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A diagram of relative sizes.   In each major division (A, B, C, D, E) of the diagram, all the creatures are drawn
to the same scale.   The smallest of each division is enlarged to make the largest of the division following.


1.  A very large whale.                              9. The dog (8) enlarged.

2.  The largest known land carnivore,     10. A thrush.

the extinct reptile Tyrannosaurus.     11. A humming-bird.

3.  A large elephant                                12. A giant land snail

4.  A giant cuttlefish.                              13. The common snail

5.  The largest recorded crocodile.           14. The bulkiest insect.

6.  An ostrich.                                        15. A mouse.

7.  The largest known jellyfish,               16. A queen bee.

8.  A man and a dog.                              17. The smallest vertebrate.

18.  The queen bee (16) enlarged.
19.  The frog (17) enlarged.
20.  A flea.
21.  A very large single-celled animal