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,^                                                        JAISING P. MODI


year as Honorary Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology at the
G. S. Medical College, Bombay.

He .worked on behalf of the Indian Medical Council as an Inspector of
the courses of instruction and examination in medical jurisprudence.

Dr Modi was one of the founder-members of the Medical Association
for Gujarat and Saurashtra, in the activities of which he displayed active
interest till the last of his days and presided over its annual deliberations
twice. It was his profound knowledge of the set-up of our profession in this
country that prompted the Gujarat University to invite him to deliver
lectures on the future set-up of medical education in this country.

It is difficult to fathom the depth of learning of Dr. Modi and it will be
long before another of his calibre rises from- the profession to overshadow
his name.