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Fig, 46.—Strangulation: Piece of cloth twisted round the neck.
(From a photograph lent kindly ~by Dr. H. S. Mehta.)

Fig. 47.—Strangulation: Ligature mark seen on the neck after the removal of the cloth.
(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. fi. S. Mehta.)

gether, so that they cannot be distinguished separately. These marks look
like soft, red bruises, if examined soon after death, but they look brown,
dry and parchment-like sometimes after death. The position of these marks
may definitely indicate whether the left or right hand was used, as also
the size of the hand. Crescentic marks produced by the finger nails are
occasionally present, if the finger tips are pressed deeply into the soft tissues
of the neck. When both hands are used to grasp and compress the throat,
the thumb mark of one hand and the finger marks of the other hand £re
usually found on either side of the throat. Sometimes, both thumb 0»ifcs
are found on one side and several finger marks on the opposite side. If
throat is compressed between two hands, one being applied ta the fro&t aiact