffcoffiv C. V. 21. iravrag. 
Gjsem. v/na^ysem, otoao'ti/j. v. 22. eiyocrar' 
TrejOj? xsewi. v. 23. fjLrjffwv x. _/wi. /WJCTJ? b. 
xsemeL v. 24. eTrouyo'ei' (pro TreTrou/fei') p. /cai 
prim. g. eopaKcurt f **k. v. 25. e/xjycrjycraj/ xsemel. v. 26. 
4- MOW (post TraTjOos prim.) adp. ' eKTropevere b. 
ysem. v. 27. -5e ysemel. papTvprjre cxsemel. 

CAPUT XVI. v. 1. (rKav$a\ei(r0riT6 xsemel v. 2. TTOIJ?- 
crwo'ti' cxsemel ysemel. jj/xas t. aTro/criiii'as xseme?. ooei n. 
\aTpiav l*xsemel. v. 3. TroiriGuxriv ysem. -i/juu/ bcdfhklm 
noqrtxy. i/ g. ot^a<ri (pro e7yaxrai>) c. v. 4. H-Trai/ra 
(post ravra) bx, -j-aurajj/ (post w^oa) p. fivrj^oveverai C. 
kysem. fjivrjfjiovevffrire t*. etTrov prim. t. 

168 S. JOHANNIS CAP. XVI. vv. 422. secund. ysemel. e^apj^s blot, 
jueO' y/ucavt. Jin. rj(j.ivx. V. 6. rat/rag, jj/xawt. v. 7. 
a \ey(a (pro a\\' eyco) C. v/uv Xeyw p. Iv cnreXOu) (eyco) 
t*. -i-eyo} (post yap) abcdfghklnmopqrtxy. eKevvere x 
semel. j/fActspn'm. t. v. 8. e\\ey%ei ysemel. -KM secund. 
qr. -7re/[)i secund. n*. v. 9. mcrrevoacnv ysemel, at eiri- 
arevaav semel. v. 10. i^ev (pro $e) t. vv. 10, 21, 25. oiJ- 
KGTI\, v, 11. -onysem. v. 12. -v/uiv ysem. v. 13. 
oe dysew*. /cot/cellos (pro e/ce<i/os) g. oos av afcoycret (pro 
ocra) ysemel. eav (pro av) dp. XaXqer) secund. kxsewi. v. 
14. e(j.oi p, /xei/ ysemel (pro ejuie). TO (pro ort) p. avayye\tj 
p. v. 15. -f "yap (post iravra) qr. e^xseme?. Aa/u/Bauet 
(pro Xjjv^erat) abcghklmnqrtxy. (Xafiavvei ysemel). avay- 
ye\y -Ksemel v. 16. -eyw abcdghklm**nopqrtxy5eme^ 
/w. +/xoy c. vv. 16, 17. Desunt in xsemel verba on eya> 
VTrayo) v. 16 usque ad o^ecr9e je v. 17. v. 17. -ovv y 
semel. -Kai(anteori)ysem. -e<ywapq. fin. +^ouc. vv. 
17, 18. Desunt in t verba o \eyei v. 17 usque ad rovro 
n ecrriv v. 18. v. 18. eXeyov ovv g. ovvysem. TI 
prim. c. ecrrt TO nwpov (0 \eyei) g. eart ky. TO ^ut- 
Kyjoi/ ysemel. v. 19, ^e (pro ow) p. TrejOt TOVTO c. V/TJ?Te 
xsemeZ. /mera ysemel. eir aAA^Aowp. +^4^ (posif enrov) 
pq*. o\|/eo-0eu h. V. 20. &prjvr]ff6Tai xsem. ^apifferai by 

yaprjaere ptxsem. \virri9>jffea-9ai xsem. aAAa ck. 

*. v. 21. Tt/cTet cgqry. TJJKTJ^X. e^xsemeZ. yei'- 
chqy. yevn<rr} xsemel. ovKerri xsemel. OXq^/ews x. 
v. 22. ifVeis tysem. -ovv ysemel. ovv (pro vvv)\i. 
\viryv (-{lev vvv)y semel. e^ere opysemel. 

S. JOHANN1S CAPP. XVI. v. 22 XVII. v. 9. 169 

epei (pro atpei) xsemel. v. 23. epwrrja-are c. epwrtajyre y 
sem. o (pro ocra) adp. eav (pro av) dp. air^etre xsemel, 
ysemel. -"rovTrarepa ysemel. Siaij ysemel. v. 24. 
xsemel. air^re p*. \rj\l/eff9ai xsemeL \et-beo6e 
ysemel. v. 25. Xe\a/c>//ca v/uivevTrapoifJucusysemel. vfjuv 
secund. ysemel. v. 26. airriaeaQai xsemel. airicreffOe yse- 
mel, at aiT^aacr^e semel. epooTicrco ysemel. v. 27. 

^w. +/ca( TTjOog TOP $eov viraywt*. v. 28. a 
iropevofj.e xsemel. v, 29. auTouf*k. iSoi/x. 
Trapoifuav t*. o5^e /ilai/ dhk. v. 30. ^pai/ xsew. etre- 
pcora (pro epurq) g. ev rovrots C. ei; TOVTO x*em. v. 31. 
avreKpiOet ysemel. v, 32. ep^ere xsem. ep^erca p*. /cat 
i'w G\t}\vOev c. a(peiTe ysemel. +jmou (pos^ irarrjp) fkq. 
v. 33. e^etre (jpro e^re) dxseme?. Pro e^ere habent 
abd**ghldmnoprtx (q cwm Elzev.). e^ercuc. e-^rey 

X. vevtjKrjKa f*. 

CAPUT XVII. v.l. \e\a\riKevysemel eTrapa^ ysemel. 
oret (pro ^o^acr^) ghq*y. v. 2. e&twcas (jpro ^e^w/cas) 
adhx. $wcm abdghklmnpqrtx^emeZ y. v. 3. ecrr^j; xsemel. 
a\rjOrjvov x. -aXtjOwov m*? aTrecrrtXav xsemel. v. 4. 
-eTrt TJJS "y^? p. V. 5. Trapa ffeai/roi/C. V. 6. (roi/ TO 
oi/0|Ka o"oy ysemel. arv (pro croi) xysemel. etaav ysemel. e$w- 
(pro ^w/cas seeund.) ap. rerrjpiKaiji ysemel. v. 7. 
adn*pqry5emeZ . ? e^tw/cas a. Trajoa aot y. irapov t. 
. w. 7, 8. -Trapa aoy ecrTiV OTt Ta prjuara a ^e- 
,ot b* (A,a6eJ marg.). v. 8. oVa (pro a) p. eoWas 
(pro ^e^.) ap. + aXt]Q<a$ (post eiriffreva-av) C. v. 9. Trept 
OI)TW xsemel, -ov wept rov KOGIJ.OV epwrw t. <rv (pro crot) 

170 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XVII. v. 9 XVIII. v. 6. 

