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Full text of "Medical Jurisprudence And Toxicology"

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First Edition               1920

Second Edition            1922

Third Edition             1924

Second Impression  1928

Third Impression     1930

Fourth Edition            1932

Fifth Edition               1936

Sixth  Edition              3940

Seventh Edition          3943

Eighth Edition            1945

Ninth Edition             1947

Tenth Edition             1949

Eleventh Edition        1952

Twelfth Edition          1955

Second Impression  1957

Price ; RH. 24*/

Printed by V. D. Limaye at the India Printing Works, 0 Bakthouse Lane, Port* Bombay*
and Published by P, J, Pandya, fgr N, M. Tripathi Private Ltd*, PrtoeiNis Startt Bombi^ 81