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Edition: July 2008 

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This document is copyright Alex Mayer 2008. It may not be 

distributed or copied without the written permission of Alex 

Mayer. If you wish to distribute this document please email 


Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 


Contents 2 

Chapter 1 - Introduction 3 

1. How to read this guide 4 

2. House Edge - Common misconceptions 4 

Chapter 2 - A brief History of Roulette 6 

Chapter 3 - How to Play Roulette - Rules and variations 7 

1. Summary of rules 7 

2. American Roulette 7 

3. European Roulette 8 

4. Inside Bets 9 

5. Outside Bets 11 

6. 8. En Prison 13 

7. Wheel Layout 13 

8. Wheel Tracking 13 

Chapter 4 - Common Pitfalls - Bad strategies drain the pot 14 

1. Spreading bets and Hedging 14 

2. Patterns and Number Trends 16 

Chapter 5 - Making money from Roulette - Step by Step 17 

1. Getting started 17 

2. The Mayer Line 17 

3. Mayer Line worked Example 19 

4. Bank Roll 23 

5. Target 24 

6. When to quit 24 

Chapter 6- Final steps- Become a roulette tiger. 25 

1. Monty-Hall Problem 25 

2. Bonus Hunting 27 

3. Final useful tips 29 

Chapter 7- Playing Roulette online 30 

1. Benefits of online gaming 30 

2. Where to play 31 

3. Casino operator Groups 31 

4. Software operators 32 

5. MicroGaming 33 

6. Cryptologic 34 

7. Playtech 35 

8. Boss 36 

9. Other Software Operators 37 

Chapter 8- Appendices 39 

10. Current Offers 39 

11. PayoutTable 40 

12. Roulette Glossary 42 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Chapter 1 - Introduction 

Roulette is one of the simplest games to play and understand in the world. Originally 
a French game played in back street parlours and brothels it has now developed into 
the most popular casino game after slots. 

Today, the roulette wheel is perhaps the best internationally recognized icon 
symbolizing the glamour, excitement and prestige of high- class casino gaming. 

The origins to this guide go back to December 2004. I started providing advice on 
various casino games through my website and built up a regular contact group of 
interested gamers. Over and over I was asked for opinions and advice on roulette. 
At the time I admit to being more interested in Poker and Blackjack. However as a 
result of the interest I began to study Roulette to see if it could be turned into a 
profitable sideline. This guide is the result. 

I believe that this is one of the off the best systems on the market today, playable on 
both European and American roulette wheels. 

The details in this document may seem complicated 
at first, so I suggest that you read the document 
carefully to get familiar with the system, then follow 
the Step By Step Guide in Chapter 5. Only when you 
are thoroughly familiar with the method and have 
completed the step- by- step walkthrough should you 
play this system at land- based or other online casinos. 

There are three important watchwords that you need 
to be aware of because they are key to you becoming 
a professional roulette player. They are Patience, 
Concentration and above all Discipline. 

Y ou need the patience to wait for the right 

opportunities to bet. Y ou need concentration to 

enable you to read and understand the conditions and 

terms applicable to that casino. Most importantly of all you need to acquire the 

discipline to walk away when you have reached your win target and walk if you reach 

your loss target. 

To help achieve these goals, never bet when you are tired, drunk or stressed. Y our 
patience, concentration and discipline will go out the window. 

Playing roulette properly is a thrilling experience. However, casino gambling goes 
beyond expectation. It requires focus and strength of mind to make the right 
decisions. It also involves volatility, the characteristic swings that boost solid citizens 
over the top or knock the props out from under them. We will use this course to 
ensure that the occasional bad days are compensated for by the big wins. 

^^ ^rVj 


w j 


:J^jT : ; 


Figure 1 Huge amounts can be 
won and lost at the roulette table 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Follow the rules of the system and you will become a professional player. 
Alex Mayer, June 2005. 

I. Before getting started 

Before going any further it is important that you open an online casino account. This 
account will be used throughout the guide, first to practice and then to make easy 
profit from the mathematical techniques in this book. 

First open an account here at this location. This system works best at this casino. 

It is important that you use this exact link as it has particular benefits for you that will 
become clear veiy soon. 

2. How to read this guide 

This guide is aimed at the player who has played roulette occasionally, often on a trip 
to Vegas or at a party. I assume a basic knowledge of the table, but no more. 

If you are already familiar with Roulette rules then you could skip Chapter 3. 
However I strongly recommend you read the whole guide as you may have gaps in 
your knowledge that you were unaware of. 

The language used is British English, which I find is the most commonly understood 
version outside the US and South America. George Bernard Shaw once said that the 
United States and United Kingdom are "two countries divided by a common 
language" . However in terms of this guide the differences are slight and restricted to 
the occasional unusual spelling. 

3. House Edge - Common misconceptions 

What is the house edge? Even if you are new to gaming you will realise that the 
people running the tables are there to make a profit. If they didn't they would quickly 
go bust and there would be a lot fewer casinos around than there are today. This 
advantage is called the house edge, and it varies by game. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Figure 2 The house edge is what keeps the 
casinos in business. Len Libin, owner of 
the G rand C asino in Vancouver, C anada 

In roulette the house edge is 5.36% for the American rules tables (which have a zero 
and a double zero) and 2.7% for the European tables (which have a single zero). 

Let me start by making one thing 

absolutely clear. In the long run it is 

mathematically impossible to beat the 

house edge. If you run a simulation of one 

thousand consecutive spins of the wheel 

you will find that each of the numbers 

comes up more or less the same number of 

times, unless of course the wheel itself is 

biased. A s the number of spins increases 

the percentage differences between the 

numbers reduces. Over the long run each 

number will come up 1 in 37 times (single 

zero) which is 2.70% of the time. The table on page 23 shows an analysis I ran using 

100, 1000 and then 1000000 spins of the wheel. Over time the variance reduces and 

as you might expect, after one million spins each of the numbers has indeed come up 

almost exactly 2.7% of the time. 

So, given that the house edge is insurmountable does that mean that any strategy is 
worthless? Absolutely not. This strategy guide will describe the Mayer Technique, 
which will allow you to walk away from the table with more than you started in the 
vast majority of cases. With good discipline and a little patience you can easily 
double or treble your money in just a few days. 

Ignore those that tell you the house edge can be removed. It can 7 1. But what you will 
learn is how to become a person who wins most of the time. Y ou will amaze friends 
and family and have great fun at the same time. 

Good luck! 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Chapter 2 - A brief History of 


The term "Roulette" is derived from a French word meaning small wheel. The origin 
of Roulette is not very clear. While some sources state that Blaise Pascal, a 17th 
Century French mathematician invented the roulette wheel, other sources state that the 
game originated in China and was brought to Europe by Dominican monks who were 
trading with the Chinese. 

During the late 18th century the Roulette wheel became very popular when Prince 
Charles (ruler of Monaco at the time) introduced gambling to Monaco as a way of 
alleviating the financial problems of the region. 

The modern version of the Roulette wheel did not appear 
until 1842 when Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc 
invented the single "0" roulette game. The game was 
eventually brought to America in the early 1800s. 

However, the single "0" modification was rejected in America and the two zeros "00" 
where returned to the Roulette wheel. The Roulette wheel gained a great deal of 
popularity in America during the California Gold Rush. 

In the 1800s, roulette spread all over both Europe and the U.S., becoming the most 
famous and one of the most popular casino games. It is sometimes said that roulette is 
the "King of Casino Games", originally mostly because it was associated with the 
glamour of the casinos in Monte Carlo (it was Francois Blanc who actually 
established the first casinos there). 

A legend tells about Francois Blanc, who supposedly bargained with the devil to 
obtain the secrets of roulette. The legend is based on the fact that if you add up all the 
numbers on the roulette wheel (from 1 to 36), the resulting total is "666", which is 
supposedly the "Number of the Beast" and represents the devil. 

Today, Roulette is the most popular game in most European Casinos. A Roulette table 
is often surrounded by wealthy and well-dressed players who enjoy the glamour the 
game has to offer. 

On of the most famous roulette bets occurred in 2004. Ashley Revell of London sold 
all of his possessions including house, pets and clothing, and brought US$135,300 to 
the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. He put it all on "Red" at the roulette table in a double- 
or- nothing bet. The ball landed on "Red 7" and Revell walked away with his money 
doubled to $270,600. 


