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Sometimes, a ligature is passed round the neck and over the body, and
then tied to the hands and feet to simulate suicidal strangulation. In such
cases the manner of tying should be examined carefully to see, if it could
have been done by a suicide. A ligature is occasionally placed round the
neck after throttling to simulate suicide, but on removal of the ligature
finger marks on the throat accompanied by injuries to the deeper structures
will be visible, thus suggesting murder.

Fig. 54.—Feigned Strangulation caused by the application to the neck of the juice

of a marking nut.

Lastlyr it must be borne in mind that strangulation may be committed!
withoiffany noise or disturbance; even if other persons are in close vicinity,
they may not be aware of the act.

Homicidal strangulation is sometimes feigned by an  individual^ who
wishes to bring a false charge against his enemy, or wishes to exmlpofte
himself after he has embezzled some money entrusted to his charge.   Hys-
terical women sometimes feign it without any obvious motive wfiaisoewr.