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Incised wounds on the nose, ears and genitals are usually homicidal,
inflicted on account of jealousy or revenge in cases of adultery.

Fig. 105.— Homicide : Incised wounds on back of hand and fingers
caused by a heavy cutting weapon during attempts to ward ofi
the blows over the

A case is recorded where a man had been carrying on an intimacy with
a widow. The cousin of her deceased husband was much aggrieved over it
Hence he waylaid the lover of the woman, tied him. to a tamarind tree with
a big rope, and cut off his genital organ practically at the root, severing it
completely from the body. Not being content with this he inflicted a wound,
8" by 1", right round the scrotum, his obvious intention being to remove it
altogether.-5 In another case26 a Brahman, aged 23 years, armed with a
sickle (hansia) cut off the vagina and uterus of his wife, aged 18 years, and
disembowelled her by wounds extending from the level of the breast to the
anus, cutting the heart, liver, lungs, stomach and intestines. "The motive
for the crime was jealousy as he saw her lying with another man at midnight.

j It should be wted that incised wounds on the genital organs are some-
Itinies produced after dfea€i. I saw a case in which the penis was cut ofi
after the deceased was done to death by a stab in the heart. In another
case the penis was almast severed after the neck was cut off with a gandasa.

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