dxs<?w. ysem. v. 10. -ra prim. y*sem. 
v. 11. QVKenl. ev TCO Kofffio) eifu p. ep^ojue xsem. rrjpicrov 
y. juoy (pro 0-oy) ysemel. o oxsemel. ysemel, w bdfghklmn 
p^x.semeZ.y.seifte? (pro ovs). e$w/cas p. wow d. +/cai (post 
Kaflcos) ysemel. v. 12. im. ore ^M^ ^s&mel. aTroXero x. 
ei /ii h. aTToXtas xseme?. aTroXems ra*X5eme/. ysemel. airw- 
Xias ysemel. v. 13. e^o/iexsem. ei' TW tcocrfup ysemel. 
fin. ev eavroK p. V. 14. e/ijycr^o'ei; x. j^w. e/c TOW KOfffJiOv 
OVK ei/ui y. v. 15. apetsy. v. 17. o Xo^os o aos t*. crow 
(pro o <ros) y. v. 18. init. /ca^ws crv Trarep e/me yinitio pe- 
ricopes. ica^ca ctTrecrr. ad fin. vers. p. avrovs 
m. V. 19. e'yw g. eju. auTovd. w(rti/ /cat ayrot p. 
vyia.crti.evoi ysemel. v. 20. /JLOV(OV d. KUI ysemel. Trep 
TWV row iriffTGv. p. TnvTevovTwv abdfghklmnopqrtxy (M' 
c). v. 21. try (pro ow) xsemel. ev fiiuw d. wo-^y secund. h. 
nie o Kocrfj.os) f. iriyrGvaei ysemel. v. 22. j)y (pro 

d. ^ eoftwcccs 1 /xoi eow/ca p. ei' <wcrt ab?. -f Kac (an^e ^fjiet?) 
a. v. 23. ii/ tycTi ysemel. ^LVWCTKGI. bdf *hk*qxseme?y. v. 
24. jfjou (pro ei/ut) xsemel. ejw et^ut ysemel. KUI eiteivoi p. 
-ii/ak. &^wKas (pro e^w/cas) fghmnqrtxy^me/. v. 25. 
01} p*. OUTI p**. v. 26. eyvwprjffa xsemel. ^yaTT^cres g. 
el (pro 17) y. 

CAPUT XVIII. v. 1. o wvovs super e^rj\9e rubro k**. 
^ei/napov g. ^(eifJLappovs y. tcev^poiv O. etor^X^oi; dh**k. 
v. 2. t]$t] bdk*q. rov b. TroXXafCJjs b. +KI (posi o-yj/- 
riyQri) bcdfgky. v. 3. ffirypav f*y. -e/c g. fapiwaMv x. 
V. 5. ot ^e etTTOi' (pro cnreKpiOqffav avrtp) y. vafyopauav 
PX- E'IGTVJKGI bo. etffTt/cei x. -^ec. ^ter'ayroysc. v. 6. 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. XVIII. vv. 628. 171 

o iqcrow (pro aurots) c. eTrecrw y. v. 7. avrois (pro av- 
Tovi) x. eirepforrjffe at. eTTijpcoTiffe y*. v. 8. o abdfg 
hklmnopqrtxy. </rire x. v. 9. -n-Xypw c. aTroXecra o?. 
e avrcov OVK ctTroXecra c. V. 10. rj\ttvcrev y. etrecre bxy. 
eTrecrei f*. /ecu secimdL d*. oe^uav b. V. 11. TO Trer/ow 
b. -o-oy bcdlmnpty. H-ayr^s (post OqKqv) y. /n. avrw 
p*x. v. 12, (nrripa y. VTrypere b. toy^ewv x**. v. 13. 
Kai a7TJj r ya r yoi/ ai/ro// x*. v. 15. rjKo\ov9r] f*y. $e 
jpn'm. pt. -oj9r*m. C. avvrjvrjXOevb. v. 16. r^v Qvpa 
ex. T?I/ Oy/3ai/ y. e/cetvos (j?ro o aXXo?) g. TOO (pro r*/ 
)t. Bvpopwj. v. 17. ^(proe^g. v. 18. eta-Dj- 
by. avOpaKecav f. eOep/nevovro x. 9ep/ULevo/u.Gvos 
V. 19. J^jOWTicre y. TW ?/(rov t. irepi roov f*aOt]- 
TWV O.VTOV KCLI d. feat TTCjOt T);s otoa^s auTou t. v. 20. 
+ei/ (awie rw KOfffjLb)) p. ey o-vvay^yais c. -TJ? abcdfghk 
Imnopqrtxy. ei/ (rvvaytoyrj e$it)a<~a. b. Kcuprim. t. ?rai/- 
Tes p, -TravroTe abcdfghklmnoqrtxy (pro iravroQei!). v. 
21. eirepioriaov y. o/c^/cotoTas by. y^aatv b. ot^ao-t y. Jin. 
avrots (pro eyco) y. V. 22. eiTrwcTo? y. ^w/cei/ C. OTTO- 
/fjoii/ei bdry. v. 23. -o bo. naprvpicrov y. Satpeis Imnq 
rt. v. 24. aTrecrrtXevx. -oyi/ bcdfghklmnoqrtxy (pcum 
Elz&v^). Kaia^ai. v. 25. -$ed. -cri/xcoy b*. 
0epfJ.evotu.evos x. -oy^d*. j) (pro el) gk. +GWJ; (posi 
o-aro) abcdfghklmnoqrtxy. v. 26. +oyy (posi \eyei] q*. 
/CJ^TTTTW g. v. 27. -o cdfkpt. v. 28. ay overt pqrxy. 
-oyj'Cgopqrxy. irpairopiov bisks, bis: secund. xsemel -riv 
$G usque ad Trpaircopiov q*r*. Trpcoi bhlmnq**r**xy. -ets 
TO irpaiTcopiov secund. gt. fjnjavBwrtv *Ms. aXXak. -iya 

172 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XVIII. y. 28 XIX. v. 6. 

secund. k. V. 29. +e%a) (post TrtXaros 1 ) afkp. faperai k. 
v. 31. XajSe xsemel. <$e (pro ovv secund.) ap. cnroKnvai x 
semel. v. 32. armaivwv b*. a^atvov b**. en/jKetwpm^x. 
e/ueXXet/ af hklmnopqrty. v. 33. Trpairopiov lakxsemel 
TraXii/ eis TO irpaircapiov g. Xe'yet TW tj/croi; (pro ecbwvrjare 
TOV ir/aovv Kai eiirev avT(p) xsem. v. 34. cureKpivctTo 
(-avr<p) ap. -o g. -o-y c. aXXo? aroi eiire ag. <ry (pro 
CTOI) xsemel v. 35. j),u? (pro et/ui) xsemel. epov (pro croi>) 
y. o-ot (pro o-e) g. v. 36. -o abdfghldmnopqrtxy. e/un 
(pro etui) xsemel. riyoviCovro xsemel, at qyovifyovro semel. 
ro y. TrapaooaBo) f*htxsemel. v. 37. ovvt. au- 
. ou/coupdq. -o secund. bdglmnptxsem. y. 
. yeyevqfJie f. <yeyevvrnuiex. wasf. /me (pro 
v. 38. earif. eiirov xsemel. irpos TOVS iov$aiovg g. ov$e 
piav d. v. 39. yiuv (pro v^iv prim.) l**mnt. -v/uv \va p. 
airoXvata vfj.iv (post eva)/p. GV TW Tracr^ak. fiou\ea6ai 
t. +tva (posi owy)/. cnrdXvau) v^w (post ovv) f])q*i\ airto- 
XKO-W secund. t. v. 40. -7raXti/almnpq**t. -Trai/rejg. 
Xe'yoi'Tes,/ Toy fiapaflfia y. flapaflav g*t. f3apa^a<$ g*t. 
CAPUT XIX. v. 2. e?n T^I/ Ke^)a\ijv avrov xsemel. irepi- 
e/3aXXoi/p. ,/?in. aurw (pro aimw) gm*ptx5eme?. v. 3. 
mii. /ecu ripypvro (^ovrof) TTJOOS avrov /cat eXe'yoy a/p. 
auTOV (pro avT<p) 1. V. 4. m't Kai eqX0ep. -ovvpy. o 
TriXaros TraXty e^w r. e^w prim. py. etoe y. avrov vjjuv 
ap. - avrov f. rovrov (pro avrov)y. ovde ft'iav (sic v. 11) d 
k. v. 5. e^o) o tyaovsfp. <popov x. aKavd^jvov xsemel. et$e 
y, v. 6. itW avrof. eiScov xsemel, itiov semel. KM oi virrjp- 
erat g\ apov apov (pro aravpuocrov prim.) xsemel. +avToi> 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. XIX. vv: 619. 173 

(post o-ravpwffov seeund.) abd/gh**klmnopqrtxy. evpet- 

ffKiox. enav xsem. v. 7. e^ianev ~z.sem. y. o(j)i\ixsemel, 

aTro6cu>Y)v x. Giroieiaev xsemel. Qeov v\ov ( Tov)bhkprx. 


