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C                                                                  D

Fig. 13.—Patterns of finger impressions.

A.   Arch.                                             B.   Loop.

C.   Whorl,                                            D.   Composite.

(By permission of the Superintendent, Finger Print Bureau., U.P., Allahabad.)

to decipher finger prints was relevant in any case (vide Appendix II, section
45, I.E. Act). Persons have often been convicted of a criminal charge from
the only evidence of their finger impressions left on furniture or some articles,
as in the Muttra murder case of 1901, where the murderer's thumb impression
was left on a brass lota which he had used in washing his hands after killing
his victim. One Elahi Bux was arrested for committing dacoity in a village
of Saicha, Raipura, from the impressions of his right thumb and index finger,
which were completely separated with a dao by the inmate of the house and
handed over to the police.49 In a case where burglary was committed in the

49.   Leader, Aug. 22, 1930, p. 6.