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truth in the service of political or financial interests, and are driven by
competition for advertising into sensation-mongering. The radio is
as yet essentially a collection of scraps, a functional patchwork. Art
as a communal function is moribund and needs to be recreated on a
new social basis. Religion is in a similar position, and much of the
population no longer feels its influence.

The first need is to recognize that, in this increasingly complex
world, a free country cannot exist, let alone find satisfaction, without
being self-conscious, and all the agencies of public opinion must be
moulded to this end. A self-conscious society would be one in which
every individual comprehended the aims of society, his own part in
the whole, the possibilities of intellectual, artistic and moral satisfac-
tion open to him, his role in the collective knowledge and will. But
for this, as for correlation or planned control, the most elaborate
organization is required.

Meanwhile our social planners would undoubtedly benefit from a
study of the evolution of individuality in animals, and still more from
an intensive course in the comparative neurology of vertebrates.