-Toy ad/glmnoqty. v. 8. rov \oyov TOVTOV bpt*. jtxa- 
Xoi> xsem. v. 9. init. ndXiv (+owb) o TTiXaro? Xe'y et ^ )X 
. eiffri\6e ira\iv eis TO Trpairwpiov y. o iri\aT(>s~~ super 
. rw6ro k**. TrpaiTopiovk. v. 10. -ow gy. AaX>; 
xsemel. -e^to prim.y. v. 11. oprim. abd/ghlmnopq 
rtxy. e^eis (j9ro et^e?) p. ., ov$6f*iav e^oviriavf. ov^efjuav 
p. $e$(0fjievov ysem, peifyvg. yuet^wva xsem. jixei^Wy, v. 
12. e^rj/ l*X5eme?. airoXvcrai avrov o iriXaros p. rov it]~ 
(row (pro avrov prim.} g. eKpavya^ov dhop. eitpafyv X 
semel. -\eyovresg. avroXweis y. Kecrapos xsemel. +ow 
(post Tras) h- eavroy (pro awroj;) abd/ghldmnopqrtxy. TTO- 
(ov JisemeL /cato"ajoetx. v. 13. rovrwv rtav Xoyaw abdhlc 
opqrx. eKa9r)crev%.ysem. -roi/p. -Xeyopevov ysemel. \i- 
Ooffrporov xsew. 6/3patcrT/ y. yaflada abd/lmnqrty. v. 
14. +j?i' (post (apa}fmnopq**txsem.y. -$e secund.flmn 
optxsewz. y. <ws (j?ro wcrei) bcdhkop. v. 15. -f-\e'yoj>Tes 
(post Kpavyaffav)xsemeL ftacriXeapnm.'y. ffravpcocrai 
(pro ffTavpwffKi) d*. aireupvOrja-ctv ipassim. e^wjuev ey se- 
mel. KGffapa'X.semeL v. 16. owg. ovi; (pro^e)a. Tr.ct- 
prt\aflovres ^e TOJ/ tj/croi/y riyayov xsem. ysemel. rjyayovf. 
vjyayov abcdghklmnopqrtxy. /w. +ets TO 
semelysem. v. 17. -/caty, jSao-Ta^ovres t*. 
avrov rov aravpov p. eaurov b. e^j/X^o^ t*ysem. e*s rotrov 
'(pro ets roy) abcdghoqr. o (pro o?) xem. y. Xe7eTe x. 
y. V. 19. eireQrjKGV p. ?i> oe yeypa^/nevov ad 

174 S. JOHANNIS CAP. XIX. w. 1935, 

fin. vers. ysemel. vufyopeos xsemel, v. 20. o' TOTTOS 
TroXeajs abcdfghklmnopqrtxy. o iqvovs ysemel. 
cm \\r)viffri qr. eftpdiarri e\\ijnarri pwfJidiarrrj ysemel. 
v. 21. rcov lovlauav primum d. /ntj ypa(j)e o jSacriXew 
r<av lovfiauav b*. ypa(j)ai b**. e/rewos eiirev ojjSacrtXey!,' g. 
ei/nr) xsemel. v. 22. yeypa(pa primum p*. v. 23. yirova 
g. apatpos abcdghkoptxy. ^oXoy gklqrt. v. 24. cr^^croj- 
(iev avro y> q (ante ypa(prj} g. KXiJpoys p. oi IU.GV ouv 
arpanwrai Tavra evroirjcrav b* (habet marg. ar par tore 
b**). v. 25. elffrrjKeiffav ysemel, at eicrrtjKrjcrav bis. 
iUryTjOos t*. fAQjOia rov (-?)/ /cXovra akqrxfer y. 
\ivyybis. v. 26. -ovvf. -ov yyaira ysemel. \ 
i$e aghlmnoqrtxfery (pro itW). v. 27. t^e k. 

gmxy. o iJiaOyTw avrrjv acd/ghklmnopqrt, 
(post yua^Tj^s) bxy. v. 28. /xera ravra X. i^wv 
bdghkox&is ysem., i$cos ysem. (pro <W). ^ iravraf($ri) 
Imn. toei ysemel. -tj$ij dgtysemel. rereXeo-Qai (sic v. 30) 
C. 4"7rept avToy (post TereXecrrai) bd. irh-qptoOri (pro re- 
\eia)6n) y. v. 29. yo-aw h*. TrepiriBevreg C. TO o~rofjLari 
bd. TO ffTo/xa y. v. 30. $e (pro oyi/) p. K\qva$ xsemeL 

y/uLepa (-y) acdfgxbis ysemel. GKGLVOV acd/ghklmnoqrxy 
sem. (p cumElzev.}. rov aaflflarov eiceivovi. ^wTtcravy 
sem. Kareaywffif. v. 32. irporov xsemel. * -rov (ante 
a\\ov)f. a\ov xsemel. v. 33. e\6ovres c. i$ov ybis. 
t)$eiybis, at eiSr/semel. redvtjKcora ysemel. Jin. +KUI rov 

aXXoy Toy crveravpooOevTos t*eras. v. 34. yyyev p. evoi%e 

ybis. evoi^ev xsemel. eyWews ab/ghlmnpqrtxy. v. 35. 

S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XIX. v. 35 XX. v. 14. 175 
k. e(opa.Ko$ x&is. 

rvpeiKe xsemel. a\rj9qvr] xtfer. eariv avrov aghkoq*rxfo's. 
eartv q fmprvpia avrov c/'lmnq**txsemeZy. etcW (pro 

ei ysemel. +KUI (post \va) pysemel. incrrev- 
orciTe x&is. v. 36. oe (pro yap) q*r. +a7r' (ante aurou) 
,/glmnqrt, v. 37, otyovre x. efytcevTiaav xy. v. 38. -$e 
primum abcd/ghklmnopt. Tr^Xaroyb. -oprim. ac/ghl 
mnopqrty. ajOijuarOaia? g. pi/j.a6aias o. api[jia9iasp. ov 
HaOrjTw (J^crov ( TOI/) t. /ca< itpvpfjievos x. KeKpv/jievos y*. 
\va apeib. avrov (pw TOV IVJGOV secund.) py. Kat 
ad fin. vers. dq. v. 39. VUKTOS TTJOO? TOI/ 
C. ff/JivvrisiL*. fffupvqsT. aXwqs a*cg*m*y. ws(j9*o 
tocret) bcd/ghklmnopq*rtxy. Xj?r/)as x. v. 40. avrco bx. 
avTwi h*. +ei; (ante o0oi>iois) abcd/ghklmnoqrtxy (w^w- 
i/tots y*> p cwm Elzev.}. appao/narcov t. /ca0' tos k. /ca^os qy. 
v. 41. K^TTTTOS g. TOTTW (j?ro KJjTry) g. ov^eTTore (pro ovh- 
TTW) y. v. 42. e/c7 (pro e/cei) p*. +oVou (ante eOtjKctv) y. 
reOtjKav t. avrov (pro TOV irjaovv) g. 

