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In accordance with the wishes of the Principal of the Agra Medical
School and the Examiner in Medical Jurisprudence, this book has been
written chiefly as a text-book for students reading in medical schools and
colleges ; but in the hope that it may also prove useful to medical and legal
practitioners I have tried to incorporate my practical experience as a medical
jurist for about fifteen years and as a lecturer in this subject in the Agra
Medical School for eleven years and since then in the Lucknow Medical
College, I have also given in the form of appendices copies of Government
orders in relation to medico-legal work, and certain sections of the Indian
Evidence Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Lunacy Act,
Poisons Act, etc,, which have a direct bearing on legal medicine,

The students of medical schools and colleges while reading for their
examinations may conveniently omit the text printed in smaller type which,
not being included in their course, is meant only for practitioners.

I must admit my responsibility for the opinions expressed in the text,
though in the preparation of this book I have freely consulted various text-
books and periodicals, to the authors of which I acknowledge my grateful

I have also to express sincere thanks to Dr. E. H. Hankin, MA, ScDM
Chemical Examiner and Bacteriologist to the Government of the United
Provinces, for his kindness in revising certain parts of the manuscript and
for much valuable assistance and suggestions, especially in the section on
Toxicology and to Lieutenant-Colonel E. J, O'Meara, O.B.K, F.RC.S,, I.M.S.,
-Principal, Agra Medical School, who has rendered every assistance to facili-
tate the completion of the book,

In conclusion, I further desire to acknowledge my great indebtedness to
Mr. H, M. Rogers of Messrs. Butterworth's for assisting me in reading the