^^r _^*"^^ 


! ■;=■* 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Chapter 3 - How to Play Roulette - 
Rules and variations 

I. Summary of rules 

After purchasing the chips from the dealer, the player places them on the desired 
positions on the table in an attempt to predict where the ball will land after the wheel 
is spun and the ball comes to a stop. 

Once the chips are placed on the table and the bets are made, the dealer spins the 
Roulette wheel while spinning the ball in the opposite direction inside the Roulette 
wheel. Players are allowed to continue placing their bets during the spin until the 
dealer says "No more bets". 

When the wheel slows down and the ball drops into one of the numbered slots, the 
dealer places a marker on the winning number on the Roulette table. The players who 
bet on the winning number are rewarded while the players who bet on the losing 
number(s) lose their chips to the casino. 

2. American Roulette 

In American Roulette, the perfectly balanced roulette wheel consists of 38 identical 
slots, individually numbered from 0, 00, 1 through 36. In total, 38 numbers are 
represented on the betting layout. On the standard roulette wheel the numbers are not 
arranged consecutively. By design, they alternate between red and black and exactly 
opposite each other number is the corresponding higher and lower number. Look 
straight across one side of the wheel to the other and you will see that the is 
opposite the 00, 1 is opposite the 2, and so on up to the 35 being directly opposite the 
36. All red numbers are opposite the black numbers. 

The roulette wheel is kept spinning all the time and sped up once a game is about to 
begin. The croupier rolls a little ivory ball along the inner edge of the wheel in the 
opposite direction of its spin. As the wheel turns, the ball loses momentum and it 
bounces among the slots and finally falls into one of the numbered slots. Bettors can 
place their bets right up until the time the wheel slows down and the ball drops into 
place. The number that the ball rests on is the declared as the winning number for that 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

One to six players can be 

seated at the roulette table. 

Roulette is the only game in 

the casino where players 

purchase special non-value 

roulette chips, each player with 

their own colour so that the 

dealer can tell the bets apart. 

These chips must be cashed in 

at the roulette table before 

leaving. The chips have a set 

value depending on the 

minimum bet set at the table, 

but a player may request 

whatever value he wishes for 

his chips. The dealer will then 

specify the worth of that 

particular coloured chip by 

mating a sample chip which is 

placed upon the rim of the 

wheel. Players may also bet 

larger amounts by using $1, $5 

and $25 regular casino chips. If 

you are unsure of the 

procedures and the minimum 

bets at any table, the dealer, 

should be glad to explain the casino's policy for roulette wagers. 

3: Typical layout of an American Roulette (Double zero) table 

There are a total of nine types of rodette bets that can be made, six of them being 
inside bets and three of them being outside (see section 5). The house sets the 
minimum and maximum betting limits separately for inside and outside bets. 

Bets are paid from the outside in. The dealer will pay the bets furthest away from him 
and work in, until he gets to the inside bets which are paid last. Some casinos use the 
en prison rule when a zero or double zero occurs. With this rule all even- money bets 
are either held or one- half is taken, depending upon the outcome of the next spin. The 
house edge is set at 5.26%, resulting from the player receiving odds of 35 to 1 rather 
than the true odds of 1 in 36 or 37 to 1. The European roulette wheel with its single 
has a house edge of only 2.70%. The player has a 1 in 37 chance of winning and still 
gets paid 35 to 1. La Partage / En Prison (see later) halves the house edge again to 
just 1.35%. 

3. European Roulette 

The procedures at the European table are slightly different than the American game. 
While American dealers sweep the layout with their hands and arms, European 
croupiers use a long stick known as the rake to sweep in all bets. In Europe, roulette 
games do not use the non- value chips. All players use the standard casino chips, 
which can cause confusion when there are a multitude of bets on the layout. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

European roulette also features a favourable "en prison" rule. Under this rule if the 
player makes any even money bet (red, black, odd, even, 1-18, 19-36) and the ball 
lands in zero the player either gets half the bet back or it becomes imprisoned. If an 
imprisoned bet wins on the next spin it is released and the player gets it back, without 

Online casinos tend to use chips with value marked on them, in line with common 
European practice, although the "en prison" rule is less common at online casinos. 

For the purposes of the Mayer Strategy we will hereon in assume all play to be using 
a European roulette table, the variety that is most favourable and that is also the most 
common in online casinos. 

4. Inside Bets 

Inside bets are selected by placing chips directly onto numbers in the number field or 
on the lines between numbers. A single inside bet can cover 1 to 6 numbers. 

Straight Bet: 

Straight Bets cover one 
number only. Bets are placed 
directly on top of the desired 


n : « or - S 
« m m ^ 



O S * 
5 H *| 

rftl 8 m 8 


S08 3 

2 S 2 « 

u> m m tn 
rt m m « 

« « S m 







3«* DOZEN 


ODD 19-3$ 

Split Bet: 

A Split Bet covers two 
numbers by placing chips on 
the line between any two 
adjoining numbers. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Street Bet (Row): 

A Street Bet covers 3 numbers 
by placing chips at the head of 
a row. Casinos may differ on 
whether this bet is placed at 
the near or far end of the row. 
Other 3- Number bets can also 
be made at the intersection 
with the zero or double- zero. 

Square Bet: 

A Square Bet covers 4 
numbers by placing chips at 
the 4- corner intersection of 4 
numbers. A 4- Number bet can 
also be made on a European 
table by playing the zero line. 


IB© ©10 0© 


1-18 EVEN 


ODD 19-3S 

5- Number Bet: 

The 5- Number Bet can only 
be played on American tables 
by placing chips at the head of 
the line between the zeros and 
1-3 Street. 


; 1 

[*i so 




5 5 3 

5 3 3 3 


[« tf 





ft ft ft 

WW w 


[w * 




8 8 5 ; 3 

** 1 


1 Doze 





ODD 19-36 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Double Street Bet: 

A Double Street Bet covers 6 
numbers by placing chips at 
the head of the line between 
two rows. 

In a casino, when multiple players place chips on the same bet, they are stacked on 
top of each other. For this reason, each player has a unique chip colour. 

5. Outside Bets 

Outside Bets are designed to include various groupings of 12 or 18 numbers. 

Dozen Bet: 

A Dozen Bet covers 12 
numbers by placing chips on 
the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Dozen 

Column Bet: 

A Column Bet covers 12 
numbers by placing chips on 
the "2 to 1" areas at the far 
side of the layout. 




u> a 



S H 








Ift CO 
















2** DOZEN 


1-18 EVEN 



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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Even Money Bet: 

An Even Money Bet covers 
18 numbers by placing chips 
on eitherthe "1-18", "Even", 
Red, Black, "Odd", or "19-36" 

o oo oioiio 



lir DOZEN 2*® DOiEN 3™ DOZEN 

1-18 EVEN 

ODD 19 3S 

In the casino, outside bets from multiple players are usually set side- by- side rather 
than stacked on top of each other since there is extra room. 

Y ou can play one or more of these outside bets. However, you should never place 
equal bets on ALL the dozens or ALL the columns. In addition, you can place 
multiple even money bets but never place equal bets on BOTH opposites - such as 
both Red & Black or both Even & Odd. Both of these scenarios end up covering all of 
the 36 base numbers. The result is any win on these numbers will be cancelled out by 
the opposite losing bets. And of course, if a zero comes up, all bets are lost. 

Y ou can consider playing red and even or black and high. This gives you a greater 
spread on the board with some bet overlap. Y ou will win frequently with this type of 
approach but the gains are small. 

The payout on both inside and outside bets is provided on page 40. 

The chips placed on the table layout below give an example of each type of bet. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

(5. 8. En Prison 

The En Prison rule typically accompanies European tables, making their low house 
advantage even lower. When zero comes up, your even money bet is not immediately 
lost but locked until the next spin. If the next spin is a hit, the bet is released with no 
payout. If it is not a hit, the bet is lost. European table with En Prison brings the house 
advantage down to 1.35%. This is one of the lowest for a casino game. 

La Partage is similar rule to En Prison which pays back half the bet immediately on 
even money bets where the ball lands on zero. 