CAPUT XX. v. 1. juc^SaAH/j? by. eip^vov y. v. 2. 
Trerpwv p*. TTJOWS secwnc?. 1*. e<^>iX>/b. +OTI (ante ijpav) y. 
oicia ty. v. 3. -o pn'm. p. v. 4. ow (pro ^e) kl*? ra^;- 
etov p*. v. 5. ra o^owa tcei/neva y. oQuvia, a*t*. V. 6. 
ep-^ere bx. avroi/ (pro ai/ry) c. fin. + /MOW* p. v. 7. - TJ/S 
a. evreruXriynevov d*. V. 9. j^oecrav g. torjaav y. orj (pro 
oei)y* v. 11. eicrretKei a. irpog TW /u^/ueiw b/hklrano (fo) 
pq**. v. 12. -{-/cat (dswte /ca^e^o/iewi/s) t. irpos TJJV Kefyak- 
yvc. Kiro crwfjia (-TO)/. +Kvpiov(antei^aov)y. v. 13. 
+eK TOI/ nvtjueiov (post Kvpiov (iov)y. v. 14. oVi- 

176 S. JOHANNIS CAPP. XX. v. 14 XXI. v. 3. 

<Tft)b. t$r) (pro 7)ei) y. -o'abcd/ghklmnopqrty. v. 15. 
+ovv (post \eyei) k. -oprim. b**. -nva (^reist. (^/Tjy? 
y. Kriinrovpos g. Kqircopost- Trout*. eOijucis auToy abed 
/Imnpqrty. vv. 15 17. -auroi; 0j/Ka? wsgwe aci5 OVTTW 
ava/3ej37/ca g*. Sa&ei margo, ubi v. 16 OT'C legitur : 
Ae'ye* ai/rw ej3pai'orTi (pro papta' <TTpa(j)et.aa e/cet- 
i;>/ Ae-yet avrqi). V. 16. trrpa^ija'a cy. +^e Q?0s arpa- 
^)etcra)bc. ayr^p. pajSowt ; b. paflovvi clmnqrt. v. 17. 
jmou secund. d. j^w. 0eoi/ j/ l ft)i' t. v. 18. /xcfyoaXtw? y. 

a7ra7 r y e ^ ouo ' a ^" T6 (^ ro 07"0 * eopatcek. v. 19. 

y. ovv cm*py. /cat/fXetcr/ue/o)!/ x. +avroy (post 

p. -avvriynevoi ko*. ecrri; d (sic v. 26) g. v. 20. eiirov x. 

-Ta9 ^eipasr*. e^ap<rai/by. ouvy. v. 21. v^vf. airo- 

(TreXXw (f>"0 Tre/uTTft)) p. v. 22. ro (pro TOVTO) c. s 

<rtae x. ei/e^ua-etae y. Xafiercuf. v. 23. a^etre y. 

Teirebx. KaiKpaTrjvre x. v. 24. e y. V. 25. e 

k*. -TOC TVTTOV jpn'm. c. -Kai /3aXco wsgwe ac? jJXwy c. 

)(ipav C. v. 26. avrov C. Xe'yet ayroi? (pro enrev) C. 

v. 27. a>$e h. e*$e (jpro t^e) p. ^>f|0at ras yeipas GOV C. 

v. 28. -o pnm. abd/ghklmnopqrty. v. 29. eo/)a*cas c. 

eojoa/rask. /uot (j9ro /*e) m. ayia abcd/ghklmnopqrt 

xy. v. 30. ai]Gr)waf. -avrov dgko. v. 31. -o prim. 

abcd/ghklmnopqrtxy. +<m t^o-ov? ecrrii/ o %piaro$ o vtos 

TOV Oeov (post TTiarevovres}/*. e^eirai (pro e^re) C. 

CAPUT XXI. v.l. +^e (post jmTa)qr. n-aXtvfmn 
q**t. +ayroiqr, H-avrou eyepOeis e/c veitpwv C/lmnty 
(posi ,ua$7Tcus). v. 2. +uloi (posi ot)a**cy. -TOW c. 
ctXXot?/. v. 3. +o'(cmfeo-i / ua>i/)y. evefiqa-av abd/ghklmn 

S. JOHANNIS CAP. XXI. vv. 325. 177 

pqrty. iw/cTJJb. v. 4. yivojievri's ghko. eo-r^dg. -o o. 
eTri (pro ets) dy. tj^a-af bq*. eiSqcravy. v. 5. -aimusc?. 
eyjjTe/ 1 . ev^re y. V. 6. evprjffrjTe y. ovuen 1. aurw d*. 
eXicvffcu avro p. tcr^wovaQp. V. 9. eire^'ravj. V. 11- 
as Tjfi; fyjji/ p. V. 12. H-.ow (p0s Xe^et) d. cry r/s et C. 
t^ores y. V. 13. gjO^ere b. ovv C. $t$ocnv y. /cat dioaxni/ 
ai/roij g. j^w. -f-ovceis oe eroXjua TO XfTrwi/ C. V. 14. row- 
TOV t., ei$rj (pro ^rj) y. efyavepwffev cgxy (pro e(f)avepd)- 
Qrj). +eavrov(post e<av.)gxy. v. 15. +/cat (ante \eyei) 
a**, crtjuowt. o iqcrovs oqr. TrXeiwi/b. v. 16. Trot^ereb. 
v. 17. -TO prim3f. -\eyei avru> o iqaovs ad fin. vers. c. 
o (ante iqcrovs) y. v. 18. on (pro ore) y. ys k. i/eore- 
po? b. eavrov (pro oreauroi;) cgoqry. TrejOteTrarjjs bl*qr. 
yqpaais b. e/creii/eieis C. (roua*. ^o)cr};ch*k. et(rvC, o 
eicrotx, oicrey (pro oicrei). ov (ante 9e\eis)f. 
v. 19. ffr]fi6V(av X. oo^acn? C. a.KO\ov9r) x. aKO\ov9rj y. V. 
20. Jy (pro os) x. -ey T^ SetTri;^) ct. v. 22. ep^^nai k**. 
v. 23. -owros c?y. ep^co/uai ckx. v. 24. -o /taOtjrw t*. 
Trejor; TOUTOU C. ^ajuei/ on wsg'Me a<? naprvpia av C* (habet 
margo}. iSa/uev ysemel. d\rj0ei? by. a\yOts effrrjv xsem. 
. avrov X. v. 25. +aj7jaeia (an^e TroXXa) c. eTroietcrei; x 
w'7rotwi/ r<ov /Aa^jjrwv aurou (posi ty<rous) C. ani/a 
d. ypcKpyre bky. ra#et/ Imnqrty. ot/xe x^em. -^u>paiffev C. 
ysemel, at ^opicrat semel. <ypa(f)(0fjieva ysemel. 

SUBSCRIPTIONES. jHi'aw* es. JWZ habent abc/ght. 
o. TeXos TOW /cara looavvriv evayye\iov d. TO KaTa 
Iwavvqv evayyeXiov e%e$o9r] pera %povovs fypovov p) X/3 



TOU (-TOV p) Xpcrroy ava\Tj\lsG(as Idmnp. +ev 

1. H-crrt^ot /3r. Imn. reXop TOW Kara Icoavvtjv cruv 
a^tou evayyeXiov o-jrep e%eoo9r] /cat avro /uera vp. 
Xv avaXrj^l/. q. Sic fere r. 





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English Synonyms. Edited by R. 

WHATELY, D.D.i Archbishop of Dublin. 
Third Edition, enlarged. 3s. 

On the Lessons in Proverbs ; Lec- 
tures by R.C. TRENCH, B.D. SecondEd. 3s. 

On the Study of Words ; Lectures 

by the same Author. 4th Edition. 3s. 6d. 

History of the Royal Society, com- 
piled from Original Authentic Documents. 
By C. R. WELD, Assistant-Secretary of the 

Royal Society. Two Volumes. Octavo. 30s. 

The Comets; a Descriptive Treatise 

with a condensed account of modern dis- 
coveries, and a table of all calculated 
Comets. By J. RUSSELL HIND, Foreign 
Secretary of Astronomical Society. 5s. 6d. 

An Astronomical Yocabulary; an 

Explanation of all termsin use amongst As- 
tronomers. By the same Author. Is. 6d. 

Cycle of Celestial Objects. By 

'. Rear -Admiral W. H. SMYTH, F.R.S., 
Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society. 
Two Vols. Octavo, with Illustrations. 
2 2s. 

Manual of Chemistry. By W. T. 

BBANDE, F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry in 
. the Royal Institution. Sixth Edition, much 
enlarged, and embodying all Recent Dis- 
coveries. Two large Volumes. 2 5s. 

