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with the position of the Mendelians a quarter of a century ago. They
find themselves in apparent conflict with the environmentalists and
the protagonists of social reform. Speaking broadly, the field of
human improvement is a battle-field between Eugenists and Socio-
logists, and the battle is often as violent as that between the Mendel-
ians and Biometricians—or between Swift's Big-endians and Little-
endians. In my opinion, it is also as unreal and useless. We eugenists
must no longer think of the social environment only in its possible
dysgenic or non-eugenic effects, but must study it as an indispensable
ally. Changes in social environment are needed both for the ade-
quate expression of eugenic progress, and as a means for its realization.
The next step for eugenics is, as I urged at the beginning of this
essay, a methodological one. We eugenists must familiarize ourselves
with the outlook and the concepts of sociology, with the technique and
practice of social reform; for they are an indispensable part of the
machinery we need to realize our aims.

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