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Jiejskixi of the hands and feet  shows  a  bleached,   corrugated and

J sodden appearance, after the body has lain in water for ten to twelve or

more hours    This condition of the skin is known as the washerwoman's hand.

It proves onlyTEal the body has remained in water for some time without

*?e"ference to the cause of death.

Fig. 60.óDrowning: Grass firmly grasped in the left hand.
(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. H. 5. Mehta.)

*")       Post-mortem lividity is most marked in the head, neck and chest, since
/blood gravitates to these pkces, which are usually the most dependent parts,
when a body is immersed in water.

Rigor mortis appears early, especially when a violent struggle has taken
/placeroe-Fore death.

Fig. 61.óCorrugated skin of the feet in a body removed from a well.