Dictionary of Materia Medica and 

Pharmacy. By the same Author. 15s. 

Principles of Mechanism. By R. 

WILLIS, M.A., F.R.S., Professor of Natural 
Philosophy, Cambridge. 15s. 

Mechanics applied to the Arts. By 

H. MOSELEY, M.A., F.R.S., one of Her 
Majesty's Inspectors of Schools. 6s. 6d. 

Lectures on Astronomy. By same 

Author. Third Edition. 5s. Gd. 

Elements of Meteorology. By the 

late Professor DANIELL. With Plates. 
Two Volumes. Octavo. 32s. 

On Thunderstorms, and on the 

means of Protecting Buildings and Shipping 
against the Effects of Lightning. By SIB 
W. SNOW HABTUS, F.R.S. 10s. 6d. 

Connexion of Natural and Divine 

Truth. By BADEN POWELL, M.A..F.R.S., 
Professor of Geometry, Oxford. 9s. 

Undulatory Theory as applied to the 

Dispersion of Light. By the same Author. 
Octavo. With coloured Chart. 9s. 

Lectures on the Principles and 

Practice of Physic. By T. WATSON, M.D. 
Third Edition. Two Volumes. Octavo. 34s. 

On the Diseases of the Kidney: their 

Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment. 
By GEOBGE JOHNSON, M.D., Assistant- 
Physician to King's College Hospital. 1 4s. 

Physiological Anatomy and Phy- 
siology of Man. By Dr. TODD and W. BOW- 
MAN, F.R.S. Part IV., Section I., 7s. 
Part III., 7s. Vol I., 15s. 

The Philosophy of Living. By HER- 

BEBTMAYO, M.D. Cheaper Edition, with 
Additions. 5s. 

Management of the Organs of Di- 
gestion in Health and in Disease. By the 
same Author. Second Edition. 6s. 6d. 

Lunacy and Lunatic Life, with Hints 

on the Personal Care and Management of 
those afflicted with Derangement. 3s. 6d. 

German Mineral Waters: and their 

rational employmentfor the Cure of certain 
Chronic Diseases. By S. SUTIIO, M.D., 
Physician of the German Hospital. 7s. 6d. 

Spasm, Languor, and Palsy. By J. 

A. WILSON, M.D., Physician to St. George's 
Hospital. 7s. 

Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, and In- 
flammation of the'joints. By R, B. TODD, 
M.D., F.R.S., Physician of King's College 
Hospital. 7s. 6d. 

Minerals and their Uses. By J. R. 

JACKSON, F.R.S. With Frontispiece. 7s. 6d, 
Lectures on Dental Physiology and 

Surgery. By J. TOMES, F.R.S., Surgeon- 
Dentist to the Middlesex Hospital. Octavo 
With 100 Illustrations, 12s. 

Use and Management of Artificial 

Teeth. By the same Author. With Illus- 
trations. 3s. 6d. 

Practical Geology and Mineralogy. 

By JOSHUA TBIMMEB, F.G.S. Octavo, with 
Two Hundred Illustrations. 1 2s. 

Practical Chemistry for Parmers and 

Landowners. By the same Author. 5s. 


Practical Geodesy. By BTJTLER 

WILLIAMS, C.E. New Edition, with 
Chapters on Estate, Parochial, and Rail- 
road Surveying. With Illustrations. 12s. Gd, 

Manual for Teaching Model-Draw- 
ing ; with a Popular View of Perspective. 
By the same Author. (Under the Sanction 
of the Committee of Council oft Education.) 
Octavo, with shaded Engravings. 15s. 

Instructions in Drawing. Abridged 
from the above. 3s. 

Chemistry of the Crystal Palace : a 

Popular Account of the Chemical Pro- 
perties of the Chief Materials employed 
in its Construction. By T. GRIFFITHS. 5s, 

Chemistry of the four Ancient Ele- 
ments. By the same. Second Edition. 4s. Gd. 

Recreations in Chemistry. By the 

same. Second Edition, enlarged. 5s. 

Recreations in Physical Geography. 

By Miss R. M. ZOKNLIN. Fourth Edi- 
tion. 6s. 

World of Waters; or, Recreations 
in Hydrology. By the same Author. 
Second Edition. 6s. 

Recreations in Geology. By the 

same Author. Third Edition. 4s. Gd. 

Recreations in Astronomy. By Rev. 

L. TOMLINSON, M. A, Third Edition. 4s. 6d. 

Summer Time in the Country. By 

Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT. Second Edition. 6s. 

Shipwrecks of the Royal Navy. Com- 
piled from Official Documents. By W. O. S. 
GILLY. With a Preface hy Da. GILLY, 
Canon of Durham. Second Edition. 7s. 6d. 

The Earth and Man; or, Physical 

Geography in its Relation to the History of 
Mankind, By PEOFESSOB GCYOT. Slightly 
abridged.with Corrections and Notes. 2s, 6d. 

Danger of Superficial Knowledge: 

A Lecture. By J. D. FOEBES, F.R.S., Pro- 
fessor of Natural Philosophy.Edinburgh. 2s. 

Introductory Lectures delivered at 

Queen's College, London. 5s. 

TheSaint'sTragedy. By C. KINGSUEY, 

Rector of Eversley. Cheaper Edition. 2s. 

The Poems of Goethe. Translated 

in the original Metres. By EDGAR A. 
BOWEING. Preceded by a Sketch of the 
Author's Life. 7s. 6d. 

Schiller's Poems, Complete. Trans- 

Hypatia ; or, New Foes with an Old 

Face. By C. KINGSLEV, Rector of Eversley. 
Two Volumes. Octavo. 18s. 

Digby Grand; an Autobiography. 
By G. J. WHITE MELVILLE. Two volumes. 
Post Octavo. 18s. 

Jesuit Executorship ; or, Passages 

in the Life of a Seceder from Romanism. 
Two Volumes, Post Octavo. 18s. 

Yeast: a Problem. By C. KINGSLEY, 

Hector of Eversley. Cheaper Edition. 5s. 

The Upper Ten Thousand : Sketches 

of American Society. By A NEW YOKKEK. 

The Heir of Redclyffe. By the 

Author of Henrietta's Wish, &o. Third 
Edition. Two Volumes. 12s, 

Brampton Rectory: or, the Lesson 

of Life. Second Edition. 8s. Gd. 

Compton Merivale: another Leaf 

from the Lesson of Life. By the Author 
of Brampton Rectory. 8s. Gd. 

The Cardinal Virtues; or, Morals 
and Manners Connected. By HAKRIETTE 
CAMPBELL. Two Volumes. 7s. 

The City of God; a Vision of the 

Past, the Present, and the Future. By 
E. BUDGE, Rector of Bratton. 8s. 6d. 

The Merchant and the Friar ; or, 

Truths and Fictions of the Middle Ages. 
By Sir F. PALGRAVE. Second Edition, 3s. 

Chronicles of the Seasons; a Course 

of Daily Instruction and Amusement, 
selected from the Natural History, Science, 
Art, Antiquities, and Biography of our 
Fatherland. In Four Books, 3s. 6d. each. 

Crusaders; Scenes, Events, and Cha- 
racters from the Times of the Crusades. 

The Lord and the Vassal; a Familiar 

Exposition of the Feudal System. 2s. 

French Revolution; its Causes and 

Consequences. By F. M. ROWAN. 3s. 6d. 

Labaume's History of Napoleon's 

Invasion of Russia. 2s. 6d. 

Historical Sketch of the British 

Army. By G. R. GLEIG, M.A., Chaplain 
General to the Forces. 3s. 6d. 

Family History of England. By 
the same Author. With numerous Illus- 
trations. Three Volumes. 6s. Gd. each. 



Familiar History of Birds. By E. 

STANLET, D.D., Bishop of Norwich. Fifth 
Edition, with numerous Illustrations. 5s, 

Domesticated Animals. By MARY 

ROBERTS. 3s. 6d. 

