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(popularly known as '''the brides of the bath"), Joseph Smith was con-
victed in 1915 of the offence of having committed the murder of three
women by drowning them in a bath a few days after he had married,each.
During the trial it was proved from the experiments carried out by Inspector
Neil in full as well as empty baths, that it was possible to submerge an
unsuspecting person all of a sudden into a bath and to keep^ne head under
water for five or ten minutes for death to occur without producing any
injury on the head or body. Under the circumstances the person would be
unable to offer any resistance, as unconsciousness would supervene imme-
diately by sudden submersion, when water would rush up the nose.

Accidental drowning is not uncommon in India. HJDCCUTS occasionally
among swimmers due to their rashness in swimming but it occurs mostly in
non-swimmers who venture to go beyond their depth in the sea, rivers,
canals, lakes, etc. It also occurs among persons at bathing places while
bathing in deep water. In such cases the body is usually naked with only
a loin cloth or a bathing or swimming suit, having no weight attached to it.
Females may fall accidentally into a well while drawing water from it. It
musH5e remembered that before jumping into water with a view to con?"
mitting suicide an Indian woman generally tucks up the lower ends jf her
garments and passing them between her legs t'agens them at the loJnTso
ffiaTTS garments ma~y nofbe dishevelled and expose" nakedness after deaffi,
when the body comes up to the surface.

Children may also accidentally fall into ponds or lakes while playing
near their banks. They may even faU accidentally into domestic vessels of
water, such as buckets, wash tubjfc, etc.

Accidental drowning in shallow water is very rare except when the
individual happens to be intoxicated, insane or epileptic. I met with a case
in which a British soldier was found drowned in a shallow nala (ditch)
near the second Rajput Lines, Lucknow Cantonment. The face was sub-
merged, but most of the body was above the surface of water. The deceased
bad been drinking and was on the verge of delirium tremens.