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quirements of the latter go a long way toward producing the desired
result, and the individual initiative and patience demanded by a good
project provide a superstructure. Also, it seems clear that some form
of service, in which the adolescent is not playing at being gro\vn-ups
but is (and knows that he is) being useful to the community, is also
Meanwhile, to define the problem is the first step toward solving it.
A scientific survey of education as a social function helps us to define
the dynamic function now required of education as a transmitter of an
evolving tradition; the need for education to contribute to social self-
awareness and cultural unity ; its importance in training an elite
which shall be efficient and truly representative of the country as a
whole; the importance of creative work and self-expression and of
other special methods for overcoming repression and adolescent
hyper-sensitiveness; the necessity of adjusting social conditions to
educational ideals and practice, and vice versa. These are in the long
run much more important than questions of curriculum or admin-
istration, however necessary and urgent.