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JULIAN : No, you're certainly not.

THOMAS HENRY : If I may bring a message from my age to yours, I
would say three things. First, do not let the advance of science
slacken, for knowledge is power, and the pursuit of truth is one of the
ultimate and eternal imperatives for man. Second, do not allow
science to be divorced from morality: your age has different views on
morality from mine, but we both agree that moral rectitude is another
of the ultimate human imperatives, and that it is linked with some-
thing outside ourselves. Finally, there is freedom: one of the
sentences I am proud to have written is thisó"It is better for a man
to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains." Therefore I say to
you: Hold fast to truth, to justice, and to freedom. These are still the
only foundations on which any enduring new world can be built.