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to the elasticity of the skin, although, it is sometimes larger as the weapon
enlarges the wound, if it is withdrawn by lateral movements.

Fig. 83.—Stab wound caused by an arrow piercing the chest.
(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. G. B. Sahay.)

The 4gpth of a punctured wound is much larger than its length or
width, and m&y be equal to, or less than, the length of the blade of the

Fig. 85-A.—Wound of entrance.

Fig, 84.—Dagger pierced on back.   Note incised wound
on right forearm—in self defence.

(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. H. >S. Mehta.)

Fig. 55-B.—Wound of exit.
Figs. 85-A & B.—Punctured wound perforating the chest caused by a dagger.