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WOUNDS                                                            213

instrument causing it. In some cases the depth may even be greater than
the length of the blade owing to the fact that the force of the blow may
depress the tissues of the part struck, allowing the point to reach the deeper

A cobbler killed a Hindu Sadhu, aged 45 years, by stabbing him on the chest with
an awl, 8 inches long. On examination of the body two days later I found among other
injuries a punctured wound in the post-axillary line on the left side of the chest which
passing through the substance of the lower lobe of the left lung had transversed the left
chamber of the heart 2 inches above its apex.

Fig. 86.—Lacerated wound caused by the leg being crushed under a cart -wheel

Great care should be taken in probing a punctured wound.    If neces-
sary, a blunt probe or catheter should be used.

External haemorrhage is
not necessarily any criterion
of the danger to life. There
may be very little external
haemorrhage and yet pro-
fuse haemorrhage may take
place internally owing to
some vital organ having
been penetrated.

In the case of a punctured
wounct perforating a part of
the body there are two
wounds, one} a wound of
entry arid the other, a
wound of ejsit. The wound
of entry is usually larger
with inverted edges and the
wound of exit is smaller
and has everted edges. The
edges of the entrance wound
may be found everted, .when
the weapon used is rough
and rusty.

In some cases two
punctures mav be
the soft parts wit1^
§7.—Lacerated wound of scalp caused        external orifice.  *Hii$

by an ekka wheeL                         that    the    Insfi^Hge&t   $iat!