With both of these rules the house advantage is cut in half for even money bets. The 
other bets do not have this exception - so the house advantage remains the same. 

7. Wheel Layout 

To the casual observer it would appear that the numbers on the wheel are not 
organized and seem to be distributed randomly. 

The only obvious patterns are that red 
and black numbers alternate and that 
usually two odd numbers alternate 
with two even numbers. However the 
distribution of numbers is carefully 
arranged so that the sum of the 
numbers for any given section of the 
wheel would be roughly equal to any 
other section of equal size. Most 
numbers are part of a pair, with one 
number between them. These pairs add 
to either 37 or 39. 

Figure 4 This delightful retro Bakelite roulette 
wheel shows the apparently random 
distribution of the numbers. 

8. Wheel Tracking 

There are guides and books available that promise big riches by tracking the outcomes 
on a roulette wheel over thousands of spins and then examining the distribution to see 
if the wheel is biased toward one side. I don't deny that this has been done in the past 
but I doubt it is a practical way to beat the casinos today. There are products the 
casinos can use today that track every spin and on a periodic basis run the distribution 
through a statistical test to check for bias. Wheel tracking may have been of use in the 
past but is a complete waste of time today. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Chapter 4- Common Pitfalls - Bad 
strategies drain the pot 

2. Spreading bets and Hedging 

Many people playing roulette will immediately start placing chips here, there and 
everywhere all over the roulette table. They will put a couple of chips on some 
numbers, a larger amount of chips somewhere else, perhaps one or two on the line 
until they're happy they have satisfied that little feeling inside them that is always 
intuitively telling them where to bet and by how much. 

It's a shame that in reality what they're doing is placing the poorest value bets the 
roulette wheel can offer. Even when they win, as they often do because the online 
roulette table is awash with their chip colours, the winnings they receive are often 
little more than the amount they have staked. This strategy is known as hedging, 
because you are compensating for potential losses by placing bets on other numbers, 
not all of which can win. 

Now there is no doubt that this is an exciting and enjoyable way to play roulette. If 
you enjoy it, and decide to carry on, then good luck to you. It is feasible that some 
times you can, and probably will win when you play roulette this way. But do you 
keep a record of ALL your roulette game wins and losses? If you do then I would be 
very surprised if you win in the long run. So my advice is if you are intent on cutting 
the odds of you losing, then avoid this roulette strategy. 

If you study the above online roulette strategy mathematically you will find that most 
of the time you are betting against yourself . As an example, and to simplify things so 
that we can get a better vision of exactly what's happening; let's assume that we 
simply put $1 on each of the eighteen low numbers and $2 on each of the eighteen 
high numbers (ignoring zero for this example). Now if it lands on a high number we 
have a net gain of $18, but if it lands on a low number we lose $18 - bearing in mind 
that a win would pay 35-1. 

This is exactly the same as putting an equal amount of money on high and low. The 
odds work out exactly the same, but we can clearly see from this example that we are 
wasting our time by putting a total of $36 on high and $18 on low because it would be 
exactly the same bet to put just $18 on high and leave low blank. 

Of course if you followed the example above you would end up equal overall in the 
long run, until you consider that there is also a zero. If zero falls you lose both high 
and low bets, so you are down $36. Overall in the long run you will lose 5.26%, 
which is the house edge with American rules, or 2.7% with European (single zero) 

I have taken the example to an extreme in the hope it will help you to see the mistake 
most people are making in their online roulette strategy. Transfer this diagnosis back 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

to the way most people do play i.e. spreading a lot of money all over the table and you 
can see that they are nearly always betting unnecessary amounts (more than they need 
to in order to win the same amount) and steadily going to lose unless they are very 
lucky - but with such a roulette strategy they are minimizing their chances of being 
lucky. And there is always going to be the heavy loss when none of their chips come 
in - a totally unnecessary risk! 

I say again, what we should be aiming at is maximizing the chance of allowing 
ourselves to win. Try not to bet against yourself by staking more than is necessary to 
win the same amount anyway, and remember to take into account the amount of the 
total stake that is spent even when you win. If you start getting carried away with this 
poor online roulette strategy and picking more and more numbers per bet although 
you may have the fun of winning more often, you are going to be losing against the 
roulette wheel by an increasing amount in the longer run most of the time. 

Instead of hedging your bets like this follow the Mayer Strategy, make use of joining 
bonuses, and maintain discipline. If you do that you will become one of the 
consistent winners. 


L R O O 

C A 5 I H 



150 Games _ 

Slots \£^ 

Craps ' 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

2. Patterns and Number Trends 

If you have ever visited a Casino (or watched other people play online roulette) then 
no doubt you have seen people keeping notes of what numbers have come up in 
previous games. This is very common and encouraged by Casinos often with a free 
supply of pre- printed cards and pens to help you with the process. In online Casinos a 
large list of all the previous numbers are usually displayed for you to see the sequence 
they came out. 

The theory is that because there is an equal chance of each number dropping in, and 
because the law of chance dictates that numbers will always average out in the long 
run, then surely if a number has not dropped in for a high number of spins it must be 
due any time now. So you keep betting on that number because it must - by the law of 
averages - be a winner veiy soon. 

Mathematically the chance of the same number coming up on a single zero table is 1 
in 37. The chance of the number coming up twice consecutively is (1/37) 2 =0.00073, 
or 1 in 1369. So suidy betting on an 
very unlikely to come up twice running. 

Figure 5 Number board showing results of 
previous spins. Watching for patterns is a 
complete waste of time on modern tables. 

The only trouble is that there is no truth in 
this winning roulette theory what-so-ever. 
My advice is completely f oiget this idea 
because it has no bearing on reality. I 
don't care if a number has not dropped in 
for 10,000 spins, this does not mean that it 
has any more chance, oris any more 
likely to be the next winner than any other 
number for the forthcoming game or 
games. Of course the odds of that roulette 
number not being a winner for 10,000 
spins are astronomical, true, but it is the 
odds at the beginning of the 10,000 spins 
when it is unlikely, not after the event 

Once it has happened there is exactly a 37- 1 against chance of it landing in that 
number for the next spin What has happened in the past has no influm 
happen in the future. Remember this fact as part of your online roulette strategy the 
next time you see someone betting on a certain roulette number, or a colour etc., 
because that particular bet has not won for a while. It may or may not win, if itfeels 
like a good idea and you're prepared to take the risk then go for it by all means. But 
whetherit wins or loses is down to luck and not down to the fact that it was due to 

Now read on to the next chapter to find out how to increase your chances and leave 
the table as a winner. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Chapter 5 - Making money from 
Roulette - Step by Step 

I. Getting started 

Now that you are clear on the rules and pitfalls we are ready to begin. 

The veiy first thing you need to do is to open a new online casino account. This will 
allow you to practice playing roulette with the Mayer Technique, which you will be 
finding out more about throughout this section. 

Don't worry. The casino accounts we are going to open will allow you to practice 
playing 100% free. Y ou won't need to risk any of your own money until you are 
ready and confident using the Mayer technique. 

Now open two separate casino accounts using the links below. Y ou should be able to 
click on the links, but if not you can just copy the URL into your internet browser. I 
make sure that these links redirect to a different casino eveiy fortnight so that no one 
casino is stung for too much by Mayer technique practitioners. 

Casino Link 

If link doesn't work type this URL 

Mayer Casino #1 

Mayer Casino #2 

Why two accounts? It is important not to take too much money from one casino too 
quickly. Y ou need to look like any other player, playing on what looks like "gut 
feel ,; . If you look like a pro the casino may ask you to close your account. I have had 
this happen several times, but if it does happen to you don't worry. There are plenty 
more casinos available. Sites such as contain regularly 
updated lists of the best places to play roulette. 

If you haven't already done so now open the two casino accounts using the links 

2. The Mayer Line 

The cornerstone of the Mayer Roulette Technique is to understand the Mayer Line. 
Many people play roulette in a seemingly random fashion. The place a few outside 
bets, scatter some more chips on the inside and then feel delighted when one of their 
numbers comes up. Unfortunately the losses usually outnumber the gains, and in 
reality even the wins have been hedged by placing chips all over the layout. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

The Mayer Line simplifies the game enormously. It is based on months of detailed 
simulation and experimentation. The results have been proven by me personally in 
over twenty casinos, and mathematically (see page 23). To be successful the first 
thing we need to master is the Mayer Line itself. 

