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precautionary measure it is better to mention the fact, if he found that the
injuries were such as could not have been caused in the manner suggested
by the police or the injured person. This is important to avoid unnecessary
cross-examination at the time of giving evidence hi court.

If a_ weapon alleged to have, been used in producing the injuries is sent
by the Ip0lice> ^ should be examined for marks of bloodstains or fragments
of hair, etc. adherent to it and should be returned to the police after it is
properly labelled and sealed. When any foreign body, such as a piece of

broken glass, a splintered piece of a bamboo staff, a broken point of
ting instrument or a pellet, "bullet or wadding of a firearm, is 
in a wound or in its surrounding tissue, it should be carefully

and sent to the Superintendent of Police or Magistrate in a
containing its description with full particulars in the