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lung causing a gaping incised wound, 3" long, and penetrating the pleura
and lung. The knife was extracted by his relatives. The patient ultimately
recovered. If death had taken place, the question as to possible homicide
might have been raised, since it would be difficult for a person to stab himself
in that position.

* !

Fig. 102.—Homicidal stab wound of neck.

(From a photograph lent kindly "by

Dr. H. $. Mehtn.)

Fig. 103.—A case of multiple homi-
cidal  stab wounds.    Note" multiple

superficial wounds on. abdomen.

(From a photograph, lent kindly 'by

Dr. H. S. Mekta.)

Fig. 104.—Homicidal stab wound of neck, with bruises on

outer aspect of right shoulder.
(From a photograph lent kindly by Dr. H. S. Mehta.)

its on the ringers and palms are produced during attempts by,.fi
injureoperson to seize the weapon, and are, therefore, indicative 0$
cdde.   Incised  or lacerated wounds  inflicted  on  the  backs  of &e
wrists and forearms during an endeavour to ward oS blows oaa ifae
other parts of the body, are strongly suggestive of murder.