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By Prof. C, B. SINGH, M,B,, y,R.a& (England) ,
of tfw Department of Surgery, Medical Collage,, Agra,

On the 19th Juno 1954, India lost one of its most distinguished medical
jurists in Dr. Jaising P, Modi, At the time of his death he was 79, but the
advanced yearn had not affected his zeal and passion for the subject of
medical jurisprudence* He had just -then been invited by the Government
of India to suggest ways and means for promoting a now technique in the
field of Forensic medicine,

Before that beautiful piece of literature on Medical JurisprudenceŚ
* Modi's Juris 'Ścame into existence our courts recognised none but foreign
authorities on the subject and the students read none but foreign authors,
Law In every land is made to suit the living conditions of the people. Modi's
work did not enunciate a new law, but it interpreted it in a way that was
applicable to our country and could be easily understood by our countrymen,
For a change wo he$an reading of * Riunu and Kalua fighting over their cattle
with a gandasta rather than Dick and Harry having a drunken brawl \ Only
we, of the profession, can understand the difference. The typical and rare
Indian cases quoted in his work with their full medico-legal implications are
very valuable, Right ninee the birth of * Modi's* Juris f in 1920 the work
reigns supreme in its field upto this date* It knows no provincial boundaries
or national borders for it is an international monument of the subject,
Dr, Modi was from many years considered the most reliable expert in medico-
legal cases and his expert opinions were upheld in every court of this

Dr╗ Jaising P, Modi wan born in 1875 and after finishing his education
at the Grant Medical College, Bombay, proceeded to England and took his
triple diploma from the Edinburgh University* He returned to India with
an intention to practise in Ahmedabad, but noon changed hk mind and joined
Government Service in Uttar Pradesh and it was then that he came to this
institution as teacher in Hygiene, Medical Jurisprudence, Chemistry and
Physics, He was much respected for his knowledge and his understanding
' nature in those days. He held a distinguished record of service and popu-
larity as a teacher while he was here. In 1918 he shifted to Lucknow and
remained there for the long period of seventeen years. He served the K. G,
Medical College in various capacities, as lecturer in Forensic Medicine,
Professor of Materia Medica and Forensic Medicine, and later for 14 years
m Reader In Medical Jurisprudence* He was later nominated an the medico-
legal expert to the Government of U.P., a post which ho held for 10 yeaxw.
During his ptriod of office in Lucknow, he worked an Secretary to the Kteg
George's Hospital Committee for Management and also Assistant Suptrim*
tendent of that hospital for a long time. Many of his disUnguiahtd atw|pti
we have as teacherg today. After retiring from Lucknow he wwJw4 ft^dbi