The Mayer Line consists of a line of units to which individual stakes must be added or 
subtracted. For the purpose of the guide we will be using a line of just 5 units long, 
but this can be increased to 10 or even 20 units later as you become more confident in 
using the line. 

To start write down 5 number 1 digits in a line, as below. Each of these units will 
represent one betting unit, i.e. one dollar, one pound or one euro depending on your 
choice of currency. 

Mayer Line #1 

To use the Mayer Line we need to place even money bets. It doesn't matter which 
even money bets are used, but choose one kind and then stick with it until the Mayer 
Line is completed. 

Even money bets are: 

• Red or Black 

• Odds or Evens 

• Low (1-18) or High (19-36) 

To use a Mayer Line you add the total of the number at the left to the number at the 
right. Use the total of these numbers to place your even money bet. If the bet wins 
then cross off both the numbers you added. If the bet loses then add the bet as a new 
number to the right hand side of the Mayer Line. 

For the next bet don 7 1 change what you bet on, just the stakes. The stake for each 
subsequent bet will always be the sum of the numbers on the left and right-hand side 
of the line. 

If you are playing at a table with the La Partage rule then you need to take account of 
the half money-back rule. If you lose with La Partage cross both numbers off the line 
as you would otherwise do for a win. Then add half of the previous total to the right 
hand- side of the line, rounding up to the next whole number is necessary. 

Continue this way until all numbers have been crossed off the line. With the line 
complete you will have a profit of exactly 5 units, regardless of how long it took to 
complete the line. Even a long series of losses, however unlikely, will always result 
in a win of 5 units overall once the line is complete. 

The easiest way to demonstrate the Mayer Line is with a worked example: 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

3. Mayer Line worked Example 

Let's follow this first example. 

Let's imagine you select Black as your choice of even money bet. 

Before starting the Mayer Line looks like this: 

Y our starting Bankroll is 100. 

Spin 1: 

Y our bet is 2 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the Mayer Line. 

Y ou place this on Black. 

The result of the first spin is ... 





So you have lost the fiist bet When you lose you don't cross any numbers off and 
instead add the total you bet to the right hand side of the line. So at the end of Spin 1 
your Mayer Line looks like this: 

1! 1! 1! 1! 1!2 

Bankroll is now 98. 

Spin 2: 

Y our bet is 3 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the Mayer Line. 

Y ou place this on Black again, because your choice of even money bet should stay the 
same until the Mayer Line is complete. 

The result of the spin is ... 





So you have lost again Don'twony; the end lesult will be a win of 5. When you 
lose you don't cross any numbers off and instead add the total you bet to the right 
hand side of the line. So at the end of Spin 2 your Mayer Line looks like this: 

111112 3 

Y our bankroll is now 95. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Spin 3: 

Y our bet is now 4 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the Mayer 
Line. Y ou place this on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





Well done. A win Because the spin won you cross off the nuii±)er at the right and 
left of the Mayer Line. So at the end of Spin 3 your Mayer Line looks like this: 

Y our bankroll is now 99. 

Spin 4: 

Y our bet is now down to 3 chips again, the total of the number at the left and right of 
the Mayer Line. Y ou again place this on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





A lose. So you add the total to the right hand side of the line, ignoring the crossed off 
numbers. At the end of Spin 4 your Mayer Line looks like this: 

II II II 112 

Bankroll is now 96. 

Spin 5: 

Y our bet is now 4 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the Mayer 
Line. Y ou place this on Black. This is getting pretty straightforward now. 

The result of the spin is ... 





Aloseagain What a run of bad luck! Butdon'twony. Again add the total to the 
right hand side of the line, ignoring the crossed off numbers. At the end of Spin 5 
your Mayer Line looks like this: 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

|/T|JJ 1 |J_| 1 J2_X 3 ) 4 | 

1 1 1 

Bankroll is now 92. 

Spin 6: 

Y our bet is now 5 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the Mayer 
Line. Y ou place this on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





A win! Cross off the numbers at the left and right of the Mayer Line, ignoring the 
pa^vioi^yai)ssedoffniiii±)eB. They are gone for good At the end of Spin 6 your 
Mayer Line looks like this: 

II II 112 

Bankroll is now 97. 

Spin 7: 

Y our bet is now down to 4 chips again, the total of the number at the left and right of 
the Mayer Line. Y ou place this on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





A win Cross off the numbers at the left and right of the Mayer Line. Attheendof 
Spin 7 your Mayer Line looks like this: 

1! 112 

Bankroll is now 101. Y ou have been right on 3 occasions and wrong on four. Y et 
your bankroll is already ahead of where you started, despite luck having been against 

Spin 8: 

Y our bet is now down to 3 chips, the total of the number at the left and right of the 
Mayer Line. Y ou place this on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

A win. Cross off the numbers at the left and right of the Mayer Line. At the end of 
Spin 8 your Mayer Line looks like this: 

\ MxW \X) i IzWtis W l 

Bankroll is now 104. 

Spin 9: 

There is now only one number left on the Mayer Line so you bet that. Y our bet is 1 
chip, which you again place on Black. 

The result of the spin is ... 





Great The Mayer line is complete. At the end of Spin 9 your Mayer Line looks like 


Bankroll is now 105. Y ou have made 5 units of profit. 

The spins we have just witnessed in the example were: 



Bet on Black 
















































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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

4. Bank Roll 

How much money to start with is an important factor in the success of the Mayer 
Technique. In theory you will always walk away with a larger bank roll than you 
started with, because the Mayer Technique compensates for losses with marginally 
higher stakes. By the time all numbers have been crossed off you will have more 
units than you started with. 

In reality there is a risk of going bust before you have time to recover. For that reason 
it is important to control your bank roll carefully. Too much and you risk losing your 
total bankroll, too little and you decrease the chances of walking away from the table 
with a profit. 

The surest way to manage bankroll is to keep a total bankroll and a separate table 
bankroll. Y our table bankroll is the amount you are risking in one session at the table. 
For a Mayer line of 5 units length, betting 1 per unit as in the examples above, you 
should start with a table bankroll of 100 units (i.e. £100, $100, €100 or whatever 
currency you play in). With a bank of 100 you have a 94.4% chance of winning after 
1 Mayer Line, and a 5.6% chance of going bust. 

The table below shows the probability of winning after completing 1 Mayer Line, 
with different starting banks. 


of win 

of loss 

Average no of 
spins rqd. 

Average Stake 

Total amount 























































The simulation above ran using a European roulette table with Partage, over 
100 000 separate Mayer Lines, each Mayer line having length of 5 units. 

Meaning of Columns: 

Starting Bank: Number of units of money available at the start 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Probability of Win: Determined using a simulation of 100 000 Mayer Lines 

Probability of Loss: 1 minus Probability of Win. Loss means busting out 

(reaching zero) and therefore not completing the Mayer Line. 

Average no of spins rqd: Number of spins before Mayer line was completed, 

averaged over 100 000 Mayer Lines 

Average Stake: Initial stake is 2 units, but stake varies depending on how 

long the Mayer Line lasts before being completed. This figure shows the 

average bet on the table averaged over 100 000 Mayer Lines. 

Total amount wagered: Amount wagered per game before completing 

Mayer Line, averaged over 100 000 Mayer Lines. 

As you can see the probability of winning increases dramatically as the bank 
increases. However be aware that in the very unlikely event that you do lose, you will 
lose a larger amount if you start with a larger bankroll. To avoid tearing you hair out 
in chunks, I find a table bankroll of 100 to 200 is a good middle ground. 

5. Target 

Playing roulette can be great fun. It is entrancing to see your bank balance tick up as 
you complete Mayer Lines, whether online or at a real casino. We set a win target to 
avoid the gamblers Achilles heel - overstaying at a table. 

To win money overall from the casinos you need to be leaving when you are up. 
Remember the house edge? Well over time the house edge means that the majority of 
players will lose to the casino. Y ou need to become one of those that take money 
from the casino. The longer you continue after a win the higher the risk you will hit 
zero and bust out. 

