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Racialism is a Myth

So long as nationalist ideas, even in modified form, continue to
dominate the world scene, the large-scale segregation of areas, each
developing its own general type of culture, may be the policy to
pursue. If unrestricted immigration seems likely to upset such a policy,
restriction is justifiable, as with Asiatic races in Australia and the
United States. But do not let us in such cases make it a question of
"race," or become mystical on the subject, or justify ourselves on
false biological grounds.

The violent racialism to be found in Europe to-day is a symptom
of Europe's exaggerated nationalism: it is an attempt to justify
nationalism on a non-nationalist basis, to find a basis in science for
ideas and policies which are generated internally by a particular
economic and political system, have real relevance only in reference
to that system, and have nothing to do with science. The cure for
the racial mythology, with its accompanying self-exaltation and per-
secution which now besets Europe, is a reorientation of the nationalist
ideal, and, in the practical sphere, an abandonment of claims by
nations to absolute sovereign rights. Science and the scientific spirit
are in duty bound to point out the biological realities of the ethnic
situation, and to refuse to lend sanction to the "racial" absurdities
and the tc racial53 horrors perpetrated in the name of science. Racial-
ism is a myth, and a dangerous myth. It is a cloak for selfish economic
aims which in their uncloaked nakedness would look ugly enough.
And it is not scientifically grounded. The essence of science is the
appeal to fact, and all the facts are against the existence in modern
Europe of anything in the nature of separate human "races."