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lens. In the case of wounds of the scalp the hairbulbs will be found
crushed if they are inflicted with a blunt weapon, but will be found cut if
produced by a cutting weapon. Similarly, wounds produced bv pieces' of
glass, broken crockery or sharp edges of stone have the characteristics of
incised wounds, but the edges are found irregular, inverted and contused
if examined carefully with a hand lens.

Fig, 89.—Wounds on scalp inflicted with a blunt weapon

4.    Gunshot Wounds.—These are injuries produced by projectiles dis-
charged from firearms, and present tiie characteristics of lacerated wounds,
but their appearances vary according to the nature of the projectile, the
velocity at which it was travelling at the moment of impact, the distance^,
of the firearm from the body at the moment of discharge and^the angle atj
which it struck the part of the body.

Qunshot wounds generally produce two wounds or apertures, viz,
of entrance and the other of exit of the projectile.   When the wound
entrance is present, but not the wound of exit, it means that a bulled "i
lodged in the body, except in those cases where a bullet has been
up after entering the respiratory passages or lost in the stool after
the intestinal tract and also where a hard bullet by coming in - —^
a bone is so deflected as to pass out by the same orifice as it <
bullet is lodged in the body it must be taken out if death has
must be forwarded to the Superintendent of Police, *----—