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that all the three boys had attempted suicide, two successfully and one unsuccessfully
and acquitted the accused of the charge of murder but convicted him of the offenei
under section 309, IJ?.C. The injuries on these three boys were as follows: 

First boy: Two incised wounds, 5'' X 2", on the right side of the neck cutting tfo
trachea, larynx, oesophagus and the right comu of the hyoid bone, grazing upto thi
vertebrae and cutting the intervening muscles and the external carotid artery.

Second boy : Two incised wounds on the neck, one of these, V X 2."* skin deep
and the other, 5" X IJ", muscle deep, on the right side of the neck cutting the laryn:
and trachea laterally, and the platysma and the muscles of the right side of the neck
The external carotid artery was also divided and the vertebra was grazed.