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116                             •                MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE

3. The Character of Hairs showing the., manner of extraction.—When
examined under a microscope, hairs cut by a sharp weapon will not show the
roots, and the'cut ends will exhibit a more or less regular section. Recently
cut hairs show a sharply cut, edge with a projecting cuticle^axid-aJeswLloose

fibres^"T^5Heir"a" week the end "becomes square, smooth, and rounded.........but

blunt.' After" three to four months the end..............becomes elongated, .but jagt

similar to the original uncut end, and the from

such ends.

.The root should be examined to determine whether a hair has dropped
out, or has been pulled forcibly. The root of a hair that has dropped out
spontaneously is round and solid, but atrophic, while the root of a hair that
has been extracted forcibly has a hollow, concave surface, which covers the
papilla of the cerium.