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In ascertaining the age of voun

joints of the upper or the" lowe^ e                                    o

be taken, and an opinion should be given accord^ t +? 1Je..body shuld
but it must be remembered that too much rehaS i, th* following table,
on this table as it merely indicates an average Ss liktlv t ** ^ ^
dual cases even of the same province owing to f * . V31y m hldivi-
lopment. (For Table see pp. 32 to 35.)                     eccentricities of deve-

Kg /a. X-Ray photograph of the elbow
a grrl, aged 14 years : Lower end of

311(1 upper

^^^^                                   s body fuse

unites with the body at about ti^e 40t           yS f

manubrium rarely unites withV body except in

In old age the long bones become lighter and m0 u -^
increase in the inorganic constituents The lull bnn , e,OWing to the
thinner and lighter from absorption of the diplog and ^ 1 become
to fracture more easily through violence In a few r? *?' thereforeJ ^able
bones become thicker and heavier owing tohyp7rirS fT^' the skuU
The sutures of the vault of the skull commenS ^ to be ^ the/11?r table'
the ages of thirty and thirty-five first on thT^ * obhterated between
outer surface. They are oifii'S                                      hter n

age, although the parietal sutures may