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STRANGULATION                                                     157

Internal ApjMiarances.-^niere is extravasation of blood into the sub-
cutaneous tissues under the ligature mark or finger marks, as well as in
the adjacent muscles of the neck, which are usually lacerated. Sometimes,
there is laceration of the sheath of the carotid arteries, as also of their inter-
nal coats with effusion of blood into their walls. The cornua of the hyoid
bone may be fractured, but fracture of the cervical vertebrae is extremely

Fig. 49.— Throttling ; Finger marks on. the neck and upper lips and nostrils,

(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. H. S. Mehta.}

A Hindu male, aged 40 years, resident of Budayun District, was murdered by
violent pressure on the neck and chest Among several injuries inflicted on the body
there was an extensive bruising of the larynx and trachea with fracture of the rigtj£
cornu of the hyoid bone.6

The hyoid bone was also fractured in the case of a boy, 5 years old, wh& was
strangulated with a piece of cloth tied round the neck with two knots in it for tlie
of gold and silver ornaments.7

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