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Third boy: Three incised wounds en the neck: o! thess r,vo were supernc*al and
the third was 5" \ 11", on the front of the neck, cuttir.s the larynx ar.d CE^phar^ aid
fracturing the right cornu of the hyoid bone.                 "            "                        "

1 Scmetimes there are two or more superficial and parallel cuts at the
commencement of the wound, when the suicide is still hesitating or nervous.
and then makes a deep cut, after plucking up courage to destrcv himself.
In India, suicidal wounds of the throat are rare. During a period "of sixteen
years from 1907 to 1923 I saw only nine cases of suicidal cut-throats with
four deaths. Of these nine cases two were among females and seven among
males. In one of the cases the wound was inflicted by a Kulchal across the
right side of the neck cutting the thyroid and cricoid cartilages.

Suicidal wounds of the throat inflicted by a right-handed person are
usually high up in the neck and are directed obliquely from a higher to a
lower level and from left to right, while homicidal wounds of the throat,
when inflicted from the front by a right-handed person, are, as a rule, hori-
zontal and directed from right to left; but the reverse is the case if the
assailant happens to be left-handed. Again, a homicidal wound on the
throat may resemble a suicidal one, if the assailant has inflicted it from
behind the victim, or by standing on the right when the victim is lying. It
is difficult to decide in the case of agbidextrous persons, who can use both

Suicidal wounds of the qkggk are usually on the left side, and directed
downwards and inwards, unless the person happens to be left-handed.
Homicidal wounds of the chest are usually distributed over a wider area
and are more horizontal, and most of them may be deadly owing to the vital
organs being injured. They may be directed from below upwards which
is rarely seen in suicidal wounds.

Suicidal wounds on the arnis are usually directed from above down-
wards, and those on the lower limbs from below upwards.

Fig. 110.—Self-inflicted incised wound across the back of ffae
(Vi&e case 3 on page 246.)                      f