Wild Animals. By the same. 3s. 6d. 
Amusements in Chess. By C. TOM- 

LINSON. 4s, Gd. 

Musical History, Biography, and 

Criticism. By GEORGE HOGAKTH. Two 
Volumes. 10s. 6d. 

Ullmann's Gregory of Nazianzum. 

A Contribution to the Ecclesiastical His- 
tory of the Fourth Century. Translated 
by G. V. Cox, M.A. 6s. 

Neander's Julian the Apostate and 

his Generation: an Historical Picture. 
Translated by G. V. Cox, M.A. 3s. 6d. 

Dahlmann's Life of Herodotus, 

drawn out from his Book. -With Notes. 
Translated by G. V. Cox, M.A. 5s. 

Student's Manual of Ancient His- 
tory. By W. COOKE TATLOK, LL.D. Fifth 
Edition. 10s. 6d. 

Student's Manual of Modern History. 

By the same Author. Fifth Edition, with 
New Supplementary Chapter. 10s. 6d. 

HistoryofMohammedanism. Cheaper 

Edition. By the same Author. 4s. 

History of Christianity. By the 
same Author. 6s. 6d. 

The Holy City; Historical, Topo- 
graphical, and Antiquarian Notices of 
Jerusalem. By G. WILLIAMS, B.D., Fellow 
of King's College, Cambridge. Second 
Edition, with numerous Illustrations and 
Additions, and a plan of Jerusalem. Two 
large Volumes. 2 5s. 

History of the Holy Sepulchre. By 

Professor WILLIS. Reprinted from Wil- 
liams's Holy City. With Illustrations. 9s. 

Plan of Jerusalem, from the Ord- 
nance Survey. With a Memoir. Re- 
printed from ' Williams's Holy City." 9s.; 
or, mounted on rollers, 18s. 

Three Weeks in Palestine and 

Lebanon. By a Clergyman, Cheaper 
Edition. 2s. 

Notes on German Churches. By Dr. 

WHEWELL. Third Edition. 12s. 

The Six Colonies of New Zealand. 

By W. Fox. 3s. With large Map. 4s. 6d. 

Handbook for New Zealand. For the 

Use of Intending Colonists. 6s. 

View of the Art of Colonization. 

By B. GIBBON WAKHFIELD. Octavo. 12s. 

Travels in the Track of the Ten 

Thousand Greeks; a Geographical and 
Descriptive Account of the Expedition of 
Cyrus. By W. F. AIHSWOBTH. 7s. 6d. 

Travels and Researches in Asia 
Minor, Mesopotamia, -Chaldea, and Ar- 
menia. By the same Author. TwoVols., 
with Illustrations. 24s. 

Gazpacho.; or, Summer Months in 

Spain. By W. G. Clark, M.A., Fellow of 
Trinity College, Cambridge. Cheaper 
Edition. 5s. 

Auvergae, Piedmont, and Savoy: 
a Summer Ramble. ByC.R.WELD. Ss.Gd. 

Wanderings in the Republics of 
Western America. By GEOKGE BTAM. 
With Illustrations. 7s. Gd. 

Hesperos; or, Travels in the West. 
Two Volumes. By Mrs. HOUSTOUN. 14s. 

Commentary on the Cuneiform In- 
scriptions of Babylonia and Assyria. By 
Lieut.-Colonel RAWLINSON. Octavo. 3s. 

Charters of the Old English Colonies 

in America. With Introduction andNotes. 
By S. LUCAS, M.A. 4s. 6d. 

Canterbury Papers. Nos. I. to X. 

6d. each. No. XL, with Four Views of the 
Canterbury Settlement, Is. Gd. No. XII.6d. 

Transportation not Necessary. By 

C. B. ADDERKET, M.P. 2s. 

Lectures on the Characters of our 

Lord's Apostles. By a Country Pastor. 
3s. 6d. 

Lectures on the Scripture Revela- 
tions respecting Goodand Evil Angels. By 
the same Author. 3s. 6d. 

View of the Scripture Revelations 

respecting aFuture State. Seventh Edition. 
By the same Author. 5s. 

Twenty-five Village Sermons. By 

C. KINGSLEY, jun., Rector of Eversley. A 
Cheaper Edition, 3s. 6d. 

Churchman's Theological Dictionary. 

By R. EDEN, M.A., Chaplain to the Bishop 
of Norwich. Second Edition. 5s. 

The Gospel-Narrative according to 

the Authorized Text, without Repetition 
or Omission. With a Continuous Exposi- 
tion, Marginal Proofs in full, and Notes. 
By J. FoasTEK, M.A., Her Majesty's Chap- 
lain of the Savoy. Fourth Edition, 12s. 


Statutes relating to the Ecclesiasti- 
cal and Eleemosynary Institutions of Eng- 
land, "Wales, Ireland, India, and the Colo- 
nies; with Decisions, By A. J. STEPHENS, 
M.A., F.R.S. Two large Volumes, with 
copious Indices, 3 3s. 

The Natural History of Infidelity 

.and Superstition in Contrast with Chris- 
tian Faith. Hampton Lectures preached 
before the University of Oxford. By J . B . 
RIDDLE, M.A., Minister of St. Philip's, 
Leckhampton. Octavo, 12s. 

Manual of Christian Antiquities. By 

the same. Second Edition. 18s. 

Luther and.his Times. By the same 

Author. 5s. 

.Churchman's Guide to the Use of 

the English Liturgy. By the same Author. 
3s. 6d. 

Krst Sundays at Church. By the 
same Author. Cheaper Edition. 2s. 6d. 

Exposition of the Thirty-Nine 

Articles, Historical and Doctrinal. By E . 
H. BROWNE, M.A., Prebendary of Exeter. 
First Volume, 10s. 6d. Second and con- 
cluding Volume, 12s. 

The Churchman's Guide; an Index 

of Sermons and other Works, arranged 
according to their subjects. By JOHN 
FORSTEB, M.A. Octavo. 7s. 

The Early Christians. By the Rev. 

W. PRIDDEN, M.A. Fourth Edition. 4s. 

The Book of the leathers, and the 

Spirit of their "Writings. 9s. 6d. 

Babylon and Jerusalem: a Letter 

addressed to Ida, Countess of Halm-Hahn. 
From the German, with a Preface. 2s. 6d. 

History of the Church of England. 
Bishop of St. Asaph, Fifth Edition. Oc- 
tavo. 16s. 

History of Popery; the Origin, 

Growth, and Progress of the Papal Power ; 
its Political Influence, and Effects on the 
Progress of Civilization. 9s. Gd. 

Elizabethen Religious History. By 

H. SOAMES, M.A. Octavo. IGs. 

History of the Christian Church. 

By Dr. BURTON, Professor of Divinity, 
Oxford. 5s. 

Outlines of Sacred History. 2s. 6d. 
Outlines of Ecclesiastical History, 

before the Reformation. By the Rev. W. 
HOARE, M.A., late Fellow of St. John's 
College, Cambridge. 2s. 6d. 

Church of St. Patrick ;. an Inquiry 

into the Independence of the Ancient 
Church of Ireland. By W. G. TODD, A.B. 


Civil History of the Jews. By 

0. COCKAYNE, M.A., King's College. 4s. 6d. 
Cudworth on Ereewill; now first 

Edited, with Notes, by J. ALLEN, M.A., 
Archdeacon of Salop. 3s. 

Guericlce's Manual of the Antiquities 

of the Christian Church. Translated and 
Adapted to the Use of the English Church, 
by A. J. W. MORRISON, B.A., Master of 
Grammar School, Truro. 5s. Gd. 

Garrick's Mode of Reading the 

Liturgy. With Notes, and a Discourse on 
Public Reading. By R. COIL. 5s. 6d. 

Memoir of Bishop Copleston, with 

Selections from his Diary and Corres- 
pondence. By W. J. COPLESTON, M.A., 
Hector of Cromhall. 10s. Gd. 