Set a target for the session and stick to it. Initially your target should be to complete 
just one Mayer Line, with a length of 5 units. Once you've completed that leave the 
table. Once you are comfortable with the Mayer Technique you can increase the 
length of the Mayer Line, or the value of each of the units (e.g. make eveiy unit on the 
line worth £5 instead of £1). But initially it is important to build up a good technique 
and avoid errors, so stick to the low target for the first few sessions. 

Remember the three cornerstones of winning? Number three was Discipline. And 
now is when you need it. Set a target. Then stop. 

6. When to quit 

Regardless of the amount you have in your total bankroll it is important to be 
disciplined and quit when your reach your stop-loss amount. Y ou roulette table 
bankroll is 100 units and you of course quit when this is gone. If you lose the table 
bankroll then you should stop playing for that day. Return another day with fresh 
bankroll. To play on can risk seriously affecting your confidence. 

The win target for a session is one Mayer Line. Y ou can quit at this point in each 
session, which will give you a good overall profit. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Chapter 6 - Final steps - Become a 

roulette tiger 

I. Monty-Hall Problem 

Playing successful roulette means making decisions based upon mathematical fact 
not on intuition. If you believe that you will beat mathematical probability in the long 
term then you should probably stop playing now. Sometimes reason dictates that you 
should play on, while the strategy says you should stop. To illustrate how intuition 
can sometimes appear to deceive you I present the Monty Hall paradox. 

This story is true, and comes from an American TV game show. 
Here is the situation. Finalists in a TV game show are invited up 
onto the stage, where there are three closed doors. The host 
explains that behind one of the doors is the star prize - a car. 
Behind each of the other two doors is just a goat. Obviously the 
contestant wants to win the car, but does not know which door 
conceals the car. 

The host invites the contestant to choose one of the three doors. 
Let us suppose that our contestant chooses door number 3. Now, 
the host does not initially open the door chosen by the 
contestant. Instead he opens one of the other doors - let us say it 
is door number 1. The door that the host opens will always 
reveal a goat. Remember the host knows what is behind every 

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Monty Hall 

The contestant is now asked if they want to stick with their original choice, or if they 
want to change their mind, and choose the other remaining door that has not yet been 
opened. In this case number 2. The studio audience shout suggestions. What is the 
best strategy for the contestant? Does it make any difference whether they change 
their mind or stick with the original choice? 

The answer to this question is not intuitive. Basically, the theory says that if the 
contestant changes their mind, the odds of them winning the car double. And over 

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Alex Mayer 

many episodes of the TV show, the facts supported the theory - those people that 
changed their mind had double the chance of winning the car. 

Why should this be so? After all, the contestant doesn't know which door the car is 
behind, and so the chance of the car being behind any one particular door is one third, 
isn't it? So surely the chance of winning the car if they stick with their original choice 
is one third, and the chance of winning the car if they change their mind is also one 
third? How can the odds double? 

The answer goes like this. When the contestant makes their first choice, the chance of 
them being correct is indeed one in three, or one third. And if, after the host has done 
his patter and opened another door, they stick with their original choice, then their 
chance of being correct is unaltered, it is one third. Indeed, how could this possibly 

We get some pretty abusive e-mails here at Grand Illusions telling us we are talking 
rubbish. But before sounding off at us, take note - this is an old mathematical puzzle, 
and has been published in probability textbooks for over 100 years. However, as we 
said, it is counter- intuitive, and the maths that most people do in school does not 
cover this. 

This is not an example of simple probability (suppose there are two doors, therefore 
there is a 1 in 2 chance of the car being behind either of the doors). This is an example 
of conditional probability: what is the chance of something happening, given that 
something else already has. 

OK, so how does this puzzle work? Here is one way of explaining it. Let us assume 
that our contestant has chosen door 3. And let us assume that our contest never 
changes their mind. There are three equally likely possibilities- 

Door 1 

Door 2 

Door 3 













In one case out of three, the contestant will win the car. The green background shows 
the door that the host opened. Only in the last case did he have a choice, when he 
could have opened either door 1 or door 2. 

Now let us consider what happens if the contestant always changes their mind. Again 
they initially pick door 3. 

Door 1 Door 2 

Door 3 

car goat 



goat car 



goat goat 



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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Their chance of being right initially is still only 1 in 3. But now in both the first two 
cases the host opens a door revealing a goat, and the contestant changes their mind - 
and 2 times out of 3 they will be right. 

So, if the contestant sticks with their original choice, they will win the car 1 time in 3, 
and if they switch doors, they will win the car 2 times in 3. 

Some of you will still be shaking your heads at this, and saying we are wrong. So here 
is another way of thinking about it. Imagine there are 100 doors, with a car behind 
only 1 of them. Y ou choose a door. Y our chance of being right is 1 in 100, right? 
Now the host opens 98 of the remaining 99 doors, in each case revealing a goat. Y ou 
can now either stick with your original choice, or you can switch to the one remaining 
door that is closed. We say if you stick with your original choice, you still have a 1 in 
100 chance of being right. And if you switch, you have a 99 in 100 chance of being 

When Marilyn vos Savant quoted this puzzle in the US a few years ago, she received 
over 10,000 letters mostly telling her she was wrong. 

One was from Robert Sachs, a professor of mathematics at George Mason University 
in Fairfax, Va. who said "As a professional mathematician, I'm very concerned with 
the general public's lack of mathematical skills. Please help by confessing your error 
and, in the future, being more careful." 

However a week later and Dr. Sachs wrote her another letter telling her that "after 
removing my foot from my mouth I'm now eating humble pie. I vowed as penance to 
answer all the people who wrote to castigate me. It's been an intense professional 

Well, I said it was counter- intuitive. Even professional mathematicians get it wrong. 

2. Bonus Hunting 

To maximise profits from online roulette I reiterate how important it is to make use of 
the free bonuses that the casinos are so keen to offer. Can you make a profit without 
using these bonuses? Y es. Certainly good discipline and following the correct 
strategy can make you a profit. But only by taking advantage of the casino 7 s 
generosity can you make high profits at veiy low risk. 

Bonus hunting is about taking advantage of the casinos 7 willingness give money 
away. Casinos are happy to lose money to the few in order to attract the many. There 
is such thing as a free lunch. Just don 7 1 pile the plate too high on your first visit. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Here are some tips to bear in mind when going "bonus- hunting" . Remember the key 
to being able to profit from these bonuses every month is not to stand out as a bonus- 

1. Check the terms and conditions carefully 

There is no point in depositing your money, 
getting the bonus and then finding out that you 
can't cash out because you didn't meet their exact 
requirements for games played, amount 
wagered, or location. All sites show their Terms 
and Conditions so read them carefully. In 
particular look for any excluded games 
(Blackjack, craps and low- risk roulette bets are 
sometime excluded). Check that you don't live in 
an excluded country (Danish and Israeli players 
often can't claim bonuses - strange but true). 

2. Exceed the minimum wager requirement 

The B onus Hunter B ird (courtesy When you receive the bonus the casino will 
A rtemis) showing how bonuses can help require you to wager a total amount before you 

swell your winnings. can withdraw it. They obviously don't want 

everyone signing up, and then withdrawing the free cash without risking any of it. 
They usually stipulate you wager the deposit + bonus 15 to 20 times in total before 
you withdraw it. However it is good practice to exceed their minimum requirement by 
wagering at least 20% extra. They won't (and can't) refuse to pay out if you don't, but 
they may see you as a bonus- abuser and not send you any of their future members 
offers. If you stay on the right side of the casinos they often offer monthly free 
bonuses just for staying a member. 

3. Check the bonus is not " sticky" 

Sticky bonuses are bonuses that you can use to wager with but can never cash out 
(although you can cash out the winnings from them). Sticky bonuses are also 
sometimes called phantom bonuses. Fortunately sticky bonuses are still not common 
in European casinos, but they are becoming more popular in American casinos. Sticky 
bonuses are not necessarily bad, but to profit from them you need to place higher risk, 
higher reward bets. Check the terms and conditions if you want to stay away from 

4. Make use of special promotions 

Some casinos offer regular monthly top-up bonuses. 888 Casino on Net offers $200 
free (cash match) when you join, but also regularly sends you surprise bonuses which 
they add straight to your account. I've received these several times from 888 and with 
these extra promotions there is no wagering requirement at all! Other casinos 
including Intercasino have similar offers. 

