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82                                               MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

(3)  That the stature of the reconstructed skeleton was approximately five feet ten
inches as calculated directly by measuring the length of the skeleton and by adding
to it the probable length of the head and the first five cervical vertebrae and indirectly
by using Nat's multiplication factor for determining the stature from a long bone.   This
height corresponded almost entirely with that of the murdered man.

(4)  That the age of the man to whom the skeleton belonged was about forty years
as X-Ray examination showed that all the epiphyses of the long bones had completely
united, but the manubrium had not united with the body  of the sternum,  while the
other pieces of the sternum had fused with each other and also with the xiphoid process

(5)  That the left 8th, llth and 12th ribs  and the right 2nd  and  12th ribs were
fractured, but it was not possible to state whether the fractures had occurred during
or after life.

(6)  That there were two holes in each of the clothes, saluka, jersey and achkan
which coincided with one another, when these clothes were superimposed. They appeared
to have been caused by passing some sharp weapon through them.    The casts of the

reconstructed feet fitted perfectly the pair of shoes sent with the bones.