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like the naked scarlet and azure cheeks of the Mandril, or the blue
of Stevenson's

. . . blue-behinded ape that skips
about the trees of Paradise.

But others, like the orang or some of the marmosets with their mus-
tachios, or the Satan monkey with his line beard, arc curiously
reminiscent of ourselves, and we arc reminded of Mr, Hilaire Bclloc's

The Big Baboon who lives upon
The plains of Caribou,
He goes about with nothing on
—A shocking thing to do.

But if he dressed respectably
And let his whiskers grow,
How like that Big Baboon would be
To Mister—So-and-So!

Courtship in animals is the outcome of four major steps in evolu-
tion. First, the development of sexuality; secondly, the separation
of the sexes; thirdly, internal fertilization, or at least: the approxima-
tion of males and females; and finally, the development of eilirient
sense-organs and brains. Without any one of these, there would
never have existed that host of strange and lovely fralurrs of life,
summed up under the head of courtship, which beautify the; appear-
ance and variegate the existence of so many of the higher animals,
including our own species.