5. Don't draw attention to yourself. 

I can't overemphasize the importance of this. Remain anonymous by playing 
moderately and you will keep receiving lucrative bonuses on a regular basis. Casinos 
are desperate to keep people playing, so when they notice you haven't been back for a 
few weeks you may well receive a nice inducement to play. Don't draw attention to 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

yourself by betting everything up to the wager requirement immediately and then 
withdrawing. Space the play out over at least 2 or more sessions. Use manual play as 
well as autoplay (for Micrologic casinos). Vary your bet size occasionally. 

6. Be aware of the online casino ownership groups 

Many online casinos form part of a larger group that may share information between 
them. Don 7 1 worry, you will have agreed to this somewhere in their terms and 
conditions. If you suddenly play for the bonus at all the casinos in one group in one 
month you will be unwelcome and they may stop you opening subsequent accounts. 
Some of the groups that link casinos are VIP profits, casino rewards, casino partners 
and Partnerlogic. 

3. Final useful tips 

1. Keep accurate records. Keep records of all deposits, withdrawals and 
transactions. Record how much you wager in a session and what the start and 
end balance is. 

2. Open a Neteller account. Many casinos award extra bonuses to people using 
Neteller. Fraud rates from Neteller accounts are much lower than credit cards 
and the casino pass some of these savings on to you. 

3. NEVER play US roulette. The house edge is doubled by the double zero. 

4. Email customer services with a simple question. Their speed and helpfulness 
will give you a good indication of what you would get if you really needed 
them later on. 

5. Either find a scanner or invest in one. Scan your I.D . (or driver's license), a 
utility bill and/or a bank statement. Save it as a JPEG file using whichever 
program you feel the most comfortable with. Make sure you alter the scans by 
blacking (or whiting) out any account numbers or I.D. numbers. The casinos 
only need proof of residence, not the account number for your electricity 

6. Most Real Time Gaming (RTG ) casinos require you to fill out a fax-back form 
for any withdrawals. Y ou can scan this form as well and save you any costs of 
faxing it. 

7. Some casinos have also stated they need proof of a Neteller transaction. 
Though patently ridiculous, if you want to send them this, make VERY SURE 
that you black out EV ERY THING except for that lone transaction. Print it out, 
black out eveiy thing and scan it or just take a screenshot of the Neteller 
screen, but MAKE SURE you only give them that one transaction. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Chapter 7 - Playing Roulette online 

The Mayer roulette techniques are designed to increase your chances of winning. The 
technique was originally designed for real land- based casinos, but works even better 
with online casinos. 

2. Benefits of online gaming 

Online casinos have many advantages over land- based ones. For a start there is 
convenience. Would you consider walking into your local casino in your pyjamas? 
With online gaming you can choose when to play and who to play with. Instead of 
chewing sandwiches and paying for grim red wine at the table you can be sitting 
comfortably in your front room with a plate of olives and a Chateau Neuf du Pape. 
And when the other half comes in you don't have to make excuses for your smoke- 
drenched clothes. 

Quite apart from the comfort factor there is one other MAJOR advantage of online 
casinos. The odds. Online casinos compete heavily with each other to win your 
business and cut house edge down to a bare minimum. They can afford to do this 
because being online they don't have to rent prime city centre plots and can instead be 
based in a Cory don industrial estate. In roulette terms the biggest difference you will 
find is that online casinos invariably offer the single zero tables, offer with half- 
money back on zero, as well as generous loyalty schemes. 

Admittedly online gaming has disadvantages too. Beside the obvious ("Will I ever 
see my money again?"), the on-line casino raises to new heights the test of discipline 
which any casino imposes. Are you with me on this? Casinos aren't so much a test of 
your skill or luck (though both do have their impact), but more a test of your self- 
discipline. The drinks are free or inexpensive, there are no clocks, and few casinos 
allow you to bet with currency; it's all converted to tokens or chips. Those all 
contribute to the 'carefree' feeling that the casinos want you to adopt when you go in 
there. These factors are not a problem at an on-line casino, but consider this: at most 
'real' casinos, you have to take $$$ out of your pocket and either change it into tokens 
or chips, or at least put it into a machine. At an on-line casino, you never see any $$$; 
you input your credit card info and then just point and click. Money under those 
circumstances becomes almost abstract and that can really work against you. Some 
casinos impose a daily or weekly limit on credit card purchases and some allow you 
to set a limit for yourself. I strongly urge you to set such limits, even if you're Mr. 
Gates himself. 

The other 'disciplinary problem' is impatience and the scenario usually goes 
something like this: Y ou've been playing roulette or Video Poker for a few hours, 
haven't seen a Four- of- a- Kind even once, are down $250 and figure that a 4K is 'due', 
so you switch to playing a $5 game, figuring that just a Full House or two (let alone a 
4K!) will get you even. Whoah! Take some time off and go after your dollars when 
you're rested and your head is clear. It's difficult to win when you're 'steaming'. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

2. Where to play 

Choosing the right online casino would merit a whole book in itself. Needless to say 
much of it depends on what exactly you are after. However for a quick and easy 
guide of what I consider the best online casinos based on security, reliability, user 
experience, and generosity see the table below. 




Max J oin Bonus 


888 Casino on Net 




100% match (to $200) 

Blackjack Ballroom 

M icrogaming 

Casino Rewards 


40% cash match (up to 
£200 or $400 BONUS) 





£50 cash match monthly 



Hilton Group 


100% match (to £100) 

Spin Palace 


Wager Share 


£75 match bonus for 
new joiners. AMAZING 
300% slots bonus. 

Victor Chandler casino 




10% (max £50- i.e. 
deposit 500) 

William Hill 

(subsidiary of 

Focal Clicks 


£50 cash match monthly 

Mummy's Gold 


Casino Rewards 


£500 FREE no signup 

More on the software operators and the casino groups below. 

3. Casino operator Groups 

The majority of online casinos are independent operators. Often they operate just a 
single casino, though in the last year many have also added an online poker room. In 
the majority of cases this is run as a separate entity, requiring a new download, but 
usually piggybacks of the original brand. For example Intercasino and Intercasino 

Some of the independent casinos have started adding new casinos. These will use the 
same software and back-end systems, staff, and support, but will have a different 
visible "brand". These add-on casinos are targeted at a different audience. For 
example the US market expects flashier graphics and more visible offers than the UK; 
the Chinese market is geared around slots and Asian games such as Sic Bo. 

In addition to the independent operators there are several large online operator groups. 
The largest of these include Belle Rock Gaming, Casino Partners and Wager Works, 
each of which operates a whole range of online casinos 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

To the player it really doesn't make a huge difference whether they choose an 
independent or group- based casino. To choose a casino look at lists from a fair and 
independent website, such as or try out the casino in practice 
mode first. 

some important things to consider are: 

1. Is there a sign- up bonus? If so how much? 

2. Is there a phone number you can call? Is it toll free? If you call is the line 

3. Is the casino licensed? 

4. Is there information available about who owns and operates the casino? 

5. Who provides the software, is it a reliable name (see section 4) or some 
mystery no-name company. 

6. Do they support Neteller or FirePay to allow you to make easy deposits? 

4. Software operators 

As well as being able to break down online casinos into their operator groups they can 
be categorised by the software that they use. Every casino needs to have software to 
run their operations, a nice visual interface for customers to use and the ability to 
collect and distribute payments. Most importantly of all the software contains the 
random number generator used to determine what the next card from the deck will be. 

In many ways the choice of software is even more important to you than who the 
casino is owned by. There is actually a fairly small choice of software operators. In 
the past many more existed but by 2005 the vast majority of casinos now use one of 
Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Boss, or Real Time Gaming. For you as a 
player this is not a bad thing. The major providers are tightly audited for fairness, and 
have excellent reputations that they will do everything to protect. They can't afford to 
risk their reputation by licensing their software to less reputable casinos, which is one 
of the reasons that standards and security in online casinos have increased at such as 
fast rate over the past few years. 