Life of Archbishop Usher. By C. R. 

EERINGTON, D.D., Regius Professor of 
Divinity, Dublin. Portrait. Octavo. 12s. 

Life of Archbishop San-croft. By 

the late Dr. D'OYLY. Octavo. 9s. 

Memoirs of the Life, Character, and 

Writings, of Bishop Butler. By T . B ABT- 
LETT, M. A., Rector of Kingstone. 2s. 

Lives of Eminent Christians. By 

R, B. HONE, M.A., Archdeacon of Wor- 
cester. Four Volumes. 4s. Gd. each. 

Bishop Jeremy Taylor; his Prede- 
cessors, Contemporaries, and Successors. 
By Rev. R. A. WILLMOTT. Second Edition. 

Lives of English Sacred Poets. By 

the same Author. Two Vols. 4s. Gd. each. 

Life and Services of Lord Harris. 

By the Right Hon. S. R. LUSHINGTON. 
Second Edition. 6s. Gd. 

Notes on the Parables. By R. 

C. TB.ENCH, B.D., Examining Chaplain to 
the Bishop of Oxford. Fifth Edition. 
Octavo. 12s. 

Notes on the Miracles. By the 

same Author. Third Edition. 12s. 

St. Augustine's 'Exposition of the 

Sermon on the Mount. With an Essay on 
St. Augustineas an Interpreter of Scripture. 
ByR.C.TRENCH,B.D. Second Edition. 7s. 
The Essay separately, 3s. 6d. 



Literature of the Church, of England; 

Specimens of the "Writings of Eminent 
Divines, with Memoirs of their Lives and 
Times. By R. CATTERMOLE, B.D, Two 
volumes. Octavo. 25s. 

Essays on Peculiarities of the Chris- 
tian Religion. By R.WHATEi,Y,D.D., Arch- 
bishop of Dublin. Cheaper Edition. 7s. 6d. 

Essays on Difficulties in the Writings 

of the Apostle Paul. By the same Author. 
Cheaper Edition. 8s. 

Essays on Errors of Uomanism. 

By the same. Cheaper Edition. 7s. 6d. 

Essays on Dangers to Christian Eaith 

from the Teaching or the Conduct of its 
Professors. By the same Author. 10s. 

The Contest with Rome. A Charge; 

with Notes, in answer to Dr. Newman's 
recent Lectures. By J. C. HAEE, M.A., 
Archdeacon of Lewes. 10s. 6d. 

Mission of the Comforter. By the 

same. . Second Edition. Octavo. 12s. 

'The Victory of Eaith. By the same 

Author. Second Edition. 6s. 
Parish Sermons. By the same 

Author. Two Series. Octavo. 12s. each. 

The Old Testament. Sermons on 

the First Lessons. By F. D. MAUKICE, 
M. A., Chaplain of Lincoln's Inn. 6s. 

Sermons on the Sabbath Day on the 

Character of the Warrior and the Inter- 
pretation of History. By the same Author. 
2s-. 6d. 

The Church a Family. Sermons on 

. the Occasional Services of the Prayer- 
Book. By the same Author. 4s. 6d. 

The Prayer Book; specially con- 
sidered as a Protection against Romanism. 
By the same Author. 5s. 6d. 

The Lord's Prayer. Nine Sermons. 

By the same Author. ThirdEdition. 2s.6d. 

The Religions of the World, and 

their Relations to Christianity. By the 
same Author. Cheaper Edition. 5s. 

Lectures on the Epistle to the 

Hebrews. By the same. 7s. 6d. 

Christmas Day, and other Sermons. 

By the same Author. Octavo. 10s. 6d. 

Liber Precum Publicarum; Ordo 

Administrandce Coense Domini, Catechis- 
jnus, Ecclesiee Anglicanae. Psalterium. 
With red border lines, 5s. 6d. cloth ; 10s.6d. 
in antique calf. 

Sequentise ex Missalibus, Anglicis, 

Gallicis, Germanicis DesumptJB. Collegit, 
recensuit, notulasque addidit JOANNES M. 
NEALE, A.M., CoUegii Sackvillensis Gustos. 

Ordo Saeclorum; a Treatise on the 

Chronology of the Holy Scriptures. By 
H. Browne, M. A., Canon of Chichester. 20s. 

Observations on Dr. Wiseman's 

Reply to Dr. Turton's Roman Catholic 
Doctrine of the Eucharist Considered. By 
T. TDBTON, D.D., Bishop of Ely, 4s. Gd. 

James's Treatise on the Corruptions 

of Scripture, Councils, and Fathers, by the 
Prelates, Pastors, and Pillars of the Church 
of Rome. Revised by J. E. Cox, M.A., 
Vicar of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate. 12s. 

Eullwood's Roma Bait. The Pillars 

of Rome Broken. New Edition, by C. 
HAKDWICK, M.A,, Fellow of St. Catha- 
rine's Hall, Cambridge. Octavo. 10s. 6d. 

The Scriptural Character of the 

English Church considered. With Notes. 
of St. Mark's College. Octavo. 12s. 6d. 

College Lectures on Ecclesiastical 

'History. By W. BATES, B.D., Fellow of 
Christ's College, Cambridge. Third 
Edition. 6s. Gd. 

College Lectures on Christian An- 
tiquities, and the Ritual. By the same 
Author. 9s. 

Hints for an Improved Translation 
of the New Testament. By J. SCHOLE- 
BIELD, M.A., Professor of Greek, Cam- 
bridge. Third Edition. 3s. 6d. 

Choral Service of the Church : an 

Inquiry into the Liturgical System of the 
Cathedral and Collegiate Foundations. By 
J. JEBB, M.A., Rector of Peterstow. 16s. 

The Personality of the Tempter, 

By C. J. VAUGHAN, D.D., Head Master of 
Harrow School. Octavo. 7s. 6d. 

Sermons preached in the Chapel of 

Harrow School. By the same Author. 
Second Series. 12s. 

Sermons preached before the Uni- 
versity of Oxford. By C. A. OGILVIE, D.D., 
Canon of Christ Church. Octavo, 5s. 

Lectures on the Prophecies. By A. 

M'CATJL, D.D., Professor of Divinity in 
King's College, London. Octavo. 7s. 

The Messiahship of Jesus. The 

Concluding Series of WARBUBTONtAN Lec- 
tures. By DR. M'CAUL. 7s. 

Discourses on Christian Humiliation 

and on the City of God. By C. H. TERBOT, 
D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh. 7s. 6d. 


College Chapel Sermons. By.W. 

WHEWELL.D.B., Master of Trinity College, 
Cambridge. 10s. 6d. 

Practical Sermons, by Dignitaries 

and other Clergymen. Edited by J. C. 
CBOSTHWAITE, M.A., Hector of St. Mary- 
at-Hill. Three Volumes. 7s. each. 

Short Sermons for Children, illus- 
trative of the Catechism and Liturgy. By 
the Rev. C. A. JOHNS, B.A. 3s. 6d. 

Butler's Three Sermons on Human 

Nature, and Dissertation on Virtue. With 
Preface and Syllabus, by W. WHEWELL, 
D.D. Second Edition. 3s. 6d. 

Butler's Six Sermons on Moral 

Subjects. With Preface and Syllabus, by 
Dr. WHEWELL. 3s. 6d. 

Village Lectures on the Liturgy. 

By W. PALIN, Eector of Stifford. 3s. 6d. 

Carefully Revised. 


CJESAK, de BELLO GALLICO. I. to IV. ls.6d. 

CiCEiio de SENECTDTE. Is. 









Is. 6d. 

EtfBiPiD/s BACOH. Is. 
Oyimi FASTI. 2s. 
PtATONis PH./EDO, 2s. 



2s. 6d. 


The Alcestisof Euripides; with Notes 

by JOHN HENRY MONK, D.D., Lord Bishop 
of Gloucester and Bristol. Seventh and 
Cheaper Edition. Octavo. 4s. 6d. 