The RNG within the software that the online casinos use is protected within the 
application. It can't be modified by any casino. If you get a bad run of cards don't be 
tempted to think that the casino is dealing bad cards. If they use one of the major 
software groups then this is simply not possible, and it would be suicidal for the 
industry to allow bad operators to survive. To the casinos their reputation is 

Despite this bad casinos do exist. Bad software also exists. I recommend you steer 
clear of anything not using one of the major software brands. The usual way to tell 
what software a casino is using is to check at the bottom of the front page (see Figure 
6). If it doesn't tell you there then email them and ask. They have no reason not to 
tell you, and in my experience usually will. Asking them a question like this is a good 
way to test their customer care too. 

In the section below I will give you the information you need to know about each type 
of software. Read this once now, and then come back to it again when you open your 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

account with each casino. There are real and important differences between the 
software used by each casino and if you want to be able to maximise your profits and 
minimise the time you spend playing then it is important to know how each casino 

About Us ■ Flash Casino ■ Terms And Conditions ■ *~ asino Affiliat*- /roaram 

Figure 6 Image taken from Blackjack Ballroom's homepage. Most casinos sites show the name of 
the software they use at the base of their homepage. This casino uses Microgaming (circled). 

5. Micro Gaming 

Microgaming is one of the largest and most commonly found software operator 
groups. Y ou can recognise a Microgaming casino by the short flash intra movie when 
they load up. Each casino has a different one and there are now even cult websites 
devoted to these short clips. 

Microgaming casinos have particularly easy to use software. Large bright screens, 
clear buttons and easy access to detailed statistics make these casinos popular with 
regular players. 

In January 2003 Microgaming introduced their "Viper" software update. A good way 
to tell if a Microgaming casino uses the Viper or old software is that Viper has 
autoplay and the old software does not. 

Autoplay is one of the strongest features of Microgaming casinos, and are the reason 
that I prefer to play Microgaming over any other. Autoplay lets you select the 
numbers and play patterns in advance and then will spin the wheel without you 
needing to touch a thing. Of course autoplay is not so useful when following Mayer 
strategy but if you are interested in playing a few quick games it is great fun. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Figure 7 Microgaming European Roulette table layout. Board in top right shows last numbers 
played. Clear buttons allow access to the main functions. The expert button allows access to 
Autoplay, one of the strongest features of Microgaming software. 

The best game to play at Microgaming casinos is French Roulette, which offers the La 
Partage rule. La Partage (or European surrender rule), is a variation in which the 
player only loses half of any money bet (red, black, odd, even, 1-18, 19-36) if the ball 
lands in zero. The even money bets have a house edge of 1.35%, which is half that of 
normal European roulette. Very few people play this game, probably because they 
don 7 1 realise just what an advantage it give them. In my opinion it is not worth 
playing anything else if you are serious about maximising returns. 

6. Crypto logic 

Cryptologic is a Toronto-based company providing downloadable online casino 
software. The company was founded in 1995, went live with their first casino in 1996, 
and was the first to provide multi-player games in 1998. Depending on the casino, the 
player may earn monthly deposit bonuses, random prizes, or cash back incentives. 

After opening an account a letter will be sent in the postal mail containing a PIN and 
account number. Y ou will need the PIN to cash out and the account number for 
customer support, so don't lose this information. Based on my experience Cryptologic 
casinos are very professional and offer fast and efficient customer service. The 
playing experience strives to be realistic, offering sound effects and voice narration. 
On the negative side I have had occasional problems with dropped connections and 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

error message pop up boxes with Ciyptologic. This seems to have improved recently. 
Multi-player and single player games are offered. 

Some Ciyptologic casinos, including William Hill offer afree "safecracker" game in 
which the player enters a 9-digit combinatLon into a safe. In the unlikely event it is 
exactly right the player wins $100,000. Only one guess per day is allowed 

As well as the usual American and European roulette, Ciyptologic offers a 'VIP 
European" version of roulette with the Partage rule. With this half of even money 
bets are returned if ball lands in zero. 

Special Bets are available by pressing the large button at the base of the page. 

fiWH £ Casino 2005: Practice Mode 


Figure 8 William Hill used to demonstrate the Ciyptologic layout, featuring a single zero. The 
board towards the bottom left shows results of the previous spins. 

7. Playtech 

Playtech offers downloadable casino software. The graphics are very good and the 
interface is easy to understand. Both multi-player and single player are supported. 
Separate accounts are available for both real and play money so you can practice 
while still keeping money aside for the occasional real bet. 

There is a comp point system equivalent to 0.1% cash back. The roulette wheel is 
single zero (European rules). 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

In terms of graphics and the user interface I find Playtech casinos to be the best. It is 
easy to get lulled into playing by the well- designed graphics and clear unobtrusive 
dealer's voice. 






Figure 9 Action Online roulette layout, showing the easy-to-use Playtech software. As well as the 
standard controls several preset bets are available near the bottom left of the screen. 

8. Boss 

Boss Media, based in Sweden, is one of the largest and oldest software providers. 
Their software provides a realistic feel that comes about as close as you can get to a 
real casino. Both multi- player and private tables are available. An easy to access 
record is kept of every bet going back 30 days. There is also a transaction record that 
shows every deposit, bonus, and withdrawal, going back as far as you want. When 
you open an account a PIN will be sent in the postal mail that is required for 
withdrawals of over $500. 

I don't know how they do it but Boss Media appears to pick its casino owners very 
well. All of them all solid organizations. As far as I know the number of Boss Media 
casinos that have gone bad is zero. If you are looking for a safe place put your money 
you can't go wrong with a Boss casino. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

Figure 10 Layout of the French roulette table with the La Partage rule which gives half money- 
back on zero. This is player advantageous. The board at the top left shows previous bets and 
next to it is a live close-up of the table. 

9. Other Software Operators 

Although those listed above are easily the largest software operators there are a 
number of other reputable ones. The operators below are known as "safe", are 
audited independently and are free from any manipulation by casinos. With any of 
these operators you will get a fair game. 

Other reputable operators include: 

Real Time Gaming 
Blue Chip Games 
Net Entertainment 
World Gaming 
Random Logic 

If you see any of these names at a casino you are thinking of joining then you can be 
sure that the software is fair and tamper- proof . Of course you must still take care that 
the casino operator itself is reputable so that your winnings are paid out promptly. 

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Figure 11 Image of the Casino on Net roulette layout showing me with a very welcome $45000 
win. C asino on Net is the largest of the online casinos and one of the few to use their own 

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C hapter 8 - Appendices 

10. Current Offers 

New casinos are opening all the time and enticing customers by using ever more 
generous offers and bonuses to new customers. Existing operators are forced to both 
compete with the new entrants and to retain their existing customers and prevent them 
being poached by the newcomers. 

This competitive situation is a constant headache for the casinos groups, who need to 
keep finding new ways of grabbing the headlines. For us, the humble customer, it is 
different. Customers benefit from fantastic offers that are loss leaders to the casinos. 

Offers change rapidly so this section will be the first to go out of date. However, at 
the time of going to press the offers below were some of the most generous for 
roulette players. 

300 Free Spins on 

£400 Double 

£500 one hour FREE PLAY 
No need to deposit any money 

The above offers are available at the time of going to press, but are subject to change. 
To be kept informed of the latest offers sign up to an online information service such 
as the Playhard Players Club available from . 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

22. Payout Table 

American Layout 

The following table displays the available bets, the payoff, and the probability of 

winning under U.S. rules. All casinos in the U.S. follow these rules except for in 

Atlantic City. The 

house edge on all bets 

is 1/19, or 5.26%, 

except for one bet. 

The exception is the 


combination, which 

carries a house edge 

of 7.89%. 

To reiterate again, 
NEVER play 

Figure 12 A Typical American roulette layout 

American rules when 

you have the choice 

of a European table or a French table. The extra 00 in American layouts doubles the 

house edge. 

United States Roulette Rules 

Bet Pays Probability 

Red 1:1 47.37% 

Black 1:1 47.37% 

Odd 1:1 47.37% 

Even 1:1 47.37% 

1 to 18 1:1 47.37% 

19 to 36 1:1 47.37% 

1 to 12 2:1 31.58% 

13 to 24 2:1 31.58% 

25 to 36 2:1 31.58% 

Any one number 35:1 2.63% 

Two number combination 17:1 5.26% 

Three number combination 11:1 7.89% 

Four number combination 8:1 1 0.53% 

Six number combination 5:1 15.79% 

Top Line (0,00,1,2,3 combination) 6:1 13.16% 

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Mayer Technique Roulette 

Alex Mayer 

European Layout 

The European wheel with the single "detractor" has a smaller advantage for the 
casino, and therefore is better for the player. The house edge is 1/37, or 2.7%. 

Figure 13 A typical European roulette layout 

European Roulette Rules 

Bet Pays Probability of win 

Red 1 

1 48.65% 

Black 1 

1 48.65% 

Odd 1 

1 48.65% 

Even 1 

1 48.65% 

1 to 18 1 

1 48.65% 

19 to 36 1 

1 48.65% 

1 to 12 2 

1 32.43% 

13 to 24 2 

1 32.43% 

25 to 36 2 

1 32.43% 

Any one number 35:1 2.70% 

Two number combination 17:1 5.41% 

Three number combination 11:1 8.11% 

Four number combination 8:1 10.81% 

Six number combination 5:1 16.22% 

Top Line (0,1,2,3 combination) 8:1 10.81% 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

22. Roulette Glossary 

Action - The amount of money you bet over a given period. 

American Wheel - Roulette wheel that has and 00 pockets and a number 
sequence of (clockwise starting with 0): f 28, 9, 26, 30, 11, 7, 20, 32, 17, 5, 22, 
34, 15, 3, 24, 36, 13, 1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, 31, 18, 6, 21, 33, 16, 4, 23, 

Backtrack -The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun. 
Also called the ball-track. 

Ball-Track -The outer, stationary rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun. 

Bankroll - The total amount of money a gambler sets aside with which to 

Biased Numbers - A Big Numberthatcontinues through long-term analysis and 
produced by Biased Wheels. 

Biased Wheel -A roulette wheel that has an imperfection that causes certain 
numbers or sections of numbers to appear at a higher frequency than is possible 
through probability. 

Big Number - A number that has hit more than its theoretical average. Long-term 
"Big Numbers" may be indicative of a Biased Wheel. 

Black Action - A bet made with a black ($100) chip. 

Black Bet- A wager that the colour of the next number will be black. 

Blacks - Chips valued at $100. 

Bottom Track -The slanting, stationary, inner area of a roulette wheel down 
which the ball slides before bouncing onto the wheel head and into a pocket. 

Cancellation Betting System - A betting system using a series of numbers that 
cancels numbers after winning a bet and adds numbers after losing a bet. 

Capping a Bet- Illegally adding more chips to a bet that has already won. 

Carre- French term for the Corner Bet or a bet that four numbers in a given 
segment of the layout will win 

Casino Advantage - The edge, usually shown as a percentage that the house 
has over the player. 

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Chasing Losses - Increasing your bets in order to recoup what you've lost. A 
dangerous and unrewarding style of play. 

Cheval - French for the Split Bet or a single bet that one of two particular 
numbers will hit on the next spin. 

Choppy Game- A game where neither the player nor the house has been 
winning consistently or, a game where no discernible streaks have been 

Cold Table - Any table where you and/or other players have been losing. 

Colonne -The French term for Column Bet or a bet on one of the columns of 12 
numbers on the layout. 

Column Bet- A bet on one of the columns of 12 numbers on the layout. 

Combination Bet- A bet with one chip or more chips on two or more numbers. 

Corner Bet - A bet that four numbers in a given segment of the layout will win. 

Dealer - The casino employee who staffs the games offered. 

Derniere- A French term for last and refers to the last group of 12 numbers in 
the Dozen Bet. 

Douzaine - French term for the Dozen Bet. 

Dozen Bet - A bet on one of the sequences of 12 numbers on the layout. 

En Plein - French term forthe Straight-up Betor an inside beton one number. 

En Prison - French term forthe favourable option offered at some single-zero 
roulette tables. The player does not lose his/her even-money bets if the zero 
shows. Instead, the bet is locked up (imprisoned) for another spin. If the betwins, 
it is returned fully. If the bet loses, the house collects it. 

European Wheel - Roulette wheel that has only a single zero (0) and a number 
sequence of (clockwise starting with 0): 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 
13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 

Even Bet - A wager that one of the even numbers will win the next spin. 

Even Money -A bet that pays off atone to one. In roulette Red, Black, Odd, 
Even, Low, and High bets all pay even money. 

Even Up -A bet that has no mathematical edge for either side. In roulette, this 
can only come from wheel biases and croupier biases, as all layout bets have an 
unyielding house advantage. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Fair Game - A game where neither the house nor the player has the edge. 
Roulette is nota FairGame. 

Five-Number Bet- Can only be made on the American Wheel and is a single 
wager that 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 will hit next. The single worst bet in roulette. 

Gaffed Wheel - A wheel that has been rigged (by either player or the casino). 

Greens - Chips valued at $25. 

High Bet- A wagerthatone of the high numbers (19-36) will win the nextspin. 

Hoca - Early version of roulette. 

Hot Table - A table where the players have been winning. 

House Edge - The mathematical edge that the casino has on a given bet. 

Impair - F rench term for the Odd Bet or a wager that one of the odd numbers will 
win the nextspin. 

Inside Bet- A bet made on the central, numbered portion of the roulette layout. 

La Partage- Similar to en prison, but in this case the player loses half the bet 
and does not have the option of leaving the bet en prison for another spin. 

Line Bet- A wagerthatone of six numbers (two rows of three numbers 
separated by a line on the layout) will win. 

Low Bet - A wager that one of the low numbers (1-18) will win the next spin. 

Manque - French term for Low Bet. 

Mayer Line - Roulette betting strategy where a lost bet results in a small 
incremental increase in the next stake. A total often numbers in a line are 
erased leading to a win often units. 

Money at Risk- Money that has been wagered and can be lost. 

Nickel - A five-dollar chip that is usually red. 

Noir- French term for Black Bet. 

Odd Bet- A wagerthatone of the odd numbers will win the nextspin. 

Odds - The likelihood of an event happening. 

On the Square - A game that is honest. 

Outside Bets - One of the 2-to-l or even-money bets found on the outside of the 
roulette layout. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Pair- French term for Even Bet. 

Parlay - To double one's bet after a win. 

Passe- French term for High Bet. 

Positive Progression - Any system of wagering where you increase bets after a 

Premiere - French term for first and refers to the first group of 12 numbers in the 
Dozen Bet. 

Quarter Bet- A wager thatone of four numbers will be hiton the nextspin. 
Same as Corner Betand Square Bet. 

Quarters - Chips valued at $25. Usually green. 

Red Bet- An even-money bet that the next number will be red. 

Reds - Casino chips worth five dollars. 

Rouge- French term for Red Bet. 

Section Slicing - Dividing the wheel into sections based upon which numbers 
have been hitting for discovering biases. 

Session -A given period of play at a casino game. Usually terminated at a 
predetermined time, or at a certain level of wins or losses. 

Single-Zero Wheel - See European Wheel. 

Six Number Bet- Same as Line Bet. 

Sixain - French term for a Six-Number or Line Bet. 

Split Bet- A single bet that one of two particular numbers will hiton the next 

Straight Up Bet - An inside bet on one number. 

Street Bet -A bet that one of three particular numbers will hiton the nextspin. 

Surrender - The option whereby a casino only takes half a player's losing wager 
on the even-money bets when the or 00 hits. Few US casinos offer this. 

Transversale - French term for a Three-Number Bet or Street Bet. Also called a 
Triple or Trio Bet. 

Trio Bet- Same as Street Bet. 

True Odds -The actual probability of an event happening. 

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Mayer Technique Roulette Alex Mayer 

Visual Wheel Tracking - The ability to judge where the ball will land by sight. 

Wager - Another term for bet. 

Wheel - Short for Roulette Wheel. 

Wheel Chips - Special chips used only for roulette. 

Wheel Head -The portion of the roulette wheel that contains the numbered 

Wheel Roller - A roulette dealer or croupier. 

Wheel Strategies - Strategies that try to exploit imperfections in the wheel in 
order for the player to get the edge. 

Wheel-Clocking -There are two main definitions for or types of Wheel-Clocking. 
One is to keep track of the results of roulette spins to ascertain patterns and 
possibility of wheel bias. The other is to visually or electronically clock the speed 
of the wheel in an effort to predict where the ball will land. 

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