Miiller's Dissertations on the Eume- 
nides of JEschylus. Second and cheaper 
. Edition, carefully revised. 6s. Cd. 

Propertius; with English Notes. A 

Preface on the State of Latin Scholarship, 
and Copious Indices. By F.*A. PALET, 
Editor of JEschylus, Octavo. 10s. 6d. 

Arundines Cami, siye Musarum Can- 

tabrigiensium Lusus Canon, collegit atque 
edidit HENBICUS DBUBY, M,A. Fourth 
Edition. 12s. 

Agamemnon of ^schylus, the Text, 

with a Translation into English Verse, and 
Notes. By J. CONINGTON, M. A., Fellow of 
University College, Oxford. 7s. 6d. 

JEschylus translated into English 

Verse. WithNotes, Life of JEschylus, anda 
Discourse on Greek Tragedy. By Professor 
BiACKiE.of Edinburgh. Two Volumes. 16s. 

Phsedrus, Lysis, and Protagoras of 

Plato. Translated by J. WBIGHT, M.A., 
Master of Sutton Coldfield School. 4s. 6d. 

Homeric Ballads : the Text, with 

Metrical Translations and Notes. By the 
late Dr. MAGINN. 6s. 

Tacitus, the Complete Works, with 

a Commentary, Life of Tacitus, Indices, 
and Notes. Edited by Professor B.ITTEB, 
of Bonn. Four Volumes. Octavo. 28s. - 

Aristophanis Comoediee Vndecim, 

cum Notis et Indice Historico, edidit 
IfvBEBTvs A. HOIDEN, A.M. Coll. Trin. 
Cant. Socius. Octavo. .15s. The Plays 
separately, Is. each. 

Aulularia andMeneechmei of Plautns, 

with Notes by J. HILBYABD, B.D., Fellow 
of Christ's Coll., Camb. 7s. 6d. each. 

Antigone of Sophocles, in Greek and 

English, with Notes. By J. W. DONALDSON, 
D.D., Head Master of Bury School. 9s. 

Pindar's Epinician Odes, revised and 

explained; with copious Notes and Indices. 
By Dr. DONALDSON. 16s. 

Becker's Gallus ; or, Roman Scenes 

of the Time of Augustus, with Notes and 
Excursus. Second Edition. 12s. 

Becker's Cbaricles ; or, Illustrations 

of the Private Life of the Ancient Greeks. 
Second Edition, carefully revised. 

Speeches of Demosthenes against 

Aphobus and Onetor, Translated, with Ex- 
planatory Notes, by C. RANN KENNEDY, 
M.A., Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb. 9s. 

Selection from Greek Verses of 

Shrewsbury School. By B. H. KENNEDY, 
D.D., Head Master of Shrewsbury School. 


Select Private Orations of Demo- 
sthenes : with Notes. By C, T. PENBOSE, 
M.A. Cheaper Edition. 4s. 



Frogs of Aristophanes; with English 

Notes. By the Rev. H.P.COOKESLEY. 7s. 

Classical Examination Papers of 

King's College. By R. W. BROWNE, M. A., 
Professor of Classical Literature. 6s. ^ 

Longer . Exercises in Latin Prose 

Composition ; chiefly Translated from the 
Writings of Modern Latinists. "With a 
Commentary on the Exercises, and Intro- 
ductory Remarks on the best Mode of 
forming a simple and correct Latin Style. 
By J. W. DONALDSON, D.D., Head Master 
of Bury School. Octavo. 6s. 6d. 

Fables of Babrius. Edited by G, C. 

LEWIS, M.A. 5s. 6d. 

Sacred Latin Poetry; with Notes 

and Introduction. By R. C. TRENCH, 
B.D. 7s. ; or 14s. bound in antique calf. 

Commentary on the Acts of the 

Apostles. By ~W. G. HUMPHRY, B.D,, Ex- 
amining Chaplain to the Bishop of London. 
Octavo. 7s. 

Pearson's Lectures on the Acts of 

the Apostles and Annals of St. Paul. 
Edited, in English, with a few Notes, by 
J. R. CROWFOOT, B.D., Divinity Lecturer 
of King's College, Cambridge. 4s. 

Greek Text of the Acts of the 

Apostles; with English Notes. By H. 

Bceckh's Public Economy of Athens. 

Translated by G. C. LEWIS, A.M. 18s. 

Hebrew Grammar. By the late 

CHR. LEO, of Cambridge, 12s. 6d. 

New Hebrew Lexicon. Part I. 

Hebrew and English. Part II. English 
and Hebrew. "With Grammar, Vocabu- 
lary, and Grammatical Analysis of the 
Book of Genesis, Also a Chaldee Gram- 
mar, Lexicon, and Grammatical Analysis 
of the Chaldee Words of the Old Testa- 
ment. By T. JAB.RETT, M.A., Professor 
of Arabic, Cambridge, Octavo. 21s. 

Guide to the Hebrew Student. By 

H. H. BERNARD, Teacher of Hebrew, 
Cambridge. 10s. Cd. 

The Psalins in Hebrew, with Critical, 

Exegetical, and Philological Commentary. 
By G. PHILLIPS, B.D., Fellow and Tutor 
of Queen's College, Cambridge. Two 
Volumes. 32s. 

Elements of Syriac Grammar. By 

G. PHILLIPS, B.i>. Second Edition. 10s. 

Practical Arabic Grammar. By 

DUNCAN STEWABT. Octavo. 16s. 

lUdited for the Syndics of the Cambridge 
University Press. 

Grotius De Jure Belli et Pads. 

"With the Notes of Barbeyrac and others ; 
accompanied by an Abridged Translation 
of the Text. By W. WHEWELL, D.D., 
Master of Trinity College. Two Volumes, 

The Octavius of Miuucius Eelix; 

with an Introduction, Analysis, and English 
Notes, by the Rev. H. A. HOLDEN, M.A., 
Fellow of Trinity College. 9s. Gd. 

Csesar Morgan on the Trinity of 

Plato, and of Philo Judeeus, and of the 
Effects which an Attachment to their 
Writings had upon the Principles and 
Reasonings of the Fathers of the Christian 
Church, Revised by H. A. HOLDEN, M.A., 

Theophili Episcopi Antiochensis 

Libri tres ad Autolycum. Edidit Prole- 
gomenis Versione Notulis Indicibus In- 
struxit GUL. G. HUMPHRY, S.T.B. Collegi 
Sanctiss. Trin. Ap. Cantabrig. Socius. 6s. 

Sanderson De Obligatione Consci- 

entiae. With English Notes, including an 
abridged Translation by W.WHEWELL,D.D. 
Octavo. 9s. 

The Homilies, with various Readings, 

and the Quotations from the Fathers given 
at length in the Original Languages. Edited 
by G. E. COKRIE, D.D., Master of Jesus 
College. Octavo. 10s. 6d. 

Pearson on the Creed. Revised and 

Corrected by TEMPLE CHEVALLIEK, B.D., 
Professor of Mathematics, Durham. 12s. 

The folio of 1669 lias been taken as the principal 
model of the text, and the quotations from the 
Fathers have teen verified throughout. The 
passages from the Rabbinical writings and 
Chaldee paraphrases have been carefully col- 

Twysden's Historical Vindication of 

the Church of England in point of Schism. 
Edited, with the Author'sMS. Corrections, 
by Professor CORRIE. 7s. 6d. 

Archbishop Usher's Answer to a 

Jesuit; with other Tracts. 13s. 6d. 

Dr. Hoy's Lectures on Divinity. 

Third Edition. Two Vols. Octavo. 30s. 

Wilson's Illustration of the Method 

of Explaining the New Testament. Edited 
by T. TURTON, D.D., Bishop of Ely. 8s. 

Cambridge Greek and English Tes- 
tament. Edited by Professor SCHOLEFIELD. 
Third Edition. 7s. 6d. 

Cambridge Greek Testament. 3s. 6d. 




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